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Once again hovering over the audience the book spun briefly before dropping into the hands of Gajeel making the gruff mage jolt in shock. Before he could even open his mouth to protest however, Levy had moved into the seat beside him and intently stared down at the book causing him to sigh before opening it up to read.

Ignoring the knowing smiles from some of his fellow wizards, Gajeel cleared his throat and began reading.

Hours earlier

Seashore Galuna Island

The night on the island still was being accompanied by the wild cloud of black smoke that was being viewed by some spectators who were on the sea. It was being observed by the pirate crew that 'voluntarily' had brought Erza to the island and now were awaiting her return to the ship with her people who she was retrieving from the island.

"I didn't think they would still be sticking around." Asuma said.

"I don't think they want to get on Erza's bad side by leaving in case she wants to use them again." Kushina said with a laugh, getting several chuckles through the room.

The captain of the ship, a man who had sailed the seas for a long time, was the only one who was still on deck while his crew were given the time to rest. For he had witnessed the numerous explosions that happened on his watch.


The pirate captain turned to see one of his men walk up to him. "What's the matter?"

"What do you think happened up there?" The pirate asked his captain, still some fear present in his voice that was understandable. "You think it was the curse?"

"Hah, maybe the curse of Fairy Tail." Gildarts said, getting a couple of chuckles.

"That curse has spread to all the corners of Fiore at one point or other so Dark wizards best watch out." Mira giggled.

The captain on the other hand sighs and began. "No, I don't think it was a curse, I think it was never to begin with."

The pirate looked at his captain with shock. "Huh?"

"I don't think it was a curse on that island, boy." The pirate captain said as he sighs while pulling out his tobacco pipe. "I think we're witnessing something else. As a matter of fact, I got a question for you."

"Uhm, sure." The young pirate was confused but complied. "What is it?"

"What do you smell?"

"That's a weird question." Lucy commented.

"Maybe but this Captain seems pretty well travelled I think he might know more about the situation than we realize." Kakashi said.

"Huh?" The pirate raised his eyebrow at his captain's question. "What do I smell?"

"Yes, what do you smell, boy?" The captain said turning his one working eye to him with a glare and warned. "And don't make me repeat that question."

The young pirate raised his nose up and sniffed a couple of times and said plain honest. "I smell the seawater, that's all, why?"

"You landlubber. I don't smell seawater." The captain said what he was smelling. "Its gunpowder."

"Interesting, I wonder…" Shikamaru quietly mumbled getting some looks from his teammates who could see the gears in his head turning.

"Gunpowder?" That was not what he was smelling, has the old man gone senile?

"Yes, gunpowder, explosives, dynamite. That's what you see coming out." The captain said looking at the continuing smoke. "And my guess from that smell, it's the one type of powder I haven't reeked in years."

"Like Kakashi said he seemed well traveled. I think I am thinking along the same lines as you Shikamaru." Erza said as she nodded toward the projection in the center of the room.

The young pirate got curious and asked. "What do you mean?"

"Boy, I've sailed these seas for a long time and I have made many journeys. From the large Bellum lake to the western parts of the Pergrande docks, and I can tell you that I've met all kinds of pirates, thieves, crooks, drunkards and bastards a pirate of my lifetime could come across." The captain began to recollect his old memories of his younger days and wasn't shy to share them with the young kid. "Yet, there's one place where even hardened pirates like myself would not dare cross."

The young sailor got lost in the old man's rambling. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the Shinobi Continent, boy. This type of powder I smell comes from that place." The captain said as he took a good sniff from the smell. "It took me a while to remember that apart smell, a good piece of explosive work, I might add."

"He really must be well travelled being as most of the people don't seem to know anything about the shinobi continent unless they have personally met shinobi hiding in the magical countries or are in the government." Levy commented.

'The Shinobi Continent? Isn't that a myth?" The young pirate asked clearly having no knowledge of it. "I never heard of a place like that."

"That's because it's been isolated from the rest of the magical world for a long time. As I can recall, it has been like that for decades, so long that the years go by, the little the knowledge about them is kept." The captain told him, knowing very few who had true knowledge of its existence. "Only ones who know truly either are those high peckers of the government, or old timers like myself."

"It still shocks me how far they have been willing to go to keep the existence of shinobi a secret. I can understand why I hope it just doesn't come back to bite them later." Jiraiya said thoughtfully.

"So why are telling me this?" The sailor asked the old captain. "You didn't tell that Fairy Tail girl, and you didn't even bother telling us."

"Because, I've got a feeling that some nasty things are going to happen," The bearded man said. "And the moment we leave this island with those Fairy Tail mages, some things happened that are best left unspoken."

"It's smart of him to tell his crew to keep quiet on it. It's been clear that some of the council seems willing to silence those they fear will speak on dangerous subjects." Tsunade idly mentioned.

"I really don't like the idea of our government being able to put hits out on people just to keep them quiet." Makarov grumbled.

Next morning

With day just coming back up, two figures were already seen walking their way back to the old temple, with one being less willing to go there. That person being Toby, who was tied up in a rope and being escorted by Naruto who stood behind him.

"Well he's in for a bad time. If he's smart he'll spill his guts and do as he's told." Kiba laughed though several others seemed less than thrilled about what would probably turn into an interrogation session.

The walk was silent as they both said very little ever since they left the camp that was still being asleep. That was until the mage began speaking;

"You're Naruto Uzumaki, right?"

Hearing that, Naruto just nodded and replied. "Yeah."

"I heard about you." Toby said not turning his head around as he kept on walking. "You are a pretty well known member of Fairy Tail, rumored to be on the same footing as Erza Scarlet and Laxus Dreyar, you're more famous for your abilities of Sealing Magic. But..."

"That's not what you're asking, so spit it out already." Naruto said having little attention for this mut.

"Naruto seems to be growing impatient. I suppose it makes sense. Dealing with the missing-nin is likely wearing out his patience pretty quickly and seeing him so far the thought of killing probably makes it worse and that seems like the only good way to deal with the rogue shinobi." Levy said sadly.

"Naruto has never liked the darker aspects of shinobi life. But even if he doesn't like it, Naruto is a shinobi to the end. A talented one too." Jiraiya agreed with the girl.

Fear had been infecting the dog-boy's genes as he was visible shaking as he continued to talk. "... But you're something else. You hold a secret. Your identity-"


Toby's feet got tripped over by Naruto's foot on purpose to make him face plant directly to the dirt floor.

"He's not bright. He really shouldn't rile up his captor." Mira said in a little bit of worry. She had met Toby since the situation on Galuna island and she didn't care too much for him but she definitely didn't want him to die.

"Hey, what the-Ugh!"

Toby protests got chocked out as he felt a painful amount of force pressed against his throat. Almost unable to breath, his eyes widened while Naruto had his knee on breathing pipe, close to snapping his neck.

