"So, what do ya think Weiss?" Ruby asked with a certain glimmer in her eyes.

"Honestly, I think your grammar could use some work. But I appreciate the effort nonetheless. Thank you Ruby." Weiss smiled with a small blush on her cheeks. Ruby closed the distance between them and hugged Weiss, which Weiss returned with the same passion. The two are celebrating their 3rd year anniversary in Ruby's living room, watching a movie when Ruby gave Weiss her gift: a love letter from years back.

"I still can't believe you kept this letter after I returned it."

"Well Weiss, it's important to us. Remember when I gave you that letter?"

"Then amuse me. Tell me how I received this letter." Weiss sat up straight and leaned a bit closer to Ruby. Ruby cleared her throat with a squeaky "Ahem." and put on a low voice.

"This is the story of the wonderful and romantic love story of Weiss and Ruby, the White Rose!" Ruby ended with a wave of her arms as if conjuring a large book out of thin air as Weiss rolled her eyes on Ruby's antics.

It was a beautiful afternoon in Beacon High, all the classes are almost finishing up and students are rushing out of the classrooms, ready to face their long awaited freedom of end of classes. Three young students, one male and two females, walking down the hall, talking about school related topics, and their group of friend's plans. Ruby Rose, the youngest of the girls, with red streaks on her bangs, with her silver eyes glimmering as she walks together with her friends, Jaune and Penny. Penny is one of the first friends Ruby has made in Beacon High. Penny has orange hair with emerald green eyes, and has freckles across her face. Jaune, the tallest among the three, and a bit on the lanky side but has promise of becoming a bit more muscular. His messy blonde hair perfectly highlights his clear blue eyes.

"Friend Ruby, why are you expressing sadness through exhaling of your breath called sighing?" Asked Penny as they were waiting for the rest of their friends to finish their classes. As Ruby gazes sadly ahead, Penny couldn't help but notice how sad Ruby is. Jaune noticed this as well but didn't know how to help Ruby with it.

"Penny, I'm just sad about how my relationship with Cinder will never work out." Ruby admitted to Penny as Jaune patted Ruby's back for support.

"I'm sure Cinder did not want to hurt your feelings. She's really in love with Roman."

"I know that Jaune. But I support their happiness. I was just wishing there was something. . . But there's something else." Jaune and Penny looked curiously at Ruby, wondering what she meant.

"What do you mean?" asked Jaune.

"To tell you guys honestly, even when me and Cinder were together, I sometimes think about someone else. . ." Ruby admitted once more.

"Who were you thinking about friend Ruby?"

"Ever since Cinder showed interest in Roman, each night I kept trying to imagine my life with Cinder would be. But every time that happens, I always ask myself, what if it were someone else? What if it were Weiss?"

"Uhm, haha, who's Weiss?" Jaune rubbed the back of his head in confusion.

"Oh yeah, you guys haven't met her. She was my classmate back in first year. She's so smart, always on top of the class and she's so beautiful. I just never had the courage to ask her out before. And her hair is so white and smooth! Did I also say that she's so cool? Like her dance are all this!" Ruby gushed excitedly as she made a ballerina pose that does not look like ballet at all. As Ruby continues to make poses, she noticed a group of people coming out of a classroom. In front of those people is Weiss Schnee, the same girl Ruby was talking about.

"Is that Weiss, friend Ruby?" asked Penny pointed at an alabaster haired girl across the hall. She had her hair styled in a side ponytail and has bangs covering her forehead. She's almost the perfect beauty model if it weren't for the glaring scar running down her left eye. Ruby couldn't help but stare at Weiss as she became mesmerized and stared at Weiss walking with such grace.

"I'm pretty sure it's her, Penny." Jaune answered the question as Ruby started approaching Weiss.

"Uhm, Ruby?" called out Jaune. Ruby heard him this time.

"Be back in a second!" as Ruby dashed off towards Weiss.

"Blake, I still don't understand what you want me to do." said Weiss as she walked with her classmate and close friend, Blake Belladonna. The tall raven-haired bookworm stopped for a moment.

"C'mon Weiss, I know you can do it. Besides, you're the one who's been wanting extra credit. All you have to do is audition for the dance troupe and you'll be immediately accepted." Blake explained to her friend. Weiss let out a small sigh.

"I'll trust your word on that, Belladonna."

"You're welcome, Weiss." Blake's amber eyes slightly widened at her friend's way of showing thanks as both friends smiled and continued walking, as they are stopped by a girl with a red jacket. Or cloak. Either way, Weiss couldn't tell. She could however recognize that this girl is Ruby Rose. Her former classmate and friend. She smiled.

"H-hiya Weiss! How are ya?" Ruby asked while breathing heavily after running towards her. Blake looking slightly amused by Weiss' small blush.

