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Summary: Waking up to find yourself whole again is not a common occurrence, more so when you are aware that you should be dead with missing limbs. Guts!Reincarnation, Unwanted!Harem

The One of first thing Guts sees when he opens his eyes was a starless dark sky, the first thing he feels; a headache with his ears ringing, violently bombarded by images of things he couldn't place. It was like having an apostle trying to crush his skull.

"What *Cough *Cough is happening?" Guts say in a raspy voice as he stood up from the ground. Blinking multiple times, as his sight became clearer Guts inspected with all his senses for as many details he could take from his surrounding.

Noting 1: He was in a strange yet familiar alley.2: It smelled like shit. 3: There were many lights on each end of the alley.4: It was night but there were no stars yet there was light.

Guts did not bother to look at his undressed state, but rather what was missing in his person...a weapon. Since the early days of his life Guts has associated his life with him holding a weapon close, and finding none on his person was distressing. However something surprised Guts, he was whole. Since that traumatic event at the eclipse Guts has woken up with a missing eye and arm, to find both functioning properly when he opens his eyes was miraculous. To which his perspective looks fishy.

For a man like Guts who has fought the hordes of demon send by a God made of the collective evil of humanity, anything bordering the line of miracles is nothing more than a hoax meant to make him pay with a high-interest rate. While it may give him the edge for whatever this strange yet familiar place is, Guts will not sleep on laurels for he had seen what lurks in the world and it's rather unpleasant.

"Overthinking will get me nowhere, better being both than non." Guts said as he started walking out of the alley.

At the end of the alley, there was the corpse of man, in rather strangest clothes Guts has ever seen-yet oddly he was familiar with- it was leaning with its back a trash dispenser. The man was fat with a black overcoat, white dress shirt, black trousers tied with a leather belt and brown dressing shoes.

Guts neared the corpse and saw the man seemed to be in joy with a disgusting smile which rigor mortis seemed to keep perfectly though he looked like the life has been dried of him.

"Beggars can't be a chooser." Guts said to himself as he looked at his state of undress and at the corpse, with a sigh of resignation.

As he was undressing the corpse Guts noted that the guy's was holding a handbag, where he found a Wallet, Keys, credit card, and other things which shared this man's name in some strange symbols, "Cao Fu". The thing is that while Guts had never seen any of the stuff nor has he ever read the symbols in his life he knew somehow what they meant. This was one of the many questions he has to add to the list beside why his limbs were back; but Guts will dwell in the issue later, for now, his priority is to get dressed and find where he currently at and lead from there.

By now he already was wearing the shoes and trousers-which were coincidentally fit him- and was halfway the white dress buttons when *Rip* one of the long sleeves.

Sighing Guts finished wearing the overcoat and carrying the handbag exiting the alley.

He did not put much attention to the smell due to thinking that the strange alley was filthy however this place smelled similarly with the exception of the breeze which carried the scent of burned flesh.

His first sight outside the alley were strange towering building with glass windows, black roads and bloodied walkways with laying corpses in varied states, from dismembered missing a limb or with gaping holes, charred beside strange steel carriages on flames or as his mind named them Cars.

Like if the first one Guts encountered as if the life was sucked out of them. The scene was a strange mixture of a battlefield and a plague-infested city, as he noted some building were shut with planks behind metal cages.

As Guts took in more of his surrounding making a deliberately slow walk through the streets of the ruined city. The more detailed Guts took in the more he suspects that this massacre and their authors were still around, thus keeping his eyes and ears open to act against who or what may jump at him.

And his instinct did not fail him as not far from where Guts came, something hissing and dragging itself was approaching slowly from behind Guts. Coming out from the alley Guts appeared, was creature in all four with short limb dragging its face down through the asphalt along its huge torso touching it, with pale green skin with a disproportioned body of dangling excessive fat on its torso and firm muscle on its limbs, had red eyes which are dull as if they were dead, sniffing with its pig-like nose passing through some drops of blood. It kept its slow pace until it halted and it stood straight in its short legs revealing a jaw which started from the upper jaw down to its lower belly where a wide arrange of razor-sharp teeth within thorax and rib cage faced him, in its center was one big glowing slit red eye staring at him and below it a long purple tong stuck out extending it to lick the drops of blood on the ground before retracting it... And without warning it screeched.

