After Desghidorah was killed, Grand Ghidorah buried in ice, and Keizer Ghidorah still on a rampage, the Pan Pacific Defense Corp needed new weapons. After building more jeagers, they decided to bring back an old powerful weapon, MechaGodzilla.

However, when MechaGodzilla blew up, all of the most crucial parts were destroyed. And the skeleton that was the base of MechaGodzilla was practically incinerated. So, they came up with a new base along with more weapons and defenses.

The new MechaGodzilla was a little bigger than the previous one. Instead of being made from a skeleton like the first one, they made MechaGodzilla without bones and instead had steel versions of them.

The new weapons for MechaGodzilla were missile launchers in its back near its shoulders, and an energy pulse emitter that basically creates a pulse that will stun and push back its enemies and anything around it.

As for MechaGodzilla's defenses, it now has armor plating that not even Godzilla could bite through. It also has an artificial intelligence unit along with a remote control.

MechaGodzilla has 1 weapon that is a suicide like weapon. In case everything else fails, MechaGodzilla can use its nuclear reactor and charge up its atomic breath to as powerful as Godzilla's was when he killed Ghidorah.

However, using this function would also blow MechaGodzilla up as well.


MechaGodzilla was sent to Seattle to kill Keizer Ghidorah. When MechaGodzilla arrived, Keizer Ghidorah was attacking the city. MechaGodzilla used its atomic breath and hit Keizer Ghidorah's head.

Keizer Ghidorah turned and shot MechaGodzilla with antigravity beams. MechaGodzilla was knocked down. Keizer Ghidorah bit into MechaGodzilla's neck. Then, MechaGodzilla fired missiles, making Keizer Ghidorah let go.

MechaGodzilla got up and shot its atomic breath at Keizer Ghidorah. Keizer Ghidorah was hit in his left neck. Keizer Ghidorah then shot his antigravity beams at MechaGodzilla's head. Then Keizer Ghidorah grabbed MechaGodzillaby its tail and yanked it into some buildings.

With MechaGodzilla pinned to the ground, Keizer Ghidorah fired his antigravity beams at it.

When Keizer Ghidorah was about to leave, Godzilla came and bit into Keizer Ghidorah's middle neck and ripped it off. Godzilla then uses his atomic fire and shoots into Keizer Ghidorah's neck where Godzilla ripped off his head.

Then, Godzilla used his tail and hit Keizer Ghidorah into the ground. Godzilla then bites into Keizer Ghidorah's left wing and rips off a large chunk of it. Before Keizer Ghidorah can get up, Godzilla stomps on his left head.

Then, Godzilla used his atomic fire and shot at Keizer Ghidorah's right head. When Godzilla stopped, Keizer Ghidorah's right head was burned.

Keizer Ghidorah got up and rammed Godzilla into the ground. Godzilla then shot his atomic fire at Keizer Ghidorah's chest again for a long time.

When Godzilla stops, Keizer Ghidorah's chest is nearly just bone. Before Keizer Ghidorah can regenerate, Godzilla bites Keizer Ghidorah's bone and rips out his rib cage, making Keizer Ghidorah roar in pain.

Then, Godzilla uses his atomic fire and shoots into Keizer Ghidorah's chest. All of Keizer Ghidorah's organs in his chest are on fire. Godzilla goes to Keizer Ghidorah's right head and rips it off for good measure.

Then Godzilla roars in victory and heads toward the ocean.