Heaven and Earth 1

A day in the life of an Immigrant

~Vincent Law's POV~

How far would i go for the citizenship?

I lost my city,


i lost myself? Maybe.

i just do what i've been told.

To be honest, i don't want them to come around.

What else can i do.

Obey the system.

Yes. Be the routine.

Get accepted.

It's tiring.

And all.

In this fast-paced dome life, every step we take is scrutinized,

The same lights and sounds,

Dry but there's hope.

Work to live, live to work, that's the only way,

My daily stress leads a regular day.

But yes, i just smiled it away.

Obey the system,

Be an ideal fellow citizen someday,


but something had distracted me in the first day,

Something cruel.. some thing good..?

That was probably her.

I stayed like this, here, in silence and content watching that face from a distance.

A faint hope, dark but a shining light.

The day when i first saw her,

makes me think of something wonderful, but i can't remember

I wake up every morning, wishing one more time to face her

Why can't i ever say what-

Reading life through small moments, the beautiful face i can never reach out to..

All i do is watch, while she got the best of everything-which i can never give..

but one thing i'm sure of.. She's my dream girl..

Yes.. My dream girl. The one who passes over me, the one who interviewed me,

I heard her name was Re-L Ma-What?!

she's the City Regent's granddaughter?!

"We met at the interview.. we met at the interview.. We met at the interview..."

Uhh.. Yes... That line. The line that keeps ringing in my head on echoes.

I know that.. But my eyes have known you earlier before, when you passed by, while I was in the line looking for a job.. That time..

we evacuated from the city.




an instant crush..


now in my dark room

As i tucked myself to sleep..

She seemed familiar.. It was burning my eyes..In a way..

as well to the deepest of...

my loins..

I don't know.. I just don't.

I tried to tell one of my coworker that - she's familiar, but he answered,

"Do you think it will impress the Inspector with that cliché line of yours?! Forget it. She's obviously out of your league so better stop dreaming kid." My coworker hissed.

Ughh.. She's attractive.. Everyone surely knows that..

i know.

They know.

i wonder how many fellow citizens have tried using that line..

What will she think of me..?


It's impossible.. She's a Mayer..


It's wrong.

It's wrong to feel this way...

She won't even lay her eyes on me..an immigrant.. a lowly immigrant they say.

Unless she wanted to reopen the isolated Cogito AR case again and i"ll be more than happy to serve her..

What am i thinking..

I better stop hoping.

It will never happen.

That's the last time i've had a chance seeing her.. Up close.. But not really that close.. But it made my day, a little lighter...

Seeing glimpse of her gave a little sheds of joy in my heart.

Interacting with her that time was indeed my biggest achievement.. In the back of my mind, I was overly guilty but a bit glad loosing the Cogito infected autoreiv.


..I don't know...it felt silly..

Her almost faded scent...it was nice...and sweet..so womanly..

I wonder how old is she? 21?

Maybe, 22?

ughh.. I find it a refreshing contrast to her usual expression..

Judging from her physique, it's well developed.. wait.. what..

What am i even thinking..


No. I'll concentrate with different thing, her scent. Yes her scent.

While she hates mine..those that smell from Mosque..

She said Romdeau hated those that smelled from my homeland.

Why did she even bothered to notice this. This necklace...is precious to me.. But i can't remem-...

Wait. Did she really thought i was complaining about the equipment?

i wasn't really...

well...uhh.. It's just that i .. i was just being factual..

But it's not a complaint.. Ughh

But.. it will make the work more effective when they're in its very prime..

So we won't have to dismantle the outer protective armor.

An electromagnetic device that could turn off the whole source and operating system would do, or a tracking equipment chip that can deactivate the neuro file automatically.

Indeed, the tools are outdated, it will be too hard for the pistol's ammunition to do the job without rupturing it.

Romdeau should develop upgrades designed for times like this.. since some ARs have been malfunctioning recently in growing numbers.









I wasn't able to explain all of this in person, i just take it all back,

words won't escape my mouth..

What was i thinking..?

