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Chapter 2: Summonings



It was night time in Japan as people went about their business, from work to tourists enjoying a night out or to people simply out for a late night stroll, all were unaware of the war hidden beneath their feet or the secret magical world that is hidden away and in plain view.

Inside an abandoned warehouse stood three figures, four if you count one small figure in one of the figure's arms. In the middle of the warehouse was a ritual circle being made from the blood of chickens, the figure doing it nods as he finished and threw the dead bird onto a pile nearby.

The figure moved making the moonlight hit him, it showed a young man around 19-years-old with short and spiky brown hair and fair skin tone with light blue eyes. His build was that of a runner with lean but toned muscles showing he worked out, his outfit was a white T-shirt with a black jacket and blue jeans with a brown belt and white and black trainers.

He wiped his hands before turning to face the circle, he held up his right hand to show a red symbol on the back of his hand.

The young man took a deep breath before he started to speak and chant.

"Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill, repeat five times but when each is filled destroy it,

for the elements silver and iron the foundation stone and the Archduke of pacts,

and for my great master, Schweinorg, raise a wall against the wind and close the gates of four directions.

Come forth from the crown and follow the forked road leading to the kingdom.

Heed my words, my will creates your body and your sword creates my destiny!

If you heed the Grails call and obey my will and reason, then answer my call!

An oath shall be sworn here! I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven.

I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell!

Thou Seventh Heaven, clad in the three great words of power!

Come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of the Scales!"

He yelled the last bit while holding up his right arm as a light engulfed the warehouse making everyone cover their eyes when the light fades the young man uncovers his eyes to see someone standing in the circle.

The person was a male in golden and emerald green armor/clothing, a feeling of power radiated off him as he held a staff in hand as a emerald green and golden hood hid the man's upper face.

"I ask of you, are you, my master?" The man asked looking at the young man.

"Yes, I am the one who summoned you, I am Derek Granger," Derek said as he held up his hand to show his command seals.

"I am Virgil Elymas or in this war the servant known as Caster, my powers are yours to use," Caster said giving a small bow as the contract was complete.

The servant then steps out of the circle as Derek grins, yes! He got the strongest of the Caster class, he had been aiming for Merlin since he was the second strongest but this was even better!

"Oh, Caster I would like for you to meet my family," Derek said as he leads his new servant over to the other figures.

The first was a man, he looked to be in his late thirties going forties, he had short brown hair with a five O'clock shadow beard and lightly tanned skin. He had a runner build and wore a nice dark blue suit, he gave off an air of a fighter. This was David Granger the current head of the Granger clan which was among one of the rare mage clans in England, they prized knowledge and hard work when it came to magecraft and were well known for creating various elemental spells.

Beside him was his wife, Emily Granger, who had shoulder-length soft brown hair and forest green eyes. She had a swimmer build and had on a white shirt with lack cardigan with blue jeans and brown shoes and brown belt, Emily unlike her husband was a witch and powerful in her own right with a talent for healing and charms. In her arms was their youngest family member, 5-year-old Hermione Granger who was watching Virgil with wide brown eyes and a head full of brown hair in a white top and blue pants with white and black shoes.

Emily put her daughter down as she started wriggling around, she chuckles as Hermione hid behind her legs.

"Virgil this is my Father, David Granger the head of my family and my mother Emily Granger," Derek said as Virgil shared a brief handshake with both of them.

"It is an honor to meet you, I never thought I would get to meet the Mage of Uruk," David said as Virgil chuckles.

"The honor is mine," Virgil said as he reached up and pushed his hood back to show his black hair and emerald green eyes, his hair was in its usual small ponytail.

He then noticed Hermione, smiling he knelt down asking "And who is this little lady?"

"This is our daughter, Hermione, Come on dear don't be shy," Emily said as Hermione blushed before moving from behind her mother.

"H-hello! Nice to meet you," Hermione said a bit shy as Virgil chuckles, he loved kids and this little girl was adorable.

"Hello, I'm Virgil little one, I'll be helping your brother for a while," Virgil said as Hermione nods.

"Yeah! Are you gonna help big brother win a big prize?" Hermione asked as Derek smiles at his little sister, he was glad his parents had explained the whole Grail War to Hermione in a way she would understand.

"I am, hey, do you know any magic?" Virgil asked making Hermione nod her shyness leaving her as she thought about her favorite subject.

"Yes! I love magic! I'm learning about little spells because Daddy said I have to wait till I'm bigger before I can use big spells! Do you know any spells?" Hermione asked as Virgil nods while Hermione parents watched in amusement.

"I do, wanna see one?" Virgil asked making the little girl nod with a smile.

Virgil held up his hand and summoned multiple balls of light in all different colors and let them fly around the warehouse, Hermione squeals before chasing after them as the adults chuckle. Virgil stood up as he watched the girl play, he then turned to Derek.

"When will we start?" Virgil asked as the adults grew serious.

