The Accident

A/N: It's KyokoRen Week 2019! Prompt #1: Fall.

"Quiet on set!"
Kyoko takes a deep breath as she steps forward toward her starting mark. Taking one last cursory glance at her harness she gets ready. Down below, the cast takes their places for the scene. On the sidelines, Ren waits with Yashiro, hands clenching in worry for Kyoko.

Pulling out her swords, Kyoko sprints down the rooftop and leaps to the next building. Landing neatly, she makes her way to the ledge and flips down onto the balcony below.
"Cut! Alright, good job everyone, let's reset one more time." Looking up at Kyoko on the balcony the director says, "This will be the last one. The camera will be behind you, so remember to sprint low."
"Yes, sir!"

Ren lets out a long sigh, loud enough for Yashiro to hear him.
"Why don't you go wait in the dressing room and rest? You've been up a long time today already. I'll let Kyoko know you are here for your lunch once she's done."
"No, I'll stay."
"Are you sure?"
"I'll stay."

Back at her starting mark, Kyoko and the cast members look over her harness, making sure everything is okay before fixing her wig and makeup. Checks complete, everyone takes their places for the next take.
"And- Action!"

Sprinting low, Kyoko races over the roof and leaps to the next. As she steps towards the ledge, the tiles start to give way and she slides over the side of the roof. Screams ring out as she falls towards the ground.
"KYOKO!" Ren yells as he rushes towards her, regardless of everyone else.

The safety line catches Kyoko before she hits the ground, but the momentum of the fall swings her into the nearby wall. She could hear a loud SNAP over the cries of the crew. In a daze, Kyoko isn't able to understand what was going on, she can only feel the searing pain through her side and head.

Sometime later, Kyoko is able to distinguish a familiar voice repeating her name over and over.
"Kyo-…-ko please... K-…-yoko… Kyoko please… Kyoko, please open your eyes."
"Yes! Kyoko, please, you need to stay awake."
Reaching for his hand she repeats, "Ren."
"Stay awake. The medics are coming to look at you."
"Ren. Stay."
"I will. I'll be right here. Just keep your eyes open."
She squeezes his hand in understanding, the pain making it too difficult to keep talking.

The last thing she is aware of are the medics talking as she continues to grip Ren's hand.