"Hello Ruby. I've been fine, thank you for asking. Ruby, this is my friend, Blake Belladonna. Blake, this is Ruby Rose, my former classmate and my friend." Weiss introduced the two girls with each other as both shook their hands.

"Hey." Blake casually said to Ruby, to which Ruby replied with "Hi."

"What are you doing here, Ruby?" asked Weiss, curious about why Ruby ran to meet her, but was happy with it.

"Well, uhm, I was just wondering if I could walk home with you guys. I-if that's okay with you. . ." Ruby then smoothed out her red jacket, trying to avoid eye contact with any of the two.

Weiss wanted this to happen. She wanted to walk with Ruby, to be close to her. For some reason, she makes her heart flutter. However, she's with Blake, and she will definitely use this opportunity to tease her. Fortunately, Blake already answered for her.

"Yeah, I'm sure Weiss is okay with it, so I'm okay with it too." Blake smirked slightly. She knows Weiss wants this. So as a good friend, she agreed. She thought that she would use this opportunity to get to know Ruby better.

The three girls walked out of the large bronze school gate, the two happily chatting with one following behind them, smiling and listening to the conversation.

"In any case, Professor Goodwitch should praise me for what I've done. It's only fair."

"Weiss, I'm pretty sure Miss Goodwitch appreciated the extra notes you've provided for the class about English literature." reassured Blake, as Ruby agreed by nodding happily as she continues to follow them.

As they get near a junction on the streets, Ruby couldn't help but feel that she's not contributing to the conversation. Embarrassed, she tried to talk about something but she couldn't find any topic that she thinks is interesting to Blake, let alone to Weiss. The moment they reached the end of the street, Ruby bid goodbye.

"So uh, this is where I'll go. Uhm, thank you for kinda walking home with me hehe." Ruby said to them.

"Oh, I see." Weiss replied, masking her disappointment with a small smile.

"We hope we didn't bore you with our talking." said Blake, keeping an eye on Weiss' reaction.

"Nah it's alright, anyways, see ya at school." Ruby said as she turned around and started walking away from them. With a sudden burst of courage, Weiss called out to Ruby.

"Ruby!" Weiss shouted. Ruby turned around with a smile on her face, wondering why Weiss called for her. And secretly hoping that this will lead to more time spending with her.

"Let's do this again tomorrow." Weiss finally said, blush filling her entire face, while Blake pokes Weiss' side teasingly.

"Sure thing! See you tomorrow Weiss!" Ruby called back and ran down the street once again.

"So. . . She seems interesting. I'm glad to have met her, Weiss." Blake smirked as she dragged her friend out of the spot she stood, and turned her around to the direction of where they should be going. Weiss took no small time to retaliate to her friend's teasing. Only to make matters worse.

"Oh shut up. I don't like her that way!" Weiss scoffed at the idea of that. But of course, her own heart doesn't lie, evident by the flushes of red across Weiss' face.

"I never said you did." Blake giggled, Weiss violently shaking with embarrassment. In her mind, that she, Weiss Schnee, caught in a trap so obvious like that, it annoys her to no end. "And Weiss, you can drop the act now. You're blushing like a tomato. I've known you for such a long time to know you're just pretending." Blake smiled at her friend, wanting her to stop going insane with the lying. Weiss gave out a sigh, knowing that Blake was correct. No matter how much she tries to deny it, she do have some feelings for Ruby.

"I don't know Blake. I haven't been attracted to girls before. It's just. . . Weird for me. And the fact that I'm a Schnee, it makes it even ten times worse. My father will disown me if he finds out." Weiss admitted to her friend. Blake had a look of thought on her face.

"So let me guess, that's why you broke up with Neptune, am I right?"

"No. It's not the only reason. I broke up with him because I don't feel like he was really interested in me. I mean, on our first date, he flirted with the waitress for Oum's sake. I broke up with him after that. And I guess the other reason I did was because well, I found out I'm gay. You don't think I'm weird, am I?" Weiss asked, with small droplets of tears forming at the edge of her eyes, threatening to fall down like pouring rain. Blake gave her shoulder a gentle yet firm grip and looked straight at her friend's eyes.

"You're my friend Weiss, of course I would never think of you as weird, nor would I be treating you any differently. I promise." Upon hearing those words coming out of her dear friend's mouth, Weiss let out a small laugh and gave a smile.

"Thank you Blake. For being my friend."

"Anytime. How about some coffee?" Blake offered to Weiss, knowing she would respond with her own favorite drink.

"Tea." Weiss said with a knowing look. The two friends walked once more, to go to their usual place for drinks.

"Wait, how did you find out about that?" Weiss asked a nervous looking Ruby, looking everywhere but at Weiss.

"Hehe, I might have asked her, and she might have told me about." Ruby said letting out a small laugh, acting innocent. Weiss let out a 'hmph' and straightened her posture and patted Ruby's head, ruffling her hair in the process, to which Ruby nuzzled against to affectionately.

