Maiko sighed boredly while looking out her classroom window at the petals falling from the trees. She smiled slightly to herself, ignoring her teachers droning on.

'I should go see if Hana wants to look at the petals falling after school.' She thought to herself. She turned her head away from the window and looked over at two male students sitting across the classroom from her and towards the middle. She blinked slowly, letting her gaze linger on them while a slight frown pulled at her lips.

'Of course,' She sighed once again and looked away, looking back to the front of the classroom where her teacher was lecturing on about some type of math problem. 'That's if she doesn't want to go to the Host Club.'

It wasn't as if she disliked the Host Club, she was actually rather fine with the members she had even met, of course she had only really met Tamaki Suoh and Kyouya Ootori, the two members being in the same class as her, 2-A. It was rather she just thought that their services were fake, a cruel trick to pull, pretending to actively flirt with different girls at the same time while never actually taking responsibility when one developed feelings, that is what she couldn't stand.

She brought an arm up and rested it on her desk, placing her chin on her hand and slouching. If she was lucky, the Host Club would be closed today and she could actually get Hana to hang out before she had to rush home and greet her tutor, if she wasn't lucky then Hana would go to the Host Club and Maiko would just go do her studies at the table in the school's Maze.

Maiko was lucky in some regards as the chimes signaling the end of classes for the day began to ring. She smiled slightly, straightening her posture and yawning behind her left hand. She grabbed her school bag and began to place her books back into it, taking care not to bend the pages of her other books already within the bad. Yes, she could easily pay to have them replaced but she still believed in showing respect for her belongings. She stood up as the class increased in volume.

"Mommy hurry up! We have to get to the club so that I can see my precious Haruhi!" Tamaki complained, loudly. Maiko furrowed her eyebrows slightly, she hadn't heard of anyone named Haruhi in the school yet, and if they were someone that Tamaki was talking about, they had to have been at least somewhat well known.

Kyouya seemed to simply roll his eyes at Tamaki's behavior, he can hide it but everyone in class 2-A knew that Tamaki was his best friend, regardless to what he says otherwise. "He won't beat us to the club, you know how he likes to stay behind and ask his teachers questions." Kyouya calmly responded.

"So Haruhi is a new Host." Maiko mumbled quietly under her breath, she quickly finished grabbing her stuff and began to walk out of the classroom, saying a quick goodbye to her teacher.

She walked further down to where class 2-B was held and poked her head into the classroom, glancing to see if her best friend was present or not, luckily for her, Hana was at her desk finishing putting away her things.

"Hana!" Maiko smiled while walking over to her friend. If Maiko was average then Hana was decidedly not. She was gorgeous, wavy short milk chocolate hair, warm hazel eyes, the kind of face that you just didn't want to look away from. Very opposite of Maiko.

Hana looked up at hearing her name called and smiled widely, showing off her perfect straight white teeth. "Maiko! I have big plans for us today!" Hana excitedly said, bouncing slightly in place. Maiko smiled at her friends excitement.

"Oh really? And here I was about to ask you if you wanted to see the petals falling from the trees. I noticed it turning our last lesson." Maiko responded, leaning slightly on Hana's desk while also pulling on the sides of her school's yellow dresses.

"Well, I have something even better planned!" Hana stated, grabbing her bag and standing straight. That was another thing Hana had on Maiko, height. "You my darling friend, are coming to the Host Club with me!" She had raised both hands in excitement while all Maiko could feel was dread.

"Hana, you know I'm not interested in the Host Club." Maiko pouted, crossing her arms. 'Looks like it is studying alone time.' She thought to herself.

"No no no listen to me!" Hana whined. "I know that for some reason you don't like the Host Club, and honestly how can you not? They're hot and nice and playful and charming and-" Maiko bumped their shoulders together as they began to leave Hana's classroom. "Right sorry, getting off topic. But anyways, I know you don't like the Host's but I really think you'll like Haruhi!"

"Haruhi?" Maiko said, tilting her head slightly.

Hana nodded her head, "Yeah Haruhi! He's a first year and he joined the Host Club not to long ago! Have you already met him?"

"Oh no, I haven't even seen him." Maiko explained quickly. "It's just that Tamaki was talking about a Haruhi after class was done." Hana gasped excitedly and began to bounce again, grabbing Maiko's hand and leading her down a series of hallways.

"I always forget that you're in the same class as Tamaki and Kyouya! What's it like, are they absolutely dreamy while doing their studies?" Hana rambled, hazel eyes shining with excitement.

Maiko could feel herself sweatdrop. "Um, not really? Tamaki likes to interrupt the class a lot and then Kyouya makes him stop talking so that class can resume. It's not like either of them are exactly model students when it comes to participating." She explained. It was then that Maiko noticed where Hana had dragged her off to.

She looked at the sign above the door, clearly reading, 'Music Room Three'. She frowned, already knowing what was within those doors.

"You'll thank me later, I know you will!" Hana said cheerfully, smiling widely at Maiko.

Maiko rolled her eyes in response, light blue locked with hazel. "You know you're only wasting your time right?" She asked.

"We'll see about that!" Hana said before opening the doors and pulling Maiko in.

'Standing before me, was the Host Club.