A Fateful Encounter

Kyoko takes a deep breath, inhaling the varied scents of the ocean. A nice warm tropical breeze ruffles her hair as she looks out over the water. Behind her, sounds of the crew shifting and moving camera gear mixed with the crashing waves. Waving to the director, she starts to move further down the beach, enjoying a peaceful break, as her next scene wouldn't be for several hours.

Finding a path in the copse of trees beside her, she decides to go exploring for a little while. To her surprise, the path does not lead farther inland as she expected, but winds parallel to the ocean before opening to a small inlet, not far from where they were filming. Engrossed in examining the tide pools, she did not notice a man walk up to her until he spoke.

"Kyoko-chan?"Startled, Kyoko jumps slightly losing her footing among the pools. Before she falls to the ground she is caught and pulled into the arms of the man. Looking up, she is greeted with a very familiar smile."Kuon! You scared me! What are you doing here?"Chuckling a bit, he responds, "I was just going to ask you the same thing. I'm here for the photo shoot.""I thought you said you were going to be somewhere in Mexico?""We were, but then a tropical storm started brewing so they changed our destination due to safety concerns.""It was the same for us. The beach we were supposed to use was damaged in a recent storm so our filming was delayed until they could find a new location.""Are you here for long?""Just two more days. You?""We just finished shooting an hour ago."

Looking down, Kyoko plays with the front of Kuon's shirt absentmindedly."Oh. So, you're leaving soon?"There is a moment of hesitation before Kuon replies, "I'm supposed to leave in the morning. Yashiro made it so I have a few days free in my schedule as I had planned on visiting my parents for a bit."A flash of disappointment goes through Kyoko, ignoring it she looks back up and says, "That's good, I know Fath- Kuu-san and Julie-san would love to see you.""You can still call him 'Father'." Kuon teases before adding, "However, if you have time in-between your scenes, maybe I could stay and be with you?" A hopeful look showing in his eyes."But what about Father?" Kyoko asks, blushing slightly at referring to Kuu in that way to his son.

Involuntarily Kuon tightens his hold of her at seeing the blush on her cheeks. Catching himself, he very carefully loosens his hold again before replying, "I'm sure they would understand, and I can always see them later on in the week."Having been startled at the change in Kuon's grip, Kyoko finally realises she was standing in his embrace. Looking at her hands while he replies, she realises she had been petting his chest throughout their discussion. Face heating, a darker blush steals across her body. Above her, Kuon lets out a groan at her reaction and very carefully lets her go.

Bewildered, Kyoko sends Kuon a questioning his arms to his chest to keep from reaching for her again, Kuon lets out a self-deprecating chuckle before answering, "Sorry, I had to stop myself. I would have crossed the line if I kept holding you."Chewing her lip, Kyoko considers the man in front of her."What if I want you to cross that line?"Shocked, Kuon's gaze bores into Kyoko's. A husky quality creeping into his voice as he asks, "What do you mean exactly?"

Courage failing, Kyoko starts looking around, eyes roaming to anywhere but at him as she speaks."It's been over 5 years, Kuon. Every time we get together, I'm overjoyed, and I wait for our next meeting with great anticipation. I still feel the same for you as I did when I asked you to be my friend after my accident. Actually, my feelings have only grown. But I haven't said anything because you seemed content these past few years just being my friend. And I didn't want to lose that. Let me know if I'm wrong, but judging from your reaction just now, maybe you feel the same way?"Eyes starting to tear up in frustration Kyoko doesn't notice Kuon moving as she says, "I still love you Kuon."Hands raising her face to look him in the eyes, Kuon gently wipes away a few tears as he replies, "Of course I do, Kyoko. I've never stopped."Carefully gathering her back in his arms, Kuon smiles tenderly at her, "So many times in the past few years I've had to stop myself from reaching out for you. I wasn't certain if you would welcome the attention, and like you, I was afraid to ruin our friendship."Caressing her cheek, Kuon states clearly, "I love you Mogami Kyoko."

A bright smile breaking across her face, eyes still watering with tears, Kyoko raises up on her toes and kisses Kuon. Softly, tenderly at first, they kiss almost as if asking each other a question of 'Is this real?'. Soon the kiss grows hungrier as passions long denied are finally let loose. Bodies heating as Kuon pulls Kyoko closer, the two are lost in a bubble, floating off in their own world.

It is sometime before they crash back down to earth, alerted to their surroundings by the tide waters crashing at their feet. Grinning, they stand there holding each other a bit longer before Kyoko notices the lateness of the day."Oh no! I need to get back to the filming location!"

In a hurry, Kyoko grabs Kuon's arm and pulls him after her, down the path and back towards where the film crew was set up."Umm, Kyoko?" Kuon asks, trying to slow her down before they reached the beach."What?! I might be late.""We need to, umm, adjust your clothes before we get out of these trees."Glancing down, Kyoko's face goes bright red as she notices that her shirt had been hiked up, and her bra undone."Kuon!"Grinning sheepishly, Kuon responds with a shrug, "Sorry, I did try to warn you."Shaking her head, Kyoko sets her clothes to rights as best as she could, before smoothing down Kuon's golden hair where it had been mussed up by her hands."You'll stay and watch if the director lets you?""Of course."Smiling, Kyoko grabs his hand again and leads him to the set.

The director is startled by Kyoko's profuse apologies once she arrives, as well as the presence of her companion. Stating that it was okay, Kyoko was still 20 minutes early, she sends her actress to the makeup tent along with her guest. Turning to one of the producers and some crew members nearby, the director asks while nodding to the clasped hands of two actors, "So do you think the rumours are true? That they have been dating for the past few years?""I don't know about dating, but I do know that many people didn't believe the story of their break-up, not with how friendly they acted around each other." One of the grips chimed in.

Oblivious to the animated discussions around and about them, the pair wait in the make-up tent. Flirtatious smiles and gestures move between the two as Kyoko sits facing the mirror, the make-up artist prepping her for her scene. Another hour later (and one cameo by Kuon), the filming was done for the day. Nodding in understanding to her manager of her schedule for the next day, Kyoko takes off with Kuon.

Settling in to watch the sunset from the beach, Kyoko leans back into Kuon's chest, his arms coming around to hold her even closer."How do you think you even found me earlier?" Kyoko asks."Fairy magic?" Kuon replies, earning him a small punch in the arm for that answer."Kuon! I was being serious!" Kyoko replies, pouting slightly."So was I." Kuon answers, face completely serious before breaking into laughter at her disbelieving expression a few moments a bit, he adds, "Maybe it was fate? We seem to have a lot of coincidental meetings after wandering through the woods for it not to be destined in some way." Pausing, he thinks for a few moments before adding "Whatever it was, I'm glad."Hugging her close, Kuon continues, "I love you Kyoko. I hope whatever forces keep throwing us together help us to stay together for a long time."Nodding her head, Kyoko agrees and the two sit there, enjoying the beauty of the sunset and basking in the happiness of being in each others arms.

A/N: Well it's the last day of KyokoRen Week 2019, with the prompt of the day being fate. Was it a fluffy enough ending for you? Let me know what you think! Should Kyoko have been harder with Ren over his lies? I think most of us agree that these two REALLY need to have a good talk. Even in this chapter they still spent 5 years denying their feelings! Lol anyways, I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you to everyone who read this story, as well as to the reviewers and followers! It's been a journey writing each day, but I've enjoyed it. Here's to hoping for some great new content/ development from Nakamura-sensei for next year! Author out!