Conan leaned back against the bark of the tree still holding the phone. It was starting to get late, he had to get back to the house soon. Conan glanced at Kazuha who sat there in her oversized clothing; he gently pushed his bag toward her. Kazuha gave him a questioning glance. "I have a spare change of clothes in there, they should fit you." Kazuha's mouth widened in an "O" as she understood what he meant. She grabbed the slightly worn dull yellow bag and walked behind another tree for some privacy. "I need a distraction for Hattori," he told Haibara hoping she will help him come up with something to avoid the western detective's suspicion.

"Not sure if anything will help. That idiot is as sharp as you especially if it concerns his loved ones." Haibara answered back. She had one idea, but it was also risky. "I doubt you told the detective everything about them, you can tell him you got a possible lead on them. It wouldn't particularly be a lie either." She suggested. She actually didn't like the idea but if it worked…

Conan stared forward with a serious expression settled on his face. That might actually work and will give him an actual excuse to head back to Tokyo. He knew that it might put a damper on their relationship, given Hattori's temper, however, Hattori will eventually understand the importance of his actions. He sighed. "Thanks, Haibara. See you soon." He ended the line before dialing another number. Kazuha stepped out from behind the tree fully dressed in the kiddy clothes with his bag in her left hand and her clothes in her right hand and arm. "You can put the clothes in the bag." He told her as the line rang. Kazuha nodded and reluctantly proceeded to stuff her clothing in the bag neatly. She felt bad since her clothes were covered in dried blood and dirt and she hadn't taken a shower since forever.

"Hello?" A voice answered on the line.

"Ah, Subaru-san. It's me." Conan replied with an unusual chirpiness. Kazuha looked over at him with curiosity. How could he change his behavior just like that?

Subaru leaned against the desk in the library holding a glass of wine in his left hand curious about the call. Conan only ever called him if he needed him. "Ah, Conan-kun, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Conan laughed nervously scratching his cheek with his right index finger. "I actually have a favor to ask of you." This piqued up his curiosity. Well, he was correct about calling for a favour.


"I need you to take care of a little girl, about my age."

"A girl?" What an unusual favour for the boy to ask him to do.

"Ah yes," Conan nervously started before his voice suddenly turned more serious, it startled Kazuha just a bit. She entertained the idea of Conan being a bit bipolar. "You see, she was attacked by Gin and I want to keep her safe and close. It might be suspicious if Hakase took in another child, so I was wondering if you can…?"

Oh, so she's the same as you and Shiho then. "Alright, I'll take care of her." He was not so sure about him taking care of an actual child but a seventeen-year-old, he's sure he can manage. And besides, she's now involved with them.

"You would?" Conan questioned with a surprised tone. He was actually not so sure if Subaru was willing enough to do it. Kazuha glanced at him with curious eyes; she had finished placing her clothes into the bag and was waiting patiently for Conan to finish.

"Yes, I'll gladly do it. She can act as my niece that I have to take care of due to sudden issues with my 'sister.'"

"Thank you, Subaru-san. I really appreciate it. Her alias is Nakamoto Kamiko, and we'll be in Tokyo later today." He ended the line, glad the man said okay. He stood up grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulders. Kazuha quickly stood up too. "Alright, I'm going to head back to Hattori's place and provide them with an explanation as to why I have to leave. You head over to the train station and I'll meet you there." Kazuha slowly nodded.

"Okay. Thank you Conan-kun." She said softly as she gazed at the forest floor with sad eyes. She looked up into brilliant blue eyes as he gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, it will be alright. I promise. I will do everything I can to make everything go back to normal again." He made another promise, and Kazuha's eyes misted over with tears as she suddenly hugged the boy who ignored any gross smell she was emitting. Conan's eyes widened before softly gazing at her.

"Thank you Kudo-kun."

Conan stood at the doorway of the Hattori household with half-lidded eyes unsure if he really wanted to face the situation. He sighed before entering the house, he walked silently to the living room where Hattori, his parents, Kazuha's parents, Kogorou, and Ran were sitting. Ran looked toward the entrance then stood up. "Conan-kun, where have you been?" She called out to the child warranting everyone else's stares, Conan chuckled nervously scratching at the back of his head.

