"Can you two please leave Haruhi and I alone?" Maiko asked, sighing while setting down one of her books.

Kaoru frowned, looking at the table where the two girls were currently sitting, notes and homework assignments were scattered around the table. "But we're bored."

"Plus you two are our toys." Hikaru followed up, pointedly avoiding eye contact with Maiko. Ever since the other day the air between the two had just been charged with awkwardness, but the two of them were both too stubborn to deal with it.

"If you're bored you could always just join us for studying." Haruhi said, looking blankly at the two boys. Since things had been too busy lately with the club, she had been having to stay up later to make sure she had gone over previous material enough, something that Maiko had noticed.

Maiko nodded her head in agreement, "Yeah you three are in the same class so it wouldn't hurt for you two to join us."

"By that logic shouldn't you be studying with the boss and Kyouya?" Hikaru said bluntly. Maiko frowned at him while Kaoru simply slid his eyes over to stare at his brother. He had a feeling he knew what the issue was, but he just hadn't confronted him yet.

"You honestly think I can get Tamaki to sit down and study with me?" Maiko asked, looking almost appalled by the comment. "Also for your information, I do study with Kyouya on occasion, we just usually share our notes and add in extra information on the side." The advantage of Maiko knowing Haruhi's secret was one she hadn't even thought of before, since she was around the club now (even on their off days) her grades had improved drastically.

"Well we want to play with Haruhi!" Hikaru said louder, stepping closer to the table.

Maiko boredly looked up at him, "Ever stopped to consider what Haruhi wants? She's not some object that exists just to amuse you." There was a slight bite to her words. She shot Kaoru a small grimace, probably realizing how her words sounded. It's not like she didn't want to get along with Hikaru, but ever since that day he's just been so….difficult.

Kaoru walked over to a small supply closet that existed within the club room and pulled out two outfits. "Look, you two should take a break and come play with us! We even have cosplay for you guys!"

"Absolutely not. You both know we have a test coming up and I would rather study." Haruhi quickly shot him down, avoiding eye contact and continuing to look at the study material in front of her.

Hikaru pouted, "Awe don't be like that! Come on have some fun with us! It would be a better time than sitting there with stuffy Maiko."

"And what exactly is that supposed to mean?" Maiko asked, looking up at the older twin.

Haruhi sighed, cutting off whatever it was Hikaru was about to retort with, "No. I really need to get a good grade on the test so I would rather study."

"Come onnn" Hikaru groaned, stepping closer to Haruhi. "Come play with us!"

Kaoru stood a little bit away, leaning against one of the columns nearby. He normally would be right there next to Hikaru, trying to pull the girl away from her studies, but he had heard from Maiko about the late nights and just wanted to stay out of her way. Plus it was kind of cute how hard Maiko was trying to not be annoyed at Hikaru. So he would just observe this time around.

"I said no." Haruhi said, looking actually annoyed with the older twin. He took a step forward which caused Haruhi to stand up and take a step back. The scene repeated and soon a small chase had begun.

Maiko sighed and Kaoru walked closer to her, leaning against the back of her chair and slightly over her. "You don't look surprised by this outcome." He said.

"The second she stood up I knew it was a lost cause." Maiko groaned, throwing her head back to lean against his shoulder."

Kaoru's smile softened at the girl in front of him. He could feel her warmth due to being so close and he could smell the slight hint of strawberries coming from her.

"Nee, Kaoru." Maiko started, slowly opening her eyes and tilting her head to look at the boy.

Kaoru tilted his head slightly in response, letting his eyes roam her face. "What's up?"

"Do you have a free day sometime next week?"

Kaoru's face lit up in a slight blush. "You know, some could take that as you wanting to ask me out."

"Well, maybe that's what I'm trying to do." Kaoru quickly snapped his eyes back over to Maiko to see her face covered in a light pink blush. "We haven't had a chance to talk with so, if you're not busy, maybe we could go on a date."

Kaoru opened his mouth to respond with a loud thud filled the room, followed quickly by Tamaki's shouting.

"Now you've done it!"

"It's done alright." Hikaru said, looking at the damage. "But, it wasn't our fault. If Haruhi wouldn't have been trying to run away from me, I wouldn't have bumped into it."

Kaoru shot Maiko a look of apology and walked over to join his brother, throwing an arm around both him and Haruhi. "We just wanted to play with her and have her try on some cosplay."

"Cosplay? We cosplay all the time!" Tamaki shot back, looking annoyed. Maiko stood up and walked over to the scene, seeing a knocked over tea cup, Honey-senpai's bunny, and a mess.

