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CHAPTER 6: Talks and Shadows


Derek Granger was not one for being on edge or paranoid but at the moment he felt very paranoid about his safety as his servant Caster, Virgil, and the servant Archer, Gilgamesh, stared at each other. The mage and the king, old friends and lovers reunited but who would make the first move? Who would speak first?

Derek gulps as he watched on, his body tense until the atmosphere of suspense was broken by Virgil as he gave a soft smile and then knelt down before his king.

"My king," Virgil said as Gilgamesh's eyes soften before sharpening as he looked at Derek.

The young man steps back as the king sent him a small glare that clearly means 'leave us or else' Derek nods and made a gesture behind him.

"I'll just be inside if you guys need me, uh, night!" Derek said before turning and heading inside, he so needed some wine and a good night's rest after tonight's events!

Gilgamesh gave a quiet huff as he saw his mage's master retreat inside, at least he was smart and had good instincts. The king looked back at his mage, Gilgamesh felt his throat tighten with words he so desperately wanted to say but couldn't as his emotions raged. Joy at seeing his mage before him, anger that he was being commanded by a lowly mongrel. Shock at him being in the war and annoyance that he did not seek him out or try to contact him sooner.

But the main emotions that stood out was guilt since he was the one to indirectly cause Virgil's death in the past, and fear. Fear that he would lose his lover again by another servant's hand or by the gods his own hands or that this could be an illusion that his mind had made up from the wine he had consumed today.

Gilgamesh felt his hands tremble as he decided to let his actions speak instead of words.

Virgil chuckles at his master's retreat about to comment on it when his king spoke.

"Rise, my mage," Gilgamesh said his voice holding the faintest of trembles.

Virgil looked up at him before standing he went to speak only to yell as Gilgamesh suddenly shot forward tackling him, Virgil grunts as he teleported in a moment of panic forgetting that it was his king tackling him as he teleported to a spot away from the safe house.

The new location was a small lake, just on the outskirts of Fuyuki hidden in a forest. Virgil had discovered this location while exploring and added it to his area's of relaxing. He grunts again as his hood fell back showing his face he then felt a weight on his chest making him look down to see Gilgamesh resting his head upon Virgil's chest his right ear over the mage's heart. Virgil pants lightly as he watched on, he felt like he was missing something but what?

Gilgamesh felt relief wash through him as he heard it, the beating of his mages heart. It felt so good to hear it after so long, he reached up as he lay on top of his mage and used his left hand to grip Virgil's shirt. His mage, his friend, his lover was alive and well and not dead.

"My king?" Virgil asked getting a small chuckle.

"How many times have I said to call me by my name when we are alone?" Gilgamesh said making Virgil grin relaxing a little.

"I lost count at around 30 times, give or take a few," Virgil joked as he chuckles before he felt something on his clothing.

Looking closely he saw a small wet patch, he then saw tears going down his king's cheeks. Gilgamesh was crying! Why was he crying? Virgil reached up gently grabbing Gilgamesh's cheek as the golden king said something that shocked Virgil.

"I'm sorry," Gilgamesh said as he let his silent tears fall, the guilt he felt over both Virgil's death and Enkidu's death overwhelming him.

"Gil? What is wrong? Have I upset you?" Virgil asked confused, Gilgamesh rarely cried but for him to be both crying and apologizing then something must have shaken him badly for that to happen.

"No! You did nothing, it's my fault! It's my fault you died! Both you and Enkidu!" Gilgamesh yelled as he grits his teeth trying to control himself but his body would not listen.

Virgil's eyes widened in shock before they softened, of course, he died in Gilgamesh's arms. He remembered the pain in his chest as he hit the ground, he remembered fading in and out of the darkness as Gilgamesh held him while Enkidu tried to heal him but to no avail before finally succumbing to deaths embrace.

It must have been awful for Gilgamesh, to have not only a childhood friend but your lover die in your arms would shake anyone to their cores.

'Why is he blaming himself? It was an assassin that killed me was it not?' Virgil thought before reaching up and gently grabbing his king's shoulder.

'I will ask him why later, right now my king needs me' Virgil thought as he sat up and pulled Gilgamesh into his lap.

In the past Gilgamesh would sit on his lap at random, mostly since he joked that Virgil's lap was comfier than his throne, it started as a joke until it just became a habit. Virgil smile as he reached up and lifted Gilgamesh's head up letting red eyes meet green as he wiped his king's tears away.

"Whatever happened back then Gil is in the past, I'm alive right now in this time and that's all that matters right now," Virgil said as Gilgamesh went to speak only to be cut off as lips met his own.

Gilgamesh grunts as he quickly kissed back, he relished in the feeling of Virgil's lips on his own once more. It sent a rush of warmth through him as he fought for control, shivers running down his spine as it became heated as tounges met and battled. The king groans as his hands gripped Virgil's shirt almost ripping it as the air became a problem.

