Humphrey stared at the wolf who had shaken up his girlfriends and butted his head into their business. He seems to be a very cautious wolf, which is very suspicious for him to be involved in other people's business. He doesn't see him doing that to other people, but why him and the quintuplets out of everyone else? Especially the girls, which makes him a very shady wolf to trust that goes against his reputation.

"Yeah, Kate is my girlfriend...what's wrong with that?" Humphrey asked him slowly.

"Nothing's wrong with that."

"You seem to be pretty attached to butting into the pack leader's daughters' business. Isn't that suspicious considering from what I heard that you are the most trusted wolf in the pack?"

"That is true, but you guys are more suspicious than I am because you are way too close with the girls than usual, and I'm concerned about you or the girls breaking the laws since you guys are the main influence to get rid of the last law."

Humphrey was about to say something but stopped at what he was doing. If he said anything that goes against that, it will only provoke him more to find out about their secret relationship. Humphrey turned his attention away from Grayson without hesitation because he was still acting suspiciously. It's not normal for a wolf to butt their heads into people's business. Grayson should've focused his attention on serving the pack leader, not acting like a highly strict alpha with a special patrol duty. Not only that, but he also felt like he had never experienced a close friendship before.

"Fair enough," Humphrey replied. He wanted to keep a close eye out for him but didn't want to act suspicious either.

"Well, I'll leave you alone," he said, walking away with Humphrey staring at him behind his back. He closed his eyes and let his brain wander around. He had a gut feeling that Grayson is responsible for the quintuplets acting strange. So strange...

Humphrey opened his eyes slowly as he looked down at the ground. He sighed and decided to forget everything from seconds ago because it was going to weigh him down for focusing on his happy life. He looked back up, only to find a black blazing blur coming towards him.

Humphrey widened his eyes and knocked back from the mysterious object before he was dragged away from the public where nobody wouldn't know what happen to him. He opened his eyes to see Annie looking at him fearfully. He can see her shaking and hardly can support herself. Did something happen to her? Humphrey didn't even see her when he was looking out. Is she already done with her duty?

"H-H-Humphrey...what did" She was struggling to speak and fell on top of her love. "DID GRAYSON SAY ANYTHING TO YOU?!"

Humphrey flinched from her voice and felt her panting heavily on his chest. Humphrey widened his eyes a bit after realizing that Grayson may be the one responsible for the girls acting strange.

"He said that he's worried that we're gonna break the law because I'm close to you girls like unusual and said that we're responsible for breaking the last law."

Humphrey watched her reaction, and her face went pale.

"Did he say anything else? Does he know about our relationship? Did we leave any clues for him?" she asked, gently shaking his shoulders.

"No, I don't think so" Humphrey replied, worriedly because Annie was shivering hard. He watched the body language she makes, and it is clear that she panicked when Grayson was mentioned or the main topic. "Hey, Annie..."


"The reason why you girls are acting very strange is that something has to do something with Grayson, especially when you guys have to do something very important. Is that correct?" Annie widened her eyes before slowly lowering her head to where she couldn't look into his eyes. She slowly nodded her head, admitting that Grayson was the sole reason why they were acting this way, and Humphrey wanted to know more about what happened that day. What did he do to put them in such fear after he met him? What was his goal? Why is he doing this? Why is he targeting the quintuplets, especially when they are the pack leader's daughters which is something no other wolf should be doing?

It began boiling the anger in his heart because nobody has the right to manipulate or put the pack leader's daughters in fear. Grayson had no right to do that. Both of them started to stand up with Annie having her head still on his chest. Annie can hear his heart beating fast than usual. She looked up to see his facial expression and gasped.

Humphrey can hardly contain his anger and was never the type of wolf to get angry, but this was exemptional. Grayson has done enough damage, and he needs to pay. He unexpectedly started following the trail where Grayson was heading fiercely.

"Humphrey, wait. Wait! WAIT!" Annie shouted, fearing that Humphrey might hurt himself if he angers Grayson. "Please, don't go. Just stay with me and my sisters. Leave Grayson alone. We'll do something about it, but please don't get yourself involved in this situation."

Annie was right. Who knows what will happen if he confronts Grayson? Humphrey lay his chin on top of hers before moving to nuzzle her nose.

"Sorry for getting ahead. I should've thought about what I should do first."

"No, no, no, Humphrey. There's no need to apologize. I just...don't want you to get involved. I'm...I-I'm just scared of what will happen if I'm not there to protect you." Humphrey widened his eyes before softening his expression and hugging her.


Humphrey opened his eyes to find all the other girls rushing towards him, tackling their love to the ground and hugging him protectively. They started asking the same questions that Annie just asked minutes ago, and they were in the same state as her.

"Wait wait wait, how did you girls know that I'm with Grayson?" Humphrey asked them curiously and confused. Did they have a sixth sense he didn't know about?

"Well" Kate started, "I heard Grayson after I left. I didn't know what to do, so I grabbed my sisters for help. Annie was the closest one, and it's a good thing she got here before we do."

"How about you girls take a day off? All of you deserved it, and I don't want you girls to push yourself any further after this situation." The quintuplets nodded their head with a smile until it disappeared immediately. They wanted to hang out with Humphrey, but Grayson might be around and stalk them as no other wolf would.

"Yeah, but we might not be able to hang out with you know..." Kate stated. Humphrey smiled and nodded his head, understanding that Grayson might do it again. Humphrey sighed and began walking away from the girls as they looked back at him, gritting their teeth. They didn't want to give a goodbye kiss to Humphrey because of the pressure of getting caught, and their secret relationship will be revealed to the pack.

The quintuplets squinted their eyes, holding in their tears before walking in the opposite direction, and then splitting into five different directions. They need to be alone.

As soon as they split up, they were not in a good shape as Humphrey thought they were before. Annie was extremely terrified and had to lean against the tree, holding her head while looking at the ground. Crystal was wailing and holding her mouth with tears pouring out of her eyes like its nothing. Roselyn began to slip out of reality and kept walking into trees, bushes, and rocks. Carina was taking her anger on trees, bushes, and rocks while crying tears. Kate, on the other hand, went straight towards where Grayson was heading towards to. She felt like she needs to take responsibility and end this once and for all.

She had flames coming out of her eyes and didn't even give a second chance to run as fast as she could. To the point where some of the wolves thought it was a Peregrine falcon flying past them when it was Kate.

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