Pitching Guts' ears which he covered with both hands, the screech blow out the glass windows with its shards raining around them with some of its shards cutting Guts cheek and what lamp post or cars that were left had their glass blown before exploding.

Guts still covering his ears decided to give the distance between him and the creature running with his all avoiding the corpses on his way.

The creature behind him laid his back face upstanding in all four with its back bend upward with its jaw wide bending in the wrong direction making all the razor-sharp teeth stick out like spikes on a shell of red muscle fibers with a long tongue on its tail and eye center. The creature strode for a few minutes with its four limbs before starting jumping and bending his back further with its head biting its tongue and start rolling in Guts direction.

Having long stopped holding his ears but never ceasing to run Guts was rummaged through handbag with his hand. Guts did not know for how long could he could keep going like this escape, making the monster run through objects wasn't going to help no matter how much distance he makes it always finds him. He could understand if he had a branch of sacrifice, but this body did not have one or else he would have to worry about hordes of evil spirits lurking in the night.

Another question to add to the pile of things to figure out for later. Along with what happened, where he is and how he has knowledge of thing he had no recollection of seen or experiencing?

As his hand grasped something within the handbag with the pointed end at the turn of the corner Guts felt how something hard slammed on to his person, sending him crashing to a bench.

Not only did he nearly lose consciousness from impact, but the slam did more than just leave Guts with a few broken ribs and shredded clothes, but also left him gravely wounded losing a lot of blood. While being overwhelmed by pain something Guts was familiar enough to work through it.

Guts stood up ignoring with all his will the pain, he got to see above him a pair jaws closing on him.

As if time slowed down giving those about to die a panoramic view of everything around them, Guts felt how his feets were cut of their joints as the teeth embed into his flesh, how the space around him was tightening with each teeth piercing his skin, and how that slit red eyes seemed squirmed with delight at every drop of his blood caressed its tongue over Guts chest.

And in the blink of an eye, everything ended.

The creature had a similar experience, but while its prey was cornered within its jaw the creature felt a surge of extreme fear as time slowed down for it to be imprinted in its apparent soul.

The man he was set to hunt after by its master... was smiling, the thing had seen many humans smile, like those who were spectators at the arena. The creature never did experience anything from their smiles, not like this man's, he's was different it invoked the same kind of fear it felt when its Master was present, but its master wasn't human, would that mean that... this man wasn't either and if not was it as its master.

Time resumed and fast-forwarded and in the blink of an eye, many things happened.

Guts threw his hand toward the strong grip pulled the eye closer to his sticking out from his other hand between his closed knuckles the pointing end the car keys from the handbag being savagely punctured the eyeball over and over.

And unexpectedly a shot tore through the spine of the creature freeing Guts from within the creature and collapsing to the floor.

Elsewhere at a rooftop a few kilometers away.

Behind a mask, a green eye is observing through the lens of a scope attached to Barrett M95 an antimaterial sniper rifle as the man within the creature collapses.

The person leaning on the weapon saw how the man struggled to drag himself up.

Discarding the empty 20mm magazine and switching to another and loading the chamber still focusing on the trembling limp walking man, aiming at his neck from this far in the dark, then pulled the trigger. However, unlike the creature after him, he was torn pieces.

Standing up, it let us see a well endowed female figure in a skin-tight purple suit.

Touching her earpiece she speaks as she detaches the scope to observe the downed man.

"Hawkeye reporting to Vanguard, target secured requesting its immediate extraction of the premise." The sniper spoke seeing another person walking toward the downed man in a blue tight suit.

