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It started when a man and woman came to the orphanage and introduced themselves as billionaires and came with a ridiculous request.

They didn't just want one child.

They wanted all the children in the orphanage.

There was quiet a bit of silence before every child and staff realised they were serious, the owner of the orphanage came to their house to understand more and saw it was a giant mansion, more than enough to house all the kids, each room was living room size.

When the kids saw the mansion, they expressed happiness of not being split up.

Several people came to make sure the house was suitable for such a number of kids and that the income was enough.

Everything seemed to be in order and the adoption was on the news because it broke a world record easily.

For days they were followed around by the press, the kids moved in and the press saw the family trips the massive family would take.

The owner and his daughter of the orphanage would often visit to check on them while taking in new kids who found their way to the orphanage.

But just when the buzz had died down and people thought it was okay to not come over to check.

The two showed their true intentions.

The mansion, everything disappeared one day off the face of the earth.

When the kids woke up the next morning, their new parents were nowhere to be seen and outside their windows was a very scary sight.

There was nothing but a fog and in that fog was something moving around the house.

They were all petrified and were quick to make sure everything was locked.

But their efforts were in vain.

The windows and doors were busted down and about a hundred giant mini worms stormed the place.

Everybody was screaming, everybody was running but each and every one of them was haunted down and consumed.

They were forced into hibernation.

"Oh, look our children are feeding so splendidly" said, the giant warm in the voice of the woman who they called mother. "To think the humans would just hand them over to us when they have such potential. I wonder if any of them will survive?"

"We've gone through over 200000 already, dear" said, the other worm. "Nobody cares if one or two orphans go missing. Its not the governments problem. Even that annoying woman stopped visiting." before he said. "The success rate is so low that we use anything left over as fertiliser. Who will survive and who will be devoured? Only time will tell"

They waited for days and then they were met with surprise.

One child, two child, three and so on before everybody came out.

All of them were alive.

All of the slugs dissolved into them, and they began to glow, the bigger the power, the bigger the glow.

They saw Hiroto and were shocked, the red head glow was amazing, by far the brightest glow they had come across.

Four other children had abdominal big glows but this red head was by far the brightest.

"This child...he is the strongest that has made it out alive" said, the male worm. "We'll take the children to the nursery to be re-educated."

They scooped the children up one by one, and all of them woke up in a web of some sorts and had no memory, reducing them all mentally into babies, all of them were given new names and their education began.

They were all taught a complete new language, how to read, how to write, they were told about their world, where babies come from and how superior they were to the human race.

When they grew older, they started to think for themselves and completely different personalities began to resurfaces.

It was very interesting to see them virtually turn into completely different people.

Xene who used to be Hiroto, used to be very clingy with any adult who showed him love and wanted to make friends, in just a few years, he had transformed into somebody who was completely independent, he didn't care about making friends and he was more of a leader personality.

They were not allowed to go to earth until they were strong and mature enough to do so.

In other words, they could pass as human, their emotionless eyes on a child's face was a cause for police or child services to be called.

When Xene managed to head to Earth, he got hooked on this sport called Soccer and was crazy good on Japanese soil.

He got really good at it and didn't care when he started to be watched by an old human, the old man just sat and watched.

One day, he said.


He stopped and turned to him.

"What's your name?" said, the old man.

"Oh, it's Xavier Hunter" said, Xene given him his human name and smiling, a clearly fake smile as if he was a doll.

"Your extremely good." said, the old man. "Have you ever been in an match before?"

"We'll, nothing official" said, Xene. "I've only started playing not too long ago. Its quiet the enjoyable sport"

The old man stared at him and said. "Would you be interested in trying out for the Japanese national team on my recommendation for soccer?"

"National team?" said, Xene. "That sounds amazing. I would love to try out, I'll give you all my contact information. Unfortunately I don't have a school. I'm home schooled, would it be okay if you meet my parents?"

"Of course" the old man said, wondering what could be hiding under that mask of a smile.

Xene left and told his nest mother and father about it, and it caused quiet an uproar on the planet, before they came in their human forms to give permission for him to try out.

They gave him a special ring to allow him to eat and if there was a body scanned, he would appear completely human.

When he tried out on recommendation, he revealed himself to be quiet the monster, he got his own card and he appearances in the representative only section in a purple t-shirt over an orange coat, grey jeans and shoes caused quiet the stir because he wasn't wearing a school soccer uniform like everybody else.

He sat down and immediately, they all felt something weird about him.

None humans were also in the crowd as a fat human being went on the stage and pressed a button that activated the large screen behind, an announcer began to introduce the newest members of inazuma japan to the world with the players finest highlight on screen.

A lot were not surprise by the first two but then came Xene on the board, it showed him at the exam how unbelievable flexible he was and his incredible special move alongside his current image now.

He was put in midfield.

And then the line-up continued until all of them were called out, two people nobody had heard of had made the cut.

Xene was by far the most interesting out of the two though.

Those who made it were taken to the national team changing rooms to be fitted with their new uniforms.

Xene had been taught how to put on clothes that weren't automated and pretty much had no reservation when it came to it.

He was soon fitted out and told to line up as if they were getting ready for a match.

It was very interesting pushing through balloons before heading to the stage and presenting themselves to the world.

The instant they walked off and they changed back he heard.

"Hey, who are you?" from a squid looking human.

He turned and smiled that doll smile of his and said. "Xavier Hunter. Somebody called Coach Hibiki recommended me to the team. I had to take an exam. I'm looking forward to working with you and the rest of the team"

The word 'weirdo' quickly popped into anybody who heard him, mind.

