Angels With Scaly Wings

Lucas The Runner Dragon

Chapter 3: My first day on the job

I woke up at 6 am to prepare for bloodwork. The process went by without an oops. I met up with Sebastian later.

Sebastian: You ready?

Lucas: Yep

We walked into Bryce typing on his computer.

Lucas: Morning Bryce

Sebastian: How's the chief today?

Bryce: Good...quiet I'll say that much

I look over to see Reza and I walk over.

Lucas: Bueno Dias!

Reza: Gracias! How's the Runner today?

Lucas: good good

Reza: Oh Bryce sent us some stuff. It should be on the desk over there.

He pointed to my desk. I wonder what it is? I look at it and see the first paper and I looked at Reza.

Lucas: Well at least I start on customer service

Reza: Tienes este amigo!

Lucas: Thanks

We all get called in by Bryce.

Bryce: I assure you got the paper?

Lucas: Yep

Bryce: You can handle it?

Lucas: Yes

Bryce: good! Maverick and Sebastian?

They both stand up

Bryce: I'm assigning you two to set up shop in the grass

Maverick: Like what?

Bryce: Games

Sebastian: Kiddy games right?

Bryce: Right Seb! BUT not for next month. Just wanted you two to keep that in mind

They both nod

Bryce: You are dismissed to do the flyers! I'll have Lucas take them to Lorem so he can deliver them.

They retreat to their stations and I walk up to Bryce.

Bryce: Since your new here, I'll let you off easy for this one

Lucas: ok

Bryce: Once you give them to Lorem, come back here and then we will get your height and weight

I nod

Bryce: Your dismissed to go along with them.

Lucas: Who though?

Bryce: Either one

Lucas: ok. Thanks Bryce

Bryce: Your welcome

I went to Sebastian and knocked

Sebastian: COME IN!

I open the door

Sebastian: Lucas! Nice to see you! I thought nothing less about you being with me

I laughed

Sebastian: I'm guessing Bryce sent you to me?

Lucas: I had a choice

Sebastian: See how nice Bryce is?

Lucas: Well chiefs AREN'T usually that easy-going

Sebastian: Tell me about it...I'm signing up for call duty with him and first thing I hear is "One of the electricians called and said he can't do his job because an old woman is harassing him" then I thinking "Damn" and then later on the caller is like "She's not leaving him's messing up our schedule"

Lucas: Did you guys get it settled?

Sebastian: chuckles Eventually

Lucas: That's good. Hey I'm gonna stand in the back and wait

Sebastian: No it's ok! I like talking. I MEAN ya I'm supposed to focus but I can multi-task and plus I'm repeating this on every paper here.

Lucas: ok

Sebastian: So Maryland huh?

Lucas: In Maryland accent Yep!

Sebastian stopped and looked at me

Sebastian: Well well well. I see our very own has the accent too.

Lucas: eh...not really...That was me showing off

Sebastian laughs

Sebastian: Your a riot kid! Don't quit your day job

Lucas: No worries I won't

Sebastian: So how do you like our chief?

Lucas: He seems cool

Sebastian: yea he assured me that anything is allowed AS LONG AS you don't drop the ball somewhere. When we get serious, we serious

Lucas: yep

Sebastian: You mind moving the printer shooter thing at you

Lucas: Sure

Sebastian: I'm getting 50 done and Mav's getting 50 done

Lucas: ok

Sebastian: ok here we go

He hit the print button and 50 copies came out

Sebastian: I'm sure Bryce got the other half. GO GO GO!

I went to Bryce who had the other half.

Bryce: Give those to Lorem then we can rest

Lucas: ok

I left to give the flyers to Lorem. I eventually find his "Shop" and give him the flyers.

Lorem: GREAT! I'll have Adine help. Thanks for delivering these

Lucas: Your welcome

Lorem: See you later!

Lucas: Bye

I came back to the station

Bryce: I see you did it

Lucas: yep

Bryce: good

Soon Bryce went to get my height and weight

Bryce: five foot four?

I should of went to retail

Bryce: and one hundred and one? You kidding me boy?

I laughed

Lucas: I um exercise every Tuesday and Friday

Bryce: Is that so?

Lucas: Yep

Bryce: keep it up

Lucas: Thanks! That it?

Bryce: yes! You can go over to your area and read your paperwork over there

Bryce pointed to the booklet I was looking at from earlier this morning.

Lucas: you got it chief!

I saluted to him and Bryce gave me a puzzled look

Bryce: ok...carry on

I left Bryce's office and headed to the booklet which had all the laws and rules. A rule was underlined saying "Every police dragon must wear a bulletproof vest"

Lucas: Easy enough. I got one on.

I laughed and went back to reading. Later on, Bryce calls for lunch break.

Bryce: Meet back here at one or one thirty pm ok?

Everyone nods and we went our ways. Sebastian poked me on the snout

Lucas: Sup?

Sebastian: How's your first day?

Lucas: Good

Sebastian: Nice! Say if you want tonight we can play Bastion Breach

Lucas: What Breach?

Sebastian: Bastion Breach! A card game. I'll explain it at home tonight if you want?

Lucas: I can look it up

Sebastian: ok

We got home and made lunch.

Sebastian: So um...What did you do for the rest of the morning?

Lucas: Read Booklet for Rookies

Sebastian: We put a new rule in because guns are here now

Lucas: I saw

We started eating later

Sebastian: Talking with mouth full So why did you want to become one of us? gulps A dragon I mean

Lucas: I stumbled here by accident

Sebastian: Really?

Lucas: I saw someone here before that I know. I was like WOW! I wanna be a dragon

Sebastian: Cool. Name?

Lucas: Classified

Sebastian: Your smart! I like you already. Funny AND smart

Lucas: Thanks

Sebastian: This is yummy!

I start singing

Lucas: hums yummy

Sebastian: Hm…

Lucas: Um oh sorry…

I blush

Sebastian: You like singing?

Lucas: Y-Ya…

Sebastian: You might have to give us an earful tonight

Lucas: I don't know...I'm not the best at singing

Sebastian: I'm sure you'll do good

Lucas: Thanks…

Later we were done then spent an hour doing stuff. I looked up the game that Sebastian mentioned and Sebastian was grabbing stuff from the shelf.

Lucas: That stuff for the setup?
Sebastian: Ya

Lucas: ok can I help?

Sebastian: You can take the pies.

Lucas: ok

We grabbed the pies, gum and balloons and headed back

Bryce: Early?

Lucas: Yep

Sebastian: I was thinking that bringing these here now will save us time THEN afterwards start the second part of the shift.

Bryce: Well ok but next time tell me if you have something you wanna bring in early ok?

Sebastian: Yes sir sorry about that

Lucas: Now what?

Bryce: There should be a table out there on the middle of the track for that stuff

Sebastian: ok

We went to the table and set the stuff down. I looked at the time.

Lucas: Shifting into lap two time

Sebastian: Um…

Lucas: Forget it! Cool way of saying part two baby!

Sebastian: Let's go

Maverick stood at the entrance and soon we were ready for part 2…

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Hope you guys liked this chapter. I was not thinking of doing another chapter BUT seeing that I wanna put a book out, I had to keep going AND THUS Chapter 3 of A Boy Who Became a Runner Dragon is now here! I think I'll do these on the days I'm not busy which is EVERY DAY! So check back when I come out with Chapter 3! Havea RAWRing and Prideful day! Bye!