Becketts red Bikini



Kate and Rick are on their honeymoon, and someone takes a cell pictures of Kate, and another man. The New York yellow news take off on wild stories about what went on.


"Your so right so I'll think about it and call you soon."

They both hung up together. Rick sat down and started to think over that night. Kate was right on several points about the photos, Kate was not leaning on Bill, but she was leaning fallowed to hear Ricks conversation. It was the angle the picture was taken. Yes, he had asked her to dance with Bill, granted he had no hint it would be most of the night. Now thinking back if he had considered her physical needs she expressed before going to dinner he never would have as a hansom man, who already express a desire to bed her.

Moving on to question number three. She maybe was too drunk and horny to resist Bill's advances. The kissing, hugging and the petting, were excusable, and forgivable, over time.