A/N: Happy Stranger Things Day. Well I did manage to hammer out a beginning to a Harry Potter/ Stranger Things Crossover. A bit about this story, it will follow the timeline of the show, set in 1983, so post Voldemort the first time around. This prologue just sets up the timeline a bit. The party will be introduced in the first official chapter.

Prologue: 1980 (An unlikely trio)

The year is 1983. The place, London.

Just three years prior, 1980, a child was born Harry James Potter, a child that would change the course of wizarding world history. That year, Jonathan Byers, halfblood and Hufflepuff, was entering his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry along with his peers, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. Were the three friends? Nowhere near. Not only did their houses differ quite significantly, but their ideals as well. The Harringtons were a pureblood family, not quite hinging on the extremism held by their fellows and the zealot Lord Voldemort, but not quite certain of which rulebook to follow. Steve, an ambitious young man by nature, and quite apt in knowing what would offer success, an asset to Slytherin House, did not associate with the Byers fellow whose fascination with muggle artifacts surely meant talk would spread. However, he did find himself falling hard for the sharp witted Nancy Wheeler.

Nancy Wheeler, a bright and industrious young lady, was easily determined to be Ravenclaw. Rising through the ranks, she excelled in her studies, and socially as well.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Byers remained content finding a niche in schooltime, a niche that was unsurprising to those who took the time to get to know him. He spent his time taking the muggle photographs that he captured in the Summer and made them come alive in more ways than one, but what he saw in one of those photographs in the Summer before his fifth year would set him on a new course, one that created a collision course in the direction of Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler as his younger brother came to begin his own schooling.

A/N: I'd love to know your thoughts on sorting for the Party. I already sort of have an idea for a few of the party members but I'm open to suggestions.