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The Nexus

As if fading from the light itself several people suddenly appeared into a comfortably furnished room. It was similar to a theater though the stage was a single raised platform at the center of the room with a pedestal holding an ornate book. The seating circle around it in comfortable couch like chairs.

However despite how comfortable the room might be, or the odd platform in the center, the new residents were anything but comfortable or focused on the rooms center. Instead the people almost immediately were on guard with weapons drawn, splitting into two groups as if on instinct.

"Where are we? What the hell happened?" Kiba was the first to break the tense silence. Around him were multiple shinobi from Konoha, Practically his entire graduating class except the traitor and Naruto for some reason, the Hokage and Jiraiya of the Sannin were also present as well as Iruka-sensei and a handful of other shinobi he had seen around, like Sasuke's replacement on team seven, and that Captain Yamato Naruto had told him about.

"Ah, that would be a good place to begin I suppose." An elderly voice commented as a pair of individuals faded into sight in the room.

"T-The first Guildmaster!" A member of the second group rasped out. He was Makarov Dreyar an elderly man, and the third Guildmaster of FairyTail. Surrounding him were a great many of FairyTail's strongest mages, from the wild looking pink haired Natsu and his usual companions to the kind bookworm Levy and her team and multiple others including Laxus and Gildarts.

"Can someone tell me what's going on?" Lucy asked still a bit dizzy from the sudden shift in environments.

"Of course, that's what we are about to do. Now if you will all take a seat we can begin explaining things to you." Mavis said with a smile, easily calming her guild members. Hagaromo tried the same thing, however the shinobi were noticeably more hesitant, when a supposed myth in the form of the Sage of Six Paths himself was before them. Needless to say though they still complied.

"Good." The sage began. "Now that you are all calmed down I believe we should start from the beginnings. From this point where we stand, an infinite number of realities extend. Much like a spider web of interconnected possibilities. Each of your groups are from one of these possibilities, and you have been brought here by myself and my friend to witness another where your two worlds are intertwined. As for the actual mechanics of how this room works, just think of it as somewhere outside of your normal time and space and ignore the rest of it or you might actually go insane if you learn about the truth of what all our lives mean in the grand scheme of things." The sage was then interrupted by his much younger looking companion who sent him a brief glare.

Ah yes she often told him he could ramble at times.

"As my friend said we brought you all here to see, or rather read of another reality in which someone half of you know very dearly comes to be known by the other half just as closely." Mavis waved her hand at Hagoromo as if telling him to continue but to keep it short this time.

"No doubt you have noticed one of your number is missing shinobi of Konoha." Hagaromo stated simply.

The shinobi of course did a head count, Kakashi and Jiraiya immediately seeing the issue soon followed by the others.

"Naruto." Kakashi quietly murmured, briefly wondering where his student was at the moment, hopefully back in Konoha safe and sound. As it was more and more worries about the Akatsuki had begun to appear in rumors among higher ranking shinobi in Konoha, and that meant more worries about Naruto's safety.

"Where is Naruto Uzumaki?!" Tsunade all but snarled at the possibly fraud Sage before her. The Shinobi around her tensed and prepped for a fight, well most of them. Konohamaru seemed to still be stuck on the fact that the Sage of Six Paths was in front of him, believing he was either dead or having the oddest dream of his life.

Beside the Shinobi the FairyTail mages tensed as well. Sure they felt less threatened by the two before them than the Shinobi, being as the cultures the two came from were actually starkly different, it was far more common for a shinobi to blast someone with a fireball then ask questions to be on the safe side where as the mages were the opposite of that. Well except for the mage actually capable of blasting others with a fireball in their mix. Natsu was more of a blast everything and let his comrades handle the sorting kind of guy. However that being said, they all knew the feeling of being separated from their guildmembers and could understand their counterparts worry.

Luckily for all parties though Mavis calmed them all down.

"I assure you Naruto Uzumaki is perfectly fine, we however felt it imperative he join after the first chapter is read due to some of the things that occur within. It could cause issues here and to just avoid dealing with them, as for all intents and purposes they aren't real for you. This is just to learn from your alternate selves lives." Again Mavis had a calming affect on the groups, maybe it was because she appeared like an odd cross between a naive child and caring mother. Really she was a bit confusing to deal with, much like the floating, horned, geriatric patient beside her who had nodded off.

After gently rousing her friend the two allowed everyone to get truly comfortable before Hagaromo slightly shook his staff causing the book to lift up off the pedestal before settling into the arms of Lucy causing the blonde to smile awkwardly at being chosen to read first.

Kingdom of Fiore: Magnolia

"Well at least we are familiar with the setting." Gray pointed out, getting nods from the other mages and brief looks of interest from the shinobi.

In a place far far away was the kingdom of Fiore, a stable neutral place with a population of over 17 million people, is a place filled with magic. Magic is commonly exchanged and play a key part in the people's lives. And there are people who earn money by using this magic, people call them mages. Mages join various guilds that are spread around the country,

"So mages are in a way very similar to Shinobi." Kurenai said, getting nods from her fellows.

"How do you mean?" Erza asked, admittedly intrigued by the lives of these shinobi.

"Shinobi are, atleast in our time, gathered into primarily villages that assign missions and pay the shinobi, much like your guilds are. Shinobi typically perform missions for clients that use a hidden village as a medium." Kurenai elaborated.

The mages nodded and the celestial mage continued.

one certain guild is located in the city of Magnolia, where in the past and even now holds home to many legends.

Its name is Fairy Tail.

"So your guild is the top one like Konoha is the top village?" Konohamaru asked, having finally calmed down from debating his surroundings in interest in hearing a story about his boss, even if it is an alternate version of his boss.

"You better believe it, Fairy Tail is the Number One Guild in Fiore!" Natsu bellowed getting a cheer from his fellows and a few smiles from the shinobi, liking how close this group seemed with one another.

And Right now here, a celestial mage by the name of Lucy Heartfilia who always wanted to join the infamous magic guild now was standing the middle of the everyday life of this guild.

"Ah, thats why you chose me to read first then." Lucy said getting nothing but a wishy-washy motion from Hagoromo and Mavis's hands causing the girl to pout slightly, realizing it was a bit more random than that.

