It was a warm sunny day and so was Weiss, sunny like today. Nothing else will get in her way today. Difficult problems? Easy as pie. Loads of schoolwork? She can do it with her eyes close. And it would still be too easy for her. Needless to say, she's a genius. "Seriously, is there anything that I know about? I guess I really am a genius." Weiss proudly asked to her assistant/chaperone/driver, Blake, whom is sipping tea with an open book in one hand, looking up to answer Weiss.

"Okay, do you want me to give you an honest opinion or do you want me to challenge you?" Blake tilted her head slightly; curious to what's gotten into the currently humming heiress, twiddling her thumbs together.

"Like I said, I'm a genius, so please, present me a problem I can't figure out." Weiss smirked at her friend/employee/partner in crime, as the faunus closed the book with a sigh, set it down gently and closed her eyes to think.

"Alright, how about a riddle first. There was a man who was born before his father, killed his mother, and married his sister. Yet, there was nothing wrong with what he had done. Why?" Blake finished, letting the heiress think for a while.

However, Weiss just wore a smug look on her face and answered." Dust, it's a simple problem. The was born in front of his father, therefore he was born before his father. Sadly, the mother died while she was giving birth to him and he became a minister to married his sister in a ceremony. Is that the best you can do?"

Blake seemed impressed with Weiss. Whatever happened to her this morning, something must have gotten her in such a good mood and made her like this. A bit too smug but this is Weiss after all." Alright Weiss, here's a hard one; It can't be seen, can't be felt, can't be heard and can't be smelt. It lies behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills. It comes first and follows after, ends life and kills laughter. What is it?" Blake said with a smile, thinking this will really make Weiss take it seriously. However, today was not that day.

Already with an answer in her mind, Weiss stood up, drank her coffee and set it back down again before answering. "The answer is the dark. And therefore I rest my case; I am a genius."

"Well congrats, but let me guess, something good happened to you earlier?"

"Your presumption is correct. I have made the perfect plan to get a date with Ruby!"

'Ohh so that's why she's so happy.' Blake thought before giving the happy heiress. "Well Weiss, I'm happy for you." Blake paused for a moment, "But don't you think we should hurry or you'll be late?" She teased, knowing that Weiss is a stickler for time. Blake saw a flash of panic on her eyes, for a brief moment, before returning to the cheery demeanor. Weiss knew.

"We aren't late. In fact, if we go now, we'll be 15 minutes early than usual. So why don't we just take our time for a bit, hm? I want to drop by a certain coffee shop before we go to the academy." Weiss said before standing up and going to the garage, leaving Blake confused. Weiss looked back at Blake. "What are you waiting for, time is of the essence! Chop chop, those coffee and chocolate chip cookies need to be in my possession!" leaving Blake to rush her drink, the tea almost burning her throat, sputter a weird sounding "Coming!" and opened the driver's seat, only to find Weiss sitting beside her in the passenger's seat.

Blake opened her mouth to ask, but Weiss shushed her with her finger. "No time to ask, we need to get moving now! Now drive!" Weiss cheered with a larger smile on her face. This time, the remaining expression left on Blake's face was worry. Worry that the real Weiss was kidnapped and replace by this too hyper, too excited and very happy imposter. But she pushed back those thoughts in her mind, knowing if she were to comment on it, she'll never hear the end of it. 'Might as well get this over and done with.' Blake thought before driving off to said coffee shop.

"I told you, this coffee is amazing, and I'd go as far as to say that your tea is amazing too!" Weiss kept talking to Blake as they turned around the street to reach the academy. The entire journey was just filled with Weiss talking about how the coffee is great, how she's a genius, how wonderful her date will be, and how pretty Ruby is, sufficient to say, Blake liked this Weiss. A bit kinder, even if a little noisy and smug. And who can't say no to free gifts when your boss is happy. Blake ain't complaining, as she happy ate her tuna sandwich and drank her chamomile tea.

"It really is, Weiss. Thank you for showing me that coffee place. It's really nice. I promise I'll pay you back for the tea and sandwiches." Blake promised.

Weiss shook her head in disagreement. "It's a gift, Blake, no need to pay me back." Blake tried to argue back but Weiss was having none of that. "No, no, no. A gift, Blake. Accept it as it is. A thank you will be sufficed." Weiss smiled.

Blake definitely like this version of Weiss. "Thank you, Weiss." said Blake as she parked the car in the parking lot, unlocking the doors. Weiss stepped outside and walked before running back to Blake.