Pulling apart briefly both of them panting as Virgil's cheeks flushed red while Gilgamesh's own cheeks were light red as they got air back into their lungs, they did not stay separated for long however as Gilgamesh with a growl pulled Virgil into another heated kiss this time winning the little tongue war as he claimed his mages mouth making Virgil groan.

After another minute of making out the two pull apart panting, Virgil smiled seeing his king now calm and happy. The mage leans over resting his forehead against Gilgamesh's.

"I missed you and I'm sorry for not seeking you out sooner but the rules of the war it would have lead to us fighting or our true names being revealed," Virgil said as Gilgamesh hums.

"Apology accepted, I still can't believe your here and under some mongrels command," Gilgamesh said as Virgil shifted before nudging Gilgamesh who stood up letting Virgil get up.

"My master would have been a fine student back in my day," Virgil said as he summoned a red blanket with golden trim and placed it on the ground before sitting back down.

"Isn't that the blanket from our first adventure together with Enkidu? I thought it got destroyed," Gilgamesh said as he sat back down beside his mage.

"It is, I repaired it and kept it," Virgil said as he changed his armor for his modern-day suit making Gilgamesh pause and give him a look over.

'That outfit looks nice on him...and ravishing it makes me what to take it off of him' Gilgamesh thought before shaking his head of those thoughts as he changed into his own modern-day clothing of a white top with snake pattern pants, white shoes and golden bracelets on his wrists with a golden necklace and his hair went from spiky to flat.

The two sat in silence simply enjoying the presence of each other when Virgil remembered what Gilgamesh said earlier about his death being his king's fault.

"Gilgamesh?" Virgil said making the red-eyed male glance at him.

"Yes, Virgil?" Gilgamesh asked as Virgil looked from the sky to him.

"What did you mean earlier? That my death and Enkidu's was your fault?" Virgil asked wondering what he meant even as he felt a stab of sadness at hearing that Enkidu died somehow, he hoped their green-haired lover was resting peacefully wherever he was.

Gilgamesh frowns many emotions dancing across his eyes before he sighs.

"A few days before you died the goddess, Ishtar, came to me and tried to seduce me to be her husband but I refused her stating that I already had lovers and that she was unworthy of me, she left enraged I later learned that she had figured out that both you and Enkidu were my lovers and sought revenge. She used a poison arrow to kill you from behind as you were teaching your students," Gilgamesh said before taking a deep breath as he kept himself calm, speaking of the goddess always got his temper going not hard to see why after what happened.

"After your death Enkidu and I went after Ishtar only to end up fighting the bull of heaven and defeating it, this made the gods take Enkidu in retribution but not before I told them of Ishtar's crimes, I don't know what happened to her but I hope she is getting what she deserves," Gilgamesh said with a growl.

"I see, so it was Ishtar's fault, not yours," Virgil said this answered so many things, now he knew why that arrow had killed him so quickly at least.

"No, it was my fault I should have known better than to reject and taunt a goddess, if I hadn't then you both would have lived," Gilgamesh said only to gasp as Virgil leans over placing a kiss on his lips.

Virgil pulled back saying "But you did and I'm not mad at you,"

"You aren't?" Gilgamesh asked slightly confused.

"No, by rejecting her it shows that you were being loyal to both Enkidu and me, that you loved us to the point you would reject such a powerful being for two souls such as us," Virgil said a warm smile in place as Gilgamesh chuckles his worries fading away.

"You always know what to say, don't you?" Gilgamesh said as Virgil smirks.

"Of course, love, it's what I do best," Virgil said.

Gilgamesh bit his lip before glancing at the sky, the night was still young and he did not need to be back with his so-called 'master' for anything urgent plus Kirei and Eric were covering for him. He would need to thank the couple later for this, he grins as he moved and tackled Virgil to the blanket making the mage grunt.

"Speaking of love, why don't I show you exactly how much I have missed you?" Gilgamesh said a heated look in his eyes as he pressed against Virgil who gasped as their hips met.

"I'm not stopping you," Virgil said with the same heated look entering his own eyes as Gilgamesh leans down pulling them into a kiss.

They pulled apart briefly as Gilgamesh said "I love you, my mage,"

Virgil smiles saying "I love you too, my king,"

Gilgamesh smiles as they kissed again before the two lost themselves in passion and pleasure as they relished in being together once more.

When morning came the next day the two cleaned up with help from Virgil's magic and with a promise to meet up the two parted ways, Virgil returned to Derek who greeted him while grooming Eris but he did tease Virgil lightly about his 'reunion' with Gilgamesh since he had an inkling as to what might have happened. The mage just chuckled before bopping Derek on the head making his master laugh as the servant went to get breakfast prepared.

