Ever since joining the BPD, Ruby rarely had time to indulge in her favorite past times: jogging and snapping some pictures along the way. She had a collection of the most beautiful things during her jogs, like the rainbow formed from the morning mist, the flock of birds that flew above her or the gentle sun shining from behind the trees. But now that the Red Rose Thief hadn't commit any crimes for more than a week, she had time for herself to just relax and enjoy the morning breeze. Tying her shoelace tightly and placing her headphones on her head, Ruby started to jog, right from the entrance of the park. She hummed in tune with the music, her silver eyes wandered around the park to see something that would inspire her. Maybe the flowers, or the newly placed benches on her path. Something's bound to catch her eyes today, she could feel it. Ruby felt her phone in the deep pockets of her jogging pants, she was ready. Lo and behold, Ruby found the latest target of her hobby.

Underneath a few trees, the few rays of sunlight seem to radiate on her figure, the few beads of sweat on her pale smooth skin gave her a sparkling yet captivating look. The tight sweatpants hugged her nicely, showing the toned yet supple legs. The grey tank top over the sports bra allured Ruby's eyes for more than just a few seconds, obvious of how fit she was. The final blow to Ruby's defenses was the loose ponytail that she wore, as the alabaster white hair bounced with each step, the icy blue eyes staring at the imaginary path as she jogged down the park. Who knew that Weiss also jogged in the same park Ruby jogs in? She had been doing this for more than a few years now and this was the very first time she saw Weiss here. But it was a pleasant surprise, so much so that Ruby almost ran straight into a tree. And by almost, it meant Ruby did ran straight into the tree.

But she didn't care. Weiss was just too captivating and now Ruby needed to snap a picture. Of course she could ran up to Weiss and ask for her a picture, but with all the awkwardness in the world, she had come up with the best plan. Taking out her phone and placing the headphones snug around her neck, Ruby chased after Weiss and kept her distance to capture the best picture of the Ice Queen.

Weiss took a very short break to drink water. She walked over to the hotdog stand and purchased one, while Ruby hid behind one of the park benches. Everything was going great, from her angle, she can capture Weiss drinking from the water bottle as a few droplets drip down from her mouth all the way to her neck, as Weiss breathe deeply between each drink. Raising her phone and holding it steady, all Ruby needed was to click capture and she would have the best picture she could ever have in her collection.

A dog and her owner were also strolling in the park as the owner let her dog run around freely for its needed freedom and started to chase a flock of pigeons. The dog pounced, ready to catch the bird between its teeth, but luckily, the pigeons escaped unscathed as they flew from the ground up. . .

. . . And directly in front of the camera's field of view, at the exact moment Ruby snapped the picture. Ruby couldn't help but hissed in annoyance as she took a look at the captured picture, which completely covered the screen with flying pigeons, hiding Weiss with their feathers and wings. By the time Ruby tried to take another picture, Weiss was already on her path again, jogging efficiently. Ruby sighed to herself and deleted the picture and chased after Weiss again.

Moving towards the playground area of the park, Weiss had a big smile on her face as she passed by a couple of kids playing soccer. While she doesn't know how to play like Ruby or Yang, she adores children and their puffy cute cheeks that makes her want to squeal. So she decided to slow down to have more time to observe their innocence and play with their friends. One of the little girls who were playing fell on the grass, clutching her knees. Weiss immediately jogged towards the little girl and helped her up. The little girl was about to cry but Weiss did her best to cheer her up and offered her ice cream if she promised to smile and not cry anymore. The little girl nodded and thanked Weiss, making Weiss' heart soar high like birds in the sky, of course, it also meant having to treat the other kids for ice cream, but as long as she can make them smile, it would be worth it. The kids were grateful for her help that they even offered to teach her how to play, after trying to invite her to join. One of the kids, a boy, picked up the soccer ball and demonstrated how to properly kick the ball. Weiss did her best to emulate it and managed to kick the ball hard. . .

. . . Which then flew behind a tree and hitting Ruby square in the face, with her phone capturing the final moments before the pain. Weiss and the kids didn't notice Ruby, who lay on the grass as the ball bounced back towards the group, giving Weiss another try, in which she succeeded. Ruby decided that that was a perfect time to take a break, and nurse her sore forehead. After playing for a little bit and keeping her promise of free ice cream for the kids, Weiss bid them goodbye and continued her jogging.

Ruby then decided that following Weiss from behind was a bad idea as if the world's trying to prevent her from snapping the picture. Ruby came up with the brilliant plan of taking a different route by sprinting and to wait in the bushes to snap Weiss as she passes by. Ruby couldn't help but grin at the foolproof plan as she hid behind one of the short bushes, as Weiss came closer and closer, her eyes closed. Ruby looked around and noticed that no one would be able to stop her, no birds in sight nor any random soccer balls that would hit her in the face. All she needed now was just to wait until Weiss jogs in front of her camera, just beneath two trees and the crystal blue sky behind her. Weiss was merely just a few steps away, as Ruby grins harder, her fingers trembling in anticipation. . .

