Angels with Scaly Wings

A Boy Who Became A Dragon

Chapter 1: Choosing To Run

I was not sure what to think of today's meeting with Emera. She did say meet her in her office but for what? I slowly made my way in her office.

Emera: "I think you know why your here this morning"

I shook my head no.

Emera: "Well let me tell you then. Ever since you saved us, got your ambassador status taken away and got a permanent house, you been ok but it comes a time where you need to become one of us!"

I looked at her in confusion.

Emera: "Trust me, you'll get it soon. Meanwhile, I told the others about the switch and they all excited for the permanent change. What about you?"

I started speaking

Lucas: "I couldn't be happier to become a dragon and I have my eyes on a species who can run..."

Sebastian and Bryce were talking about me.

Bryce: "The new recruit is gonna be a dragon! How cool that he gets an option to what kind of dragon species he picks"

Sebastian nodded.

Sebastian: "Same. No matter what. We'll always be his friend"

Bryce agreed.

Bryce: "I wonder what he's gonna look like?"

Sebastian shrugged.

Sebastian: "Who knows? All we know is he's gonna be a dragon and that among itself a reward he should be happy about for years to come. I would if I was a human"

Bryce: "Same"

Bryce then looks at Reza.

Bryce: "Hey Reza?"

Reza: "Yes Bryce?"

Bryce: "Mind coming over here?"

Reza nodded and walked to him.

Reza: "Sup?"

Bryce whispered in his ear.


Reza was happy.

Reza: "Maybe I could become one?"

Unfortunately, the boys didn't like that but were polite. Sebastian walked up and told him

Sebastian: "You have wait a year before you become one...due to your behavior..."

Sebastian hated being the bad news bringer upper but what else did you want him to say? "FUCK YOU YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE ONE!"? Ya that would make Reza a pissed off human for sure.

Reza: "A year?"

Sebastian: "Just for safety reasons Reza. Want us to put you with Maverick?"

Reza put his hands out.

Reza: "PLEASE NO! I'll stop complaining"

Bryce winked at Sebastian.

Bryce: "Works every time" they both laughed and Reza got confused. Soon I appeared in front of them and they were in awe at what I looked like. Soon news went to so many dragons like Kevin and even Anna.

Anna: "He's a runner Seb?"

Sebastian nodded over the phone and Anna squealed.

Anna: "This is the best day of my life"

Sebastian couldn't help but laugh and I bent my head to look at Anna.

Lucas: "Hi"

I waved like I met her before.

Anna: "Glad you picked us! I'm so excited to hang out with you"

Lucas: "Same Anna"

Soon we said goodbye.

Anna: "See you later Lucas"

Lucas: "You too Anna"

Sebastian turned off the phone on his wrist and we headed back to Bryce's office.

Bryce: "Ready to help Sebastian out tomorrow?"

I nodded and saluted.

Bryce: "Good boy! Now go rest! You will need it"

I nodded and left his office and bumped into Maverick.

Lucas: "Oh sorry Mav"

Maverick waved me away.

Mav: "It's ok but please be careful. Also your a runner like Seb?"

I nodded and told Maverick the whole story.

Mav: "Wow you get to live with him and Anna? I'm jealous! I gotta live with Bryce"

He chuckled.

Mav: "Point being, congrats on the move up bud and welcome to the Dragonland Police Department"

Lucas: "Thanks! Is that all?"

Mav: "Go ahead. I ain't stopping you"

We both laughed and I nodded.

Lucas: "You guys need me or Sebastian, let us know ok?"

Maverick nodded and left. I went home to head to my new house but I went to see Anna in case she needed help. I wasn't the best in chemistry or anything science related as I didn't even mix chemicals together...wish I had though I could of helped that way but NO! I HAD TO BE A SITTING DUCK THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME! I wanted to punch something but knowing Anna, she wouldn't tolerate such action so I stood and sighed.

Lucas: "Anna? You need help?"

Anna: "You ok?"

I nodded.

