Meanwhile In The Parks Department~

The rest of the parks staff were minding their own business sitting at their own desks.

The first person who noticed the door was Tom, he quickly put his phone away. He had been spending hours playing Candy Crush. He turned on his chair to face the opening door and entrance of Andy and April.

"Oh my goodness, there you two are!",shouted Tom.

He saw April's parents also entering with June.

"Who are they?",askedTom.

Leslie walked in from her office while everybody else was standing around enjoying a moment of silence.

By the time April saw Leslie, she was trying to make eye contact with Leslie. Leslie started to clear her mouth as she walks towards them.

"Everyone this is April's family.",introduced Leslie.

Everyone at first stared at them in silence. That was until Ron, the Parks department director walked up to them to shake April's Dad's hand. Everybody else was watching this scene. April was watching it as well. Her eyes moved itself away as she could see that her sister, June, was looking at Andy which was already making Andy extremely uncomfortable. April could see what was happening, but, she didn't know why. She didn't want to find out because it involves with June and she knows how much of a person June can be.