Five hours after midnight. Roselyn woke up way early in the morning than any other wolf would usually do, including her eldest sister, Kate. The reason why she was up so early is because she wanted to see Humphrey. Or get the chance to sleep with him.

Roselyn stretched her body at the entrance of the den before proceeding her way to Humphrey's den. Before she could do that, she splash some water on her face to keep herself awake during this time. Usually, she would wake her other sisters up just to see Humphrey, but this time of the year is different. With Grayson's words invading her head and latching to her brain and her DNA, she had to get Humphrey to fall in love with her only. ONLY HER.

Yesterday was the worst day of her life because she didn't see Humphrey nor does her sisters.

She was being controlled by Grayson's words, and she was not the only one. They wished for Humphrey's safety, and it's better to do it quickly before the mating season hits. Even with all the practice Roselyn thought of for having sex with Humphrey with her sisters to prepare for that season, it's not going to be enough.

His body may not handle it and eventually died from sexual exhaustion. Roselyn smacks her cheeks, getting her head out of the gutter. Sex is not gonna do anything for Humphrey to fall in love with her. She wanted him to see her as a girl. Not a hip night dreams destroyer.

Roselyn was in deep thought as she made her way toward her beloved's den. What is she going to do to make him fall in love with her only? She hates to admit it, but she felt like she doesn't have any attractive traits on the inside. Kate is confident and serious like a true alpha but has a softer side that would charm any wolf. Annie is overprotective, but caring and loveable as she can be. Crystal is a quiet girl like Lilly, but her innocent is what catches the attention. Lastly, Carina is strong and outgoing with a hint of playfulness, and her aura that just makes you want to hang out with her more.

What does Roselyn have? A perverted girl who is heavily obsessed with Humphrey and plays with him a lot. Roselyn sighed and tried to find a way to get Humphrey's full attention on her, so she can rip his eyes from her sisters and only lay on her ONLY.

She thought back to her puppyhood with Humphrey. Playing, teasing, telling jokes. Nothing comes into her mind until she made up her mind that they could go on a walk and enjoy the beauty of Jasper National Park. She does remember seeing Humphrey's blazing smile whenever he's by her side. She smiled, knowing that she might have found a way that can catch his attention.

Then, a familiar scent of her favorite wolf suddenly started filling her nose as she began to flutter to her dearest wolf's den.

"Humphrey~, Humphrey~, Humphrey~." She sang his name. But then, she stopped in her tracks. What if the other caught her sleeping with him?

Roselyn looked up to the late-night sky to see where the moon is. The moon was just above the horizon while the dimmed sunlight was just over the tip of the tallest rows of mountains. There's a good amount of time till morning and enough time for Humphrey to get a good sleep before the others arrived. It's also a good time, too because today she is going to have a day off from her duty.

She shrugged her shoulders and continue hopping to her destination in love. She might as well took the time till morning to watch Humphrey sleeping in his cute ball-up position. Her eyes dilated when Humphrey's den was in her sight.

She beamed big and wide before rushing to his den and peeking into it. Seeing Humphrey in a tight ball sleeping position. Roselyn started wagging her tail which shook her rear end left and right before tip-toeing into his home.

Roselyn lay down right in front of him before laying her head between her paws. Watching her beloved's face as he slept peacefully with a dreamy smile. She looked over her shoulders to see where the sunlight is at. It's still early in the morning, but Roselyn knew her sisters would visit Humphrey before their duty. Even if she leaves and hides from them, her scent is still going to be lingering in his den.

Is it a good time to wake up Humphrey? Is it time to be a selfish wolf for her own sake? While Roselyn was fighting her decisions over Humphrey, she didn't realize that he had one of his eyes open to find one of the most beautiful wolves laying right in front of him.

"Are you trying to sneak in here to sleep with me like you did last time?" Roselyn yelped at the sudden sound she didn't expect to hear.

"Humphrey? I thought you were gonna wake up in another hour or so."

"I can't help myself when I recognized someone in my den in my sleep." Roselyn held back her voice from saying aw. She also held her posture from turning her body into a love puddle while holding onto her blazing heart head over heels.

'He is so freaking cute. I can't help it. I wuv him so much.' Humphrey yawned as he stretched out his body, which Roselyn didn't pay attention to as she was repeating the words Humphrey said to her. He rubbed his eyes and yawned again before sitting up.

"Well, what are you up to," he asked, bringing her back to reality as she starts wagging her tail.

"Oh, I just want to see if you have time to hang out with me."

