Title: Choice and Consequence

Author: Reagan

Summary: Can one choice ruin everything?

Setting: Sometime after the first season story "Bad Day at Black Rock," and before the fifth season. Anything more specific is up to the individual reader.

Characters: Mainly Face and Hannibal, with Maggie Sullivan, Murdock and BA all making appearences. What can I say I write what I like and know. If you've read my other stories this should come as no surprise.

Warnings: This story contains violence, death of non main characters, and adult language. If this offends please feel free to give my story a pass.

Rating: The f word is in here several times, can you say that in a pg 13 story? To be safe though I'll give this a soft R cause the f word isn't the only colorful one in these pages. So those under 17 are warned to read this at their own discretion. Don't get mad at me if you are offended after I warned you.

Disclaimer: I so don't own the A-Team or Maggie Sullivan. Unfortunately I'm not making a profit and the only thing you'll get from sueing me is my debt.

Feedback: Vir87 would totally rock. Good, bad or indifferent tell me what you think.


Day four of Hannibal's enforced medical recuperation began quietly enough. Face was in the kitchen finishing off the last of his cereal and coffee, hoping to sneak out before Hannibal awoke. He'd been able to deflect Hannibal's questions so far but knew his commander wouldn't allow his continued obfuscation forever. Face planned to be gone all day to avoid the questions he knew the colonel had.

He had just placed his dishes in the sink, finishing the last of his coffee and putting on his coat when he heard a voice.

"Where are you going Face?"

"Hey Hannibal." Face pasted a smile and tried to sound pleased to see the older man. "Just got some errands to run. You'll be okay till BA shows up for lunch won't you?"

"Yeah I'm okay. I don't need you guys to babysit me, but I did want to talk to you before you leave. Whatever you have to do can wait a few hours right?" It was phrased as a question but the underlying tone of it will wait was unmistakable.

"Hannibal really, I've gotta a couple of people to meet. So I gotta go now. There's coffee in the pot and tons of food and juice in the fridge. We can talk later." Face didn't look the colonel in the eye as he spoke and turned for the door before he even finished, clearly intending to flee the beach house as soon as possible.

"Face you've been putting this conversation off for days. We're not putting it off any longer. Whatever you've got going today can wait. We're gonna talk." Hannibal's strident tone was an obvious order.

"Sorry Hannibal. A couple of people are expecting me and I can't keep them waiting or just not bother to show up. We'll talk later." Face didn't turn around, knowing that he did not want to see the thunder cloud spread across his commander's face. He took the last couple of steps to the door. "Don't over tax yourself or BA and Murdock'll kill me."

"Face!" When Face showed no signs of stopping. "We're not done yet Lieutenant. You're not leaving here until I hear just what the hell happened at that house." Hannibal was livid, hobbling over on his crutches toward the door in order to block Peck's escape.

He didn't realize that Face wasn't going to give him an opportunity to physically stop him. "Sorry Colonel, no time." That was his last word as Face opened the door and walked out of the house. Hannibal heard the corvette tear out of the driveway before he slammed the front door shut.

"God dammit Face! You're not going to be able to avoid me and whatever it is you don't want to tell me forever. I oughta kick your ass for walking out on me like that." With a huge sigh of frustration he hit the door with his hand. "What the hell is going on kid?"

"Shit." Face hit the steering wheel. Hannibal's going to kick my ass, crutches or no crutches. Why can't he just let this go? God, I don't want to go back there now. Maybe he'll be asleep by the time I get back tonight or I should find someplace else to sleep for a while. BA is going to be so pissed at me. God knows Hannibal will be in a terrible mood when he shows up this afternoon. Fuck! I am so screwed.