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If somebody had said that a company lead by three teenagers would be terrifying, they would have been laughed out of the room.

By Xigon was just that.

No company can boom without some serious firepower behind it.

Both Torch and Gazelle handled the trouble makers, flattening buildings if they had to and leaving no trace of their involvement behind.

Xene came up with strategies outside the box, going into the stock market, and making sure the company had a good public image.

With all three working together, this moderately sized company turned into a Juggernaut in a mere few days.

There was no way, the world didn't notice, the abnormal growth of this company.

Reporters were sent out to find out what the hell was going on, people looked at the company growing profits and saw they were paying their bills correctly and on time.

The Ceo was very open and said, they had talented people helping to transform this company and encouraged walk around's.

The only thing that raised alarm bells was the sudden death of companies that were causing problems and how those corrupt in the company underbelly was quickly fired with overwhelming evidence.

There was definitely something behind this company.

With each passing day, the abnormal rate of growth continued to rise and the company took over business like it was breathing air.

And yet, there was structure still there.

By the time, the soccer finals were over, Zigon had become bigger than Orion.

Unknown to the family that managed Orion, the shareholders were not happy with the direction of the company.

They hadn't been in a while.

The scandals that the family brought upon them was shameful.

The final switch in the Ceo where the founder of the company own wife, became Ceo and blackmailed the world leaders was the final straw for them.

The Girikanan family that was dealing with a dad dead and their mother in prison for a very public crime, woke up to life-changing news.

The world did.

The shareholders, had negotiations with Xigon behind their backs and put their shares together and sold the company.

Sold them to Xigon.

Xigon owned the Orion foundation now and the Girikanan family had been stripped off the very company they founded by the shareholders.

The shareholders didn't even warn them, they found out the same time as the world did, which added to the insult.

To say the world was shocked that Orion was taken over, was an understatement of a lifetime.

Nobody could have predicted this.

They didn't think they would see the day where Orion would become food for a bigger beast.

But Xigon had done it and without the Orion foundation money, that luxury world the Girikanan family had, collapsed.

Suddenly instead of buying stuff, they were going to have to sell their property's and assets, so that they weren't homeless.

The shuffle of Orion new management had actually affected the league as Xigon employees came in to sort out the corruption.

It was a world-shaking mess.

And today, Xigon was going to make a big announcement.

The family that was now suffering from their stupid decision of the adults, hopped that it would be Xigon given them a chance to prove themselves.

Even as low-level employees.

The Ceo, who was making millions per day, stood before the world in a 10,000 dollar suit and said. "People of the world. I will like to announce that Xigon has started the process of bringing the Orion foundation under its wing. For the world of soccer, it has been some very shameful few weeks. Many players have ended up in the hospital or unfairly kicked out because of Orion corrupt management. We, Xigon promise to not only pay for any operation the players may need, but we will also wipe away the unlawful false mark on their record and give the player a cash sum as compassion for what they went through. We also promise to fire the coaches, assistants or staff that agreed with the former leadership of Orion. They will be gone in the coming days and we have no plans to bring the Girikanan family back after what they pulled. It would be disrespectful to all those they hurt."

It was amazing news for those affected.

However, there was fear for those still in Orion that did certain things in the name of winning.

He then said. "Now onto the real announcement. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet. I am not the founder of Xigon. I am merely the public face for Xigon"




Apparently, this wasn't common knowledge.

"Public face?" Said Endou Mamoru.

"There is somebody behind Xigon?" Said Atsuya Fubuki.

He said. "Xigon actually has three founders who created this company"


No wonder, the company grew so quickly!

Which three world-class business's created Xigon?

Which three amazing Ceo's rolled money Xigons way?

He said. "Today, I would be honoured to introduce to you the founders who worked tirelessly to get Xigon to where it is today" he then turned to the door and said. "You may come in, Sirs"

And everybody moved closer to see which three giants would grace them today.

However, nobody was prepared for the three who came in.

