Gods Amongst Slayers


Berezat Dayyaan: A Campione of 24 years of age, Berezat was 'born' after the King of the Ends death and served under Godou as a kind of mentor. He is like a combination of Doni and Godou, being both incredibly willful and capable of imposing his desires on others...but like Godou he has a moral compass and endeavors for the choices he does make to benefit people, even if he wishes to indulge in his own desires.

Has black, short hair and tanned skin, possessing an incredible handsomeness both naturally and as a Campione.

Slain Gods:

Monad: Region of Light, the Gnostic idea of an Aeon that is all of ideas forming together. Berezat did not kill Monad, but was gifted it's power after it saw his future and as a King, although it was cryptic at the time. Allows him an avatar as a large, demonic creature with horns, talons, wings, black tail and other features, incredible strength and charisma...all while giving off a calming, universal light.

Host of the Damned: Able to speak and contract with Demons and Gnostic concepts, Berezat has to use a variety of different rituals to properly commune and bargain with them, some of the rituals truly disgusting and ones he prefers not to use. But the Authority IS powerful and versatile.

Emanation of Gnosis: Can use power of understanding to strip away or weaken divinities that he understands or empathizes with.

Tezcatlipoca: Aztec God of Winds and Obsidian (among other things) this emobides change through conflict, and affords him an avatar as a Jaguar.

Night Blade: Summoning an Obsidian slate roughly in the shape of a sword, this weapon allows him to control wind...but only once the sun goes down.

Donn (Dark One): Irish God of Death that resides on Bull Rock (known in legend as Tech Duinn).

House of the Dark One: By taking a piece of rock from Tech Duinn, Berezat can bring himself back to life no matter how grievious the injury. He can only carry three stones at a time though, in reference to the three riders of Donn.

Li Jing: Chinese God who carries a Golden Tower that can trap any spirit, demon or god.

The Golden Tower: Creates a massive golden tower in the likeliniess of a Shang dynasty structure. Within it's confines Berezat can move with Godspeed and supernatural beings will be unable to escape and find their energy slowly leeched. The tower can be destroyed, ending the effect, although it is incredibly durable.

Soteria: Greek Goddess of safety and protection, affords Berezat the ability to summon shields comprised of legendary power.

Sanctuary of Patrae: Allows Berezat to block any attack on his person (as long as it is physical, not spiritual based), as long as he blocks with the intent to protect, not attack for selfish reasons. He can block four attacks within a day, rapid strikes of a weapon drain the Authority quickly.

Grootslang: A South African cryptid, the head of an elephant and body of a snake the Grootslang offers Berezat his most powerful-and brutal-Authority.

Guardian of the Bottomless Pit: Turning into a 3-kilometer long Grootslang, this form is insanely durable and powerful, but requires the death of 64 people before it can be released (allusion to it's hole length).

Albion: Composed and quiet, Albion is nonetheless the more prideful of the two, often taking offense at slights to her strength with direct action. Slim, ethereal and possessing a beauty greater than that of many Gods.

Ddraig: Boisterous and confrontational, Ddraig is nonetheless less likely to fight over insults, just verbally beat down the offender. Busty, eye-catching and puts wild beauties to shame.


Chapter 1: Begins with a three way battle between Angels, Fallen and Devils. As the battle continues unabated a rift suddenly opens overhead and spills out three battling figures, briniging the fighting to a temporary standstill as the Angels recognize Samael, bewildered as to why the imprisoned is free...and in a very different form, that of an angel-winged Dragon. They pull back after some of their number are caught in a wave of poisnous black smoke, instantly killing many of them.

Berezat uses his contracts with Demons using Host of the Damned to summon two Archons, Yaldabaoth (fights using flames and shadows) and Iao (uses thunder to battle), the two thriving on the bloodshed that permeates the battlefield as their price. They delay Samael long enough for Berezat to use The Golden Tower and trap the Drake, using a combination of The Night Blade and draining power to wear the dragon down until it shatters the tower and is about to attack Berezat-

-until Godou rams a Goldn Sword through it's back, Berezat taking advantage of the opening to lay open the creature's head with a compressed windblade. As Samael dies with an enraged taunt that they summarily ignore they take a moment to look around, noticing the three factions watching them with varying levels of intensity.