"Bastard!" a pink haired mage with a noticeable scarf yelled as he punched his fellow guildmate into a bunch of tables, he was raised by a dragon and likes to eat fire, his name was Natsu Dragneel.

"Kami, Sakura, you and Naruto had a kid!" Ino teased, causing Sakura to glare at her and the shinobi to chuckle, while several of the Fairy Tail mages facepalmed at the pink haired dragonslayer.

Lucy began to panic when she saw this "Why?!"

Natsu angrily yells at his guildmate "That information you gave about the Salamander was fake!"

The guildmate stood up as he was pissed "How could I have known?! I just told you the rumours I'd heard, that's all!"

"Are you searching for this Salamander too Natsu?" Tsunade asked, reminded slightly of Hanzo the Salamander, if only by the name.

"Yeah he's my-" Natsu began.

"I'm sure it will fully explain in the story Natsu." Mavis interrupted, getting a slight nod from the boy.

"What did you say?!"

"Wanna fight?!"

In a matter of seconds , the guild started to do it's daily activity; fighting amongst each other like a drunken bar fight.

"Is it really like that?" Asuma asked his cigarette hanging loosely in his mouth at the sudden fight. Most of the SHinobi owlishly blinked as well.


Konohamaru chuckled devilishly and whispered about how fun that place looked.

The present members of team 7 silently worried about the idea of Naruto being a part of this guild.

Happy, a small flying cat tried to be the adult here "Take it easy, Natsu, that's enough-"

But before he could finish his sentence, Happy was hit by a person sent flying and flew against the heads of the mages around like a Ping-Pong game.

"You poor cat!" Hinata blurted out before blushing heavily as eyes turned to her.

"Oh please don't encourage him." Carla rolled her eyes.

Soon everybody started fighting in front of the young celestial mage "Amazing….I really made it to Fairy Tail….Would he be here?" Lucy looked around as she was trying to find the person she hoped to see in here but instead was shocked by what she saw.

"Oh, I wonder who I'm looking for." Lucy said a bit curious to what her alternate self was thinking.

"Hmm, maybe our missing Shinobi has already made an impression on your other eh Lucy?" Cana teased lightly, causing the girl to blush and the Shinobi to hum in thought. Kakashi and Jiraiya both suddenly getting odd twinkles in their eyes before sharing a glance and giggling, until a sudden pair of fists from Tsunade corrected their behavior.

There stood a teen about her age, wearing nothing but his underwear for no reason, having black hair, a cross necklace and a Fairy Tail stamp on his right bicep. This was Gray Fullbuster, an ice mage.

"Why aren't you wearing any clothes?" Squawked Sakura as she and Ino tried to hide the fact they were slightly ogling the projection that appeared alongside Lucy's reading.

"It just kinda happens." Gray pouted as Erza forced his shirt back onto him.

"You said Natsu is back?!" Gray turned around to go and approach the brawl where Natsu was part of "Let's settle our previous fight, Natsu!"

"Gray, your clothes…."

Gray looked down and yells "Ah, Crap not again!"

"He...he wasn't kidding?" Several of the younger shinobi deadpanned.

Lucy turned to the counter seeing the person who warned Gray was a woman also about their age, she was a beautiful woman with a slender yet admirable body with long, mid-back length brown hair. She was wearing a light blue bikini top which features a camouflage pattern, a pair of capri pants, with two bands hanging from each leg and a light belt covered in heart motifs loosely tied around the waist with high-heeled sandals. This woman was Cana Alberona.

Jiraiya began giggling slightly before another fist from Tsunade impacted the top of his head.

"This is why I hate most men here…." She sighed as she grabbed for a barrel in the back "They are so undignified."

"She drinks like Lady Tsunade." Shizune shuddered at the thought.

Lucy saw how she started downing the barrel like it was nothing "Wow…"

"Hey Natsu, fight me!" Gray dared him while walking towards the flame eating troublemaker.

Natsu was busy fighting another guildmate and turned around saying "Come back with some clothes!"

"They remind me of Naruto and Sasuke…" Kakashi commented getting several nods.

"Yapping in the middle of the day…." A man with wooden sandals "You aren't kids anymore."

Lucy turned around to see it was a big tall guy with spikey white hair wearing a blue coat. This was Elfman Strauss. He is a mage who rather likes to fight with fists.

He held his fist up "A man should talk with his fists!"

"Yosh! A truly youthful mage!" Lee shouted.

"Right you are Lee! Perhaps when this is finished the three of us can have a challenge to see who's youth burns the brightest between us all!" Gai roared.

"I'm in if you think you are man enough to keep up!" Elfman hollered back.

Nearly the whole room began motioning Lucy to continue reading.

Lucy found herself in a more awkward situation "So all he does is fight…."

"Get out of the way!" Natsu and Gray turned around and together punched Elfman towards the other side of the room.

"And he got beaten!"

Elfman sank down a bit in his chair, while being comforted by his sister who was stifling a giggle.

In one corner, was Loki. An mage that was top ranked as "Most desirable mage' He was currently busy with two ladies.

Jiraiya and Kakashi shot thumbs up toward the projection, noticing he wasn't present though they didn't get to ask before a first from Tsunade and Sakura respectively reminded them of their present company.

"Oh, so noisy," he started to give the girls who he was with more intimate time "Say, what about we-"

Then someone threw something against his face and he stood up joining the fight, before that he said to the two ladies "I'll join the fight, just for you."

The two girls drooled while replying "Good luck!"

"So every world has a Jiraiya." Tsunade said dryly.

"Please that boy has nothing on me Tsunade-Hime." The Toad Sage said.

"You're right, at least he doesn't write porn." She growled with a glare toward the White haired man, who clutched his chest like he had been shot.

"Well, not on my list anymore." Lucy sweat dropped while crossing his name from her book before turning around asking herself "What's with this place? There isn't a single normal person in here."

The shinobi just nodded getting sets of giggles and pouts from the mages.

Konohamaru just considered that normal was boring.

"Hey Mira, look what Natsu brought in?"

"Oh, a newcomer?"