. . . Until Yang suddenly pulled Ruby for a hug, surprising her at the exact time Weiss was passing by. Ruby wanted to strangle Yang immediately but decided not to, for one, Yang cannot find out that she was tailing Weiss, that would be more ammunition for her big dumb sister to tease her and Weiss. And secondly, there was a witness if she did commit murder, as Blake sat on the grass, reading a book as a bunch of finger food lay on the blanket on the ground. Yang and Blake were having a picnic. Yang invited Ruby to join, with Blake waving her hand at her, smiling softly. But Ruby had no time for picnic, she instantly looked back on the path and Weiss was nowhere to be found. She sighed and kindly declined the offer and walked away, wishing the two to have a great time.

"Darn it, if Yang hadn't decided that today was the best day to have a picnic with Blake, I could've taken that picture. . ." Ruby grumbled as she sat on one of the benches, clutching her now dirty phone, as a couple of leaves from the bush stuck on the back of the case. It was already late in the morning, Weiss had probably left so the moment was ruined. And yet she couldn't blame Yang or whatever happened earlier. Ruby opened up the gallery app and took a look at her collection, smiling softly at the prettiest pictures she took back then. She sighed, wishing that she had a picture of Weiss behind the beautiful backgrounds she saw. Ruby leaned back on the bench when a pair of hands covered her eyes, as she hear a soft giggle from the stranger.

"Guess who?" The stranger spoke with an obvious forced voice, intending for Ruby to not easily identify her. Ruby pressed her own hands on the ones that cover her eyes, feeling the soft yet cold skin.

Ruby thought that it was either Blake or Yang, seeing as they were in the park earlier, "Ha ha, very funny Yang, you can take your hands off now, or else Blake will get jealous." Ruby teased, laughing softly as the hands move away from her eyes as she turned in her seat, her face flushing red immediately when she saw a pair of icy blue eyes staring at her with a smirk.

"Really? Are my hands similar to Yang's that you couldn't guess? And what did you mean by Blake getting jealous, is she here?" Weiss looked at her, placing her hands on her hips, her face moist with sweat from jogging.

"I-I didn't mean to say that, your hands are softer than Yang, er, I mean, I saw them earlier having a picnic so that's why I thought it was her. . . You're not upset, are you?" Ruby fumbled with her words, as she moved to give Weiss a space to seat beside her, offering her a fresh clean towel.

Weiss took the towel and gently dabbed it on her face, wiping the sweat off, "Thanks, and no, you're okay. For now." Weiss teased, smirking at Ruby, "I didn't know you jogged here too. If I knew, I would have invited you as a jog partner."

Ruby blushed and nodded, "Y-yeah, I jog here when I'm free or when I feel like it. And I would love to join you. As your jog partner." Weiss giggled softly, looking at the blue sky above them.

"Sounds like a plan." Weiss smiled at her, her blue eyes twinkling, making Ruby blushed even harder, but thankfully she looked away, or else, get Weiss to ask about why her face is red. Weiss' cellphone let out a short tune, as Weiss opened it to see that Raven was looking for her. But it was enough for Ruby to gain interests. So without any hesitation, she quickly thought up of the most innocent excuse she could think of, "Hey Ruby, my sister was asking where I am, and she needed proof. . . Do you mind if we take a picture together?" Ruby's mouth was agape.

"Y-you mean, taking a selfie right now?"

"Yes, I need to show it to Winter. . . Please?" Ruby had nothing to lose, it was a win for the two of them, she could finally have another picture of Weiss and Weiss gets her 'proof'.

"Y-yeah sure, no problem, Weiss, that's what best friends are for." Ruby moved closer to Weiss and put on her smile, but the proximity between them made Ruby blushed harder, the feeling of Weiss' shoulder was enough to send her heart flying. Weiss switched on the camera app and held the phone sideways, pressing her shoulder close to Ruby, ready to capture.

Weiss then looked back at Ruby, motioning to hand Ruby the phone. Ruby took the phone and held it for Weiss, until she gets distracted by what Weiss did. Weiss took off a black scrunchie that held the loose ponytail, letting her long white her drape over her shoulders, ending in slight waves, as she kindly took back the phone to snap the picture and flashed a quick smile, "Smile Ruby!"

After taking the picture, Weiss checked how the picture looked and smiled at how she looked, noticing that Ruby was not looking at the camera, her mouth shaped like an "O" and her face flushed red. It was also enough to make Weiss blush as she closed the phone, "O-O-On second thought, I'll just explain it to Winter. . . I'm sure she'll understand. . . G-Great picture though. . ."

". . . Send it to me as well." Weiss simply nodded and sent the picture to Ruby's email, blushing a bit harder.

"I-I'm feeling a bit tired, want to grab some coffee?" Weiss offered, which Ruby accepted graciously, just to get out of the awkward situation they are in. Weiss giggled and walked close with Ruby, just happy to be with her company.

Ruby couldn't help but feel better and resumed to ramble any topic that came to mind, making Weiss giggle and laugh throughout the day. 'Jogging today was the best idea ever.'

"Hey Ruby, why is there an indent of a soccer ball on your forehead?"

"I-it's complicated. . ."

I hope that it didn't sounded lazy, but it was just a random idea so yay. Hope you guys enjoy. Queen Fayne out!