Berezat and Godou confer over whether theyre in any kind of danger, until a Devil steps forward and demands they tell them who and what they are. Berezat sighs and says it's always with the demands, Godou telling him to relax and play along, it's easier that way. He should know, he's been thrown into the past and other universes before, Berezat idly mentioning if he means Aisha, Godou confirms.

Suddenly Angels from both factions appear at their sides and demand answers as well, the sides well on their way to a massive confrontation until both Archons reassert themselves, silencing all three sides and the two of them saying they'd like some questions of their own answered. They are suddenly interrupted by two titanic roars, all three factions panicking and telling them to run, the two following the Devils as the other emissaries ran. They run to nearby teleport circles but the Campione say magic might not work so well on them, the Devils telling them if they survive to head fifty kilometers north of here and they'll find their camp if theyre still alive.

Before they begin running Berezat looks behind them and see's two Dragons fighting, briefly awed by their beauty and ferocity before following Godou. As they arrive at the outskirts of the Devil fortress-outpost Blackwood (named so as it's surrounded by dead trees) Berezat mentions to Godou that he feels a great deal of suffering and pain (the demons are excited), Godou frowning and saying he feels the same way.

As they enter after being welcomed by the Devil they met earlier they find four captives among almost a hundred Devils, two Humans, a Fallen Male and a female Angel. The Humans are in a gladitorial ring, one-on-one combat against Devils and if they lose, they're raped. The Fallen Male nailed upside down in a reverse crucifixion while the Devil explains what they do with the female Angel, a game they play by having their way with her until her wings blacken or they grow bored, as they cannot retliate in binding chains.

The two Campione reign in their anger and ask if they have a leader or some kind of headquarters, the Devil guide too distracted by the desecration of the Angel to be subtle, telling them it's all located on maps in a tent over there, saying the four Satans would probably be interested in recruiting them. Godou thanks him before summoning Ame and beheading the Devil. The rest begin to notice and launch a barrage of Magical attacks that do nothing, none of them powerful enough to overcome a Campione's innate resistance. Yaldabaoth and Iao being summoned once more to finish things and the slaughter begins.

After they are done they have one Devil left alive, Berezat interrogating them as Godou helps the others, the male Fallen thanking them and says that they did him a great favor saving him from those horrible Devils and that they should seek asylum with the Fallen Angels, the Devils are their sworn enemies and enemies of mankind.

The captured Devil refutes that and Berezat tells the two of them to drop it, he'll be making his own opinions. Godou comes back with the two Humans in tow, carrying the Angel (who is still weakened) in his arms as Berezat cheerfully tousles the captured Devil's hair and tells him to start talking, give him a rundown of events and he won't draw out his death using his Demons.

After an explanation (occasionally supplemented by the Angel and Fallen Angel) he nods and kills the Devil, the Fallen retrieving a Magic crystal and inputting contact information for his leader on it, telling the two of them that joining the Fallen Angels will provide them with a wealth of information and whatever they desire, more so than the prude and uptight angels and the Devils which would sooner stab them in the back than aid them.

Berezat and Godou idly tell him they'll consider it as he flies off. As Godou sets the Angel on her feet (per her request) she almost collapses in pain, Godou catching her as the two humans ask if she is alright, if they can aid a messanger of God they will gladly do it (despite both of them being in obvious pain).

Berezat and Godou are torn on what to do until Berezat says his sensei should take those three someplace safe, the Angel weakly syaing that Godou can take her to the realm of Purgatory she can offer them passage to Heaven as thanks. Berezat says they need information and that he'll go to the Devil cathedral and work things out there. Giving the Angel to the humans to watch for a moment the two privately meet, Berezat asking if Yuri or the others have tried contacting him yet and Godou says they haven't, but he imagine they will soo...provided they can.

Berezat says he wants to stick around and maybe help people here, it looks like they need it, since there isn't any particulairly strong ties back home for him. Godou frowns but says he'll help as long as he can, the two parting ways as Berezat thinks that this new world is fascinating in it's brutal beauty, admiring the landscape and the fighting Dragons he saw earlier, thinking that this is what a Campione is born to do.

Chapter 2: Begins with Godou taking his charges to the Gate of Enoch, the Humans having finally relaxed enough to ask him several questions, Godou happily explaining what a Campione is to them, the Angel, Eliana, looking up at him in slight worry as she asks why they have not heard of such beings like himself, Godou replying they're not from this world, him being surprised at how easily they accept that fact (their realms are seperate, after all). Eliana then asks him about his companion, of who he was to control such powerful beings and who he was. Godou sighs and says Berezat hailed from a land known as Pakistan, and was a casuality of the war on terror. He never gave details on what he expirienced growing up, but Godou says it left noticable aftereffects, such as a...cavalier attitude towards Human life.