He then bowed as if they weren't the same age and walked off, making them all blink.

Super weird.

The next morning, they all met at Raimon junior high and hopped onto the bus, he just sat any seat and didn't have anything with him but he seemed content with watching people with his doll like smile for several hours.

It was very uncomfortable for the poor person who sat next to him.

Several hours later they came off and saw the official representative training ground for Japan.

Everybody could finally introduce themselves to one another.

"Can you stop smiling like that? Its creepy" said, Hiroto.

There was a long pause between the two of them but in the end his doll like smile got wider and he said. "No"

"What do you mean 'no', you bastard?" said, Hiroto. "Its creepy!"

Xene ignored his rambling and then turned to the guy who just stepped off, the guy was the other player who didn't take part in this year's tournament but this time he could smell twisted power coming from the guys leg that wasn't there before.

Human trash.

Of course, he never showed his thoughts on the surface and they all went up the stairs to meet the coach of Inazuma Japan, the trainer, assistant and managers.

They were all taken to their new rooms where they could explore the facility and most ended up in the cafeteria to eat.

Eating was a terrible experience for Xene but he had to eat to keep up the pretence that he was human, and then they continued to explore until late at night where they ate and went to bed.

In the morning, they were treated to a world class player in the adult league being brought over and they all got out to face him.

Xene was not concerned with stopping him, he just moved to watch.

He wanted to understand more about the human race and the power they possessed beyond data.

He recovered very quick when the ball blasted through him, and it headed straight for Endou, it bulldozed down two sub goal keepers before heading to Endou who did God of Wind, God of Lightening.

Xene had never seen a special move that a human did in person so it was amazing.

However, it wasn't meant to be, the ball went right into the net and a lot were left with awe.

The guy who he had never met before praised how Japan progressed in the short time he saw them and hinted that there was somebody who had amazing playing skills that caught him off guard.

When he left, a lot of them were depressed.

It took a word from the captain to set the mood of the team straight.

Interesting human. Xene thought.

He then proceeded to leave when they were all dismissed.

The fact that he just left, as soon as he heard he was dismissed without looking around or at least dusting himself off was a bit unsettling.

But nobody could stop him, as he was soon seen leaving the grounds and heading somewhere unknown.

This continued every day, but that wasn't the only thing strange about him.

They would train from morning to night, they all sweated like pigs and had trouble breathing, but other then slight discomfort, he was not able to walk away instantly but never once had they seen bead of sweat pour down his forehead.

The coach had noticed this after the first day, and he was ordered to train in a different way to everybody else.

Under a dumb reason, he was actually seeing if he couldn't physically sweat or the training was far too light for him.

So that's how the man just concluded he just couldn't sweat, the other option was just far too terrifying if he thought about it.

He also observed that 'Xavier' didn't question anything he was doing, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, he just did it.

The first match with Asia, arrived on their doorstep immediately and they were packed into the biggest stadium, any of them had ever been in.

They were in the big leagues now and he got a front row seat to how human handled pressure even the ones who were used to it was feeling pressure and he was ordered onto the field.

The whistle blew and everything was going correctly until Korea decided to cheat by doing heavily disguised fouls that put a goal in the net and many on the field questioning how the ref could not see the obvious fouls.

However, they pressed through it and Xene found his body moving to do a Hisstue techtic, which unleashed Gouneji Shuuya Fire Blizzard.

The move that struck fear into that world class guys heart.

It was specular.

No wonder, the move was praised.

The instant that ball went in, Inazuma Japan was overflowing with hope and everybody believed they could do it, their spirit was at a all time high.

But it was because of this moment that Gouneji was targeted instantly by the fouling other team.

They went right for his leg by 'accident' and Gouneji had to be carried to the bench because it was so bad.

There was no way he could play again in this match.

It was a blow to Japan that could break the team.

However, although Xene wanted to step in, he was a good judge of the flow of things.

His senses were telling him that he didn't need to show a bit of his true self in this match, so he just limited himself and waited.

Endou stopped the shot and the whistle blew to end the first half.

It was 1-1.

The coach announced Gouneji replacement, who was none other than mister 'God Striker' himself much to a dark skinned humans dismay.

He thought with both Hizaki and that guy as a forward, they would clash terribly since they had been doing it ever since training started but he was surprised to find out that even though they both had head strong personality's, that mess of a play started to come into synch with each other until they were harmonised.

Before that though, the Korean team showed just how little they cared about its own members.

Those who just wanted to play soccer for fun, were injured by their own team mates and forced off the field.

It was a mess.

However, the combing of the two special moves turned it into a supermove and scored.


Now if only Gazelle and Torch could work together like that...thought Xene, wouldn't it be quiet terrifying?

Japan had won.

Their celebreation was brief as they were escorted into the changing rooms and shortly after the digital news came out about the match, it was the person wrote while watching the match.

Gouneji needed to be hospitalised for a bit to take care of his injured leg.

When they were dismissed, he left to go somewhere.

Nobody even knew that he came back in the morning, so when he did he got quiet an interesting sight.

That guy who was unknown like him was standing in front of their captains Endou Mamoru's door with a clear intent to harm on his face.

Watching behind a corner was none other than the team's playmaker Kiduo Yuuto, who was watching and unknown to both of them watching both of them was him, behind his own corner with dead eyes but a smile so demented, it would be perfect for a horror game.

He had a strong feeling, he was going to enjoy watching the humans immensely.

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