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Star Trek: Voyager

Children of Circumstance

Chapter 2

Janeway sat behind her desk in her ready room, reviewing the report just handed to her by Tuvok. Her eyes skimmed the many paragraphs, pausing briefly on one in particular. She gripped her coffee mug in her hand and absently sipped it. "So," she said finally, looking up from the data pad at her two commanders, Tuvok and Chakotay, "were you able to find any information as to the origins of these four children?"

"No Captain. The Computer's database on the Grynnal ship was heavily damaged. Once B'Elanna is further along in her repairs, we may be able to download the data on the ship's mission, the experiments conducted on board, perhaps even the crew logs...if the Borg children thought to keep any." Tuvok straightened his tall posture even more. "It is quite perplexing."

"Oh?" Janeway asked, her face set in a genuinely curious expression.

"Initial scans taken from the four pods revealed four normal humanoid life signs. There were no indications of Borg technology apparent from the readings, yet they all have the obvious visible signs of Borg implants. I am reluctant to think that the readings were malfunctions on the part of the tricorders," Tuvok's face was etched in the closest thing to worry his Vulcan mind allowed. "These...adolescents, may be here to led us into a trap."

"But why the deception? The Borg has always been straightforward about wanting to assimilate us. Ever since our altercation with Unimatrix Zero One, we have been on alert status. Five Borg attacks in the past six months alone," Chakotay reasoned.

"All the more reason to assume they have changed their tactics," Tuvok said.

Janeway looked down at the pad, then away. "Agreed. Such a scenerio is the most logical choice, but I will reserve judgment until I have spoken with them. If the ship's data helps at all, we will take action accordingly. For now, they will remain in sickbay," she stood up, a dry smile on her face, "as our temporary guests until this matter is resolved."

Tuvok nodded. He and Chakotay left on Janeway's dismissal. The Captain resumed her seat and looked down at the data pad again, a frown on her face.

"The Doctor to Captain Janeway."

Janeway looked up. "Janeway here."

"Can you please report to Sick Bay at your earliest convenience?"

Janeway looked at the pad, then stood. "I'm on my way."

The Doctor stood over the injured female when Janeway entered. "Yes Doctor?"

"Ah, Captain," the Doctor replied, moving away from the surgical bed and passed through a force field, flickering from his movements. "I have treated the female Borg for her injuries. There was some internal bleeding, a mild concussion, and several broken bones, and ruptured organs. She and the Grynnal crew are now in near perfect health. As for their abnormalities..."

Janeway looked sharply away from studying the four sedated teens and eyed the Doctor. "Abnormalities?"

"Yes," the Doctor said, leading her to the Medical Console and pushed several controls. A picture of cells appeared on the screen. Janeway watched as several red cells floated through the screen, then stiffened as cells that looked like complex mechanical structures floated into view. The Doctor noted Janeway's reaction. He continued. "These cells are like nothing I have ever seen. They aren't attached to the cells, as a occurs during Borg assimilation, but rather are a part of the cell. Almost as if encoded. An impossibility I know, as machinery can not be graphed into a living human cell, but it is the only explanation I can come up with. I have to say Captain...these Borg children are unique...extremely unique. Their Borg implants leave no signature recognized by a tricorder, which is a puzzle within itself."

Janeway walked over to stand just before the force field surrounding the surgical table. "Can you revive her? I want to speak to her myself. She seems to be the oldest, most likely the one in charge. I believe that we will have much to talk about."

The Doctor nodded and entered the force field with a hypospray. He placed it against the girl's neck and pressed down. There was a hiss, then they watched as the girl's eyes fluttered open. Seconds later, she was sitting straight up in bed, eyeing the Doctor and Janeway with expressionless eyes.

Janeway's face was set in a scowl. "I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. We received your distress call and are currently repairing your ship in our shuttle bay."

The girl said nothing, but looked over at the other three biobeds, and her posture relaxed somewhat, as she saw the three others there.

Janeway inspected the girl, noting her defensive posture, and intelligent eyes. "We have a few questions for you to answer, if you would be so kind."

The girl seemed to considered for several seconds, then nodded.

"How did you manage to escape the Borg?" Janeway realized that this wasn't the most important question to be asked, but she wanted the girl's guard down.

The Borg girl seemed to collect her voice before replying. "Approximately six months ago we managed to commandeer a vessel while the Borg were busy assimilating another species. We were chased all the way here by two Borg Cubes, one we destroyed with the help of several of the species we managed to salvage from the assimilation rooms. After taking them to a rendezvous point with another vessel of their species, we managed to get through the shields of the remaining Cube and detonated several torpedoes. Unfortunately, but the end of this, the ship was badly damage, as was my crew and myself."

Janeway nodded. "That's quite a story."

The girl eyed Janeway calculatingly. "You doubt what I said." It was not a question, it was a statement.

Janeway moved away from the force field. "I can not ignore the possibility that you are here as a trap."

"Ah yes, that would seem the most likely possibility, wouldn't it, Captain Janeway?" the girl asked.

"It would explain why your DNA is so...unique, and how four Borg, alone and outnumbered managed to survive several conflicts with the collective."

The girl had stiffened visibly at the mention of DNA, something not missed by the Captain or the Doctor, but the girl answered immediately. "I tell you truthfully Captain, I could care less about Voyager, or your crew. All I want is to get my crew as far away from Borg space, or even the mention of Borg as I can."

Janeway looked into the girls eyes, and saw a raw kind of sincerity. But the Captain still had her doubts. "I wish I could believe you..."

"But you won't risk putting your ship in danger by believing the word of a stranger and a potential threat," the girl finished, her expression holding a respect that was masked almost immediately. "Well Captain, once our ship is repaired, we will leave, and never bother you again. If it is your wish, we will remain here in your Sickbay. But I will not answer questions that do not concern your crew. That, I must make clear to you now."

Janeway nodded. She would accept that...for now. "One more question."

The younger girl waited.

"What is your name?"

The girl jerked very slightly, startled at the unexpected question. " designation is One of Five."

Janeway nodded, and made to leave.


Janeway turned back, inquiringly.

"But...I am called Eve."

Janeway nodded in acknowledgement, and left Sickbay.

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