Dressed in expensive suits, were two redheads and a silver-haired teenagers.

Yes, not grown men.


And the middle one.

Inazuma Japan and those whose memories were untouched, mouth dropped.

Is that?

Yes, it was as the middle one got on the podium and smiled.

The same Mask smile they had been living with for weeks, graced their eyes once again.

The teen said. "Hello, my name is Xavier Hunter"

And Inazuma Japan, Girikanan family and many others lost their damn minds.

"Wait. Xavier!?"

"As in Xavier? The creepy guy who left the team!?"

"Our Xavier!?"

"He's on Live TV in an expensive suit!"

"Who are those beside him? They don't look friendly"

Inazuma Japan was losing their minds.

Meanwhile, the world was silent before they realized the man was serious.

Xene said, into the mike. "I know this is a shock to you but we really are the founders of Xigon. All of us pulled together our money to fund Xigon and have been working behind the scenes to make sure Xigon is the best it can be"

The other redhead said. "It's was Xavier idea really and we were interested"

The silver hair said. "Despite our noble on the surface goals. Xigon was founded for one purpose only and that was to take over Orion Foundation"



"That snake," said Hiroto Kiyama. "He left the team, founded a company and then swallowed Orion Foundation from the outside."

Everybody was shaken to the core.

Why fight against a corrupt mega corruption when you can just take it over?

The Girikanan family on the other hand was losing it too, as they saw that the smiling mice had been a viper all along and had swallowed them whole.

Xavier said. "Yes, our purpose was to go after Orion. I've had some very unfavourable run-ins with Orion and I was ashamed by how far such a respectable company had become. The recent events, just proved just how far it had fallen. May Valentin Girikanan, rest in peace"


He was using orion founder name?

Hearing him, those in the know just had to be mad.

The Girikanan family was cursing his name, how dare he say the deceased name while taking over his company.

"Wow. What an asshole" said Fudiou Akio.

"Using a dead man's name while your take his company. That Girikanan family must be furious" said Nosaka Yuuma.

"Did he do this for revenge?" Said, somebody.

The whole room was silent.

"If it is. This is one hell of a revenge. He's a downright physcolopath." Said another.

Xavier said. "As you will have probably figured out anyway. The names we give out, aren't our real names. We do this to protect each other's actual identity. Our real identities are quite special and we don't know if we will ever come out and say it." Before he said. "However, all of us are quite capable of being the rock that Xigon is built on. We hope to bring Orion back to the standards it was before and make soccer enjoyable for the watchers as well as the players."

Gazelle said. "Actually, us to don't really care for the sport, we are just doing this to kill time so that was something"

The world blinked owlishly.


They took over a multi-billion company to kill time?

Who are they!?

Everybody face changed around the world and in the room.

"Not a single one of them are normal," said the coach. "Who are these three? Their eyes. I've never seen such cold eyes on somebody so young. It's like their not people"

"Like Lab experiments?" Said, somebody.

Lab experiments?

It would explain how they were all so smart and yet felt so abnormal.

Why Xavier felt so wrong when he stayed with them.

Xavier said. "Thank you, for being an audience for us. We will be invited Inazuma Japan to a special party to congratulate them on their win and publicly fighting against the corruption of the former Orion and also talked them in front of the press and I ask that all the team's involved in the tournament turn over their video footage so that we can decide if certain players need to be banned from anything Orion in the future. If we catch a hit of hit of tempering of the tapes or a particular coach refuses for some reason. The coach or the team will be investigated public. The tapes are Orion property, Orion paid for those camera's and security systems."

And everybody was shocked, especially the teams.

Before he said. "Now excuse us. All of us have to leave for some other business, goodbye"

And then they walked out.

They walked out, showing the world that there was something, even more, scarier than having Orion on your back.

3 teenagers with strange eyes, made Xigon just take over Orion, a company they never thought would ever fall under anyone.

The three of them were the scariest teenagers the world had ever seen.

Where did people like them come from?