"We weren't going with the usual cosplay! It was going to be a bunny cosplay, with her disguised as a girl." Hikaru explained, smiling widely.

Haruhi looked semi depressed, "Disguised as a girl?" She repeated back.

"You'd like to see it too, wouldn't you?" The twins said in unison, causing Tamaki to blush.

Tamaki began to shout at the twins while Haruhi tried to escape. Maiko took this chance to pick up the soaked plushie. The damage honestly wasn't too bad, it would just have to be washed and then set out to dry.

"Excuse me. We don't have any guests at the moment so I don't mind if you make a racket but remember," Kyouya paused in what he was saying to look over at the scene. "Be careful, you don't want to wake Honey-senpai."

The trio froze while Maiko walked over to Kyouya and Mori-senpai, leaving the dripping plushie on the table for now.

"So Honey-senpai's bunny is messed up. I think it should be good if we just have it washed." Maiko said, looking at Mori-senpai.

Mori nodded his head, "ah."

"One day I'll get you to take a full paragraph to me." Maiko pouted, causing Mori-senpai to let out a small smile. "You don't think he'll be too mad right?"

"I'll explain it." Mori-senapi said. Maiko nodded her head as Kyouya sighed and looked at the idiot trio plus Haruhi.

"What's wrong, you have a problem with my blood type?" He asked.

Maiko looked over at the four and rolled her eyes, "I wasn't even listening to them. What's your blood type?"

"AB" Kyouya answered back easily.

"I don't understand what the issue is. Though it could be I just don't understand since I'm also type AB." Maiko said, causing the foursome to let out yet another stifled yell. "It's just blood, what is their issue?"

"Some questions shouldn't be asked without a licensed therapist being nearby." Kyouya easily answered back, causing Maiko to laugh.

Haruhi and Tamaki began yelling, which of course woke up Honey-senpai. Tamaki panicked and threw his brown bear plushie into the nap area with him, causing honey-senpai to throw it down.

Honey-senpai walked over to the table with the spoiled Usa-chan. "Who's responsible for this? Who got Usa-chan dirty."

The trio began to scream, calling for Mori-senpai to go and deal with the situation. Mori-senpai stood up and walked over, Maiko close behind him.

"He wanted tea, so Usa-chan decided to have a drink." Mori-senpai said, causing Maiko to let out a laugh.

"I was waiting for you to wake up before I rinsed him off in the sink." Maiko followed up, looking at the dripping and discolored plush.

"I see! So that's why his face is all dirty isn't it? Do you think he wants some cake too?" Honey-senpai asked. Mori-senpai let out a smile and Maiko shook her head.

"I don't think we should do that, how about we head to the kitchen and rinse him off and then let him dry during club hours."

"Kay!" Honey-senpai smiled and followed after Maiko, Mori-senpai deciding that he would follow along with the two. Haurhi, Tamaki, and the twins let out a sigh of relief while Kyouya stood up.

"As entertaining as all of this has been, it's almost time for club hours to begin. I suggest we clean this all up and get ready for the guests."

"You know, you're gonna end up with a cavity." Haruhi said.

Maiko shot her head over, "Haruhi, that sounded like a doom flag." But it was already too late. Honey-senpai had frozen and Mori-senpai rushed over, forcing Honey-senpai to open his mouth.

"So, is it a cavity?" Tamaki asked, causing Mori-senpai to nod his head. "I'll take of this so uh, until Honey-senpai gets over his cavity, I'm afraid he can't have sweets. So until this ordeal is over I'll kindly ask you refrain from having sweets in the clubroom."

Honey-senpai let out a yell as Mori-senpai carried away his cake slice.

"Is it really that big of a deal? He just has to wait a little bit and probably go to the dentist, and then he can have them back." Maiko said, looking at the whole ordeal in confusion.

"I feel like this is going to be a hard next few days." Kaoru sighed, walking up and leaning against Maiko's shoulder. He looked around and then leaned down close to her ear. "We got interrupted earlier but I'm absolutely down for a date with you."

He pulled back to see Maiko's blushing face. He smiled softly at the girl, grabbing a strand of her long hair and bringing it up to his lips.

Honey-senpai's attempts at getting sweets for the next three days proceeded, but honestly Maiko was too wrapped up in her own world to pay much attention to it. All she knew was she suddenly blinked and time seemed to have passed by in a blur.

Sorry for the long wait! I'm back at college and have been focusing all of my time on my studies! I hope that you guys enjoy the newest chapter! Sorry that it's short but to be honest I don't really like this episode that much lol. Instead of Haruhi in wonderland for the next chapter, we'll finally have the date and the long awaited talk!