"I keep forgetting how scary Naruto can actually be." Sakura said in slight worry.

"You know I think Naruto is more like his father than anyone realizes. He is very friendly and kind, but if he has to be he is ruthless and efficient. Just like Minato." Kushina said with a sad voice. Similarities between her son and herself or Minato made her wish they could all be together as a family.

"Now, I have no time for you to stall me up while your ice friend and his rogue buddy still running free," Naruto said in a more interrogative way of speaking as he was close to Toby's ear "So tell me now what their plan. NOW."

"They're not friends!" Toby protested strongly. "You've got the wrong idea-UGH!" Toby's words chocked out again as he tried regaining some oxygen to his lungs.

"Like Mira said I don't think he is very bright." Lucy deadpanned as the guy focused on the fact Naruto had used the term friends rather than the fact Naruto was threatening him for answers.

Naruto had put more pressure on his neck. "I don't care for that, tell me now what I want to hear. Don't. Make. Me. Repeat. Myself."

"C-Cant B-B-Breath!" Toby pleased for his life. "P-Please..."

"I don't like seeing Naruto like this. He's so…." Wendy began only to trail off shaking her head slowly. She had come to slowly look up to Naruto as the story progressed and moments like this worried and saddened her more than anything.

Naruto sighs as he released his prisoner from his grasp and forced him back up before slamming his body against a tree hard that hit the back of his head to it. Knocking the mage out unintentionally.

"Ugh, great, now he's out cold." Naruto groaned to himself as grabbed the unconscious mage and threw him over his shoulder so he could carry him to the temple. On the way he began muttering to himself.

"I need to work more on my enhanced interrogation techniques. Be lucky you're still breathing, dude, after the people you got yourself into, I don't take much chances."

"That's harsh but somewhat fair to say. These folks are all very misguided but their bad choices have landed them in bed with a very dangerous group of people in the shape of those missing-nins." Shizune commented.

"THAT SHIT!" Ao shouted in anger as he kicked the tent in after finding out what happened in their sleep, with everyone awake, they saw there were two people missing, one of their own, and one prisoner.

Chojuro again tried to be the peacemaker by waving his hands around.

"Come on, no need for this anger-"

"That boy has a lot of nerve," Ao states, who was still injured from his previous fight, was boiling in anger at what he just discovered. "Thinks he can take charge and decide what to do and go off with a prisoner without any notice?"

"Pfft he's practically the one running the show so I think he can do as he wishes, patchy." Tayuya scoffed. She wasn't as fond of her cousin as her other probably was but even she thought it was annoying to think this guy could tell her clansman what to do.

Kushina chuckled as she could read Tayuya's thoughts in her body language.

For the others, they had different feelings about it, for the only other captive, Sherry kept herself really quiet, having just woken up from whatever sleep she could've made in her short moments that she wasn't crying underneath that bag, fearing that she might find herself a cruel fate under these Shinobi.

"Definitely the smarter of the two prisoners." Ino laughed out getting a few halfhearted chuckles along with her.

The other two, Utakata and his student Hotaru, they had different opinions. For the bubble-pipe smoker, it didn't seem to bother him at all the moment as he kept himself to smoking bubbles. While Hotaru was more of the concern to the situation, but didn't have the courage to speak up about it.

"I kind of like these two. I almost wish they would join Fairy Tail as well." Lucy said.

"I could get behind that, Utakata has seemed pretty strong and Hotaru seems like a nice young girl." Makarov said with a small smile.

So it was Tayuya who was left with her opinion and had a bit enough of the old man's constant shouting and decided to speak up about it.

"Can you calm the fuck down for a bit? It hasn't even been ten minutes that we've woken up and you already are starting to give us a headache." She told him straight up. Getting a glare directly from the older man.

"You tell him Tayuya." Kushina said laughing getting some laughs from the others and an annoyed blush from the Tayuya reading alongside them.

"Watch your tone with me girl, or you'll regret it." Ao warned her. "No respect for your elders, not one bit."

"What's he gunna do about it? Obviously he is in no shape to take your other on." Sasuke said with a look of honest surprise on his face at the mouth on the older man.

"Like I'm going to give my respect for free, you old fuck." Tayuya mouthed back at him with an equal glare. "I've been making sure you were not bleeding dry here, and I have yet to hear a thank you from your shit-talking mouth."

"Now listen, you harlot"

"That son of a-" Tayuya started to howl. She did not like this man. However, her shout was stopped before it could finish by a look from Mavis that somehow intimidated and calmed her at the same time. Such a weird girl.

"Who are you calling a harlot-"


The shout scared off all the birds that were residing in the trees and flew in their packs away. That shout happened to come from the least expecting person to be interrupting the conversation. Chojuro seem to be having enough with this bickering and began.

"This arguing isn't helping anyone, except for attracting unneeded attention. Like it was instructed to us, to conceal our presence from the local population, like the Mizukage said, Ao." Chojuro brought up the mission's instructions up, and the orders.

"Seeing blue hair grow a spine is surprising." Gajeel scoffed.

"... Fine." Ao said stepping back and maintained his concerns. "Still, we don't know where Uzumaki is with our prisoner. Don't tell me he's gone of without backup?"

"What if he did? He can handle himself." Tayuya replied. "This last guy, Kenji, If I'm correct? Is he really such a big deal?"

"I'm glad you have such faith in Naruto Tayuya but this Kenji does seem like really bad news and he still has some backup from Lyon. It would be best if Naruto went with backup of his own." Kushina said in slight worry about Naruto.

"Kenji Sotoki, is not a guy to be underestimated, he's shinobi-material through-and-through. A perfect creation of the Blood Mist' past." Ao said and added in shame. "... And my former student, who was one of the best back in the day."

The silence of the camp could be heard when the wind brushed through the tree leaves.

"I took him in as a student after his parents got killed just a week before he graduated from the academy. I knew his parents so I decided to teach him and his team as my underlings. He was a talented boy who had such great potential, being granted the rank of Chunin at the age of thirteen, and becoming a Jounin at eighteen, everything went well until..."

"He sounds like he could have had a promising career but became too filled with hate and bloodlust." Erza said sadly.

"I'm sure it's about to tell us a bit more about that." Mira said with a frown, not really wanting to hear the man's personal list of 'accomplishments'.

Chojuro was hearing this for the first time from his master, who never spoke about anything personal up easily, by this he asked.

"What happened?"

"The Civil War happened. Under the Fourth Mizukage, unrest reached its boiling point and the internal powder keg exploded, with its first conflict being with the Kaguya Clan, who waged war against the village and the state itself." Ao began talking about his own experience of that time.

"The Kaguya Clan..." Tayuya muttered, she thought back to how she knew one former comrade of hers who was from that clan in her earlier days serving for Orochimaru.

