Orange covered the sky with a sprinkle of red, the wind picked up slightly as the temperature dropped a few degrees. Kazuha glanced down at her watch and sighed, it was getting late and her mom warned her not to be late for dinner today. Her pace quickened at the thought of a scolding from her mother; she was unfortunately stuck in the long line at the author's signing of a recently released book. She hugged the book against her chest. Meeting the author was a dream come true, he proved to be as handsome and intellectual as rumored. She blushed lightly as she remembered some of the words she told the author, they were a bit embarrassing she'll admit but she'll doubt she would ever regret them.

Kazuha looked down the crowded street of people and cars, and without a second thought, she turned right into an alleyway. If she continued down that alley and cross through the park and enter the alley parallel to the park, she can get home that way. It would take a few minutes longer the route right through the busy intersection however she sometimes likes this route just to take in the scenery; with the setting sun, it shined a dim red light against the green of the park covering the area with a blanket of peace and beauty. And with the lack of people, it truly is breathtaking. She has been stuck in line too long and this scenery would just add to the dream of meeting one of her favorite authors.

A small smile settled on her lips.

She crossed through the park with amazement dazzling in her eyes. She entered the empty alleyway; this alleyway despite being near (but not directly next to) the park had always been emptied of people. She never knew why, the alleyway continued to prove time and time again to be a convenient route to multiple locations, maybe due to the lack of scenery. Oh well, it was a shame indeed. Kazuha continued to walk but halted to a dead stop at the hearing of a faint whimper. She heard another whimper but this time she heard a faint plea of "please stop." Kazuha quietly pressed herself against the wall, a practice she learned through her father and Heiji. Somebody is currently being threatened, but she must assess the situation before she can just jump in there-her father scolded her too many times to beware if a person is armed first or not. She inched closer to the corner where the pleas grew slightly louder. She peeked around the corner, three men clad in black stood there. Well, one man, a middle-aged man with brown hair and a small shaven beard with grey spots is on his knees bowing to the other two men, his face is contorted and paled, cold sweat dropped from the sides of his face.

The blood drained away from her face as she as saw the man with long silver-blond hair, a long black trench coat, and a black fedora pressed his foot against the kneeling man. In his left hand, he held a gun with a silencer attached, he pressed the cold metal to the skull of the kneeling man. No emotion clouded the man's face, save perhaps annoyance. The other man clad in black stood there with a sly grin on his face, his eyes covered by dark shades, his left hand held a black suitcase. The temperature seemed to drop colder and the earth stood still as the blond kicked the man pushing him down to the hard concrete floor, blood peaked from the ripped skin on his face. The blond stepped a couple of feet back with the gun still aimed at the man on the floor, tears were now streaming from the man's face on the ground as he pleaded for mercy.


Then the man's head fell lifelessly on the ground as blood oozed into a pool around the head. "You missed your chance for mercy." The blond grunted, his tone void of any emotion as he lowered the gun placing the gun back into his coat after turning the safety on.

Kazuha involuntarily released a small 'eep' at the gruesome scene, she was not expecting to outright witness a murder. She whipped her head around the corner hoping the two men did not see her as they turned their heads toward her direction. Kazuha screamed in her head, scolding herself for being such an idiot for giving up her position. She needed to go, there was no doubt they were going to investigate this area after hearing a muffled human scream. She glanced at her surroundings, there are absolutely no hiding spots. She had to make a run for it, she cannot stand up against armed men. All she had to hope is that they do not shoot her as she runs away. She retreated along her route silently.

The world tumbled downward.

The book landed with a thud as Kazuha fell clutching her right leg. Tears forced their way out of her tear ducts as the pain flared in her legs. She glanced down. Her hands are covered in blood. She stared up in horror as the men walked up toward her, the blond holding the gun unimpressed.

Heiji, please come and save me.

But she knew Heiji nor anyone else is going to save her. Heiji was currently hanging out with his family, his mother demanded some time to be spent together after feeling like they never spend time together as a family. And her parents were waiting for her arrival with little knowledge of her current situation. And this is practically a deserted alleyway, what are the chances someone would see her and try to save her? No one certainly did for that dead man back there.

The men approached her, and Kazuha tried inching back in a futile attempt to escape. However, the blond held the gun straight at her and Kazuha stopped. All her memories flooded into her mind as the blond crouched in front of her with his malicious green eyes boring down on her. She is going to die. The blond struck her with the butt of the gun, whatever strength she had left vanished into the dark sky as she collapsed down, her vision grew spotty. She faintly saw the blond pull out a small pill and heard him mutter something along with the words of 'might as well finish this.'

The blond administered the pill in her throat as she saw the other man pick up her signed book. Her eyes fell shut as her body shook violently, her whole body flared into pain. It was unbearable.

Her life then turned black.