Lucy turned around to see who was talking, first was a young petite girl with short, white hair and blue eyes, wearing a light-blue striped shirt, with green short-shorts and sneakers. She was holding onto a plate filled with food. This was Lisanna Strauss.

"Wait...What? Lisanna was missing and thought to be dead at this time." Mira said. Getting nods from the others including her sister who suddenly found herself clutched into a tight side hug by the elder Strauss sister.

"Well it is a different reality, maybe in this one she never went missing?" Levy questioned. Most of the mages smiled, happy that their others didn't lose Lisanna like they had for so long.

Next to her was her older sister, she wore sleeveless, ankle-length maroon dress with a pleated skirt. The chest is adorned by a large, pink bow, and similarly colored trimmings frame the rather ample neckline, acting as straps, and circle around the waist. Her hair is also long with two bangs flowing by her shoulders and a small pony tail on her forehead and she wears high heels that fit her dress. She like her sister also possesses beautiful blue eyes. She was also holding onto a plate, only was it filled with drinks for the patrons.

"You know I'm starting to feel a little put out by your guild's looks." Sakura mumbled with a slight glance toward the two Strauss sisters.

"It's good to see young women who are both strong and attractive." Tsunade said getting a nod from Kurenai. Kurenai wasn't stuck up about it but she knew she had gained a bit of a reputation both for her skills and her looks in the Leaf and beyond. Needless to say there was a reason Tsunade created a technique for her body to retain the appearance of her in her prime.

"Oh my god, you're Mirajane! The real one!"

Lisanna smiled at her sister "Looks like you got a fan here, sister."

Mirajane chuckled nervously "Oh, it's what I expect I guess."

Lucy saw they were thinking she was some stalker fan and began speaking "Oh, oh, please don't think I'm some kind of stalker."

"Oh don't worry," Mirajane calmed her down while putting a hand on her shoulder "I'm very flattered that you are a fan of mine. It's just that I should've consider the advice that was given to me with some of the photoshoots, especially the ones that are 'too revealing.'" She blushed slightly as she thought about that.

"Nice." Several of the men whispered getting a few glares, while Mirajane blushed slightly and chuckled awkwardly.

Lisanna pulled back Mirajane slightly so she wouldn't be hit by Elfman who got sent flying before giving a smirk remark "Well, the results didn't seem to bother you much after you showed those pictures to him…."

"Him, better not be who I think it is." Sakura said with a scowl. This got her looks from her friends, even Ino who normally wouldn't mind Naruto getting a few 'reminders' from Sakura. The pinkette really hit him a bit too much. This would hardly be his fault in this case.

Mirajane blush turned into a fume as she gave a small glare to her sister who laughed at her reaction "Really Lisanna, sometimes you are just mean."

Lisanna laughed slightly before being joined by Mirajane who couldn't stay angry longer and also was then joined by Lucy who couldn't help but join in.

Lisanna stopped and asked curiously Lucy "So lucy, why do you want to join Fairy Tail?"

"Who wouldn't!" Joked the blonde getting grins from the other mages.

Lucy found herself quite taken back by that question as she looked down nervously "Well I always heard such fascinating stories about the legendary wizards, the prestige but also to be honest I also had doubts before joining."

"Hmmm?" This got both sisters staring at each other before turning back "What changed you mind?"

Lucy started to have a slight tint on her cheek "Well, three years ago when I was walking back home, I was attacked by some thugs who were threatening to rob me and when they cornered me, a guy my age beat them all down with his magic, I asked him who he was and simply said his name was 'The Shadow of Fairy Tail.'"

"Oh so it seems this Naruto has made a name for himself then." Makarov stated.

"Either that or he is just making up stupid nicknames. I mean our Naruto wears bright orange and is loud as can be." Kiba laughed.

"Still beat you." Shino said dully causing Kiba to whirl around on him with a betrayed look.

"Wait, you met Na-" Natsu stopped when he heard that and before he could ask he was punched in the face by Gray.

"So Naruto has earned a title. But to be the shadow of Fairy Tail, sounds a little ominous doesn't it?" Erza commented getting a few nods, while the Shinobi shifted uncomfortably. This Naruto was sounding a little different than the one they knew and loved and they weren't sure how they felt about that.

Lisanna and Mirajane turned towards each other and giggled "That's him alright."

"You know him?" Lucy asked.

"Know him? He's preactically family, he's on a mission right now but I suppose he should come back today. Even though he finished his mission three days ago." Lisanna explained.

Tsunade snagged Kakashi by the throat with a darkly glaring Tsunade and Sakura hanging over her shoulders, causing the scarecrow to shudder.

"You had better not have corrupted him Hatake or there will be hell to pay. One of you is enough!" Tsunade hissed at him getting the masked Jonin to nod a little more frantically than his laid back persona usually permitted.

"Why take three days after a mission?" Lucy asked with curiosity.

Mirajane gave and eyebrow "Because he has a habit of coming late...and coming up with an excuse like 'A black cat passed by and I needed to go the other way around.'

"Oh he's dead." Asuma commented. Getting a somber nod from his team and Kurenai and her team.

"May his soul find peace in the afterlife." Jiraiya said.

Meanwhile the Mages watched in amusement as Kakashi suddenly found himself surrounded by three extremely dangerous and angry kunoichi. That is until he used the substitution Jutsu with Konohamaru, who promptly wheezed once before passing out from the Killing Intent of the three women toward the man that tainted their dopey brother figure.

Lucy sweat dropped "Who would use an excuse like that?"

"Oh yes Who?" Sakura asked with an annoyed tone.

"Aachoo!" a person wearing a long brown sneezed "okay, either I'm getting sick or someone is talking about me...wait, I never get sick." The person who was wearing a cloak over him spoke to himself as looked over to what stood in front of him.

The Fairy Tail guild hall.

"Ah, home sweet home. I wonder if-"

"That's ENOUGH!" a loud demanding voice said as the building vibrated a little bit.

"Yep, that's gramps. I wonder who caused havoc first." The person said as he walked through that door.

"He seems rather happy." Sai said with an even tone. Commenting for the first time. This got odd shifting again from the Shinobi. Clearly uncomfortable with one of their own being a part of a different group than Konoha.

"Nice to meet you." Makarov greeted the awestricken Lucy.