'Kimimaro's clan.'

None of the readers bothered to ask the girl who Kimimaro was. It was clear by her expression her opinion of him was mixed at best and probably rather low in all honesty.

"Their uprising was put down quickly, with reports that I've read of piles of bodies of dead Kaguya clan members being assembled at various villages. By then every clan that contained a kekkei Genkai was now under the suspicion across the whole country and the Hidden Mist, fearing for similar uprisings that created a hysteria that ultimately resulted in the massacres of the Kekkei Genkai clans," Ao said with a shaking head. "For example, the Yuki Clan for the longest time had been a long ally of the Hidden Mist and fought alongside us for decades, yet they fell under the hostility and were targeted and massacred by the blood-lusted mobs."

The group did their best to press on though several were clearly till upset on hearing more details about the purges committed in Kiri. It really was a terrible crime against all life.

"And your student, Kenji, was amongst those who lead those massacres, right?" Tayuya asked the two Kiri nin. "That's what you told me."

"Yeah, he was," Chojuro reluctantly nodded. "He joined in on those purges very early one."

"How early?"

"He was the first one to kill a household of Kaguya clan members." Ao revealed to them with a grimacing face. "I was out on a mission with a different team when I got word that the Purges began, with my own student apparently cutting the youngest child's throat before throwing her in the sea with the rest of her family." Revealing one of the many atrocities his own student did with his own hands.

"This Kenji is out of control. I don't think anything less than death will stop him from continuing to kill innocent people as he pleases." Gai said with a very serious scowl.

That thought made shivers to even the two young Shinobi who did not dare to think further on it.

"I spare you the further details he did as a ANBU commander, it's for the best." Ao said, not wanting to recall those reports. "But I will say that he has tasted more blood that a normal human being should have. Having left a trail of blood across the Land of Water - I'd even say he's a wolf in human skin that is just thirsty for blood."

"Sounds more like you're calling him a demon." Tayuya reacted to Ao's description of his former pupil.

"Yeah, I get that. Honestly, it's easier to say that people who are this bad are demons, but I would be a fool for saying that." Ao said narrowing his eye.

"Why's that?"

"Because he's no demon - he's a Shinobi - a human being - just like us."

"Somehow, that fact makes it worse." Lucy sadly mumbled.


That sudden sound made the three jumpy and turned to that unknown sound, and began to calm down once they saw it was just the other prisoner who fell to the ground.

"Hmmmph..." Sherry was heard moaning through the gag.

"Its nothing, just the bitch falling over." Tayuya said putting back her kunai and seeing she was exhausted and asked. "Guess she's exhausted, do we have some leftovers from yesterday's stew?"

Chojuro answered. "Yeah, we have, hey can you guys-" He turned around to the other two and noticed they were...gone. "Uhm, where are Utakata and Hotaru?"

"Oh that's too funny." Jiraiya said with a cackle. He loved that kind of gag in stories. Not to mention he did it to people all the time. It was hilarious.

"WHAT! They're gone?" Ao turned around saw their places were empty. Leaving the three by themselves.

"Where are they?"

"That's the obvious question, dingus." Tayuya said finding it frustrating that she's yet again by herself playing nurse with these two. "I figure out your friend with the bubbles left and the quiet girl followed him."

"Why would he - Oh, I know why. We need to stop them-ugh!" Ao grunts in pain and held his chest as he was gestured to sit down by the blue haired swordsman.

"Looks like both of the Kiri-nin are going to be missing out on the last fights. No doubt things will be wrapping up soon and neither of them is going to be ready for a serious fight any time soon." Asuma said.

"You two are still in need of recovering. So don't try anything." Tayuya told them, looking for a brief moment back at the mountain and her mind was making up in one sentence.

'You better finish this fast, Naruto.'


Underneath the old temple, just where the support pillars were located, Natsu was seen walking through the dark room, full with both energy to empty up and anger to leash out.

"You bastards try to revive this monster, killed the old man's son and try to destroy the village!" Natsu's body got fully flamed up with his hands covered in fire. "I'M ALL FIRED UP!"

Natsu laughed proudly at his other's actions while most of his friends simply shook their heads in fond exasperation and humor at the boy's antics.


Beginning his rampage, Natsu began destroying the support pillars of the temple and with minimum effort crushed bit-for-bit, the old standing infrastructure of this standing building that stood here for generations in a few simple seconds.


"Hell Yeah!" natsu cheered along with Happy who spun a quick circle around the room while flying.


Sitting down in the old throne, Lyon and the mysterious Zalty were there as they listened to the only person of the team coming back, Yuka, explained what had happened.

"Hmm there are more of them left than I remember. That could be a real problem. Between Kenji and Lyon and his supporters Naruto might have a really hard time." Gray said getting a few nods.

"Lets not forget you all are on the island too. Perhaps you lend aid to your youthful comrade Naruto in his time of need?" Rock Lee shouted out more than pondered aloud.

"So it appears that your friends have been defeated by the outsiders." Zalty's face remained unchanged with his smile. "First Kenji's people, and now yours have fallen victim to them."

"Sherry...Toby..." Lyon said those names before asking the kneeling Yuka. "Are you sure about this? That those who you recognized with those headbands were Shinobi?"

Yuka confirmed with much distaste. "Unfortunately, yes. I've tried to track them down, but I cannot locate them anywhere."

Lyon, while not showing it in front of everyone, was conflicted inside on this news. He wanted to fulfill his vengeance against the beast that ruined his life, but he didn't want the lives of his friends to be put at risk for it.

The group smiled slightly at the clear fact that despite everything Lyon still cared about his friends unlike Kenji who simply enjoyed bloodshed and violence.

"Guess this is the risk of working with Shinobi, I see." Zalty expressed with a chuckle that did not land right with the two other wizards.

"This Zalty seems awfully out of place with these other wizards. I can't help but think something much larger is at play in regards to that one." Kushina said in thought though many of the mages simply remained quiet on the matter.

Yuka especially who worded out his anger "What's so funny about it?"

"Oh nothing, I just see the results of a predictable outcome that would eventually would've happened." Zalty said turning from Yuka to Lyon with the following remark. "Apparently, your friends got themselves against a Hunter-Nin team."

"Perhaps they will start squabbling with each other and make it easier to defeat them all for Naruto and Team Erza?" Shino postulated.

"We can only hope Shino-kun." Kurenai agreed.

"Hunter-Nin?" Lyon questioned, not liking the sound of that.

"Shinobi who hunt down rogue Shinobi and kill them, with their accomplices too, of course." Zalty answered with a smile. "They're known to never rest until they have confirmed that their target is deceased. And most likely theirs were Kenji and his team you hired."