"Remind me to talk to that tattletale." Weiss said to Ruby, who nodded in agreement and leaned on to Weiss' neck. Weiss slightly jumped from surprise at the contact, blushing slightly, before letting Ruby continue with her cuddling. Soon enough, Weiss leaned in a little more, getting rid of the littlest space they have between them.

"Ruby, you still haven't finished your story." Weiss said, asking for Ruby to continue recalling the events.

"Oh right. Well where was I?"

"After we went separate ways."

Ruby smiled as she continued where she left off. "Ohh yeah, okay so. . ."

Ruby can't stop pacing back and forth in her room. She couldn't believe that she had an opportunity to walk with Weiss on her way home, but felt embarrassed that she basically ran away after feeling just a tiny bit awkward. And amidst her inner turmoil, she can't help but be glad on what happened. She heard it from the mouth of her crush; she wanted to do it again, to walk home with her again. And that was more than enough for her. For now at least.

Ruby approached her bed and plopped down, her eyes staring at the ceiling, thinking on what she should do now. Should she at least apologize to Weiss for leaving early now or should she do it tomorrow. Letting out a sigh, Ruby closed her eyes, letting the drowsiness take over her for a while and soon enough, she dozed off, not bothering to change her clothes.

Ruby woke up from her short nap. The sun was already setting and she was feeling hungry now that she realized it. Letting out a sigh, she pushed herself off her bed, changed her clothes and went downstairs to get something to eat. And if she were to guess, Yang probably isn't home yet. Which means, she can eat ANYTHING she like, as long as she's capable of doing so. And there's one thing she would very much like right now.

"Cookies...!" Ruby cheered to herself, getting the ingredients she needs. A little bit of flour, some water, a stick of butter, a bag full of chocolate chips, and an energetic Ruby is more than enough to cause mayhem in the kitchen. And soon enough, the end result was a warm batch of cookies, flour scattered across the kitchen table, a damp cooking apron, a Ruby Rose, with her mouth covered in chocolate, grabbing another plate to prepare her REAL meal, a simple crab and corn soup and roast chicken breasts. After a few minutes of cleaning up, her soup simmering and her chicken breasts slowly being roasted in the oven, she can't help but think what she could do to pass time.

She could try to draw. She really do enjoy drawing stuff, usually weapons like scythes, swords, guns. But then a flicker of light drawn her attention, it was her phone. Ruby approached the device and opened it. She saw a message from her sister, Yang. She was correct that Yang would be late, after all, the message was exactly telling her that.

"Hey Rubes, I'd probably gonna be home late so eat dinner. And dont stay up late 'kay? Love you lots sis!" the message read, and ended with at least 16 heart emojis. She smiled at that thought, happy that her sister loves her dearly. Loved her almost like no one ever does. She wished that somehow, Weiss would love her even more than that.

And there she goes again. Her mind wandered back to Weiss. Just like back when she was with Cinder. Just like back when she was talking with Weiss. Just like back when she met Weiss.

"Dust, I really like her don't I?" She asked to herself, with a small smile and a rose colored blush on her face, as if her own body is agreeing with her. Thinking back earlier, that's why she approached Weiss in the first place. Why she almost made a fool of herself by asking her out of the blue if she can walk with Weiss home. And she didn't even completely walked her home. She just ran away after feeling awkward. Weiss must think she must be weird. But Weiss did also say that she wants to do it again tomorrow. So maybe she had a chance? Or not. Either way, the least she can do is apologize for her behavior. With that decision, she opened up her contacts and found Weiss' and texted an apology. Hopeful that she still uses the same number. If not, there's always social media.

'Hey Weiss, it's me, Ruby. I just wanna apologize to you for what happened earlier. I didn't mean to make anything awkward, so I'm sorry Weiss.' and with that, she closed her phone, and went back to check on her meal.

When Weiss arrived home from the café she and Blake gone to, it was already night. It doesn't matter to her anyways, no one would question her at home. Her father is at work and would be home at around midnight, or he'll not be home at all. Her mother still at her "vacation". Her sister is probably here but she won't question her what took her so long. And her brother, he can do what he likes, as long as he stays away from her. Locking the door and putting on her indoor slippers, she slouched on the sofa, letting out a sigh of relief. It was a tiring day. A lot of school work that needed to be done, and then there's the problem of looking for more ways to get more extra credit. She needed to be the best amongst the rest after all. Although it was nice to see Ruby again.

"Ruby. . ." She whispered to herself, feeling a small blush creeping up on her face. She really hasn't changed that much now that she thought about it. Still the same awkward, cute and energetic young girl that somehow managed to befriend her, even if she didn't like her back then. If Blake weren't with her earlier, she would have talked with Ruby a little longer. Maybe even invite her for coffee. Wait, she doesn't drink coffee. But the café sells cookies so it's all good. Amused with herself, Weiss stood up and proceeded to go up to her room, passing by her butler, Klein.