"Is HE your master?!" Lucy pointed at the rather short but powerful guild leader, Makarov Dreyar, the 3rd guild leader of the legendary Fairy Tail guild. He was just in a moment a giant black figure that stopped everybody inside the guild from fighting and stamped on Natsu like it was nothing.

"That's sort of like the Akimichi Multi Size Technique." Choji said in slight awe.

Mirajane chuckled at the remark "Yes, he is Fairy Tail's master Makarov."

Makarov turned around and jumped towards the second floor, not without landing horrible on his back before recovering he spoke to the guild "You've gone and done it again, you brats!"

All of the guild members looked down embarrassed at what he meant, it was no secret that even though Fairy Tail was one of the strongest, they were also one the most hell raisers around the kingdom, like how Natsu just a few days destroyed a whole dock? That was nothing compared to the long sheets master Makarov was holding onto. And it was a whole lot of it.

Tsunade shivered at the thought of so much paperwork.

Makarov brought forwards the paperwork to show it "Just take a look at how much paperwork the Magic Council send me this time, this is the biggest pile of complaints yet!"

Now she began to look a little green.

The hooded person walked through the door and saw everybody was paying attention to master Makarov explanation with the complaints he received.

The old man looked ticked off "Have you lost your minds?! All you kids are good for is getting the higher-ups mad at me!"

All of the guild mates started to look down in shame.

"Do that to me and it's D-ranks for life." Tsunade said in a terrifyingly even voice, getting nods from her shinobi.

Meanwhile a thoughtful look on Makarov's face suddenly had the mages on edge as well.

"However, " Makarov irritation faded away as he burned the papers in his hands into a bowl of fire "I say to heck with the Magic council. " He threw the fire bowl up front for Natsu to eat it up like he always do.

"Now listen up, any power that surpasses reason still comes from reason, right. Magic isn't some kind of miraculous power, it is a talent that only works when the flow of energy inside of us and flow of energy in the natural world are in perfect match."

The hooded person smiled at the speech.

"To perform magic, one must have a strong mind and ability to focus. It should take over you being and come pouring out of your soul, if all we do is worry about following rules then our magic will never progress. Don't let those blowhards one the council scare you, follow the path you believe in; because that is what makes the Fairy Tail guild number 1!"

The room was soon filled with cheering as everybody believed in the words of master Makarov, he saw every member in his guild as his children, and of course when children learn, it happens it could cause trouble.

Tsunade smiled at the image before her, it was much the same image her sensei had for Konoha. One that she wanted to continue, and one she hoped Naruto, and maybe even Kakashi would continue after her.

The hooded person chuckled as he spoke out "Still giving good speeches, huh Master?"

Everybody turned around to see where it came from. They saw it was a person wearing a hoodie an saw he was smirking underneath the hood.

Lucy was the first to ask Mirajane "uhm, who's he?"

The person removed his hoodie, revealing it to be a person wearing a black mask that covers his muscular chin and recognizable whisker marks and had spiky blonde hair that wasn't too short or too long wearing a bandana tied up around his forehead and covered his left eye.

"You made him your clone Hatake!" Tsunade roared reaching for the fleeing Jonin as he body flickered a few seats away.

The person eye smiled as he waved "oi everybody, missed me?!"

For some reason, Lucy couldn't help but blush 'Oh my, he's-'

"Wait what?" Sakura and Ino asked. As they asw the brief blushes from several other girls at seeing Naruto.

"Naruto is back!" Someone exclaimed as the whole guild went crazy out of happiness.

Mirajane approached him with a soft smile "Glade to see you're back, Naruto."

"I'm also glad to be back, Mira-Chan." naruto said in friendly terms to the mage as it obviously made her blush slightly.

"Naruto seems really popular there." Neji mused to his fellows.

"Well yeah he seems pretty nice, looks like he fits right in." Gray replied.

"What is he not popular in your home or something?" Cana asked. The mages gained questioning looks when the shinobi looked away or shifted uncomfortably.

Makarov walked towards him "Naruto my boy, how was you request. Any troubles?"

"Nah master, it all went good." Naruto pulled out a bag that looked like it was ready to shred "I've got enough Jewels to pay my rent for almost six months."

"Wow." Lucy commented. The rest of the guild all looked a little jealous as well.

"And are you planning to do nothing for six months?!" Makarov asked

"Of course not, "Naruto raised the bag "All drinks and food are today?"

"That sounds like Naruto, always first to share with his friends and comrades." Iruka chuckled.

"Unless it's Ramen." Kakashi commented. Getting grave nods from all those unlucky enough to have been roped into paying for Naruto's Ramen before. Sadly not even the other teams Sensei's had escaped his ravenous desire for the noodles and broth.

10 minutes later

Naruto was sitting at the bar while eating a bowl of ramen, he slurped the liquid before putting it down out of satisfaction "Ahhh, you and your sister's ramen are one of the best I've ever eaten, Lisanna. Mind giving me some water?"

"Oh that's a hard compliment to get from him, it must really be something!" Iruka said getting blushes from Lisanna and Mirajane.

Lisanna smiled while taking the bowl and walked to the back "Sure, one water coming up!"

Makarov who was sitting on the counter asked the former-shinobi "And my boy, have you seen Erza on your way?"

"Actually I did, she said she was looking for the beast she was hunting for. I offered her my services but declined kindly, saying she wants to handle this alone." Naruto answered as he drank his water that Lisanna brought.

Makarov smirked "Of course she does, you really are the big brother here, aren't you?"

"Wow that doesn't sound like Naruto." Sakura commented.

"Yes it does." Both Konohamaru and Hinata said with slight frowns on their faces before Hinata blushed red at her outburst, small as it was, and Konohamaru shot a glare at Sakura for talking bad about his boss.

"Actually Naruto can be very mature when the situation calls for it." Jiraiya commented getting a solemn nod from Kakashi, Tsunade, and surprisingly Shikamaru and Neji.

Naruto scratched his head "Well, I don't want to go that far." they both laughed.

"My so humble." Mira giggled.

"Too bad he isn't in our FairyTail, maybe he could help reel some of our boys back when they get out of hand." Cana said with a scoff. She got more than a few betrayed looks in response.

"Is my dad back yet?"