"And you just tell us this now!" Yuka screamed at the masked man, clearly angered at not being told this information earlier. "Our friends are now possible dead, because of you!"

"It's not because of him, boy." That came from Kenji who entered back in the hallway, interrupting the conversation, he went straight up and told the blue haired mage. "If I were you, you'd turn to your friend."

"What?!" Yuka turned his head towards in shock to the ice mage. "What is he talking about, Lyon?"

"It's almost like this Zalty wants them to turn on one another. What could their game be?" Shikamaru wondered. Maybe they were just crazy though? He didn't have enough information to really think of much so far. It was a real drag.

Zalty chuckled and explained. "What he means is that master Lyon here had full knowledge of the danger of working with the likes of Kenji, unlike how rogue mages are arrested alive by the Magic Council, the Shinobi take no chances and terminate anyone associated with him."

"You're saying that...Lyon!" Yuka turned right to his friend and in such anger he demanded. "You didn't even bother to tell us these things?"

Lyon was not prepared for this situation and his words would come up short.

"I'm sorry, Yuka, but to achieve the goal, we needed to-"

"He's so obsessed with revenge that he is missing the danger he is throwing his loved ones into. What a foolish child." Makarov said sadly.

"The hell with the goal!" Yuka shut it down. "We all agreed to come together to avenge our families by reviving Deliora so we can destroy it. We did not agree to this!"




Yuka's words chocked as he found himself slammed against the ground, with his head hitting the floor really hard, knocking him out instantly. It was Kenji who had knocked out the blue haired boy with his hand around the boy's throat.

"Oh no." Gray said almost in a whisper. Whatever his disagreements he didn't want to see Lyon murdered and these shinobi, especially this Kenji bastard, were very deadly people. Kenji probably wouldn't hesitate to kill Lyon if he didn't think he was of any use at all.

"I'm getting tired of your complaining, kid." Kenji said while standing up over the unconscious wizard and kicked his head to the side, so his neck was exposed to the former ANBU commander whose bloodlust wasn't fulfilled yet.

Lyon did not like where this was going and called out. "Leave him alone."

"At least he really does care for his friends. He still needs wake up call though." Natsu scowled.

"Don't think you got the authority to command me, boy." Kenji scoffed at the ice mage before turning back to the knocked out Yuka. "If you want to fulfill your goal of avenging your dead master, it's best to get rid of your baggage that's slowing you down."

"They are my friends, they're not baggage. And I told you to stay away from him!" Lyon raised his voice up. "Step away from him."

"Brave of him. I hope he comes to his senses soon." Shizune said in a worried tone.

Kenji just didn't do it and was about to say something back to the kid who in his eyes was becoming less helpful to him, and opened his mouth.


His senses warned him and Kenji quickly pulled out his sword and turns to the entrance as he just narrowly blocks something thrown at him.

"So it finally begins." Tsunade said with narrowed eyes. Truth be told she was sort of looking forward to Naruto battling this Kenji and seeing his strength on a better display. That being said the room had tensed and the whole group looked ready to boo or cheer at the slightest provocation. Really it was almost as if watching sports and not a life or death fight for their alternate selves in an alternate reality.


Just in time, a kunai that was heading for his head, got blocked in midair by the former Hunter-nin who's reflexes still were sharp as the wind. If it weren't for that, his scalp by no doubt would be shredded in two.

Lyon quickly got off the throne and stood guard. "What's the meaning of this?"

A chuckle escaped from the mouth of Zalty who stated. "It looks like our fight with these Shinobi will begin sooner than I'd expected."

Lyon turned his sights on the dark hallway and before he knew it, a kunai had nearly missed him and slightly cut his cheek before striking right behind him int the throne.

Then five more flew out of the dark hallway and not one hit any of the three individuals standing their ground, it was then that the Ice mage heard something behind him and saw it came from the kunai.

It had a paper explosive that was burning.

"Naruto is coming at them smart, good." Kakashi said with pride.

Kenji quickly shouted. "GET DOWN!"


All five thrown kunais exploded the next moment, with the one that hit the throne exploding into pieces while sending Lyon flying forwards as the dust clouds of the fractured walls settled in the room. Creating a scene of confusion.

"What is- What is this trickery!" Lyon said standing back up, he stood up and began demanding.

"Whoever it is that threw those explosives, show yourself!"

"Why would he give up his advantage?" Shikamaru asked in confusion, before worrying that he might, being as it was Naruto's strategy half the time since as he was usually more concerned about convincing others to change their ways than outright beating them in a fight.




A second kunai landed right close to Lyon's feet as he could hear what sounds like a fight., with it sounding like metal clashing and kicks that he could figure out pretty much a fight was happening. Before he could react, Kenji landed just in front of Lyon who would witness the fight first hand.

Holding his sword, a silent Kenji held his ground and awaited his opponent's next move, and it did not take long before he quickly turned around and blocked another attack by Naruto who held his kunai knife in his hand and began fighting with their blades to try and gain the upper hand over one another.

"Shinobi fights are very different than wizard battles that's for sure." Elfman said with a sober attitude, lacking his usual spouting off about being a man.

The fight was one of intense pressure, for both men who knew with one mishap, it would be over for them.

Dodging the sharp metals of each other's blades, narrowly near misses and the occasionally snaps of hair and cuts of skin were the closest what both sides could do to one another.

The dust cloud that had covered the room went away just as quickly when it arrived, it showed the state of the room as it was, with the four walls that surrounded the room being dealt a great amount of damage, with debris crumbling down.


The sword and the kunai connected and the silent grinding of the two metal tools sounded like nails scratching a chalkboard, even with that horrible sound in their ears, the two Shinobi were too focused on their survival rather on their hearings.

"Well, this is an interesting turn of events. A Shinobi fight, a rare encounter to see." The mysterious wizard Zalty, seems to be the first one to be giving his initial reaction to this. "Watch master, I promise you this will be interesting.

"No doubt but I still can't help but wonder what Zalty's end goal here is." Shikamaru commented.

Lyon just looked on and did as he was suggested, and watched the fight unfold.


The two blades clashed again as Kenji managed to gain an advantage over Naruto and began trying to lay a hit on Naruto who began to dodge the sharp sword as fast as he could.


Kenji had tried to lay a hit on Naruto's head, but this time Naruto grabbed it in midair with the palms of his hand, to which he quickly took his chance and high kicked his feet right into Kenji's face.

"Ugh!" Kenji was sent on his back and dropped his sword and was forced to go with hand on hand combat, to which Naruto went straight on the offensive with a series of attacks.

First going at it with his fist right for the face followed by two kicks, all three got blocked, but the last kick did send Kenji back a few feet back as the kick was powerful enough to hurt his arm.

"This fight looks so cool. Like the movies. Boss is going to kick this guy's ass." Konohamaru said proudly.

