Birds began chirping as the sun rises up from the mountain. Animals woke up from hibernation, and had an empty stomach. A gray female wolf with white underbelly and amber eyes walked through the feeding ground. She walked past by the tree lines and into the forest, where she find a small den underneath a big tree.

She had a smile on her face, and she was the first one out of all of her sisters that arrived at home before they do. The gray female wolf entered the den silently like a ninja.

She noticed a beautiful, beautifully handsome gray wolf curled up into a ball at the corner of the den, sleeping peacefully. She began to smile before walking towards him. She carefully grab his head and lay it down on her side after she laid down on her belly. The girl had a goofy smile on her face before she rubbed her tail on his side.

"Humphrey. Humphrey wake up" she said softly. She watched him yawn cutely and let out the most cutest sound that she had ever heard coming out of his mouth. Humphrey opened his beautiful eyes, and the female almost faint by the sight of it. She looked at him lovely as he looked up to her eyes.

"Wait...Roselyn" he asked her blushing. Roselyn widened her smile and nodded her head. She started blushing knowing that Humphrey wasn't asleep and aware the position that he's in.

Humphrey stared at her beautiful eyes. He started to notice that her mane is little bit different than she had as a pup. The front of her mane which is on top of her head is combed perfectly while the back of it is all curly. She is so freaking beautiful.

Humphrey looked down at her body and notice that he was laying on her. He yelped and stood up immediately. Roselyn started laughing and Humphrey smiled knowing that she still kept her personality. When she was a pup, she was a teasingly kind one. Maybe a little more flirty than teasing.

Humphrey and Roselyn looked at each other in the eyes and lost in a trance.

Before Roselyn can lean in, a howl interrupted them. Roselyn sighed.

"Well I have to go and see my dad. This is my first day to go on a hunt" she said sadly.

"Wait, what about your sisters. Kate, Annie, Crystal, and Carina" he asked her.

"Oh they have the same duty as mine. Kate is leading the hunt so." Humphrey smiled and can't wait to see them.

"I'll talk to you later I guess" she said smiling a little.

"You too." And with that, Roselyn left the den with her tail dragging right behind her.

"Wooohooo big tails boys" Salty cheered as they are in the air. Humphrey wasn't even pay attention to what he was doing which is log sledding. He was busy focusing on what do the girls look like. The image of Roselyn is stuck in his head through the entire morning.

"Humphrey, are you here or what" said Shakey right behind him.

Humphrey shook his head, and looked forward.

"Salty give us some sail draft" said Humphrey immediately. Salty stood up while looking at Humphrey weirdly. All of his friends are.

"Hey Mooch get ready...lower the boom" Humphrey commanded. Mooch use his tail to boost them up in the air with the log and they did some tricks while spinning in the air before landing.

"Alright, now where were we" Humphrey asked until their log hit against a boulder, sending them flying into the air. Humphrey landed at the bottom followed by Shakey, Salty, and then Mooch.

"Get your butt out of my face" Shakey groaned.

"What do we hit" Salty asked. Humphrey crawled out of the pile and looked around with a smile.

"Spring." Humphrey looked down at the cliff, and saw a tan female wolf. "Wow~" It was Kate. She jumped a little as she slid her back against an arch tree before hiding behind a boulder.

A black female wolf with white underbelly, amber eyes and a combed banged to the right side of her face swiftly move towards Kate's position followed by a white wolf with amber eyes, Roselyn, and then a dark blue female wolf with white underbelly, amber eyes, and her messy bang is covering half of her forehead, but not on right side. Humphrey smiled. He was surprised that Annie, Carina and Roselyn are the only ones that look different than their sisters due to their mane style, but he didn't care.


"Humphrey...Humphrey." Humphrey shook his head and saw three paws waving right in front of his face. He looked behind him and saw his friends looking at him weirdly.

"Are you okay dude? You've been staring at them for five minutes straight" said Shakey

"Hey Shakes, you forgot. He's in love with five alpha females, and he's an omega" said Salty correcting him. Humphrey was disappointed when he said that.

"We're friends okay" he said sadly.

"Exactly. Just friends. End of story" said Mooch.

"You better set your sights over there" said Salty looking at two female wolves eating some berries. "Reba and Janice. The Veggie..terians." Reba and Janice look at them and smiled.

"Ooookay then." Humphrey looked at the girls who were slowly approaching two caribous. "Looks like we're eating caribou tonight boys."

Mooch tapped him on the shoulder. Humphrey looked at him what he was trying to say, but he just motioned his head to the east. Humphrey look at the direction and saw two alpha wolves. One brown male, and one light orange female.

"Eastern Pack Wolves." They slowly approach the same preys that Kate and her sisters are hunting.

Kate lifted her head a little in the tall grass.