Naruto turned around to see Romeo standing there, Romeo was macao's son. He was a kid that was about twelve he believed.

Makarov sighed as he had wanted to say something but naruto just waved him not to say anything.

"Wow Naruto must be really respected there." Iruka said, getting a few nods while the shinobi blinked at the slightly different Naruto.

Naruto turned to the young Romeo and asks gently "Why? What is it with your father, young Romeo?"

"Gah! Is this even Naruto?" Kiba asked before a light bop to the back of his head from Kurenai quieted him.

Romeo quietly nervously answered "my dad said he was going on a request on Mt. Hakobe, he said it would take 3 days but it has been a week." Romeo became scares "I think something-"

"Oh that poor boy." Shizune commented looking saddened. Again many shinobi nodded along, most of them understood perfectly well how tough going without a father could be. Even if they themselves had a father, they at least knew a great many that either had one parent dead or both.

'Hey, hey. I know your father, he's a strong mage alright? He can handle it." Naruto tried to assure the boy that his father was alright.

Romeo just looked down as he was about to cry but he then felt a hand grab his head and saw it was Naruto who held a smile.

"But...If you are really worried about him, I don't think it's such a bad idea to let someone check him out." Naruto turns his head to the person who would do the job "Ain't that a good idea Natsu?"

"Wow, he's so mature there." Sakura said.

"Sakura, you do realize Naruto is the main reason most of our missions were successes right? Naruto bonds with people and he never lets them go. He'll do anything for his precious people." Kakashi said in a sombre tone.

The mages were now even more interested in this Naruto, he sounded exactly like Fairy material to them.

Natsu who was listening to the whole conversation nodded in seriously "Yes."

"The you mind going out looking for Macao?"

"Of course I don't mind!" Natsu said as he turned to his companion "Come on, Happy, to Mt. Hakobe."

"Alright!" Happy saluted as they both walked out of the building, also with them they dragged the newcomer for no apparent reason.

"Well that was easy." Choji laughed.

"And some people still question if he could one day become Hokage." Konohamaru scoffed, getting a ruffle of his hair from Iruka who agreed wholeheartedly.

Romeo on the other hand began to worry more as he saw Natsu leave "But-but-"

"Hey listen," Robeo turned back to Naruto, who gave him a welcoming and warm giving smile.

"Natsu isn't somebody who stays on the sidelines while somebody is in trouble, so just put some trust in him, alright? He is a big brother figure to you, isn't he?"

Romeo started to act up and nod "Yes."

"Then have trust in him, okay?"

Romeo smiled "Okay."

"That's Naruto alright." Kakashi said quietly to himself as he smiled proudly under his mask.

"Now go back to your mom, she must be worried about you, isn't she?"

Romeo remembered what time it was "Oh no, I've got to go!" Romeo ran towards the exit but before he waved to Naruto "See you tomorrow, Naruto!"

Naruto smile as he waved back "Till tomorrow, Romeo!"

"He is really good with children." Cana said suggestively getting more than a few blushes among both shinobi and mage.

The rest of the guild smiled at the carrying character of Naruto, always coming up with the right words for someone who was in need. Many liked that about him.

Naruto turned to Makarov "Hey Gramps, mind if I take a nap in one of the guestrooms, I'm quite tired to be honestly."

Makarov smiled "Sure naruto, you know the way."

"Thanks," naruto stood up as he waved the others "See you guys later."

"Sleep well, Naruto." Everybody else said as he went upstairs.

"I must say Guildmaster Makarov, both in that world and your own you have done an excellent job of making the guild like what it's supposed to be." Mavis praised getting a happy smile from Makarov and proud grins from his 'children'.

"A change of scene I think." Lucy said.

Naruto now had his cloak off and was now in his pajamas which consisted of just only his shirt and underpants, but as he was lying down he wasn't sleeping, instead he was staring at the ceiling while remembering something.

"If only he had no shirt as well." Cana laughed, causing a round of gaping mouths and furious blushes as some thought of it.

He grabbed his chest "It's been 3 years…"

"This sounds ominous." Jiariya said darkly.

3 years before the events

"Oh a flashback! Now we can see what led up to him joining Fairy Tail!" Wendy said. Surprising some of her friends who had all but forgotten the unusually quiet girl had been.

Night fell over Konoha or also known as the Village Hidden in the Leaf, with everybody going to sleep. It was a day of panic and unanswered questions as a series of events unfolded within the last few months that occurred in the strongest shinobi village of the whole continent.

"Oh that's not a good start." Tenten grimaced.

With first being the failed Oto/Suna invasion of Konoha during the finals of the Chunin Exams, resulting in the death of countless shinobi's on both sides and that of the 3rd Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. The crisis of finding a new Hokage, which ended up with Lady Tsunade one of the Legendary Sannin and the defection of Sasuke Uchiha as he tried to defect to Otogakure with the help of the Sound four.

Several of the shinobi clenched their jaws or their fists at the memory there. None more than the members of the Sasuke Retrieval team. This was not missed by the Mages who looked at their new acquaintances in mild worry.

That failed thanks to the efforts of a group of Leaf ninja that was led by the Chunin Shikamaru Nara who just recently gained this promotion despite of his young age.

Shikamaru ground his teeth faintly until Asuma placed a hand on his shoulder calming the younger Shinobi down.

With their full strength the Sound Four were defeated by Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji, Kiba, the backup of Suna and Lee they.

But the one who completed the mission was teh blonde Naruto Uzumaki, he fought Sasuke at the Valley of the End and dragged his unconscious body back to the village.

"Wait, hold on Naruto brought Sasuke back in that world!" Sakura shouted.

"We heard." Neji snarked at her getting her to blush for her sudden shout.

"Did he not succeed in your own world?" Lisanna asked. Getting a few headshakes from the shinobi mages looked down slightly feeling sympathy for their counterparts from the hidden leaf.

A few weeks went by as for now after the events and the deeds of Naruto, all the shinobi who encountered him and mistrusted started to think differently about him. But the civilians and one over-emotional pink haired shinobi downright started to bash him even more, like it was always the case.

A few glares got shot to Sakura who looked a bit stunned. She began to mumble an excuse but was ignored over continuing the story.

