A few hours later after April and Andy had introduced to the entire staff to April's family, they did their normal work. They stuck to their schedule. As for Andy, he was back at the shoe-shining area ready to shoeshine the shoes for his customers. While he was doing that, April was walked up to him.

Andy was almost done with his last customer. He watched his customer getting ready to leave. He finished and was waving goodbye to him and turned around to see a angry April looking furious at him. It made him scream in fright,

"April, you scared me!",shouted Andy.

"What is going on!?"demanded April.

"With what?",asked Andy confused.

"With you and June, I saw you two!",yelled April.

"Oh we were just talking, that's all.",said Andy in a calming tone.

The soft calm tone took down April's angry face. April could not believe it wasn't anything with him and her sister, June ? They were just talking that's all it was...right? As Andy then looks down at April, his face changed- hers was still pretty furious at him.

"Look April I would never do that! The only thing I'm focused on is you! Alright, so now let's get back to work, shall we ?,said Andy kindly.

April look up at him, her angry expression soon faded away and soon turned into a happy face. Then, she patted Andy on the back.

"Alright date night after?", April asked.

"You got it.",said Andy with a smile on his face.

"Okay great.",said April as she kissed him on the cheek.

She walked off to get back to doing her job. Andy waved goodbye, then went back to his job.