"I was looking around the neighborhood," He innocently replied with worry in his eyes. Everybody's gazes softened as they interpreted the child's antics. Ran grabbed his hand and gently guided him to where she was sitting.

"I know you're worried Conan-kun, we all are, but you can't just run off like that." Ran softly scolded him, but he can hear how worried she was. Conan just innocently nodded as he sat down next to Ran. He glanced at Hattori whose gaze seemed distant and he mentally sighed. He really didn't want to make a scene about him having to leave, but time is ticking and they really do not have a lot of time. He glanced at everyone around him. He guessed the precinct forced the two officers to take some time off, they both had dark circles around his eyes, it was obvious neither of them slept. He glanced at Kazuha's mom and Hattori's mom, they hadn't slept either. Dread kicked into him. He felt guilty for manipulating them when they only wanted their daughter and friend back. While he felt guilty about manipulating Ran (she really was the only one who cared about his disappearance; not even his own parents noticed until a month or two afterward which stung a little) and of the FBI when he faked Akai's death, it was so much more different. Inevitable tears did come but they carried on, Ran continued to enjoy her life despite knowing that her childhood friend may never come back and the FBI still had a job to do. But they had some closure, they did not. And the closure they're going to receive will not be a welcomed one; but no matter what excuse he and Kazuha fabricated, it is still going to cause a rocky relationship between her and her family and friends. He hated that this was occurring.

He tugged on Ran's sleeve breaking her away from the current discussion. She peered down at him in concern and confusion. "What is it Conan-kun?" She softly asked and quietly enough to not disturb anybody else.

Conan stared up at her with the most apologetic expression he could muster. He needed to get back to Tokyo. He had to do this. "Ran-neechan, I need to go back to Tokyo." He softly replied back.

Ran gave him a dubious stare as she frowned in obvious confusion. "But why?" They had just gotten to Osaka, they couldn't just leave when they hadn't found Kazuha yet. And she didn't want her little ward to leave for Tokyo so late.

"While I was searching around the neighborhood," Conan began explaining. "I got a call from Hakase and apparently Haibara is sick. And she really wants me to be there with her."

Ran's eyes softened as she gazed upon her worried little brother. She knew how much Conan cared about Haibara. She remembered the last time Haibara had gotten sick, Conan went out of his way to get her soup, anything she needed, and he stayed at Hakase's the entire week to personally look after her. It honestly surprised her to see how much effort Conan put in to care for her, he was so worried. "But she has Agasa-Hakase to take care of her right now." She told him. It was horrible timing for Haibara to get sick but she trusted the older man to take care of the little girl, Conan didn't need to go out of his way to tend to her. Not now, not when Kazuha is missing. But Conan continued to stare at her with his hurt puppy dog eyes, she can see the worry brimming in those blue eyes. She needed to stop looking at his expression or else she'll falter and give in.

"But she personally wants me to be there next to her." Conan tried again keeping his puppy dog eyes. "I know Kazuha-neechan is missing, and I really want to find her. So while I'm taking care of Haibara, the detective boys and I can help try to find her. We're really good at solving mysteries together." Conan suggested while ignoring the fact it was typically him who ends up solving those mysteries. Though he knew that if the kids caught wind of Kazuha's disappearance, they would go out of their way to try to find her even if they deduce unrealistic conclusions. They are only kids after all. He continued to gaze up at Ran with his worried eyes and saw her falter. He really did feel guilty for tricking Ran like this.

"I really don't want you to go but if it would make Ai-chan feel better…" Ran conceded as her thoughts trickled into a state of worry. She really wanted Conan to be here and especially as a support system for Hattori, those two really got along. Yet she also didn't want Conan to get into any further trouble, he always has a knack for getting into trouble especially with Hattori. Those two go on impulse and never ground each other with reason despite how ironic that sounded. Hattori really needed someone to stop him from doing anything impulsive that could get him into trouble. She glanced at Hattori who stared at the wall with despair. He needed a break. She gently nudged Hattori's arm, catching his attention. "I think we need some fresh air." She told him. Hattori frowned at her and opened his mouth to refuse but was stopped by his mother.