"Right now you are the first to be summoned which gives us a bit of time to prepare, you and I will be moving to a safe house that will be our base of operation in Fuyuki," Derek explained as Emily moved away to keep an eye on Hermione.

"Right, I will set up familiers to act as spies to keep an eye on the other masters, it will help us gather the information we need," Virgil said as he de-summoned his staff in golden particles and summoned leather book he made in his younger years and began looking through his personal spells.

"I will leave this war to you, Derek, do our clan proud but above all and as your father, please survive this war I would rather lose a chance for the Holy Grail then lose my son," David said making Derek nod.

"I will do my best," Derek said as Emily walks back over with Hermione.

"But there is one thing that needs to be done before everything else," Emily said making the males look at her as she smiles.

"And what is that dear?" David asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Why, shopping of course! We can't have Virgil running around in his armor now can we?" Emily said as the Granger males shared a look while Virgil looked on confused.

'Why are they turning pale?' Virgil thought as he looked between the Grangers, this shopping couldn't be any different from the market place in Uruk right?


'I take it back, that was horrible! But worth it' Virgil thought as he stood in a clothing shop that he and his master had escaped into.

He walked over to the mirror and looked himself over, he had to admit the modern day clothing was nice and comfortable but he did wonder why Mrs. Granger insisted he wears a black suit with an emerald green undershirt something about it bringing his eyes out or something like that. (He has Fate Zero Saber's black suit only replace the black undershirt with an emerald green one)

"Sorry Virgil, my mother tends to go overboard with shopping," Derek said as he began to look through the men's clothing.

"It is alright, though it was an experience, I must say the clothing of this era is nice with great mobility," Virgil said as he turns to his master.

"Yeah, but not everyone wears suits and day to day basis so I'm getting you some casual clothing to wear too," Derek said as he picked out some simple but nice clothing for Virgil.

After buying the clothing Derek took Virgil to the safe house and helped his parents unpack the food and other items he would need, Virgil was busy helping Hermione with learning her Norse runes and thanks to his knowledge and magic he picked up the runes easily.

"Okay, you did really well Hermione, just need to work on keep your hand steady as you draw," Virgil said as he patted Hermione on the head making her giggle.

"I will! Thank you for your help, Uncle Virgil!" Hermione said shocking Virgil, she had only known him for a day and she was already calling him uncle?

'I wonder if it has anything to do with my charisma? Well, I don't mind' Virgil said as he knelt down.

"I think the little lady deserves a prize for all her hard work," Virgil said as he held up his hand and focused.

Hermione watched as a golden glow came from Virgil's hand before a golden light forms it floats up before taking shape, it looked like a mini-version of Virgil's staff it was around the size of a tennis ball it was also connected to a golden chain.

"Here, think of it as both a good luck charm and a bit of protection," Virgil said as he placed it around Hermione's neck.

"Thank you! I'll treasure it always!" Hermione said hugging Virgil before running off to show her parents.

Virgil smiles as he stood up, it would be sad to see her go but it was for Hermione' safety. She could not be in the city while the Holy Grail War was on, shaking his head Virgil decided to get to work on making some familiars.

He would need to make one for the air, one for the ground, one for water, and one for the night. He walked through the safe house which was a two-story manor built on the edge of Fuyuki, it was still within the area of the city so they were safe. He arrived at his own workshop and began to gather the ingredients he would need.


Virgil cleaned his hands as he stood in front of four newly created familiers, each one made to blend in with their element.

The familiar of air was a crow, it was average size and was hopping around acting like the bird it was made after. It was named Alvis and male.

The familiar of the ground was a black cat, the car lacked a collar and was perfect for getting into places and not look out of place. It was named Eris and female.

The familiar of water was a water snake, though not native to Japan Virgil made the familiar so it could withstand both cold and hot temperatures and gave it the ability to change it's coloring if need be when spying. It was named Nedra and female.

The last familiar, the familiar of the night, was an owl that was based on the Ural owls that were native to Japan. It was named Hunapo and male.

The only way to tell that there were familiars were their eyes, they had the same emerald green colored eyes that he had. It was a side effect of his magic bringing them to life.

"You know what to do, spy on the other masters and gather information on them," Virgil said as the familiars made noises of agreement before leaving.

The cat went out of the open window, the crow picked up the snake and carried it out to take the snake to a body of water and the owl flew out to the nearby forest to wait for the night.

"You work fast," Derek said as he entered the room.

"The faster the better, once we find out who the masters are then we can act and take them out," Virgil said as Derek nods.

"I agree, come on, let's start updating the defenses I sleep better at night knowing we won't get any unpleasant visitors," Derek said as Virgil nods picking his staff up and followed his master out of the room.

He paused in the doorway and looked over his shoulder and with a smirk he snapped his fingers making the window slam shut, he then went on his way as he began talking with his master about the current defense wards and how they should update them.


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