It's so hard to talk in front of her.

It's all done.. All i ever said was "no." and i had immediately extracted the neurofile from the AR,..that isn't a complaint..

I just don't want to make her mad

I was like in an uncomfortable situation but where i don't want to leave..

She told me right after to return on my duty.

I was a bit sad knowing that would be the end of our conversation that day.

She was too focus on her job.

It was short, but it was...it was something i can never forget.


Inspector Re-L..

As i lay my sight in the dark ceiling. My mind still have curious thoughts.

Is she always like that?

She's glides in dark clothes, and it looks great.. really great on her.

I almost feel guilty thinking of these.

Her bigpretty set of painted eyes seemed like they are talking to me.. Ugh..

I've never seen a face so endearing and... perfect.

It's perfect.

Not smiling.. she looks..semi.. semi angry.. Like she's gonna shoot anyone who"ll stand in her way.



Right.. she looks ferocious.. Uhmm

And it's cute..yes.. It is beautiful.

I think that's what makes her more pretty.. Umm..Maybe.

I wonder..i don't know.

What a day..

It's already 12:30 midnight.

I need to rest this for now and be a fellow citizen someday..

An ideal fellow citizen sleeps on time..right.

Inspector-san.. I hope i"ll see you again some other time..




6:30 AM

A freezing shower is truly a bad idea.. But that would be the only thing to wake me up.. What a life. :) _

The mirror..

Fellow citizen should always be optimistic..

I need to be fine with everything..

I style my hair nice and neat like a model fellow citizen should.

I used wax to hold up my bangs and expose my forehead

*chuckles lightly*

Yes.. I'm fine with everything..

I should smile more often..

Like this.. a little wider...

Wider...Hiding the teeth and closing the eyes even more..

This smile...

I"m all set..

Another day in Romdeau.

Here i come...

8:45:00 AM

For fate's sake, Vincent's automobile was broken,

he had rode the train instead

and he was 15 minutes late from work.

He stooped down as he walked sneakily at the production area of the Facility

"You're late Vincent.." a flat voice of a female android called.

It almost scared the hell out of him

"Ugh.. Dorothy, i'm sor-"

"You need to document the Cogito cases you had compiled, the Security Bureau will be inspecting our databank tomorrow."

"B-But there were...too many of them.." He squirmed modestly

"I will help you out Vincent, but first you need to run an assessment into a couple of autoreivs from the residential area again."

"Thank you.. Dorothy.. I would not know what to do without you."

"It's my job to make sure you do yours, for you to become a fellow citizen, you must listen to me."


~Vincent's POV~

It was lunch time..

Dorothy had given me bountiful deliverables today, and i cannot think with an empty stomach.. I"ll just have to find my way to the cafeteria then..and i"ll be a fellow citizen soon enough.

Now what will i eat..


A handful of green leafy vegetables?

Balanced Sausages?


They almost sounded the same..


Inspector CeRe-L -san.. Hehe

I feel silly..

"Hey you're in the line for too long!"

A pissed looking immigrant grunted at Vincent


The guy had bumped Vincent out of the line and it created a ruckus

but Vincent bowed his head terribly apologizing immediately

It was my fault.. I was dazing for a long time..

i guess i"ll have cereal instead... For ..


Workloads... They're everywhere..ugh.. I can do this.

Besides, i'm fine with everything..

Yes.. I am..

While i was frantically working on my table, i'm hearing random conversation from my coworkers from behind..

"I can't wait to get promoted.."

"I now got only 722 days to wait to become a fellow citizen!"

"I heard the board were so strict in reviewing IPR performances?"

"I heard the Chief wants to get promoted too!"

"Then I"ll be the next FG chief!"

I stare at them for a while.

As immigrants..

We all desire to become a fellow citizen.. To be treated as their equals, be recognized accordingly.. That's all i ever wanted..


all I ever wanted..

but.. There's also-

never mind.

It's thrilling and lonely at the same time..really.

But i can just smile it away..

I'm fine with everything..

988 days will be just a blink of an eye... It didn't bother me at all.