"Go on, de-stress." His mother encouraged them (when she spoke the rest of the room fell silent and all eyes stared at them) because seeing her son in this state truly worried her. Hattori wanted to refuse and continue the discussion with them but seeing the look on his mother's face he silently stood up. And the three left the house with a depressing air around them. Hattori stuffed his hands into his pockets and Ran glanced at him with pity in her eyes. He didn't want her pity but he guessed she kind of understood his pain. Though at least she knew Kudo is alive, he didn't even know if Kazuha is alive or not.

"Ah, where to go?" He muttered. He needed to walk around, he'll probably just drive himself crazy if he just stood or paced around in his yard. He and the police already searched the area Kazuha went to and the possible route she took home several times. Other than some corpse and some blood, they found nothing. The crime scene which was possible that Kazuha might have witnessed lead nothing back to her except for her blood (which he hated that it ended up being hers). But the lead ended there. Kazuha was nowhere to be found and the crime scene led to nothing. Just some John Doe and no possible suspects. It worried him, his father, and Kazuha's father that it was possible that whoever killed John Doe took her; but just what did they do with her. It frustrated him so much because it has been a week, and people don't hold hostages this long. If Kazuha did escape, then she should've been here or at least reported. The idea of just not knowing frustrated him and filled him with absolute dread.

"The train station." Hattori looked over to Conan who suddenly spoke. He narrowed his eyes at him.

"The train station?" He questioned. Why the hell did he want to go to the train station? He doubted Kazuha would willingly leave Osaka, if she was in any trouble, he would be the first person she'd come to. And he doubted the culprit would try to publicly force her out of Osaka; it would be difficult to carry an unconscious woman without anybody noticing especially considering how crowded the train stations are. Even if Kazuha was awake, she would without a doubt cause a scene and the police would, of course, have been notified.

"It seems like Ai-chan is sick and Conan wants to go back to Tokyo and take care of her." Ran shyly explained scratching her cheek in the same habit as Shinichi.

"Hah?" He questioned in annoyance as he leaned down toward the chibi detective. "Doesn't she have the professor to take care of her?" Why the hell is Kudo trying to leave?

Conan pouted, and like hell would he believe that act. "Yeah, but Haibara really wants me to be there." Hattori could only give Conan an incredulous stare. Yeah, there was no way in hell that Kudo is going to stop investigating the disappearance of Kazuha to take care of some little girl who could take care of herself.

"But what about Kazuha?" He couldn't stop himself from asking (and he also couldn't stop his voice getting louder either).

"The detective boys and I will help investigate her disappearance." The boy chirped with some enthusiasm but still kept somber. Hattori only stared. He did not believe that for one minute. He saw how Kudo interacted with those kids, he was always trying to get them out of trouble, out of cases. Kudo would never stop that. No, he is not having it. He grabbed Conan by the collar and walked several feet away from Ran who protested at the sudden action. He only waved her off (she frowned at the casual dismissal) and he stared at Conan who stared back with an equally serious expression.

"Cut the bullcrap. Why the hell are you leaving?" He snapped quietly at the other detective. They should be out of earshot from Ran but given how loud he could be…

Conan crossed his arms across his chest as he stared dead into his eyes. Hattori failed to be intimidated by the small detective dangling in the air. "I'm sorry for Kazuha but I got notice of a possible lead on them." Hattori felt his eyes go wide for a split second before he narrowed them again.

"And you're just gonna drop Kazuha for a possible lead?" There is no way in hell is he going to let him. But that expression that masked Kudo's face told him that yes, that is exactly what Kudo planned to do. "I can't believe you." He angrily muttered.

"I'm sorry Hattori but this is a possible lead and I can't just ignore it. You know how much this means to me."

"And you know how much Kazuha means to me!" He immediately snapped back. Yet, Kudo only stared back, his expression did not change.

"I'm sorry Hattori. I promise that whenever this pans out, I'll search for Kazuha." At that point, Hattori just dropped Conan. Conan landed on the concrete with a thud with a grunt.

"Unbelievable," He angrily muttered. "Go on, get out of here." He angrily dismissed Conan who just stared wide-eyed at him. Hattori simply pivoted and grabbed Ran by the arm pulling her in the other direction. "The brat can get himself to the train station." He said ignoring her protests. Conan watched as their figures faded away and heaved a depressing sigh. He made his way to the train station.