The Kiri nin landed on his two feet and blocked another foot kick laid by Naruto with his arms crossed, stopping the hitting streak of the former Konoha Shinobi. Ending in yet again, another struggle over each other with their hands locked in.

"Let me stop you right there, boy." Kenji sneered at the one-eyed blonde. "Once I am done with you, you'll be sleeping with the fishes."

"Pfft, he wishes. That book is awfully thick if the rest is just Naruto 'sleeping with the fishes'. Kushina said with a laugh. Though there was a hint of worry in her voice.

Naruto grunts. "We'll see that, bastard."

Then before another word could be uttered out of anyone's mouth, the floor underneath them began to tremble, and before they knew it, the whole room with the already damaged room began tilting to one direction, as if an earthquake was happening.

"What the-" Lyon held onto something and wondered. "Why is the building shaking!?"

Naruto could already figure out what was happening. Yet before he could say it, the floor next to them broke open with flames being fired out of it, forcing Naruto and his opponent to jump away from each other.

Kenji took out some smoke bombs and threw them in the room, covering the room yet again with smoke.

Coming out of the hole where the flames previously was, Natsu jumped up high after destroying many floors to reach up this level and began coughing at the unusual amount of smoke that was around him.

"Oh yeah! Now it's on!" Natsu cheered for himself, getting laughter and cheering from the others at his enthusiasm.

"Strange, lots of smoke, yet no fire." Natsu said looking around to look for a fight. "Alright, you bastards, show yourself so I can kick your assess!"

"Allow myself." Zalty said using his magic to force all the black some out.


In a split moment, all the smoke disappeared and it showed that the only persons who were left standing in the throne room, were Natsu and Zalty themselves.

"Who are you?"

"That's a good question. I just wish it would be that easy." Shikamaru said with a hint of annoyance.

"Well, well, well, if isn't the Salamander of Fairy Tail, nice to meet you finally, I should've known you would make your move very quickly." Zalty said smiling with the current situation. "Unfortunately for you, Master Lyon has found himself to be absent to be present here."

Natsu looked around and saw that the masked creep was right, except for the two mages, Toby and Yuka who were found laying unconscious against the wall behind them, it was himself with this green haired masked individual.

"I must say, I was enjoying your guild mate's fight just moments before you interrupted their fight."

"You must talk about either Gray or Naruto." Natsu said, before getting back on track. "Anyway, I now ruined your plan, I just destroyed the building's pillars, so no moonlight for your plot to revive Deliora, so you can forget about that!"


"This Zalty guy doesn't seem to be taking any of this situation seriously. Even when some others were being slain he's acting like it's all a game." Freed commented in disgust.

Zalty's response to that was just sheer laughter, as if he didn't seem to care about the fact their plan had been given an obstacle. Instead, he seemed to be more amused by it.

"Ah, you don't know half of what is going on here, do you, boy?" Zalty said to the Fairy Tail wizard. "Your generation is so naive to know what has really been going on behind the screens, even at this moment you are blind to see what is happening."

Natsu had no idea what this man was talking about. "What are you rambling about, bastard?"

"Lyon, and his friends, are just pins in a scheme." Zalty told him with a chuckle. "Unfortunately for you, I have to refrain myself into telling you."

"So there definitely is some larger situation going on and this is just a minor piece of it. Troublesome." Shikamaru said.

"Don't talk games with me, buddy!" Natsu shouted angrily as he jumps up in the air with a fist full of fire. Intending to fight this prick right here, right now.

"You're going to tell me what's going on here, even if I got to beat it out of you!"

"I doubt that will work but sometimes the direct approach is the best." jiraiya said with a laugh.

Zalty chuckled and replied. "It would be my please, to see you try."


Erza, Lucy and Happy were running through the woods with haste, trying to get as fast as they could to the temple.

"Why did Gray run off on his own? We could've gone as a team." Lucy asked running behind Erza. Puffing and huffing from the uphill running. "Erza?"

"Impressive athleticism Erza, to be able to keep that pace at an uphill climb with all that armor on and not enhance your muscles with chakra. That could be quite the workout." Tsunade says while humming thoughtfully. Maybe she could work with Gai to mock up some kind of weighted suits for her shinobi to train in that had seals that kept them from cheating with chakra...then again having to work with Gai for any extended duration of time didn't really seem worth it.

"No time to talk, keep running." Erza ordered as she was still in her knight armor and kept on running, while Lucy sighs in defeat and tried to keep on with her. Happy on the other hand was just flying casually next to her.

"Feeling tired, Lucy, or do you want to avoid a fight?" Happy teased her.

"S-Shut it, cat!" Lucy shouted back before running faster to catch up with Erza, while Happy smiled at his trick working, knowing well that it only was said to encourage her.

Then the flying stopped his flight when he saw a tree knocked over and some bushes damaged, it did not look abnormal to him witnessing it, but what did cause him to stop was the weird feeling that he was getting from this damage.

"I think you had best stick together. Getting separated for any reason might be dangerous." Kurenai said to the small cat.

He was about to check it out until-

"Happy, stay with us!"

Happy turned away and flew right back to the others, flying as quick as he could to catch up with them, if he'd stayed longer, the flying cat would've noticed he wasn't the only flying creature that was there.

A flock of crows flew out of the bushes and then flew back and walked right back into the bushes that was leaking something liquid.

It was blood, and it was trailing back to the body of one of the dead rogue Kiri nin whose body was surrounded by dozens of crows, trying to pick the scraps from the feast they were having of the still warm corpse.

"It's a good thing your other got called away. I wouldn't want him to see that." Lissanna said.

"I'm just glad the projection isn't showing us. I don't want to see that either." Carla added.

A disturbing image that would've stayed on the cat's mind if he saw this.

With Gray

Having reached back down to Deliora's freezing state, the ice mage had to check out if the monster was resurrected, luckily it wasn't and he saw that the Moon Drip wasn't touching the ice.

"I can only figure out who was responsible for this," Gray muttered as he pretty much knew who it was. "I owe you one, Natsu."

Reaching for the ice, he needed to confirm for sure what the state was off the monster that had destroyed many innocent lives, including that of his late master, Ur who sacrificed herself into protecting her two students.

"She sounds like a great role model Gray." Kushina said to the wizard.

"She was more than that. She was like a mother to me and Lyon. She taught us magic and how to live our lives too." Gray said with a smile. It was only a little melancholy, the memories of Ur were some of his best after all. How could he not love them.

Himself and Lyon, the later who chose revenge over respecting his master's wishes.

"Hate and anger can blind even some of the most level headed people." Kakashi said shooting a glance toward Sasuke who ignored him.

"Let's see." Gray said. His bare hand touched the cold ice, he began feeling the magical power that covered the special ice magic that held this monster for ten years. It took a moment for the young ice mage to comprehend with what he just discovered.