I will become a fellow citizen soon enough.. With the help of Dorothy.


I'm still in the office..

It's almost late night.!

I have to finish consolidating these files or else my performance will get mark down..

It might hinder my chance of becoming a fellow citizen...

I have to finish this no matter what.. ugh..

Good thing.. Dorothy had been so patient helping me out.. Or else.. I don't know what to do.. Deadline is just around the corner.

It made me nervous..

The thought of it chokes the very part of me


"Ahm.. Dorothy, there are.. Uhm. other units available aroun-

I smiled..

"You should be grateful, the chief trusted you more," she said

"Uhm, it's not that.. They seemed to give me..more tasks.." i stuttered as i lower my voice to express a little doubt

She paused and turned her head towards me.

"Hard work, it's the road to success, it will be a good foundation before you become a fellow citizen."

"But that's-.." I stuttered..

That's unfair..

It never came out of my mouth..

Never question the system..

Never mind..

I just need to finish this report. If only i could just do it faster.

11:20 pm

Romdeau city is quite a view,

it still looks busy and productive even at night.

I was here walking alone. Appreciating my new home. Such a dark beautiful busy dome with lots of faded night lights and technology.

The train station is few miles away from here, if only i have my automobile with me then i can just go home within few minutes.

But..it's not..


I'll probably walk it off then.

Besides, i'm fine with everything.


I"ll be a fellow citizen someday.

My legs are a little tired and shaky.

and i let myself chuckled lightly

about the same idea..

I'm home..

I can't recall how, but my head is spinning.

I'm..lying on the cold floor of my apartment...

I feel.. weak..




how did i get here..?

My head hurts.. I'd been having lapses lately..

Maybe i got dizzied after riding the train..


I need water..

Everything is dark while i get up, only the refrigerator light illuminates my room..

Ahh.. Water.. It tasted great..

I still haven't eaten dinner, I got carried away from the work today..

And my head still hurts.

Maybe i'm just tired and overworked..

Overworked, yes. it's always like this.

Hardwork.. Work like a fellow citizen does. It will be a good foundation.


I"ll remove my uniform and have the automatic machine take care of it..

This is so easy to take off.

What's left on the fridge was my old goods.. This 5 day old bread would do.

and water...



I"ll tuck myself to sleep again..


Probably my bed is the highlight of my day.. I hope i"ll have a better day tomorrow, oh.. and first thing in the morning i have to fix my automobile.. Alright.

I close my eyes.

I lazily hugged my pillow tightly.

It's so soft..



Forbidden streams of ideas started to flood my thoughts...

I wonder how would her skin feels like...


To take in her scent so close...

To have my fingers run on that dark long hair..

Thinking about it makes my cheeks feel warmer,

And also, my..


This is so wrong...



Goodnight Romdeau..








New day.

Morning 8:49:12 AM

Oh no...no..no..

I am currently walking in the middle of the road with my automobile, it would have worked properly if i had just replaced it with the spare parts earlier..

I was wrong.. I miscalculated..

I guess i have to walk few miles from here..with this..

I"m late again..

Why today..why...?!



FG temporary Autoreiv Disposal Facility

Everyone is busy..

The Security Division is currently inspecting our process and Databank..

I was late earlier that i stayed at the corridor for a while since the Security Bureau staff was there.

I saw them passing by in the lobby.

I bowed my head to the Delegates. High ranking officers with latest advanced entourage models passed in front of us.

Their Security Bureau Chief.. He looks all dignified and he has a long hair. A long hair..?

I wonder how it feels like to be in that position..

Maybe someday..It will be surely a long way to go.

But i must be a fellow citizen first.

Then, i"ll be a Security Bureau Chief..yes.

Me and Dorothy had managed to compile almost 143 autoreiv cases including 20% Cogito infected ARs based on average past data this week.

There were too many discrepancies with the autoreivs lately, as i was browsing the Databank from my table i heard some of my coworkers complaining:

"The Intelligence Division also conducted a surprise inspection today, why are the Divisions been eyeing us so much.!"