"Blake, you don't have to drive me home today. Take the time off and go do something for yourself." Weiss said before pulling out a wad of money and handing it to Blake. Blake tried to argue back once again, but Weiss, just shushed her. "It's another gift Blake. You did your job well and... The other job as well," Weiss was referring to their job as the wanted thieves of Beacon. "Consider it as my personal thanks for saving me countless times."

"... Alright Weiss. Thank you once again for the gift. I hope you enjoy your date with Ruby. I'll be back home at night." Blake smiled before starting up the car again. "Enjoy your day, Weiss." Blake said as she closes the window.

"Enjoy yours too." Weiss waved as she watched the limousine drive out of the parking lot and out onto the street, disappearing from her sight after turning to the corner. Weiss took a deep breathe, let it out slowly, and flashed out a smirk. 'Today is going to be a fantastic day.' as she thought to herself on the way to the academy. Everything looked the same as before in the academy, the tile floors looked pristine, the smell of mahogany wood of the walls still give Weiss a sense of comfort, like a warm home, and of course, the other wonderful thing she enjoys the most in this academy. Her ever so happy and pretty Ruby Rose. She blushed at the time she realized she described Ruby as hers. Not that she's going to deny it anyways. And said person is right now running up to meet her. She prepared herself for the 'worst', the well-known bear hug of Ruby Rose.

"WEISS!" Ruby called out to her, with her arms stretched out, pouncing in the air and crashing down on the heiress. Both fell over, as Weiss tried to carry the 'childish' red head, as she was crushed by the vice grip hug of Ruby. Weiss soon felt all of the air in her lungs disappear and soon enough, she can see a bright light at the end of a tunnel.

"Ohhh Weiss, I'm so happy to see you! It's been a hard week of studying because of those stupid exams! Uh, Weiss?" Ruby released her grip on the heiress and look down. She saw that Weiss' mouth was open, curved into a smile, but her eyes were rolled back into her head, looking like a creepy ghost to Ruby. Ruby's cheers turned to worried whines as she gripped the knocked out heiress' shoulders and shook her. "Weiss! Weiss. . ! Don't leave me! NOOOO!" Ruby yelled into the heavens above, gathering the attention of the people nearby.

After a trip to the clinic. . .

"Weiss, I'm sorry! I'm glad you're not dead!" Ruby said to the slightly lightheaded Weiss, as she gripped the side of her head, restoring her breathing rhythm, relieved that her ribs were still intact after the crushing hug she received. Weiss made a mental note to try to avoid her hugs when she's very excited. Or an even better idea, do not let Ruby miss her, even if just for a week of not seeing each other.

"I. . .'m fine Ruby. Just. . . Don't forget to let me breathe once in a while, okay?"

Ruby nodded rapidly in agreement. "I will Weiss! I promise! How about, um, I make it up to you?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"Well, there's this movie coming out. . . I was planning to invite you, if you're interested." Ruby finished, slightly fidgeting. This was definitely not Weiss was planning, but it's even better. Ruby is asking her out. That's definitely better than what she planned, so she'll be willing forgive her for this small blunder.

"Alright Ruby, I'll gladly accept, but after we watched the movie, you'll have to let me eat yo-"Weiss slapped her mouth before she finished her sentence. Good thing Ruby didn't hear here completely, or else, it'll be difficult to explain. Weiss cleared her throat and continued on, wary to keep herself from slipping up. "Let me eat with you for dinner. My treat." She finished.

"Are you sure Weiss? I mean, it's fine if you don't want to, you're probably busy and-" Ruby babbled on, not realizing what Weiss said. If she doesn't stop her now, it'll just get worse from here. With a burst of courage, she grabbed Ruby's face, turned it towards her and leaned close to her face. Ruby blushed like her namesake, as well as Weiss, but she cannot turn back now, she needs to do this.

"Ruby. . ."

"Ye-ye-y-ye-yes W-W-Wei-Weiss?" Ruby stammered , her eyes focusing on Weiss. Her lips parted slightly, breathing hitched up. All she could see was how Weiss looked like. Those beautiful ice blue eyes, the cute nose, the red scar and those luscious looking lips. It drove her crazy. Ruby leaned closer. And so did Weiss. She could feel Weiss' warm breathe, she swear she could hear the heiress' heartbeat that's skipping. She's never been this close to Ruby before, and Ruby wanted almost nothing just to close the distance but Weiss held her in place. Weiss leaned in even closer, her eyes closing slowly. Ruby had no idea what's happening, and she can't stop Weiss. All she could do was think of how nice would it be to feel her lips on hers, and how would it taste. Would it be sweet? Would it be addicting? She's curious. And it's up to Weiss what will happen, and so, she resigned herself to fate and wished for the best.

