Kazuma had the mansion all to himself.

Darkness and the explosion maniac had accepted a mission to blow up an old watch tower in a nearby town so it could be converted to an upscale residential district. Since it wasn't dangerous the girls had agreed to handle things themselves and would not be back until sometime tomorrow afternoon. So, he would have a rare night with no chance of anyone disturbing him.

Obviously, he had to take advantage of this.

He hadn't visited the succubus shop since the disaster with Darkness and the sword. Partially that had been out of embarrassment and partially out of fear of something similar happening again. Now that it was safe to have a little bit of naughty fun, he went back there to arrange an 'appointment.'

To his relief, the big-boobed manager in charge didn't blame him for canceling last time. He sat down, filled out the form detailing what he was interested in, and headed home to fall asleep and have his fated encounter.

He wasn't taking any chances this time! After a nice dinner he had a big glass of warm milk and forced himself to read an entire volume existential philosophy. By the time he stumbled into bed he could barely keep his eyes open and was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.


He awakened to the sound of knocking on his bedroom door. Kazuma eagerly pulled back the sheets, jumped out of bed and hurried to open the door.

What greeted him was Darkness dressed in the low-cut maid outfit he kept in his closet. She had on black stockings, high heels, and her hair was tied into twin tails with black ribbons. As soon as he saw her, she performed a curtsy and lowered her eyes.

"You sent for me, master?" The voice was the same as always but there was a shyness and the slightest tremble to it.

He smiled and felt his heart start to pound. "Won't you come inside?"

"As you wish, master."

She stepped into his room, and he shut the door. She kept her eyes down and fidgeted.

"You've never asked me to come pay you a visit this late before, master. Is there anything special you want from me?"

"Yeah, but I need to know if you'd be okay with it."

She looked up and eager eyes locked onto his. "I am at your service; master you can do anything you want to me." Darkness licked her lips and leaned forward just enough to give him an even better view of her cleavage.

Kazuma was excited, but despite how different she was from the usual Darkness he couldn't keep from being just a tiny bit worried. After all, the previous time he'd also been sure it was a sex dream and not reality. The real Darkness had gone along with all his requests, so asking her to do something might not necessarily prove anything.

Kazuma just needed to be completely sure this wasn't the real Darkness before he could really cut loose and finally cash in his V card.

He stared intently at her face, determined to gauge her reaction.

The girl noticed his sudden shift in mood and blinked. "Ah, is something wrong, master? You suddenly seem very serious."

"What would you do if I asked you to put on cat ears, a strap on tail, and drink milk out of a bowl while going, 'meow meow?'"

"Huh?" There was a trace of mild confusion. "On the form you didn't mention being into-" Darkness shook her head. "I mean, I'd be more than happy to do that, master." She curled her hands up next to her face and began to purr.

Kazuma frowned. That reaction was a lot more submissive than he'd expect from Darkness, but she still went along with it. What he wanted was an outright refusal which was something Darkness had never actually given him. She'd whine and complain but always go along with him.

"How about I tie you up naked to my bed and then do whatever I please to you?"

"T… Tie me up?" Darkness cast a nervous glance to the bed. "Well, I sup… I… I mean, of course I'm fine with that, master. I'm here to do anything you want."

That stutter in her speech set off alarm bells, and she was getting nervous. He'd seen that countless times. He really needed to make sure.

"Actually, forget about the bed. How about I take you down to the guild hall and strip you naked there and tie you up to the bar?"

"Wh… What?" Her eyes bulged and she took a couple steps back. "Why would you-"

"Then as the entire guild watches I can spank you and tell them how worthless you are. All the people you know, all our friends and fellow adventurers, will point and laugh at you and look at you in contempt! Then they'll probably all line up to take turns spanking you and calling you worthless too! Then I'd…"

Kazuma suddenly stopped as he noticed he was breathing kind of hard, and Darkness had backed up into a corner and was staring back at him with a look of horror.

That was not something she'd ever given him. Kazuma could now relax and enjoy himself as he was finally certain beyond any doubt that this was a succubus and not the real Darkness.

"Okay, why don't we-"

"I'm very sorry!" The girl hurriedly bowed to him. "But this is way too much for me! I'm canceling the agreement! Please never contact us again!"

"What? Wait, I just…"


Kazuma opened his eyes and found himself lying in his bed.


He sat up and shouted. "I was kidding! I didn't mean it!"

There was no response and he remained alone.

The next morning when he tried to visit the succubus shop, he was magically barred from entering.