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Sabrina's point of view:

The imposter was gone and it had been for awhile, but I was glad he was. Still, it didn't make my thoughts any better. As much as I didn't want to believe that he was my father, deep down I knew he was telling the truth. In spite of it, I couldn't help but wonder what was he going to do with me?

Why did he kidnap me anyway? What tasks did he want me to do? I thought to myself before I decided Whatever they are, I won't do them! No matter how hard he tries to make me.

Once, I made up my mind, I put all my energy into focusing on trying to find a way to escape my so-called father. Since teleporting wasn't going to work for me, I was going to have to wait until he was distracted.

Okay, how am I going to distract him? I thought to myself. Is he even still around?

Then, I was quickly pulled out of my head as I heard my so called father reply "Of course, I'm always around."

I quickly let out a gasp of shock as I spun around to see him standing right behind me.

However, I managed to regain my nerve just as quickly and demanded "What do you want from me?"

"What makes you think I want anything from you in particular?" He asked me in a teasing manner.

"You were so determined to get me to sign my name in your book and you said something about me doing tasks in order to regain your human form." I reminded him.

"You're so bold. That's what I like about you." The so called Dark Lord said before he changed the subject with "Well, you are in the center of a very old prophecy. You are the key that will allow me regain my old form and take over the world. It's why I allowed Edward to marry your mother."

I felt my knees shake and I struggled to stay standing as I uttered "You slept with my mother?! You bastard!"

I tried to hit him, but he grabbed both of my arms and laughed as he said "Doesn't that describe you? Anyway, I didn't sleep with your mother, I just messed with Edward so he would help me make you."

"How did you do that?" I asked as I tried to keep the fear out of my voice.

"I possessed him the night you conceived. Neither he nor your mother knew it of course." He answered in a matter of fact tone.

I was floored.

I knew you could be cruel, but this is too much! I thought to myself.

I quickly pulled myself out of my head as I said "What was it you wanted me to do in the first place?"

"Just mock the miracles of Jesus, which you will do after I dispose of my imposter." He answered.

"I'll never do it." I vowed as I looked him in the eyes.

"You will fill the prophecy one way or another, otherwise the people that you love will get hurt." He warned.

"And what do you know about love? You never loved anyone in your life besides yourself." I fired back.

The so-called Dark Lord slapped me in the face and I quickly fell towards the ground.

As I held my burning and wet face, he snarled "Never talk back to me again!"

As he disappeared, I thought Where are you guys?

Lucifer's point of view:

"Alright, does everyone remember the plan?" I stated as we all stood around the kitchen table.

"Yes, me and Angel boy here will lure out Lilith. Then, the sisters and the kid will summon your imposter and Sabrina, after they summon Azrael's Blade. The cop will be near him and Lucifer will rid the world of this copycat." Maze stated in a matter of fact manner.

"Good." I stated. Then, I turned to the Spellmans and said "Alright gang, time to summon the blade."

"Are you sure that it can kill him?" Zelda questioned.

"If it can kill me, then it can definitely kill him." I explained as I thought to myself How many times do I need to explain this to you?

I quickly pulled myself out of my head as I heard them start to cast their spell.

"Fascinating." I heard my brother whisper.

However, to mine and everyone else's frustration, the spell didn't work.

I quickly turned to look at Chloe and said "Why don't you check up on Trixe?"

Getting what I really meant, Chloe went upstairs to join her ex-husband.

Once she was gone, we tried the spell again and this time, it worked.

As I picked up the blade in my hands, I felt a strange mix of both excitement and foreboding. If I wasn't careful, this blade could be the death of me and the rest of my siblings.

I soon pulled myself out of my head just in time to slowly realize that we were being watched. I looked at Maze and said "I need you, please come with me."

A confused expression appeared on her face, but she did as I said.

As we went outside, Maze asked "Did that imposter send someone after us?"

"Yes and I believe that we met before." I stated coolly as the two of us went to look through the bushes. As we began to look, Maze suddenly pulled me away and threw me to the ground as Lilith came at us.

Maze stood her ground as she said "You're good I'll admit that much, but you'll soon learn that you're only second rate to me."

With that, the two women began to fight like wild animals.

As I cheered Maze on, I started to feel like an audience member at a wrestling match.

I gotta go to one again, once this is all over. I thought to myself.

I was soon pulled out of my thoughts as I heard Maze demand "What do you get out of this prophecy?!"

That seemed to stop Lilith in her tracks as she asked "Prophecy? What Prophecy?"

"Don't play dumb, your boss sent you to make sure that Sabrina fulfills it. Well, I got news for you and your boss. Now, that we all know about it, we're going to make sure that she never will bring about the end of the world."

"What?" Was all Lilith could say and in that moment and soon I realized that she was telling the truth. She had been fooled by her boss, just as he fooled the secret society of witches and wizards for all those centuries.

I don't know what made me do this, but I soon uttered "Maze, let's stop fighting." Then I turned to Lilith and added "Why don't you sit down with us so we can explain everything."

After we sat down, I told the whole story to Lilith and by the time I was finished, her fury at being deceived was amazing.

"That lying two faced bastard! He promised me that I would be his Queen one day! He promised me!" She yelled.

"Well, it seems my imposter/other self is a liar and creep. When I get my hands on him…" I started to rant, but Lilith suddenly interrupted with "Save some of him for me, I worked for him for all these centuries. I earned that crown and the throne of hell. They're mine."

"You can have them for all I care. All I want to do is punish him and rescue the girl." I answered with complete honesty, which surprised me

Maze and Lilith both seemed surprised by it too.

"When did you come to care about this girl so quickly?" Maze asked me.

All I could say was "I don't know, I just do."

Maze gave me a funny look as she added "At least with Chloe it took a few months for you to really start caring about her."

"I don't why, but Sabrina feels like the daughter I never had." I answered with once again, complete honesty.

Both demon women looked at me funny before we headed back inside.

As soon as the Spellmans saw Lilith, they were ready to imprison her, when Maze and I quickly interjected with "It's okay. She's with us."

"Yeah, she's agreed to help us." Maze added as Lilith nodded in agreement.

"What's the plan?" Lilith inquired.

"We're going to find Sabrina and kill my imposter." I answered.

"He can't be killed..." Lilith started to say, but I quickly interjected with "As one of my favorite human sayings goes 'When there's a will, there's a way'; And we have a way."

Lilith's eyes became wide with disbelief as Zelda added "It's true. We helped him summon a weapon that can kill the so-called Dark Lord."

"What kind of weapon is it?" Lilith asked with visible awe and terror.

I looked at her and said "You'll know when you see it in action."

As she opened her mouth to demand what the sword does, Maze quickly interjected with "No offense, but we still don't trust you completely."

"You lied to us, you manipulated us for several months and were a part of the system that fooled us for many centuries" Zelda added as Hilda and Ambrose nodded in agreement.

Lilith looked annoyed, but she realized that we all had a point and let out a sigh as she changed the subject with "Do you want to know where he's hiding her?"

"Yes!" We all yelled at once.

Lilith winced for a moment before she composed herself as she continued with "It's somewhere in the woods that only he or I can get to. If you encounter him, pretend to submit to him. He likes that, to keep him busy, go for his back and aim for the wounds were his wings used to be."

She lowered her voice as she added "I know for a fact that they will never full heal."

"Tell where she is already." Zelda snapped, unable to wait anymore.

"Well...she's in…" Lilith began to say.

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