"I see, I guess I don't have to worry about it." He smiled as he felt relieved. "Thanks, Ur."

He stepped back and took one more look at the monster, knowing now what his master had done all those years ago.

"Okay, now to find the others."


"Those fights with Naruto and Natsu must really be picking up. I hope they are okay." Wendy said in worry. She couldn't shake the feeling someone would be severely injured and she wasn't part of the guild yet to help heal them.

That came from up from the temple as pebbles fell down to Gray and he pretty much guessed what was going on.

"Hold on guys." Gray said as he began running up, trying to help out.


The amount of tunnels that were on this island lead to any place not even the natives had any knowledge of, not even when it leads to an underground river that was clean blue as that of the sea.

Surrounded by the ground, there was still water that was to a foot's level and footsteps could be heard that was mixed with water being splashed.

From one of the three entrances, the girl known as Hotaru came out running at first, having followed after her master, Utakata, she lost him in the tunnels and was trying to find him again.

"Master, Master where are you?" She began calling him out. "Master!"

"This girl is very dedicated to Utakata. I hope everything works out for them." Levy said.

Jiraiya and Tsuande frowned slightly, knowing that in their world Utakata had likely already been captured by the Akatsuki and had his bijuu removed if not it would probably happen sooner rather than later.


Then an explosion between the last two entrances happened and boulders erupted out. This was Hotaru's cue to try and hide behind one of the big rocks that were near her and see what was going on.

"Smart of her to hide. I hope she stays there away from the fight." Tenten said. This Hotaru didn't strike her as someone who should be involved with a fight especially not in one to the level that Naruto or Natsu would be having with their opponents.

Out of the new hole, jumped a wounded Kenji who was still holding on his sword with his face against the entrance, followed by Lyon who was trying to be his backup. The corporation on the other hand did not really brew out.

"I told you to stay out of my way, boy!" Kenji warned the ice mage again.

Lyon replies. "Hey, this guy is ruining my plan of revenge, I-"

"Their infighting might help Naruto quite a bit but he is still outnumbered by two strong opponents. If they can work together at all they could be a real danger to him." Kakashi observed.

"I don't give two fucks about your petty revenge for your dead master!" Kenji snarled at him with his sword pointed at him again. "The last thing on my mind is that sob story."

Lyon gave an angry look at him and said. "Better put that sword away from me, now..."

"Naruto is going to definitely take that opening. These two are as dangerous to each other as they are to him." Sakura said with a smirk.


While the two argued, another kunai with an explosive tag was thrown at the two opponents that forced them both to jump backwards into the lake before t exploded in front of them.


The two just got on the water, with Kenji standing over the lake while Lyon froze the water under his feet for him to stand on it, they faced the entrance where the kunai came from.

Naruto walked out of the dust with his own kunai knife that he still had and was looking at the two persons he had been chasing after.

"This ends here."

"Oh that was such a cool line!" Konohamaru cheered alongside Natsu and Happy getting some laughs from their fellow readers.

Running through the hallways, Erza, Lucy and Happy entered the throne room, that partly was destroyed when they arrived.

"Wow, a fight must've happened here." Happy commented on the damage. "I'd say either Natsu or Naruto."

Lucy was astonished by the damage and then spotted something to their right against the wall.


Laying there, a tied up Toby and Yuka, both knocked out and with their heads laid against the wall.

Erza went on to check on them and looked in their eyes.

"They're out for a few hours. But they'll be fine." Erza told them and stood up. "We need to find Naruto and Natsu. Something's going on here-"


The floor in front of them exploded again and coming out were Natsu and Zalty, in a fight against each other. With Natsu landing in front of the other guild mates, while Zalty just standing on the throne.


"With everyone together Team Erza will be much stronger than what these enemy wizards can dish out." Laxus said seriously getting a few looks that he brushed off. He wasn't a fool, Team Erza had proven they were tough as hell time and again, he wasn't about to doubt them on this.

The pink haired Fairy Tail wizard turned around and was glad to see his friends. "Hey guys, sorry for the mess, I've been in a fight with this prick." Turning back to his opponent who looked very relaxed to the current situation.

Erza reached for her sword. "We'll help out." Lucy was prepared to reach for one of her keys. With Happy flying high to watch.

"Haha! I'm proud of you all fighting together." Makarov said with a smile.

The mysterious Zalty just chuckled and watched before saying. "Let's see what you got."

Walking out from another entrance was Gray who lastly joined.


"Now the gang's all together. Lets see what you can do once again." Asuma said.

"Erza! Everybody!" Gray said turning to their opponent and asked. "I see this is our opponent. You guys seen Naruto?"

Erza shook her head. "No, was looking for him, but found Natsu instead, you?"

"No, sorry, but followed the sound of fighting and found you guys." He prepared himself to start running. "I'll go find Lyon, hope you guys can handle this-"


The crystal ball that flew over Gray's head hit and destroyed the two entrances of the throne room, trapping the Fairy Tail members inside the room with their only opponent.

"Sorry, Fairy Tail, but you're not going anywhere at the moment." Zalty said with his floating crystal ball. "Until, you beat me of course."

"Hmm, this Zalty doesn't seem to care about beating you all just keeping you from Naruto's fight. I wonder what they really want with this island and Lyon's group?" Tsunade questioned.

Gray grunted as he had no choice. "Fine, we'll have to fight this guy. You guys ready?"

"We are!" Erza/Natsu/Lucy shouted in agreement, ready to fight this guy.

Chuckling, Zalty knew he was going to stall this fight long enough, because he wanted to wait for the results of what he was waiting for.

"Like you thought, Lady Tsunade, but what are the results that he wants?" Shizune pondered.

And those results were quick to come to fruition.

Underground lake


Hotaru watched on how the fight was continuing on, with the ice mage and the rogue Kiri-nin fighting Naruto on two sides, from the back and the front, having him outnumbered and trying to cut him down.

But that didn't seem to work out, as Naruto held his own and kept on fighting, even with the handicap of only one eye and being against two men, he still fought hard against them.

Naruto held his own while fighting head on with Kenji with his kunai knife against his sword, forcing the Kiri native to back down before getting an opening-

KICK! Naruto's feet strikes right into Kenji's knee before smashing his free fist right into his face, sending him several feet back into the lake.

"Shinobi fights do really look cool." Natsu murmured. Really it was like the fights from action movies.

"Ugh!" Kenji groaned in pain, having not yet recovered from his previous fight, he also seem to have underestimated the boy's strength, seeing he wasn't tired from the day-long clashes he had endured and wounds he had inflicted on him. Like the open wound on his shoulder that was shed blood in a small pace.

"They might look cool but they are also really brutal I think." Lucy said with a bit of worry for her other's friend Naruto.