"Vanguard to Hawkeye, extracting target, sending location for extraction vehicle. Please confirm." a feminine voice asked resounding from the sniper earpiece as she started cleaning the scene and dismantling her rifle and putting its pieces on the case.

"Confirmed. See you on rendezvous point" The person on the line spoke as the purple suited women removed her mask revealing her long green hair and beautiful yet soft face.

"Seeya there Ayame-chan." The beautiful women nearly fall from the flight of stairs at the cheerful mention of her name.

"We're on mission Kurenai, please be professional." Ayame sighed as she walked down the street toward on an alley where a van was parked, throwing rifle case in the back before starting the engine.

"Hai, hai let us celebrate with ice cream at my place."Kurenai cheered without regretting it.

As Ayame was turning to the pickup point, the windshield was impacted by the torn upper-half of a blonde woman in a light blue skin-tight suit.

"" the trembling voice of Kurenai came from the Ayame's earpiece, each word in perfect synch with the agonizing women on the windshield.

As Ayame digested Kurenai word before she understood, it was too late when she got out of her shock.

A huge hip iron cut through the van. And as the huge blade cut through her chest she looked to the window on her side, holding the blade was a specter of dark ethereal fur with red lighting shaped eyes and many white canines grinning at her.

Then the van exploded, and Ayame died.

Ayame felt a cold sweat running down her brows as she found herself looking through the scope at the recently downed man.

"Vanguard to Hawkeye, extracting target, sending location for extraction vehicle. Please confirm." a feminine voice asked resounding from the sniper earpiece, however, this time Ayame wasn't cleaning the scene nor in a rush to move from her position. Looking through the scope she saw Kurenai nearing the downed man.

And felt chill run down her spine at the deja vu she just experience due to her Wind Reading Eye. And in a swift fast motion, Ayame changed Magazine to fully loaded.

"Kurenai get away from him!?" Ayame shouts at the same time pulling the trigger at the downed man, who as if by instinct alone manifested a huge slab of steel to cover from the shot. And started evading as Ayame unloaded a whole magazine of 11 bullets aimed to kill the downed man each missing its a target. Reloading she heard Kurenai.

"Ayame-chan, what is happening?" Kurenai said drawing her two katanas as she observed the man who stood in front of her twisting as black mass started covering his body.

"We need to postpone our celebration plan this time with something stronger than ice cream." She replied despoiling the future plans for Ice Cream at Kurenai's, meanwhile, she pressed a button at her earpiece which sent a signal for backup. She wasn't confident she and Kurenai could fight that thing heads on. She swears a headache is about to pop. Despite unloading 11 .50 caliber bullets meant to take down armored vehicles the thing still stood.

And she didn't need her Wind Reading Eye to predict what happened next, a metallic howl piercing through her ears was enough warning.

Where the man once stood now is a humanoid thing, covered by spectral dark fur, red lighting shaped eyes and wicked white canine grin, and from its back it took a huge hip of iron which Ayame felt her whole body tremble momentarily at the vision of the future her Wind Reading Eye showed her earlier of how the bastardized sword cut through her body and at how it killed Kurenai.

"It's easy for you to say that when you are not the one near proximity, Oji-sama will give me a mouthful," Kurenai whined not looking forward to giving her report.

"*sigh*Just another complicated mission," Marksman Taimanin said again pulling the trigger.

Author: Inspired by ZuttoAragi's Black fic is loosely based on Lilithverse(Taimanin series, Witch of Steel Annerose, Prison Battleship series, Cara the Bloodlord, Shion Cruel Magical Angel, Tentacles and Witches, etc) taking elements from other series to fill the gaps. I have not played them all and the few I played were 2 hours before losing interest. But while Lilith games follow the usual formula (except Taimanin Asagi 3 Visual Novel) I found more interest in the setting is a blend of Ghost in The Shell Sci-fi and Shadowrun Urban Fantasy, thus why you find yourself reading this mess. The two characters introduced is Makishima Ayame and Kurenai Shinganshi from Taimanin Kurenai. In need of a Beta.

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