It was a beautiful sunny day. It wasn't beautiful for little April. She was chased from school by a bunch of bullies, laughing and calling her by different names. She couldn't even hear what they were saying. April ran and ran the bullies caught up to her and pushed her down on the ground.

Dream Over~

21-year old April woke up,

"Was that a dream or a nightmare?.", she thought to herself nervously.

The dream seemed too realistic. She stood up from her bed, shaking like a leaf on a breezy day. Her phone rung, it was her mom.

"Great.",she mouthed to herself angrily.

April had hatred for her parents throughout her childhood up until today. They couldn't understand her and they adored her sister. She felt neglected and forgotten. She had always been in the shadows of her family. Now, all of a sudden, her mom to call to see how she's doing? Who does she think she is!? April had no choice but to reach the phone,

"Hey Zuzu.",said her mother, Rita, on the phone.

April hated that nickname dearly.

"Hi." April said.

"Guess what? Me and your father are going to visit your job. We wanna meet all your friends and, also, your sister is coming.",said Rita happily.

April facepalmed herself.

"Not my sister!",she thought, "Okay can't wait to meet you guys..."

April pretended she was excited to see them even though she wasn't.

"Okay, bye ,can't wait to see you.",said Rita as she hung up on the phone.

In The Bathroom~

April laid her hands on the sides of the sink and looked at herself in the mirror taking a deep sigh.

"Oh,what am I'm going to do...",she said to herself.

She looked into her tired eyes, then closed them.

"It's okay..just act normal, that's what you've always wanted right?"April said to herself.

Her phone dinged. She thought it was her parents or her sister texting her. April's worries ended after seeing it was Andy Dwyer her good natured boyfriend. Her frown turned into almost a smile.

"Hey do you want me to pick you up for work?"

The text message said April immediately responded with a "Yes."


Andy Dwyer pulled his car up in front of April's house. He watched her step into the front of the car.

"Hey Babe.",greeted Andy.

"Hi.",said April.

They gave each other a quick kiss on the lips. After Andy started the car, both of them didn't say a word. Andy realized how quiet April was and decided to start an conversation.

"April,what's wrong?",he asked.

"Oh Andy,it's just my parents are coming to visit.",blurted April.

Andy immediately stopped the car. He wasn't prepared to hear what April said. "What!",he was shocked.

"Yeah, I know ! Andy, I can't believe it! Also,my sister is coming.",said April.

"That's nice to hear! Your sister is coming, that shows sibling love.",said Andy. "That's nice? No, my sister is the cruelest and meanest person on the planet.",said April dramatically.

Andy kinda laughed a little.

"How is your sister? The meanest and cruelest person on the planet?",asked Andy. April looked directly in Andy's eyes,

"You don't wanna know.", April said to him.

Andy didn't respond to what April just said. He could tell that April doesn't want to talk about it and continues driving off.