Still he was not failing, instead it felt like he was playing with them that could be best summoned up by how he was fighting Lyon. Of which, the ice mage tried to sneak on top him with an ice spell.

"Ice Make: Snow Dragon!" Lyon shouted by creating a huge ice dragon that was built out of the cold air and water and send crushing where Naruto stood with its whole weight.

Nearly exhausted, Lyon was covered in bruises, with Naruto having given him some unfair beating.

He was beginning to lose his patience and wanted to end his life and neared to unneeded recklessness that didn't soot well for the rogue Kiri-nin who needed a reliable fighter.

"Did I finally get him?"

"Not likely, snowman." Kushina scoffed.

"Not really, now."

Lyon's eyes widened where he heard that voice and began to slowly turn around, only for him to get struck in the face by Naruto who slammed his arm right against him and send him off. Sending the ice mage moving right to where Kenji stood.

As if he was mocking them, Naruto looked like he was doing alright at first hand, but that was far from the truth, underneath his mask, it was tempting to just spit the blood that was in his mouth right out, and the cuts he gained from the ice attacks and the sharpness of Kenji's blade did not help with show that he was running low on energy, especially when he's fighting against two opponents, even when they weren't working well with each other.

The group grew worried at this revelation. It had seemed like Naruto was handling them well but now knowing how hard of a time he was having with these opponents the tension in the room skyrocketed.

"He'll still win. The boss can't lose to these guys!" Konohamaru shouted, getting the group to calm down a little with a few of Naruto's friends nodding in determination. THey had faith in Naruto as well.

"You're becoming a nuisance to me, boy." Kenji said to the ice mage. "Tell me, why do I allow you still to be alive?"

"Shut up," Lyon spoke while getting back up from that blow. "If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be here in the first place!"

It was here when a pebble happened to fall down Hotaru's hiding spot and it fell into the water.


"Oh no they'll see her!" Wendy cried out.

"That bastard Kenji will do something." Natsu growled.

The room tensed up again worried for the girl's safety.

Kenji turned his head to that sound and immediately spotted the rock, and there was Hotaru. Who caught everyone's attention.

Naruto's eye widened.

Lyon looked confused. "Why is she here?"

A crooked growl turned up on Kenji's face as he sprinted right for the girl with the bloodlust he had.

"He needs to be taken down quickly. He's too much of a threat to innocents." Neji scowled.

"I'm sure Naruto will do just that as soon as he can." Kakashi suggested.


Those words fell on deaf ears as Hotaru was petrified at the scene of Kenji coming right at her with his blade, ready to behead her.



That maniac's attempt was stopped by the appearance of Utakata, having intervened in Kenji's way of killing her by sending him back yet again to the water with an orange bubbled covered fist that his whole body was in a whole, tapping into his Tailed Beast's power.

"Thank goodness." Mira sighed and the room as a whole let out a breath.

"This Kenji doesn't stand a chance now. Not with Naruto and Utakata there to stop him." Gray said with a big smirk.

"The tables have definitely turned. I have no doubt they'll crush Kenji while working together." Erza said with a confident nod.

Kenji landed back in the water, with his head now with an open wound, with a slash wound across his chest.

Standing back up, a more infuriated Kenji looked up to the now two opponents. With Utakata now standing in front of his self-declared apprentice who was too fear-stricken to move and couldn't even utter a word.


"Don't, Hotaru, stay where you are, and don't move." Utakata said to her in a strict manner he rarely used. "Don't run, don't help, don't even say anything. Just observe at what you're about to see."

"A little harsh but necessary. This is beyond what she is capable of doing. It's best she say back and let Naruto and Utakata protect her." Kurenai commented.

Hearing this, Hotaru nodded and stood there, watching how her orange covered master walked up next to Naruto who didn't seem to be fazed or shocked by his appearance. "Your power, it's that of a Tailed Beast, isn't it?"

Naruto did not hesitate to ask about it straight away. To which the bubble maker wasn't shy to admit it.

"Yes, I do..." He took a look at the guy next to him and asked the following question. "Mine's Six, which are you?"

"Why ask?"

"Mine's name is Saiken, and he tells me you've got something that he scented." Utakata informed him about it. "So tell me, which one do you have?"

Naruto answered him then and said. "Mine's name is Kurama, Nine Tailed."

"Since they are both Jinchuuriki, I wonder just how strong they are together at full power?" Jiraiya mumbled to himself.

"You talk to him, much?"

"Not really, he's not the talking person at the moment, either that or the old fox is just sleeping now. It's one of the two."

"Hah, Kyuubi talk? He's more likely to slam into the seal and try to kill you from my time holding him a least. Then again my seal was a bit brutal in handling him." Kushina said, feeling a little guilty about how the seal worked for the kyuubi on her. Impaled as he was, it was harsh.

"Yeah, we'll continue on that later" The kimono man said turning his eyes on their opponents who were still waiting there. "We've got a fight to finish."

"I agree." Naruto said, preparing himself for another fight with the two men who were still at bad terms of communicating and said out loud. "This circus has gone long enough."

Kenji stepped a few feet back and held his sword, standing dangerously close Lyon's back.

"Bastard." Gray hissed through clenched teeth already predicting what would happen next.

"I need blood..."


This next move that Kenji made, got everyone's eyes to widen to what he had just done, something that didn't make any sense in a situation like this. Kenji had stabbed his sword through Lyon's back and it had come out through his chest clean, having taken the ice mage by surprise who even himself did not expect this treachery.

"This rogue shinobi really has no morals does he. He's nothing but a rabid dog." Erza glared at the projection of the man at the center of the room.

Kenji himself was just laughing, laughing at how he just stabbed his only ally in the room.

"You're no use to me anymore, boy."

"Sadly there are plenty of shinobi both missing-nin and those still in villages that have almost identical outlooks to this man." Jiraiya said sadly. He wanted so badly to make the world a better place, but with so many out there that either hurt from some wrong done to them, or those that were like Kenji and wanted nothing more than sate their bloodlust, how was he supposed to even begin making progress?

Lyon was not prepared for this and dropped to his knees as he still on his ice, he was trembling in an uncontrollable pain he was suddenly given.

"Now, I think it's time for finally to play my calling card." The clearly unstable Kenji said before he kicked Lyon so strong in the gut that he was sent off to the other side of the lake.


Hitting his back against a wall, Lyon fell into unconsciousness, in the worst time possible as he was severely injured, and now easy prey to a monster.

"Now that magic using trash out of the way," Kenji said with a sinister smile. "It's time for us to fight like real Shinobi."

On the sidelines, Hotaru watched how the ice wizards was just thrown away and looked horrible wounded, so she knew she had to do something.

'I can't just stand here, he's going to die if those wounds aren't closed.'

"I'm glad she wants to help him but I'm so worried she will get attacked again." Wendy said.