Not only that, but his situation in regards to becoming a Godslayer were odd as well. They ask what he means and he says that the God he killed, Monad, willingly gave him it's life, no battle involved. After being asked, he says it's unprecedented. Afterwards he went...slightly insane, slaughtering all those who propagated war in his land, simultaneously solving problems yet causing more. Eventually Godou stepped in (Hao and Voban weren't interested) and managed to beat Berezat into submission. The Angel is wowed that he was able to do so, but Godou frowns and says it was both easier and harder to do tha he expected, his Authority was easily dealt with but Berezat's brutal method of fighting drew out the battle (Demons gave life energy).

Afterwards Berezat stopped ravaging his homeland and asked to work under the tutelage of Godou, citing that he felt he would be a good check on his power if Host of the Damned went out of control. After that he's basically followed him for four years, even becoming friends, sort of.

The Humans ask if he's worried about Berezat going to see the Devils and Godou snorts, saying while his pupil said he would just be going to get answers and such...he knows him better than most, and knows things are going to spiral out of control in Devil society sooner rather than later.

As Sirzechs and co lead Berezat to Lucifaad he whistles and comments that the city seems very architectuarlly advanced for it's time, Serafall asking him about that and his strange clothing while Berezat says he comes from a different world and several centuries into the future. The four blink at that and Ajuka expresses doubt, Berezat chuckling and taking apart his phone, telling him to examne it if he's so doubtful, telll him if they have anything like that.

Ajuka does so eagerly-Sirzechs noticing that he suddenly has that old enthusiasm about him-as Berezat asks why he was so eager to set him loose on this supposed Lucifer person. Sirzechs replies he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about and Berezat tells him to cut the shit, his little epiphany was as subtle as a clown with a chainsaw. Serafall interjects and says they don't know those are, berezat muttering that that's probably for the best. He expectantly looks at the four-Ajuka still engrossed in the phone-and waits for them to reply.

Sirzechs slowly replies that he's hoping that he might cause...a bit of a change in their society. Berezat arches an eyebrow and asks what kind of change. A coup? A revolution? A disagreement over what side of the toast should be buttered?

Serafall snorts at that, shocking the three even as she gos back to being stoic. Sirzechs shakes himself out of that stupor and replies that it's more along the lines of a species wide extinction prevention. Berezat remains expectant and it's Falbium who speaks up, explaining how the war with practically very other mythology, the Angels and Fallen in particular, has been a constant drain on their population. A Human can have a single child roughly once a year. Devils, if they're lucky, one every thirty or forty. Every year roughly 3000-4000 Devils are born...with 6000-8000 dying, some eyars are worse, some better but that's the average.

Berezat whistles and says that sure would be a problem, especially if casualty rates stay the same while population avaialble to give birth slowly dwindles. He smirks and says those four don't agree with that, no doubt, and on their own haven't either the pull or power to directly change that...so they're using him. Sirzechs blinks but slowly says yes, worried that he might take offense.

Berezat grins and says he's manipulative and willing to seize opportunities, even take risks. He likes that, in fact he's going to make those four his prime suboridnates once he deposes Lucifer. The four blink in surprise and ask what he means by that, Berezat merely pointing to the gladiator pits and 'leisure pits', darkly repling that he can sense what's going on in those and rather feels like changing things. His eyes meet theirs as he balndly asks if that's going to be a problem between them.

They reply it won't and Berezat is all grins again, asking what they can tell him about Lucifer…

As the four lead him to the throne room of Lucifaad they're stopped by Rizevim, who cheerfully tells them dad is busy with some bit of conversation with the other Satans, and they'll have to come back another time. Berezat cheerfully tells him it's important that he speaks with Lucifer, Rizevim cheerily asking what a little Human like himself could want to talk about with Dad.