"Psst, Annie. Crystal. We got company" Kate whispered. They waited till the eastern wolves popped out of their hiding spot. The caribous ran the opposite direction, almost stepping on Kate. They chased after it and Kate growled. The western hunting group chased right behind their tails.

Kate is the fastest one out of her sisters. She was so close to the eastern wolves as they disappeared around the corner before coming back whimpering. Kate stopped on her tracks as she stared at them before hearing a thundering sound in front of her. Kate look forward and saw a stampede of caribou. Kate ran back and soon catch up to her sisters.

"Scatter to the side" Kate yelled. She watched her sisters run to the right while she ran to the left. Annie slid underneath a caribou, Crystal front flipped over the caribou while the other two sisters ran around them.

Kate looked up and saw a branch sticking out of the cliff. She jumped up, grabbed it with her jaws before doing hundreds of front flips. Kate landed on top of the cliff and all of the sisters watched the eastern wolves getting cornered.

"Urrgh. Let's settle this way then" Kate mumbled. She took off running after them and did a side flip right in front of the omegas. She jumped to caribou to caribou before reaching them and rolled them to the side behind a log as caribou trampled over them. The dust began to disappeared, and Kate shook her head.

Annie ran up to her.

"Are you okay Kate" she said to her oldest sister.

"Yeah I'm fine" Kate replied to her.

"WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM" Carina yelled. She ran up to them and started snarling at the male's face. "You stupid eastern hounds. That was our hunt, and you almost kill my sister because you don't know how to hunt!"

"Carina, calm down" said Roselyn holding her shoulder.

"You should listen to the girl" said the female wolf while the male snapped his jaws right in front of Carina's face. Carina growled and tackled him to the ground. Humphrey widened his eyes. For a female, she sure is strong to take down an alpha male. The female tried to attack her, but Annie was quick enough to take her down.

Crystal joined in while Kate and Roselyn stayed back and tried to break up the fight.

"Well Omegas, duty calls" said Humphrey sliding down the hill with his friends right behind him. "HEEY!" The fight stopped and looked at the Omegas sliding down the hill and then stopped right in front of Kate. "Kate."

"Humphrey" Kate gasped in shock happily. Humphrey smiled back. Carina, Crystal, and Annie were shocked at Humphrey's appearance. Carina almost drooled, Crystal almost wanted to jump on him and lick all over his face, and Annie just wanted to gave him a big kiss.

Humphrey looked at them and noticed that they stopped fighting when he arrived. Mainly because all three girls had their jaws wide open.

"Um are you girls okay" he asked them. They all jumped before blushing and looking away form Humphrey. Humphrey titled his head to the side, and Roselyn giggled. She didn't expect that they stopped fighting by his appearance. Humphrey was cute when he was a pup, and right now. He is handsome that the girls went into a trance just a second.

The eastern wolves are about to attack until they heard the most powerful voice that they ever heard.

"WESTERN HUNTING GROUP!" They all looked up and saw Winston. "Get back to the den" he shouted. The girls lower their heads and began walking towards him with their tails dragging on the ground. The eastern wolves growled at them. "You two. Go home." The eastern wolves glared at the omegas, growling at them. "NOW!" They began whimpering in fear and ran off with their tails between their legs.

"Omegas. Good job" he said to them, and with that, he walked away. Humphrey had a confused look on his face. He didn't do anything to break up the fight, and that's what he knew.

"Great, my first hunt tonight is ruined" said Kate sadly.

"Kate Kate, don't beat yourself up. You girls are amazing. I mean you leading the hunt group really showed me that you are the right one to become a pack leader. The pack can just they can eat..." Kate looked at him with a little smile on her face. Humphrey motioned his paw at his friend for support.

They looked around and saw two squirrels holding berries. Mooch grabbed them as they screamed before handing to Shakey, Salty and then Humphrey.

"They can eat" Humphrey looked at his paw. "Berries." Humphrey opened his mouth and ripped the berries off. "They're really...nutritious."

"Yeah, tell that to the pack" Kate responded. Humphrey spat out all the berries in his mouth and try to clean his tongue to get rid of the flavor. (Think of that scene from Despicable Me 2)

Back at the pack, every wolf are trying to find food by digging. It could be bones with meat still attaching to it. Kate and her sisters are walking up the slope of their den. Eve was sitting there with a smile to see her girls, but noticed that all of them had disappointment look on their faces.

Eve whined, knowing that it can't be good. She looked at her mate who was behind them.

"The eastern wolves ruin their hunt" he said. Eve snapped her jaws and started growling. "Luckily, the omegas were there to break up the fight." Eve whined happily before entering the den.

Lilly, the only sister that is not identical is playing with her tail.

"Lilly" Eve called her name.

"What" Lilly replied to her.