But now, those thoughts were going to be changed once again.

"No. He wouldn't." Kakashi murmured under his breath.

The Shinobi were wide eyed fearing the worst.


The Hokage building exploded as the roof was covered in flames several shadows jumped away from rooftop to rooftop after the explosion occurred.

"Did this happen in your world were you attacked again?" Erza asked the Shinobi. Head shakes came from the shinobi which didn't make her feel better for some reason, it made her dread it a bit more.

One of those shadows landed on the rooftop of his own house, it was Naruto wearing not his orange jumpsuit but instead a standard blue shirt and pants with the whirlpool sign on the shoulder and wearing sandals.

"He wouldn't something else is going on here!" Konohamaru shouted. His boss would never betray the leaf. Would he?

Naruto held on his left eye that was bleeding as he took some deep breaths, looking at the damage he had done to the building. Also he had his mouth covered in fresh bandages as he obtained and injury in the event.

"He's in bad shape." Tsunade commented. The image before them caused some of the shinobi and mages to be a little upset at the injuries the boy was sporting.

"Just a child." Makarov all but whispered. Why did such vile things happen to children no matter the world, he pondered sadly.

"I'm sorry Granny...Old man...Kakashi….Ero-Sennin...Sasuke-teme….everyone, I did what I had to do. It's for the safety of the village." naruto said as he clutched his free hand as he knew there was no turning back now, his home, his dream. It's all over now.

"I knew he wasn't a traitor!" Konohamaru hollered, getting a few sad smiles.

"So he is making himself out to be a traitor to protect your village?" Levy asked.

"It's more than that, he is making himself a missing-nin, it's practically a death sentence. He might as well be committing suicide." Jiraiya said with obvious frustration and pain in his voice.

"But why? That's not fair, it sounds like he has been a hero!" Natsu yelled.

"Sometimes in our world those that are heroes are remembered as villains." Kakashi said.

That thought made Fairy Tail scowl, while the younger shinobi lowered their heads. A shared thought about whether their Naruto could do something similar.

He took out his headband and puts it on the ground so he could pick out his kunai, he took a moment to understand what he was doing.

He carved a big scratch through the leaf symbol as a clone of his landed next to him

"There's no going back now. He's a missing-nin." Jiraiya said sourly.

"Shit. That's a big explosion." Ther person turned to Naruto "Hey boss, you coming or what?"

"His shadow clones still weird me out with having diverging personalities like that. Makes me wonder if they have ever mutinied against him." Iruka said getting a halfhearted chuckles from the others.

Naruto had the headband now on his head and answered "I'm ready. Let's go." they both jumped away as they jumped through the rooftops, going straight for one of the gates.

"You know you just marked yourself as a rogue ninja, right?" the clone said as they were coming closer to the gate.

"I'm sure he is very aware of that." Kakashi grunted. He was really not liking what was going on.

Naruto said nothing as they now were close to the gate, they just had to run through it and they had an open window just for a moment.

Then two spotting lights went on and were set on the two shinobi, forcing them to stop.

"Naruto Uzumaki, freeze!"

"Yeah, it was bound to happen. I honestly don't know how he escapes but I have to say it must have been brilliant, because he doesn't just have to get past all the shinobi in the village, he has to get out of the forest too, and that is a Leaf Ninja's playground. He'll be hunted down." Jiraiya said.

It was the mages' turn to shuffle uncomfortably at that thought. Despite their similarities, these Shinobi were still very different than they were.

Naruto gritted as he knew that voice he made his trade mark hand sign.

"Shadow clone jutsu!" dozens of Naruto's appeared as he ordered "Split up!"

"At least his go to technique increases his chances." Kakashi said, though only Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Shizune were close enough to him to hear it.

"Right!" they all responded as they all went different directions as several leaf shinobi started pursuing them. One of them was his teacher who was standing on a rooftop overseeing how one of his students was fleeing.

Kakashi frowned at that though it was hidden behind his mask.

Naruto was sprinting through the streets as he jumped through a few alleyways as he disappeared into a corner that was pitch black.

Three leaf ninja, two chunin and one jounin landed in front of the corner as they looked around.

"Where is he? Where's the demon brat!?" the jounin demanded.

"Demon Brat?" Makarov asked.

"I'm sure the book will explain in due time." Mavis said much to the relief of the shinobi, before they realized that it would eventually be revealed.

"We must've lost his tracks" The Chunin said as he was catching his breath "Little bastard is fast, I give him that."

The other chunin gritted his teeth "I knew that demon brat couldn't be trusted, the 3rd Hokage was a fool to let him become a ninja and now look; he attempted to kill the whole council!"

"He wouldn't do that without a reason." Shikamaru grunted while his hands went into his usual thinking pose. His mind was working overtime to figure out exactly what happened, and each piece he was given so far had just added more questions.

He pointed at the hokage building, which was now fully on fire as shinobi with water style jutsu were trying to put the fire down.

"So remember when Naruto used to lead the ANBU around on chases in the village after pulling a prank. I think I just realized how dangerous he actually could be if you replaced his pranks with attacks." Iruka commented slowly.

The thought sent shivers down the spine of every shinobi in the room. That truly was a frightening thought. If applied in the right way, Naruto's pranks could have crippled the leaf.

"It doesn't matter right now, or mission now is to kill that brat. He's obviously a traitor as he even broke out one of Orochimaru's ninja's. Now let's split up!" The Jounin ordered as he left the two chunin.

"What is he thinking?!" Sakura hollered.

"They aren't even going to try and get his side of the story, just immediately try to kill him?" Happy asked.

"N-Naruto is not very well liked by some villagers and shinobi. Well most villager and some shinobi. It's not his fault they are just...superstitious." Shizune partially explained.

"That doesn't make it right." Natsu snarled.

"Right!" They both also jumped away. Out of the dark corner, Naruto walked out the alley as he watched the ninja going at different directions.

"Ah….Ah...Okay, I lost them for now." Naruto flinched at the stinging pain in his eye "Argh, that hurts like hell."

"So I guess it wasn't just a style choice with the bandana. He really lost his eye." Tsunade commented with a bit of a dead voice.

"You get used to it, I know."