"I've always had time for you and the others, baby. What about the other girls?" Humphrey asked with a wagging tail.

"I'm sorry, Humphrey. They've got duties to do and I'm the only one who gets a day off."

"Did your schedule change or something? Because all of you have the same schedule" he stated. Roselyn's heart flutter to hear that Humphrey remembered their schedule, so he could hang out with them. But sadly, it didn't last long enough for her to enjoy the feeling.

"Sadly, yes." Humphrey smiled a little and caused bits of pins and needles in Roselyn's chest. She hated the fact that she is going against Humphrey's future. Knowing that he wanted all of them to be together as one big happy family. But in reality, it's preventing him.

"Let me get ready, and we'll take a walk. I've got a good idea where to head" he widened his smile. Roselyn tilted her head and smiled before wagging her tail. She wonders where is he taking her. She followed him out of the den to the pond nearby. Watching him taking a morning bath as he splashes water on his face to keep himself awake. As he was bathing, Roselyn's eyes slowly drifted to his body from his face. Eyeing how his fur grasps tightly against his body. Giving it a shape she drooled over and stared as much as she wanted to. Her mind slowly drifted into her imagination of one of the biggest desires she has yet to release.

A female version of a doggy position or a reverse amazon position.

As her imagination continues, it suddenly went from a wet daydream to a daymare. She began seeing bloody gnarly injuries on his body that were caused by an unknown amount of deep scratches and bite marks. Roselyn started sweating and having a panic attack as she felt something dripping on her paws. Making her look down and saw a reflection from the pool of blood...of herself. Her mouth and her paws were covered with her beloved's blood. Followed by the reflection of her sisters who were also covered with Humphrey's blood.

"Ahhhh!" She screamed until reality hits her hard as she fell onto the ground.

"Roselyn!" Humphrey screamed her name while running to her. Roselyn kept blinking her eyes to make sure she was living in reality instead of her daymare. When Humphrey arrived, she did not hesitate to hug him as tight as possible. Not letting herself go from her beloved. Humphrey didn't hesitate to hug her back but was struggling to do so due to her giving him a taste of her full strength.

"'re" Roselyn did not respond to his words and only hug him tighter with her eyes shut. Humphrey stood there with his body relaxed as his arms gave up from her adrenaline rush activated her full strength.

They both remained in the same position for several minutes until Roselyn slowly eased herself away from Humphrey.

"Humphrey?" Roselyn called his name out when she find him diminished in her arms.

"I-I'm...I'm okay." Roselyn smiled a little and continue hugging him in his arms. Disregarding the fact that Humphrey wanted to take her on a walk. However, with Roselyn's current condition, it's not going to happen at all. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"Of course I do. I know how much all of you love me" he replied, indicating her and her sisters. Roselyn started to ease her strength. Slowly to realized that Humphrey still loves her and her cloned sisters equally. She regretted the idea of going against the promise she made along with her siblings. But she wanted him to be by her side. She loves him as much as they do, but she needs to prove that she loves him more than they do. "Shall we go on our walk as we plan intended to?"

"Oh, yes" Roselyn replied. She lets go of him and catches him when he stumbled around. "And, sorry for squeezing you."

"You don't need to apologize after something that happened you don't have intentions of doing so." They entered the depths of the forest with Humphrey leading the way. They went down on a small trail that couldn't be seen unless they had sharp eyes. Roselyn looked around as memories started rushing in. Her smile grew bigger and bigger while wagging her tail at blazing speed.

She knew where they were going. Her smile reached its maximum size as a familiar sight appeared right in front of her eyes. Her tail can't be seen with the naked eye due to the speed of her tail. Expressing the happiness she felt as a certain memory entered her mind as if it had just happened yesterday. A memory that showed a very special moment that sealed her fate with him.

They came upon the place where they howled together with him in a perfect harmony that showed they were soul mates and destined to be together.

Roselyn can't help but dance right behind Humphrey's back. Catching his full attention as he faced her with a bright smile. Roselyn stopped dancing and stared dreamily at Humphrey's dazzling smile. The same smile he gave when he laid his eyes on her, every time. She couldn't help but kiss him on the lips passionately.

She felt him kissed her back and she wrapped her arms around him. Claiming that Humphrey belongs to her only. Knowing or had a feeling that she finally caught his attention to her only. Roselyn broke the kiss and they continued on their walk with her wagging her tail as happily as ever. But in reality, she doesn't see his true feelings because of the love she has for him.

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