"Very funny. Stop playing with your tail." She then look at the quintuplets. "Girls you're slouching." They all fixed their posture immediately. "Thank you honey. You see how you strong and beautiful you girls are." When she said that, it didn't help them at all. They are still upset from their first hunt, mostly Kate.

Lilly sniffed the bones that have no meat. Just flies flying around them. She gagged in disgust. Eve laughed a little bit.

"Any food," She catch a fly with her paw before squishing it to the ground. "is a blessing dear." Eve looked at her mate who was looking down at his pack. "Winston come joined us for dinner. NOW!" Winston jumped a little before entering the den. "Thank you honey."

"Scrap and bone is no kind of dinner. Not for my pack" he said frustrated. Kate sighed.

"Sorry dad. It's just those eastern wolves" she said, feeling that she wants to blame herself for not becoming a better leader.

"It's not your fault Kate. They crossed into our territory. They broke the pack law."

"Winston" Hutch, his beta called him. Winston walked to the entrance and discovered that Cando was injured. He had scratch wounds on his shoulder and on his body. "Candu was jumped. By a group of eastern wolves" he said with disgust saying their name.

"Ugh, it was nothing" Candu replied. Eve went up on him and check on his wounds.

"Quickly. Bring him to the den" she commanded. The other wolf who was standing beside Cando nodded his head and escorted him to the den. "Winston, honey. Whoever did this, let's ripped its tail out and shove down its throat." Eve walked past by him and Winston looked at his mate in shocked.

"Sir." Winston turned his head towards Hutch. "Are we just gonna let them keep raiding our hunts and-" Winston raised his paw.

"Put our alphas on alert."

"Already done sir." Winston look around the valley and see alphas on top of the mountains looking around the territory.

"Good job." He walked down the slopes with Hutch. The quintuplets look at their father before hearing a familiar voice down below. They looked down and saw Humphrey and his friends trying to cheer up the alphas.

"Guys. Honestly caribous are overrated. Instead. Now keep an open mind, I just want you to have an open mind here. We brought you berries" he said grabbing them from behind.

The alphas started snarling at them. "Oh..uhhh. How about squirrels?" The alphas started drooling at the sight of their tasty meat. The squirrels screamed and began holding each other. "Oh bad joke. Flying squirrels" said Humphrey nervously. The quintuplets giggled at how hard Humphrey is working on cheering up the pack. They walked down the slope as twilight settles in.

Winston stood up on top of the cliff and began howling at the other side of the valley. He waited and waited until a wolf responded his call. He walked down to the river that divided two territories.

A brown wolf with yellow glowing eyes walked through the forest and passed the tree line.

"Winston" he called out.

"Tony. You're looking good" Winston replied to him. Tony jumped over the river before feeling his back cracked.

"Ow my back feels like wood. I got a disc that keeps cracking." He shook it off. "Uhh drives me crazy."

"Yeah Tony. You are ooone crazy wolf."


" that little game of tag during our hunts. Let's leave the playing to the omegas." They both were walking in circles as if they were ready to fight.

"You know there's no caribou left in the east." Kate hid behind a bush, followed by her sisters and began listening their conversation.

"You got a problem" Winston asked.

"Unite the packs, Winston. It was you who gave the big speech that your daughter Kate, and my son Garth would marry and unite the packs" Tony explained to him as they stopped walking in circle. Kate was in shocked.

"What is dad doing" Annie whispered.

"Kate just got back from alpha school, and now she's getting marry to a stranger? What" said Carina.

"Pretty sure dad had no other ways to find other situation" said Roselyn knowing that Kate have feelings for Humphrey just like her sisters.

"Maybe Humphrey can figure this out" Crystal added to her statement, and Kate widened her eyes. She can't let Humphrey know about this and get involved between the pack leaders. She heard them saying about responsibility, and Tony asked Winston if she knows her responsibility.

"Don't worry she knows" he said to him.

"Good. Then she can meet Garth tonight at the moonlight howl." Carina wanted to pounce Tony and rip his head off. Crystal was concerned about her dad's next move if Kate denies it. He will probably choose her or Annie.

"Well looks like I have to meet Garth tonight" she said with confidence in her voice.

"Are you sure Kate" Carina asked. Kate nodded her head and noticed that their conversation has finished. Kate was about to walk out of the bush till Tony smashed his paw on a dandelion.

"We'll fight for the valley" he threatened. Kate and her sisters gasped, and Winston heard them.

"Girls, is that you" he asked them. Kate walked out of the bush, followed by her sisters. "Um...I was just."

"It's okay dad. I-I understand. It's my responsibility" said Kate stuttering a bit. Roselyn knew that she had to risk her feelings for the greater good. Carina didn't like this idea at all. Annie knew it's going to hurt her, and Crystal knew that there's going to be trouble up ahead. They have no idea what to do when they heard Tony's threat, and they wished that they find a way to stop this.

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