When Gilgamesh returned back to his master's home he took delight in driving Tokiomi up the wall as the man tried to figure out where the Archer servant had gone off to! While Kirei and Eric just gave the king their congratulations when in private while Eric asked for tips to 'spice up their activities' making Kirei blush as Gilgamesh laughed before getting into an interesting chat with Eric until Kirei dragged him away leaving an amused king behind to enjoy his wine and relax.


Virgil had been busy checking on his familiars when Eris and Nedra gave his a rather startling report, he shot up from the seat he was in making Derek jump and look at him.

"Virgil, what is wrong?" Derek asked concerned.

"The shadow servant, he is at the Mion River and preparing something," Virgil said as he summoned his armor and staff.

"Then we have no time to waste, take us there," Derek ordered making Virgil nod as he pulled his hood up and with a tap of his staff, he teleported them to the Mion River.

Derek looked around before feeling the spike of magic and mana in the air, he ran over to the river to see the shadow Caster standing on the water with purple mist rising around him.

"There he is!" Derek said as Virgil came to his side.

"He is summoning, I can't stop him," Virgil said with a growl as the shadow yells out his Noble phantasm as a huge squid-like beast raised from the river around him.

"A demon of flesh," Virgil mutters as Derek stares in shock at the huge monster now above them.

"Oh, fuck," Derek said as Caster nods beside him.

"That sums up the entire situation perfectly master," Virgil said with a bit of sarcasm to his words when he sensed another servant arrive.

Looking over he saw by one of the river banks was Saber and Rider with Irisviel and Rider master and Lancer arrives, he nods before nudging Derek who looks at him before looking over at where Virgil was looking and saw the gathering.

"Nice find, let's go down and lend our assistance," Derek said before jumping over the railing and running over with Caster not far behind.

Rider was the first to notice them.

"Ah, Caster and his master have arrived! You have excellent timing we were just planning on how to strike the beast down," Rider said as Derek waves to him as he grew serious.

"So, what's the plan?" Derek asked.

"Saber and I will try and breach the monster's defenses and make an opening for Lancer to get a clear strike at the shadow caster with his spear," Rider said as Derek nods before glancing at the monster.

'It's a good plan but for a monster that size we would need an anti-fortress noble phantasm, Virgil possesses one but that would mean revealing his true name and losing our advantage' Derek thought before looking at Caster.

"Caster?" Derek asked while sending him a mental 'okay' to reveal his face since his hood would only hinder him in this fight.

Caster glanced at the beast before looking at his fellow servants as he reached up and pushed his hood back.

"It has potential but the beast will most likely attack us the first chance it gets after sensing our mana and try to devour us," Virgil said as he took a moment to glance at the local area.

"How do we go about that? We can't clear a path if we can't get close," Rider's master, Waver Velvet if Virgil remembered correctly, said.

"That is where I step in, I will use myself as a distraction out of everyone here I have the most mana and magical energy," Virgil said as he grins tapping his staff on the ground as the gems on it glow.

"That's true," Saber said as Rider and Lancer nod.

"Very well, I wish you luck Caster," Rider said as Virgil gave him a small bow of respect before de-summoning his staff and looking at his master.

"Master, permission to go all out?" Virgil asked as he began to gather his mana and magic.

"Permission granted! Now go and help defeat that monster," Derek said as he stood by Irisveil.

"Gladly," Virgil said as a blue and golden aura erupted from him, his mana and magic almost seemed to dance around him as he turned to the river.

"You're not using your weapon?" Waver asked confused.

"I can use other weapons besides my staff young mage," Virgil said glancing over at Waver before looking forward and summoning his weapons.

His swords of Enki appeared in his grip as he shot into the air with a magic enchanted jump and as he started to descend he grins as a small magic circle appeared under his foot, using that he launched himself higher into the air and over to the enemy.

"Amazing," Irisviel said as Saber went next and jumped down, her blessing from the lady of the lake allowed her to run across it as Rider took to the air with his master Waver yelling as he was brought along for the ride.

Up in the air Virgil growls as one of the monster's tentacles came at him, he moved to the side and sliced it up but he had to jump back when the appendage regrew at an alarming rate.

"This is gonna be a tough one," Virgil mutters before spinning and slicing up a tentacle before sending a big fireball at the beast making it screech and attack the Caster with more force.

"That's it focus on me shadow caster, I hope this plan works otherwise I might end up become squid food," Virgil said as he sent another fireball at the beast stopping it from catching Saber.

'That or my trump card might end up being used' Virgil thought he really wanted to avoid using his noble phantasm mostly because of draining it was.

Virgil ducked a strike before sending out a blast of air blades destroying a tentacle that only regrew, the mage frowns.

He really hoped this plan worked, otherwise this secret grail war was not going to stay secret for long. That much he was sure of, the mage shot forward engaging the enemy once more as their masters watched on in worry.

All the while a young figure stood on the bridge above the scene, long hair flowing in the wind as a smile graced their lips before they turned and vanished with a small crack leaving the bridge barren of pedestrians and the masters and servants none the wiser to their little observer.

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