"You bet! Soon enough it will be the Regent's turn to observe us personally!

"Idiot! How would that happen?! They say the Regent has not been leaving the grand tower anymore."

"Get back to work! And stop talking nonsense to the excellency!" ,

Another coworker hissed at them

I realized, it seems like they don't still fully trust us immigrants..


We do really needed to prove that we deserve to be a fellow citizen of this prestigious city.

Then i see my other coworker looking at me.

Is he grinning?

"Vincent, you"ll see her again.",

My coworker said with an unpredictable tone

I just smile..

What does he mean?

Wait..the Intelligence Bureau?

it means... Oh.

Inspector Re-L san...

Will she be coming too?


My cheeks- it felt a little warmer again.

I'm..i'm a bit excited.. but..

Im a little sad. Maybe.

Even if i see her, it doesn't changes everything.

All i can do is stare. nothing else..

She got a high reputation in the city.

everybody know that.

She"ll never talk to me again..


I still wanted to see that face :)



I was assigned to asses another autoreiv in the residential area...

I guess i won't be seeing her again...



That's okay...

Besides, i'm fine with everything..

This is my personality..

The air i breath, the life i want to lead, i only desire is to be a fellow citizen..

My personality.. is

like the said virus in the companion type i scanned earlier, there was nothing...

I killed my personality that i even forgot what it really was from the very beginning. I don't know..

I don't know myself at all..

I just need to follow the system.

Be obedient to the system..

I'm empty.

I can't remember how, but

It doesn't matter..

Like it matter..

I should be a fellow citizen soon..

I'm back at the Facility..

It was already 5:24 PM In the afternoon light.

The office floor is still busy..

Looks like it will call for another exhausting overtime, sigh.. So i just went straight to my seat and filed my report.

I rubbed my head slowly...

It should relax it a bit.



Then my attention was shifted to the chief's transparent office, he was standing there, speaking with certain people i can't identify.

He looks anxious and confident.

No, I don't know.

I know chief can always handle everything.

In those certain people, i see a black fabric..

Yes.. I know..

That should be her.


It's her...


Still a lucky day.. maybe

From this very moment, i knew that my heart skips a deep beat.

"Vincent.. Your reports has been lacking the following dates.",

Dorothy interrupted my thoughts

"Ughh?!" I was dismayed

Then she swipe a row list of dates in my desktop's hologram

How could this happen? Did i just really forgot to compile those?! I thought i already did..


It hurts.. My head..

It's another severe headache again...

I can't... read..

Everything is clouded

Then i heard Dorothy voice echoing, asking if i'm alright.. She said that my heart rate was gradually dropping.

I placed my elbows at the table and pressed my head, i told her that i"ll be fine..

She was saying things i can no longer understand.. Noises.. They're echoing... My head was spinning .. I guess i was starting to have lapses again..

The whole floor's commotion overlaps in my head...


Everything is spinning..

I breath in..

and breath out..



Think of happy thoughts;

-Fellow citizenship..

-My bed..


-A face.


Then my head starts to get clearer.. I can see my desktop again..

My vision had returned.

"Vincent i told you that we're heading to the health clinic."

"Don't worry, i guess i'm fine now Dorothy.." , I told her.

Then i stood up and turn my head at the chief's office..

It's too late..

they were already gone.

my eyes immediately scan the exit to our production area, and there she was with her tall entourage.

I only caught a glimpse of her back and her shiny straight dark hair

It was gorgeous.

What could a man like me have anything to offer,

chase her.


I"d just freak her out if i ran to her, and i got nothing to say..


I"ll get called out by the securities if i went to her...

It's embarrassing..ughh..

I don't know what to do.

I can never be with her..

I want to see more but.

i just can't..

She's too distant.. Hard to reach.

I look at her while she slowly disappears in the metal door frame.

Inspector - san...

It's so hard to talk to you..

I'm not too sure of how it feels..

In just a blink of an eye,she was gone..

11:30 PM

Speaking of hard work..