"Ah, good evening Ms. Schnee. School was good today?" Klein smiled to Weiss, which Weiss returned with an even bigger smile, knowing she can confide with him. He's been working for her family for such a long time now, he practically raised her, she can trust him.

"More than just good actually. I've met my old friend today, you remember when I told you about Ruby right, Klein?"

"Ahh, yes I remember her. She's the one who calls you 'super bestie, better than the restie' right?"

"Yes, she's the one. I plan to invite her here someday, along with Blake. What do you think Klein?" Weiss asked as she grasped the door to her room. Klein had a thoughtful look before giving her a wide grin. Klein walked downstairs before replying to Weiss.

"Ms. Schnee, it's better if you invite Ms. Rose alone. To get to know her better." Klein left Weiss to think about what he said. All Weiss thought was 'What could Klein meant for me to get to know Ruby better? Does he mean talking to her?' Whatever it was, she can't understand it. For now. Entering her room and dropping her bag on her chair beside her desk. Weiss sat down on her bed and undid her hair, letting her long white locks drape over her shoulder. Finally comfortable, Weiss fished out her phone from her pocket, noticing that she received a message from Ruby. When she saw the notification, multiple things went through her mind. Dust, why did it take her so long to notice she received a message? Why did Ruby message her? And what should she do? This was one of the most confusing things for her especially after her talk with Blake, and then Klein. But nothing will be done just asking questions to herself. And with the pride of being a Schnee, she will answer the message to the best of her abilities and nothing will stop her. Nothing. And then she read the message. Once she did, she now know what can stop her, Ruby herself.

She felt bad for Ruby, she remembered that she didn't actually talked to Ruby when she agreed to walk with her, she only just focused her attention on Blake. She felt shy talking to her whenever other people are with her. She really wasn't used to it. Especially to her crush. She felt a strange yet positive feeling admitting it, especially after that drivel Blake put her through about Ruby, but now, she accepts that fact that she has a crush on Ruby. So it hurts her that Ruby had to apologize for something she didn't do wrong. Completely lying down on her bed, she typed in a reply to Ruby, hopeful that Ruby will accept her own apology.

'Ruby, this is Weiss. I just read your message and you don't have to apologize. I take full responsibility because I should have talked to you even if Blake were with us. I shouldn't have ignored you. For what is worth, I'm sorry Ruby.' Weiss stared at the screen before pressing send. Hoping that this will be enough to get rid of her guilt, she set down her phone beside her and stared at the ceiling. Waiting if Ruby will even consider her apology.

"I shouldn't think so negatively. I know Ruby. She wouldn't hold it against me, even if she tried." Weiss said to herself, mentally slapping herself for thinking that way. Deciding that enough was enough, Weiss tried to get back up to continue change, but her phone let out a small tune. Another message. 'Could it be Ruby?' Picking her phone back and lied back down.

'It's okay Weiss, I should have just told you earlier that I would be joining you. I hope I didn't ruin any plans.' Weiss sighed, smiling that she was correct; Ruby is far too kind to be angry at someone. Especially if they were her close friends. Not that she would abuse it of course, she will never ever do that to Ruby.

'You didn't ruin anything. I really wanted to talk to you. It's been so long.' In fact, it really has been so long. She met Ruby back in first year. But after she moved up sections because of her academics. But at least whenever Ruby sees her, she makes it a point to at least greet her and they kept being friends. She missed her dearly. Back when they were classmates, they were both inseparable. Maybe this time, they have an opportunity to get closer. Maybe this is what Klein meant. Well, one thing is for sure, she will not let this opportunity escape.

'I missed you too Weiss. You're my super bestie and no one can take that position away from you. :)' Now Ruby is definitely making her smile widely.

'Well, I'm not doing anything right now, so. . . How have you been?'

"And we spent the whole time talking, and the days after that, am I right?" Weiss asked to her girlfriend, who's using her lap as a pillow, while Weiss plays with Ruby's hair, letting the hair strands slip through her fingers.

"Mhmm. . ." Ruby replied drowsily, close to nodding herself to sleep.

"So, what happened after we kept in touch?" Weiss waited for a reply. "Ruby?" Weiss gently lifted Ruby's head towards her. All she saw was Ruby's face, sleeping peacefully with a small smile on her face, letting out a content sigh. Weiss can't help but let out a sigh as well. 'She really is a dolt. But she's my dolt.' Weiss lowered herself to kiss Ruby on the cheeks, whispering "Good night, Ruby." and leaned back into her seat, might as well get comfortable and sleep. She closed her eyes and dozed off, recalling the events that resulted on Ruby giving her the love letter.

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