Instead of replying Berezat asks the other four if they know of any rituals or steps he has to take to fight Lucifer, they reply that there are many, such as formal declarations, intentions-

-he interrupts and says that's good, because he likes to set his own standards and uses Night Blade to blow aside Rizevim and destroy the door. He waltzes in just to find the other three Stans fizzling out in 'holograms' as he appraoches Lucifer, the Devil imperiously glaring at him and boredly wondering if he's just some kind of hero or usurper, another corpse on the side of the road. Berezat chuckles and says he's a bit more impressive than your run-of-the-mill martyr. After all, he has backup.

The seven Archons manifest themselves, Lucifer, for the barest moment, appearing shocked before narrowng his eyes, replying that he is indeed unusual, to command such presences. Even as Berezat dissmisses them, Lucifer asking if he won't command them to fight, Berezat replies that he doesn't need them, instead manifesting his Avatar of Monad, the Demiurge.

Lucifer smirks and turns to the four, saying they made the correct choice in trying to bring him here to bring him down, a bold move for their plan. They appear shocked that Lucifer knew and he laughs, saying it was hidden to no one they didn't agree, citing that after he's done with their pet, he'll be after them-

-and crack of wind blows open the Lucifaad Nexus's roof, sending Lucifer spiralling out of it, all present gaping as the city begins to watch-

-as Lucifer sends forth a hail of Demonic energy annhilating most of where Berezat stands, the Campione flying out of the attack, uprariously laughing and applauding, saying this should be a grand rebellion indeed, a dream come true.

As they continue to tear into each other, Lucifer summoning sowrd of demonic power and Berezat using great blasts of wind to both accelrate and batter the Devi into submission. Lucifer stands strong, summoning the Morningstar, his weapon burning away most of Berezat and shattering his blades one after the other. He uses a truly massive attack on the slowed Campione, who blocks using Sanctuary of Patrae, then he uses Emanation of Gnosis to strip away Lucifer's control over the weapon, stating the idea that he is light-bringing and was granted the power of Venus itself by God...but he sees his actions and laughs at the idea that he brings light, when all he has wrought is misery and pain.

Morningstar now in his hands Berezat eagerly approaches Lucifer-

-and is stabbed through the back by Rizevim, the four Devils who accompanied him cuaght off guard by the sudden attack as Lucifer compliments his son on his quick thinking.

Cutting off Berezat's head Lucifer descends to his throne as the city watches (the walls of Nexus long since destroyed as he shouts that the newest interloper is dead, and the four Devils are stated to be accomplices). As they prepare to fight, dejected, the Night Blade suddenly rams itself through Lucifer's chest, Berezat appearing completely unharmed and healthy behind him. He directs the four to restrain Lucifer which they are happy to do, Lucifer wheezing how he did it, Berezat chuckling and saying he made a slight miscalculation...he cant die.

Lucifer is ripped in half and his entrails roll down the Nexus steps to the throne, Berezat retrieving the Morningstar blade and sitting on the throne, the seven Archons appearing and shocking the city. He yells for all to hear that he is now Berezat Dayyaan Lucifer, and any that wish to dispute that title can display their grievances, as long as they don't mind facing his full strength, the Archons bowing to him.

As the city roars in confusion, excitement and betrayal Berezat smirks, remarking to himself that House of the Dark one can only revive him so many times, especially since he has no idea how to get to the island.


-Albion and Ddraig are restrained by Heaven after the three Satans give them and the Fallen false information. A few Pagan Gods assist the two factions along with a few Devils aiding the three and the two are restrained in Heaven before they are transferred to Sacred Gears. Berezat hears of this and summons a Demon to free them, Zekram being told to watch over the capital while he leads a group of pwerful Devils (including the later four satans) to heaven itself. He summons Demiurge and Satan at the cost of his sight and proceeds to cut a swathe of destruction through Heaven until all the archangels and Yahweh himself steps in to pacify him. Albion and Ddraig are freed in the meantime though, rushing to Berezat's aid and facing off against the marshalled forces of Heaven.

-berezat knows of the two Dragons legend, and knows Ddraig wins.

-the three remaining satans, after Lucifer is killed, bring their armies to bear on Lucifaad as a Berezat leads his army to stall them until Albion and Ddraig arrive, uses Grootlsang to collapse siege engines and the like.

So this was a crazy idea I had where the pairings would have been Fem Ddraig and Albion with an OC, Godou of course wooing Gabriel and eventually ending up on opposite sides of the conflict as Bassaym and his ideals come to a head, both trying to end the war but with very different plans to go about doing so.

Was heavily inspired by Shin Megami Tensei series for Berezat's authorities.