I was assigned to night shift today.. Straight from my day shift..

*modestly chuckles*

Don't question the system, they said..

Besides, i'm fine with everything..

I'd notice that our office is big enough for us tonight, me, Dorothy and my 4 co workers and their entourages.

Night shift isn't bad enough since the workloads are few..


I have nothing to do much now.. I had already fixed my automobile,

submitted my reports, maybe i can doze off awhile while Dorothy is upgrading her hardwares.

Oh.. No.. Fellow citizen works hard.. I shouldn't doze off during duty..


I'm just here, silently sitting, I was facing my holo desktop, smiling alone..

thinking what to do..

Romdeau Portal..


Since no one is looking and i'm done with my files, why don't i...



Opened incognito tab.

Search, "Re-L Mayer" i typed..


Re-L Mayer

Inspector at Intelligence Bureau Division

Age 19

15 cases resolved

-nothing to follow-

I guess i have limited access as a staff of FG..

What?! She was that young?!

I thought..

And i found this,

her picture.. her face.

Skin looking so creamy..

-Did i just think of that.. Oh..



I'm feeling thrilled..

*chuckles modestly in silence*


If it hadn't been for my migraine, i could have seen this face personally, uhm earlier..



My eyelids are getting heavy..

a 2 minute power nap maybe..

Then i heard Dorothy's voice,

Out of panic i had immediately shut off the hologram window

I think she didn't see it..

I guess she didn't.. Alright.


She handed a business tablet folder to me..

"We just now traced a suspected Cogito infected autoreiv in this jurisdiction, you need to head out now Vincent and submit the report to me, i will input the coordinates in your GPS. "

"Ughm.. Yes." I nodded

My sleepiness was worn away, Now i have to go out and use my automobile to capture this autoreiv..

I am preparing my bag.. And my gun.. And i"m all set.

1:43 AM Dawn


District 13

Vincent was riding his automobile as he heads out to the location.

The rush of the cold breeze blowing in my face

The tinted strobes lighten the dark maze city

I can't wait to be a fellow citizen..

Then i"ll work harder to become the head of Security Bureau, maybe i will look more dignified then.


It sounded a bit ambitious..

But.. It still sounds very nice though..

Then maybe she"ll notice-

Oh.. Nevermind..



This should be it.

I stopped by at the old facility, according to Dorothy it was an abandoned factory of companion model autoreivs.

The place is gloomy.. It's only a few miles away from the outskirts of the city.

I gear up, and wear my goggles.

I left the automobile at the front of the facility.

My small flashlight explores the area.. It's all dusty, Romdeau should get rid of this kind of facility even though it is far away from the residential area.

I covered my nose from the unpleasant smell when i reached the ground floor...

Pungent scent...

What was that?

Then a..

a small red light?

It's blinking..

Vincent suddenly was attacked by a small drone, it launches lasers towards him where he quickly managed to hide behind the column of an old wall.

"Damn it..?!" He panicked

The lasers were disintegrating his refuge wall, then he pulled out his head and aimed for the drone

But he missed.

It's so fast!

It keeps charging its lasers,

With his eyes closed, feeling the shots behind the wall,

Vincent had analyzed the algorithm between the shooting.

he counter attack the hovering machine right after the interval he came up with- making the drone lose its balance,

He got the left wing, but the unstable drone rushed at the upper floor with a frantic attempt to escape.

Vincent climbed his way up to the stairs and immediately swing his light back on forth on the dark hallway.

His breathe is getting heavier.

Rustles starting to echo in the floor as he turn his back and aimlessly shoot out for the shaky drone hiding in the dark.

Short electric circuits were heard.

He went closer to the corner of the facility finding the destroyed pieces of the eminently dangerous drone.

Using his gloved hand, he seize the machine and it started to fire randomly again, a startled Vincent ducked in split seconds as he quickly threw it on the ground and it stop functioning, looks like the machine is persistent until it's very last power.

He sigh.

Then he notice something was

dripping from his face

It was blood.

He got fresh scratches from the lasers that slightly hit his face earlier.