Lucas: "Just sad I can't do any chemical work. I only know how to dissect"

Anna nodded.

Anna: "Leave the chem to me. I'm not a surgeon like you are"

I have to agree.

Lucas: "I did do a Cow's eye once"

Anna decided that she was at fault for that one.

Anna: "Sorry I didn't know you were gonna say that"

I shrugged.

Lucas: "it's ok Anna. I done and seen worse. Like the dead body for example"

Anna made her hands like a tipping scale.

Anna: "It depends on the person I suppose"

I agreed there.

Lucas: "Well you need anybody to cut open, I'm here"

Anna put the goggles away on the hook and hugged me.

Anna: "Thanks! I'm just about to head out with Damion in tow so we can talk more"

I was confused.

Lucas: "Aren't you two supposed to work?"

Anna thought.

Anna: "Unless it's real urgent"

I nodded and we exited the science department and entered the wind turbine where Adine was.

Lucas: "Now why do you suppose Adine would be doing here?"

Anna: "Beats me. I mean you would think Adine is crazy but she probably had her reasons"

Damion agreed.

Lucas: "Oh well. What is, is"

they both agreed and we left the building and went our separate ways.

Lucas: "Bye Damion"

we continued talking.

Anna: "How you liking your new form?"

Lucas: "Good. Though I bumped into Maverick and he didn't notice but he found out"

Anna:"My ex-boyfriend..."

she laughed.

Anna: "Sorry he didn't notice until you bumped into him? Wow what a start to your new self"

Lucas: "I'll take what I can get"

Anna: "Not even a gunshot to the leg?"

Lucas: "ANNA!"

she laughed harder.

Anna: "Oh man! I couldn't resist"

I had to admit that was a bit funny.

Lucas: "True. it's like poking fun at the past"

Anna: "See you got it now"

I shrugged.

Lucas: "I like that people have a sense of humor"

Anna pointed and wagged a claw at me.

Anna: "True"

Soon, we arrived and found Sebastian on the couch.

Sebastian: "Hey you two!"

he hugged us both.

Lucas: "Did you see us in the science department?"

Sebastian: "Ya but I figured I didn't wanna bug you since you two were chit-chatting"

Lucas: "it's ok Seb"

Sebastian nodded and continued hugging us and then let go.

Seb: "I'm watching TV if you two are interested"

I waved it off.

Lucas: "Nah not a TV person"

Sebastian was sad to hear that.

Seb: "How come?"

Lucas: "I just haven't gotten around to much TV now that I have two jobs. Daytime for Police and night time for ER"

Sebastian nodded.

Seb: "Work is the key to keep our minds occupied"

Me and Anna agreed. We are all single so it makes sense.

Lucas: "Seb and Anna. I think we should think about who does what in the house"

They agreed with me and I started.

Lucas: "You two know how to cook?"

they shook their heads no.

Anna: "I don't do any cooking"

Lucas: "Same"

Seb: "I cook but not much"

Lucas: "Good Sebastian. Meanwhile I'll do the trash"

Both: "Trash?"

they cocked their heads to the side like I was speaking a foreign language.

Lucas: "Yes where you throw away anything you don't need anymore"

Seb: "Oh ok. Well I should give you a tour because you rejected the last one mind you"

Seb made a concerned type look.

Lucas: "Dude I had no choice"

I growl sighed (how does that work? Somebody please help me lol) and said yes this time. He gave me a tour while Anna was looking at the suitcase I carried in.

Anna: "Hey Lucas? Mind if I look in here and see what I can put away for you right now?"

I shrugged.

Lucas: "Sure but leave some for me and Sebastian please"

Anna nodded and started unpacking. An hour later, the tour was done and me and Sebastian unpacked the suitcase and then I put the suitcase in the attic.

Seb: "Well you are officially moved in to the Runner House! So that means...hang on"

Sebastian went to the kitchen and grabbed 3 water bottles and came back and handed them to us.

Seb: "A toast to Lucas! Our new roommate!"