"You make jokes now of all times?" Kurenai asked while shooting her colleague a glare.

Naruto went stiff when he heard that, he did that and saw it was his sensei, kakashi Hatake and he was not alone, alongside with him were Asuma and Kurenai, senseis of team 8 and 10.

"Oh wow, all three, this is bound to be interesting. Naruto would have a very difficult time slipping past you three. Well at least back then." Jiraiya commented with a bit of a boast towards his teaching skills, trying to lighten the tense mood slightly. It didn't work at all.

Naruto cursed to himself "Damn it…." he really didn't want to come across them, they were one of the very few who didn't hate him. He expected from the cyclops to either cuss him or outright just kill but instead he said.

"Does he really think so little of me?" Kakashi practically whispered, disheartened by the fact Naruto would think he wouldn't try to let him explain himself first.

"Naruto, Why?" Kakashi had this concerned look in his eye as he held his hands forward "Why did you do this, do you know the extend to what you have done?"

"I have no doubt that he does." Shikamaru said calmly getting a few looks from those sitting around him.

Naruto simply nodded "Yes. Yes I know what I have done."

"Then why?!" Kakashi sounding more demanding "You know this can cost you your-"

"Like I said Kakashi-Sensei, I know what I did. With what I have committed I will be branded and hunted down as a rogue ninja, I will be viewed again by many of the villagers as a monster."

"They viewed him as a monster?" Mira asked, remembering her own life before coming to fairy tail.

"To do that willingly, to give up his life and his dreams to protect his home. No wonder he is so welcome in Fairy Tail." Makarov thought.

Asume bit his cigarette "Then why do it?"

"Ask Lady Tsunade." This caught the senseis off guard, they never heard naruto so formal speaking like that.

"Tsunade!" Jiraiya growled snapping to glare at the woman. It was an odd flip of their usual relationship. She actually looked frightened, but perhaps not of Jiraiya but more what she had done. Just what was her other thinking?

The younger shinobi also shot looks at her, thought they were less glares and more glances of fear, something she suddenly loathed more than anything else.

Naruto continued "Because I knew one thing, the actions I took extended the the survival of the Hidden Leaf Village, I'm not letting those bastards destroy what the old man has been fighting for."

"He's a martyr." Shikamaru sighed out, realizing at least most of what had happened.

Kakashi saw what Naruto meant by , it seems like he held a very strong conviction to the Third Hokage. He knew that Naruto had a very close relation to Hiruzen Sarutobi, he even remembered how he brought young Naruto along to some parts of the village to enjoy but he never expected naruto to go this far.

Was he just like Itachi? WIlling to be branded a criminal for the love of the village?

"Wait what?" Nearly every shinobi questioned shooting a look at Kakashi who was suddenly sweating under the looks from his fellow Jonin.

"If they succeeded their plan," Naruto gritted as he remembered it he clutched his fist "I could not let them do that!"

Several shinobi came around the corner and spotted them "There's Kakashi, he's trapped the demon brat!"

"Pfft, yes he looks very trapped." Kiba scoffed. That earned him a slight pop on the head this time from Shino.

"Not the time for sarcasm." Shino calmly said. His only reply was a grumbling response that may have included bits about stupid bug boys.

"Naruto, please turn yourself in. You will only make things worse." Kurenai tried to convince to convince the boy who she knew was the crush her student had.

Hinata blushed cherry red at that little snippet, while slight chuckles and giggles could be heard in the room. The poor girl tried desperately to sink into her coat.

"I'm sorry," Naruto held a hand sign "But what's done it's done."

"Oh," Naruto said one last thing "Tell the members of the Shinobi council, Hinata's Kiba's, Shikamaru's parents and the others I'm sorry, didn't mean to get them involved…"

The children of the Shinobi councilors, looked at the image of their friend in sadness. Naruto seemed to be too loyal for his own good. A few began to really think about interacting with him more.

He smoke exploded around him as two chunin tried to stab him from above.

They looked around "Where did he go?!"

"He can't be that far."

"A shadow clone." Kakashi murmured.

"Of course." Kakashi sighed. At least he was safe.

Then a man in robes came down, he was a member of the ANBU "You got the kid?"

"No," Kakashi answered "He just slipped away, why? What's the problem?"

The ANBU agent turned to Kakashi "Because we lost track of him, our trackers are already scanning the area around the village."

"He is surprisingly good at stealth when he wishes to be." Neji commented.

The another ANBU ninja joined and kneeling "Kakashi, we've spotted your student fleeing towards the east."

"Now they will corner him. I don't see how he can escape. He isn't like Itachi." Jiariya said. As proud of his student he was, Naruto at least the Naruto at that time had little chance to truly escaping Konoha.

Outside the Village

Naruto hide behind a tree, he took some deep breaths as he took a look seeing if he was followed, luckily he wasn't and he wanted that for now. He was too exhausted to fight and to tired right now to run.

Then two kunai's flew out of the bushes and hit Naruto.

The gathered readers winced, a few beginning to tear up at the struggle of the blonde.

"Argh!" Naruto shrieked in pain as he grabbed a hold on the one that close to his shoulder. He turned to where it came from and saw that two more kunai's were flying towards him.

He pulled out the kunai in his shoulder and used it to block the two others, he failed to see the three shuriken that were thrown from the tree behind him.

"Cornered and surrounded. They'll pick him apart he won't even get a chance to really fight back." Asuma said grimly.

All three shuriken plunged into Naruto's back as the pain forces him to lean backwards and on his knee.

Again the readers winced. Naruto's friends and even those that hadn't even truly met him yet did not want to read of his suffering.

"Urgh….Urgh...damn it." Naruto gasped for air as he took a look around and saw men in black robes but with plain white masks coming fro the bushes.

"ROOT, that bastard Danzo is probably behind the whole thing!" Tsunade shouted.

Sai's usual fake smile had become a very, very mild frown.

"We've got the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki. We can bring him to Lord Danzo."

"When we get home Danzo Shimura dies." Tsunade said darkly. The Mages seemed a little put off as the Shinobi one by one agreed with simple nods.

"We're not finished, knock him out." One of them ordered.

"Hai!" one of the robed men jumped towards him as he was ready to give the final blow.