Weiss leaned in closer and closer. And just one more push, she would land on Ruby's red lips. Dust, she can't breathe. And as if all the cold air from the room is now gone. All she could feel was the warm heat from their face. Ruby closed her eyes. They both leaned closer.

"I accept your invitation Ruby and I'll treat you to dinner afterwards." Weiss whispered to Ruby's ear, letting out a warm wisp of air touch the tip of Ruby's ear. Ruby shivered at the feeling, before her eyes fluttered open. One word to describe Ruby's reaction was disappointment. For whatever reason, she feels disappointed that she didn't get to kiss Weiss, but she didn't let it show. Lest she incur the wrath of the 'Ice Queen'. After all, there will be many more opportunities to kiss. But before she could, she needed to know if Weiss is interested in her first, and especially if she's interested in girls.

"O-ohh. . . Then let's g-go out tonight a-after our classes?"

"Yes Ruby. For now let's go, or we'll be late." Weiss said as Ruby nodded and went out of the clinic and into the hallway. 'DUST THAT WAS SO CLOSE! IF I MESSED THAT UP, EVERYTHING WOULD BE RUIN!' was the thought that ran through Weiss' head as they walked to their class.

After their classes. . .

The two women walked out of the academy and waited for a taxi. Neither spoke to each other, remembering their little moment in the clinic, blushing at the memory. As they rode the taxi to the nearest cinema, two different thoughts went through their head.

'I wish I did kiss her. Maybe that way, I don't have to confess to her through words but through actions. . .'

'Does she like me? Or was she teasing me? I don't know anymore! Well, if she will play that way, time to even the odds, hehe.'

The two arrived at the cinemas and saw that there's a small line of people wanting to watch too. Ruby took a look at the available movies to watch. One is a superhero movie titled "The Huntsman Rises." Ruby heard about this movie and she's interested in watching it, but she doubts Weiss will enjoy it. She is known for her no nonsense attitude. Ruby would have to watch it on her own. Maybe with Jaune and Yang. The next movie she looked at was "Love More Than Likely.", a romantic movie. For some odd reason, the protagonists remind her of Jaune and Pyrrha. She was sure Weiss would watch this movie, but that would make everything feel awkward. The other movie was simply titled "Mirror, Mirror". It was a drama about a little girl who was alone. Ruby looked at Weiss and saw that she was also staring at the movie poster with interest. She should ask her if that's what she want to watch.

"Hey Weiss, what do you want to watch?" Ruby eyed Weiss closely. Weiss continued to stare at the movie poster and replied back.

"This one, if that's okay with you Ruby." Weiss looked a little differently. Like she's a little sad yet excited. Regardless, Ruby will be there to comfort her with whatever she might feel.

"Okay, you go on and fall in line, I'll get the tickets and some snacks. What do ya want?"

"Just a sandwich Ruby." Weiss said, as she smiled and walked over, doing what she was told. Soon enough, they are already in their seats, the dark cover of the cinema making it hard to recognize anyone, except the telltale sign of white hair of her friend.

Weiss fussed over her for bringing a large bucket of popcorn. To say the least, it was almost of hilarious. Almost. "Ruby, won't that spoil your appetite? We have a dinner to go to, remember?"

"Don't worry Weiss, I have fast metabolism, I'll be fine." Ruby reassured her. Weiss nodded and leaned on her seat, waiting for the movie to start. Ruby immediately the presence of a soft yet cold hand of Weiss, gripping hers.

After a while. . .

Weiss can't help but feel happy. At first, she thought the movie would make her feel sad, but the ending made her so happy. Because after the long hardship the protagonist endured, she was happy with her friend and loved one. In a sense, it makes her feel like the protagonist. After being alone for almost her entire childhood, she was rescued by Ruby and she became friendlier. Now surrounded by countless and precious true friends, she'll never feel alone.

"Weiss, are you okay?" Ruby asked, worried about her, yet she didn't know why.

"I'm fine Ruby, never better." Weiss flashed a smile, before she grabbed Ruby's hand and guided her, leaving the young girl blushing. "We have a dinner to attend to. Now come on!" Ruby smiled and let the white haired woman lead her, thinking how very nice it is to feel her hands, cold yet welcoming. And the fact that her giggles are addicting to hear, she was happy.

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