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It has been 5 years since the second time the kaiju appeared. New jeagers have been made and all the kaiju remains have been disposed of. Or so they thought.

A pro kaiju group of people have scrounge up a few kaiju parts and are attempting to reanimate the kaiju.

"Do we have any results yet on any kaiju?" asked one of the head of the pro kaiju, Talon.

"Sir, we have none yet. We are barely keeping these parts preserved. You must understand," said one of the scientists sheepishly.

"I don't care about the preservation of these parts. All of them are useless. We are just using the DNA of the kaiju to clone another one. Why is it taking so long!?" said the had of Talon in a more angry tone.

"Sir, its the level of kaiju blue. Kaiju blue is a pollution unlike anything in the world. We have a few samples but we can't replicate it perfectly. And all our attempts have ended in failure. However, we have found a suitable replacement for kaiju blue. It isn't as efficient as kaiju blue, but it should do the trick," said the scientist.

The head of Talon intrigued asked, "Well, what is it?"

"High levels of radiation," said the scientist. "Thankfully, we have found a massive source of radiation in the Philippines. And based on the readings, there is enough for 2 category 4 kaiju."

5 Hours Later

Abandoned Phillipine Uranium Mine

"Captain, we found the area the source of the radiation is coming from. The drills have already started digging," said a Talon miner.

"Good. Let's get going. I wanna see what the source is," said the Talon captain.

By the time the captain got to the drilling site, the stopped drilling and the captain, some miners, and a few scientists put on radiation suits and went down to find the source.

They found the source. But what they found was beyond anything they have ever seen.

"What the hell is this place," the captain asked.

After closely examining the walls around them, one of the scientist said, "I think its bone. A rib bone to be precise. But no animal has a rib bone that big. Not even any recorded species of kaiju has a rib bone this big."

A few of them used their flashlights and pointed them around revealing more rib bones and finding part of a spine.

One of the miners whispered, "Oh my God."

"Captain, according to the scanner, some of the radiation is coming from the bones." one of the scientists said.

As they moved down the skeleton, they found something rich with radiation. 2 cocoons hanging from the ceiling. Both intact.

"Sir, both of these have radiation levels dangerous enough for a nuclear fallout. These cocoons are the source of radiation," one of the scientists said.

After a few minutes, the captain said, "Take both cocoons and freeze them in storage. And take dig up the rest of this skeleton. We might find a use for it later."