All: "Cheers!"

we drank the water and then watched TV because why not? We watched Humans which I never seen before. Soon we get a call from Bryce. They want me to have an official welcome from Emera. So we head over there and I finally see Adine.

Lucas: "Adine!"

I called out to her.

Adine: "OH Lucas...Damion told me that you guys saw me in the wind turbine room. I felt embarrassed"

Adine blushed and I hugged.

Lucas: "Don't worry Adine...I kinda have a secret but I'll tell you later"

Adine: "Sounds good. I'm kinda sad you didn't pick Wyvern. I cried and Lorem told me it was your decision and I respect that but I still feel sad that you didn't pick it"

I hugged her.

Lucas: "I think speed is better flying in my opinion"

Adine nodded.

Adine: "It's your opinion and I respect that"

I nodded and hugged her then Emera whistled me over.

Lucas: "Coming"

I walked over and was told to stand in the middle while Anna and Sebastian stood behind me.

Emera: "Today we welcomed a human for a task, got caught in a catastrophe and soon was taken care of. Then the portal broke and soon we accepted him as a human resident then a law was put in place for humans to be dragons and thus Lucas had to choose what dragon he wanted to be and as you can see, you might be sad or upset but you will get use to it. Now in honor of the change, we OFFICIALLY are glad to welcome Lucas the Runner Dragon!"

All the dragons clapped and cheered. Soon they give me gifts and soon Emera had brought a big cake. It had all the dragons on it and even a thing on the cake that said "Welcome to your new home Lucas" I cried like I lost someone close to me. Then out of the corner of my eye, i see a small girl come to me with a wide smile. I bend down to say hi and she waved at me.

?: "So your a runner too?"

Lucas: "Ya! I-I'm Lucas by the way! What's yours?"

?: "Amely"

Lucas: "oh"

Anna hits me suddenly.

Lucas: "What?"

Anna: "Don't tell her!"

Lucas: "About her mom?"

Anna: "Yes! I'm worried about about her knowing"

Lucas: "I's just she has to know sooner or later...Remy is her wife right?"

Anna nodded

Anna: "Have Remy or Adine tell you...but keep it a secret please ok?"

Lucas: "Fine but I'm worried about her…"

Anna: "Wait until she's 18 ok?"

Lucas: "That's an awfully long time to wait"

Anna slapped me.


I took a step back and felt scared.

Seb: "Calm down Anna! He was just stating a fact"

Lucas: "Thanks Seb"

Seb: "Your welcome"

Suddenly after that, Emera threw a piece of cake at me.

Lucas: "HEY!"

Emera laughed.

Lucas: "Oh it's on!"

I threw a piece of cake and she dodges and it hits Adine.

Lucas: "Oops"

Adine then approached me and shoves a piece in my face.

Adine: "AMBUSH HIM!"

soon I was getting held down by both runners suddenly and everyone at once got cake on my face. Then before I knew it, THE RUNNERS DID IT TOO!

Lucas: "I thought you were on my side?"

Both: "We couldn't resist"

I then thought of doing something.

Lucas: "How about a Species battle?"

Everyone nodded and I let them at it and told them I would be right back. I came back and told Kat to help me with the ramps. We set them up on both ends of the space that the police tape covered and set a camera in between and soon I got my motorbike and told Kat to wait until I was in the air before he hit the button and I started the bike up and started speeding to the ramp and got some air and I signaled to him and he took the picture. (Background song playing is Brand New by Ben Rector)

For anyone wondering why the song choice in relation to the ending of the chapter. I am brand new as the title says, that mixed with the motorbike and the way he sings it makes it seem like I'm having fun in the moment and I don't care if people bring me down. Anyway i hope you all like it and the next chapter should be posted later on next month as the 4th of July week is coming up and the week is gonna be the last for a while i hope. Be sure to follow and share the story with your friends and tell them to follow if they want to see more chapters like this one. Bye all and have a RAWRing and Prideful day.