"Bastards…" Naruto growled as he reached for the other kunai, which was very close to his heart.

Hinata had tears running down her face as did a few of the Fairy Tail guild members. Kurenai did her best to comfort the girl, but was also upset with what she was seeing. From the interactions she had with Naruto he had always been a sweet, if a bit dim, boy and was practically the antithesis to what the villagers treated him as. To see this could have been the end result for him, dampened her love for the village ever so slightly.

The robed man cam closer.



Kakashi stopped when he heard that, his eyes widened "Naruto!" he sprinted faster.

"Ah, perhaps my youthful rival rescues his student from the Root's clutches?" Gai said though he was largely ignored.

Naruto was breathing hard as he was hoolding onto a bloodied kunai as his open wounds were bleeding out lots of blood but in front of him laid something that rather pissed off the surrounding ninja.

The one robed ninja laid there, dead. With a slash going through his mask, hitting the face. He laid there motionless.

The mages were a bit put off, none of them really in favor of killing, however Naruto was trying to survive, so it was hard to blame him.

"Good job kid, keep fighting on." Jiraiya quietly cheered.

"That brat is too dangerous, go for his arms."


"Efficient bastards aren't they." Gray commented.

Naruto looked around and saw that from all direction a dozen Kunais came for him

He didn't react fast enough as they all hit their targets.




The sounds made the gathered group twitch as they seemed to play out in the room. It was a sickening sound.

Naruto's arms were now no use as all his muscles were hit by the Kunais, some even hit his back as he now was forced to stand on his knees while blood was coming out of his mouth.

"This looks like a sick execution." Erza muttered.

"I don't want to watch this anymore." Wendy whimpered to Carla who frowned sadly down at the young dragonslayer.

"Guess...this is it…." naruto said as he saw the masked ninja's approach him, his vision was to blurry to see them come closer as he started to close his eyes, ready to pass onto the next world.

"He-He's accepting death?" Mira said shakily, not liking the seemingly friendly boy being so low.

"What's that?...ahh!"

"YAAAH!" lud punching and screaming was heard ad Naruto forced himself open

"About time you got there!" Sakura and Tsunade shouted at Kakashi.

"Why are you late for everything?" Tsunade asked with a weary moan.

Kakashi simply turned his head slightly to turn away from them.

Then a bright light forced Naruto to shield his eyes for a moment before he could look what it was and when he saw it was. He was astonished.

In front of him was a small girl with yellow blonde hair and large green eyes with no pupils, she was wearing a frilly, pink layered robe with a red ribbon tied in a bow around her neck. She was surrounded by golden lights.

"It wasn't even you." Tsunade said angrily.

"Thank Mavis, for saving him." Hinata said to the girl getting a warm smile in return.

She smiled at him as she walked with her shoeless feet towards the young shinobi and reached out for him while saying "You have a heart of gold, I've seen what you did and I want to give you a chance...a second chance of life...a second chance to have a family….. A second chance to have….a family. In a country far away from here." She extended her hand "what do you say?"

"Does, Naruto actually even want to be Hokage to be leader or just because Sensei told him the village was the Hokage's family?" Jiraiya asked.

Both Tsunade and Kakashi looked worried by that fact. That was something that could easily be warped into manipulating him.

"Naruto!" He turned around, that has to be Kakashi-Sensei.

"Always late." Sakura groaned causing Kakashi to slump.

He turned back "What is this….land?"

She smiled "Fiore."

The mages all smiled sadly, they atleast would gain a new family member from this mess.

Naruto then asked one final question "What….is your name?"

The kind smile she gave made Naruto calm "Mavis Vermillion, first guild master of Fairy Tail."

"Is he going to leave without saying anything to us?" Kiba asked a little disappointed in that.

"Whether he has to, or not doesn't matter, we didn't deserve a goodbye, we aren't even shown here. We haven't done anything to help him, it's always the otherway around, some friends we are." Ino said getting a few looks of surprise for what she said, especially from her sensei.


Naruto turned around again, seeing movement in the trees before turning back to Mavis "W-When can we go."

She reached for his hand and smiled "Right now."

"I guess he didn't want to see you." Sakura said blandly.

"More like Kakashi was too late to see him off." Tsunade snipped.

She giggled as the light began to shine so much, that the whole area god absolved into it.

"Well, at least it explains how he got to Fiore." Lucy offered comfortingly to the still distraught Shinobi.

End Flashback

Naruto remembered how he woke up, finding himself in a hospital in a country he didn't know, soon enough the doctors explained they found him in the streets with dozens of stab wounds and thought he was a dead man.

Frowns and scowls marred the faces of both the shinobi and the mages. Naruto had been still pretty young when that had occurred.

He reached for his bag and went with his hand through it, pulling out his old headband and a pair of pictures, one of that was of his former class and the other was that of team 7 with Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei?

"Even after all that he is still thinking about you all. He must be a really loyal guy." Lisanna said.

"He's a real man is what he is." Elfman added.


"Great more trouble for him. How much do you want to bet it's a shinobi? Tsunade-hime?" Jiraiya asked. He might be playing a bit on her addiction to be honest.

"You're o-" Tsunade was cut off.

"Lady Tsunade, no gambling on Naruto's life! You agreed!" Shizune cried out getting a frown from the Hokage.

Naruto stood up quickly, that sound came from outside, he looked through the window and saw someone unfortunately dropped a vase from their balcony. But even that, he knew he had to keep his guard, after all he is by definition a missing nin by now.

Naruto went over to his window and looked over the rooftops of Magnolia before closing the curtains.

"Damn I had hoped he would spot someone." Jiraiya grumbled.

When he closed the curtains, figures skipped the shadows away from the building.

"Of course. He's a magnet for bad luck and trouble. Now the question is, is that Shinobi?" Sakura said.

"Alright, that's the first chapter." Lucy handed the book back to the two hosts.

"Excellent!" Mavis said with a broad smile. She then snapped and there was a table covered in treats and drinks for the readers. "Enjoy yourselves while we wait for Hagaromo to gather up Naruto and bring him in now that we have passed by the parts that had worried us about your reactions." As she spoke Hagoromo nodded before disappearing, presumably to pick up Naruto.