Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Karen Barclay demi MOM

Tim curry as Chuckey' voice who tries to kill the Barclays at the end

anna Kendrick AS demi's aunt maggie

Emma Watson AS demi who gets the doll Karen daughter

Adam Wyllie as Mike Norris the cop


maggie gets strangled to death by chucky

chucky gets shot by gun when he tries to strangle Karen Barclay in the end

On the night of November 9, 1988, Charles Lee Ray, (Tim curry a fugitive and serial killer, is chased by homicide detective Mike Norris (Adam Wyllie ) through the streets of South Side, Chicago. After Mike shoots Charles several times and his accomplice, Eddie Caputo, panics and drives away in the getaway vehicle without him, Charles breaks into a toy shop. Realizing that he is dying, Charles vows revenge on Eddie and Mike before performing a Haitian Vodou spell on a Good Guys doll, causing the store to be struck by lightning and explode. Mike survives the explosion and reenters the shop, only to find Charles' dead body and the doll.

The following day, widow Karen Barclay (Mary Elizabeth Winstead ) unknowingly purchases the doll, which now calls itself "Chucky," from a homeless peddler as a birthday gift for her six-year-old son Andy Barclay. Later that evening, Karen's best friend Maggie Peterson babysits Andy while Karen is working late at Carson Pirie Scott. After Maggie finds Chucky sitting in front of a television tuned to an evening newscast about Charles Lee Ray after Andy's bedtime and returns the doll to bed, she is hit in the face with a hammer by an unseen assailant and and starts to strangle her to death then strangles her to death . The police search the apartment and Detective Norris deems Andy a suspect. Before going back to bed, Andy claims Chucky killed Maggie. Karen angrily tells the police to leave.

The next morning, Chucky orders Andy to skip school and take the Chicago "L" downtown to get revenge on Eddie. While Andy is distracted, Chucky sneaks into Eddie's house and kills him by causing a gas explosion. Andy is once again deemed a suspect and is placed in a psychiatric hospital after again claiming that Chucky is responsible for the murder.

At dusk, Karen attempts to throw the Good Guys box in the garbage. While reading the box, a pack of batteries drop out, and Karen realizes that Chucky has been functioning without them. Unnerved, Karen starts a fire and threatens to burn Chucky alive, causing him to violently spring to life in her arms. He insults and assaults her and starts to strangle her before scampering from the apartment. Karen runs after him, but the doll escapes. Shortly after, Karen runs into Mike outside the police station. After Mike distrusts her, Karen seeks out the peddler for more information, only for him to attempt to and starts to strangle her Mike shows up just in time to pull the peddler off her, and together they force him to admit he took the doll from the demolished toy store after Charles Lee Ray was killed. Karen again tries to convince Mike that the doll is alive, but he refuses to believe her, insisting that he killed Charles Lee Ray.

As Mike drives home that night, Chucky suddenly springs from the back seat and attempts strangle him from behind. Mike crashes the car and fires a shot at Chucky, which inexplicably bleeds and causes pain. Having thought he was immortal as a doll, Chucky is forced to flee.

After Mike and Karen reconcile, they decide to speak with John "Doctor Death" Bishop, Chucky's former voodoo instructor. Chucky gets there first and confronts John about why the spell didn't make him immortal. John tells Chucky that the longer he stays in the doll, the more human he will become. Chucky demands that John help him reverse the spell, but John refuses, claiming that Chucky has perverted the Vodou religion. Chucky then tortures John with a voodoo doll until he reveals the solution, which is for Chucky to transfer his soul into the first human he revealed himself to, which would be Andy. Chucky stabs the voodoo doll, fatally injuring John. Shortly after he leaves, Karen and Mike arrive and discover the gruesome scene. Before dying, John tells them that although Chucky is a doll, his heart is fully human at this point and vulnerable to fatal injury.

Chucky arrives at the hospital where Andy is being held, but Andy escapes from the murderous doll by hiding in an operating room. Dr Ardmore finds him and attempts to sedate him before Chucky kills the doctor with an electroshock machine. Andy runs home, followed by Chucky, who knocks him unconscious with a baseball bat. Chucky prepares to possess him, but Karen and Mike arrive to stop the process. Chucky emerges and assaults Mike, brutally slashing his leg before Karen intervenes and tosses the doll into the fireplace. Andy drops a lit match in it, burning Chucky alive. Karen and Andy leave the room to help Mike, but a charred Chucky escapes the fireplace and chases Andy. Karen dismembers Chucky with a gun and Chucky is again presumed to be killed when he stops moving. Mike's partner Jack Santos arrives at the apartment and calls an ambulance for Mike's injuries. However, Jack refuses to believe the trio's story until Chucky's body bursts through an air vent grabbed Karen neck and starts to strangle her with his remaining arm. During the struggle, Mike shoots Chucky in the heart, finally killing him. As the ambulance arrives, Mike is taken outside by Karen and Jack, and Andy takes a parting glance at Chucky's charred corpse before shutting the door.