As the girl was going on her own quest, nobody of the three Shinobi took a moment to watch what she was doing, instead they kept their focus on the fight. Kenji made the first move by making a tiger hand sign.

"Water Clone Jutsu!" Kenji shouted as five identical water clones appeared out of the lake and took the form of Kenji.

"I think I know where this is going." Utakata figured out their opponent's strategy.

Naruto took the moment to question. "Mind elaborating what his strategy is?"

"Hidden Mist Jutsu!"

That jutsu, was the next move that Kenji made, and in a spare moment the air got thickened with mist that was a specialty technique that was a normal calling card for Kiri nin. Having now the whole area covered in it, his strategy now was ready for completion.

"I think I know this strategy now," Naruto guessed, seeing where this was going. Still holding his kunai, he now was weary of his surroundings, now that he even couldn't see the guy next to him. He had to be extra cautious.

"A classic of Hidden Mist shinobi. We faced against the same tactic twice in the land of waves as Team 7." Kakashi explained.


Naruto quickly turning around and was faced with one of Kenji's clones and didn't hesitate to slash right through the bastard's chest as it disintegrated back into water.


One of the Kenji clones hit Naruto from behind with his blade and made a clean sweep blow through his back.

The blonde's body fell down on his face, falling down, and when the body hit the ground-

A few gasped and others teared up at the sight on the projection, however several Shinobi knew Naruto's favorite jutsu would see him through.


Sighs of relief from those worried echoed around the room.

It wasn't Naruto, instead, it was a shadow clone. The water clone was tricked.

"Where is he?"



The water clone's head found itself flying off its body, leaving a pool of lake water as it liquid before falling down and becoming water itself again.

"This is a true shinobi battle. Any misstep spells defeat and death. That I think is the difference between our style of fighting and yours." Kushina explained to the mages.

Behind it stood Naruto with his kunai knife, having been prepared for a scenario like this, he then took hiding in the mist itself.

Now he was also now lurking for his target...

Silently for his prey...

"Like a true shinobi." Kakashi said with pride.


In the thick mist, Lyon was back to consciousness and realized just what happened, the pain in his chest prevented him from moving as he felt this unstoppable could shiver through his body, and to make things worse, the thick mist did not help into calming him down, not when he heard the sound of clicking.

That clicking turned out to be the sandal heels of Hotaru who finally reached to him and began to reach for something that caused him to try to focus his magic to defend himself.

"No, no, no, I'm not here to hurt you." Hotaru kneeled down to him and pulls out an unused pack of bandages and began putting it against his open chest to try to stop the bleeding. She would have to thank that girl Tayuya for giving her some of these first aid stuff.

"Hold on, okay?" She said trying her best. "Does it hurt there?"

"I'm...a bit okay," Lyon responded with a grunt as he still was trying to stay in consciousness, "He didn't hit my vitals, I think, just went clean through."

Gray unconsciously took a relieved sigh, though his friends noticed they didn't bring it up.

"Okay, let me at least clean it up then." She said dipping the bandages to try to absorb the flow of blood.

Lyon for the moment was still confused by this, why was she helping him?

Right now, the answers would for him be strange as he still was struggling to keep his eyes open.


Utakata was still in his Jinchuuriki form and was waiting for Kenji's next move, and wait long he didn't have to.

Three Kenji water clones jumped out of the mist, and for a moment with their blades, it looked like they were going to lay a hit on the Jinchuuriki.

With his gigantic red chakra covered hand, Utakata turned around and laid one massive hit.


All three clones were caught in the hit and fell down the lake, splashing out of their short existence. This tactic seems to be rather like a fluke.

"I was about to say that seemed awfully easy." Makarov said with a frown.

'This is way too quiet for Kenji, let alone he's being sloppy. Normally he could kill a whole team of Shinobi in less than a minute.'

Just then like a brick, it hit Utakata and he began yelling.

"Hotaru, look out!"

"That bastard would go for the defenseless girl and injured guy. Of course!" Kiba shouted in anger joined by a few others from both the shinobi and the wizards.


That yell made the Tsuchigumo to react and turn right back her head around, and was horrified to see it was Kenji with his sword over his head.

"Now I got you, wench!"

Instead of screaming or running like she always did, something made Hotaru at that moment to just sit there, with Lyon watching this half awake.

Some of the more squeamish readers clamped their eyes closed and covered their ears hoping not to see or hear an innocent being harmed.

Just watched, as something then happened-




A moment of silence suddenly had taken over the room, with the mist suddenly started to simmer down in a fast rate, showing what happened to everyone in the room.

Lyon was just shocked at what happened, while Hotaru for some reason, had closed her eyes, and for no explainable thought, she said the following.

"Thanks, Naruto-"

"Of course he would stop it. That's the boss!" Konohamaru shouted getting some nods from the others but a few remained worried about just exactly how Naruto had stopped the attack.

Her eyes widened as she finally realized what had just happened. Naruto had pushed her out of the way...and had taken the sword for her. The long, steel blade had pierced through his shoulder, it's clean metal now dripping with his blood. Naruto's body trembled as he was beginning to feel the consequences of his noble action, his teeth clenching to stop a scream from escaping his mouth.


"He needs help!" Wendy worried aloud, getting comforted by Carla and Lucy.

Kushina clenched her teeth in frustration at seeing her son injured.

With a mighty roar, Naruto ripped himself off of the sword, loud, painful squishing and crunching noises filling the air. As blood squirted into the air, Naruto let out a yell as he took out a kunai.


The swordsman gasped as Naruto slammed his blade into his chest, piercing bone and flesh just as he had just done to the blond.

Several of the mages closed their eyes at the scene, but the shinobi nodded considering it a job well done.

The blood trailed from the man's chest to Naruto's blade, even over his own hand and arm, making small droplets, showing the end of his blood-inspired debauchery.


Naruto responded by saying in his ear this thing.

"Your hatred for bloodline users, turned you into a predictable fool."

"He's right, hatred blinds people, but also makes their path very clear." Jiraiay said with a thought toward Sasuke as well as many others he had met over the years. He just hoped Naruto could convince Sasuke to change his ways before it was truly too late, because as it was only Naruto's bond with Tsunade kept the Uchiha from benign hunted by hunter-nin.

"Bastard... Ugh..."

Blood began to sputter out of the former Kiri nin's wound as it was lingering all over Naruto's clothing just before he fell back over and fell into the water.

His body soon began leaking the red liquid into the beautiful colored blue lake water. Ending his terror of hunting down Kekkei Genkai users.

Utakata was quick to run by and saw what the end result was off the fight.

"It's over."

"It's sad people had to die but I am relieved that those missing-nin won't be troubling anyone any more. Especially Kenji." Erza said with a small hint of malice toward the shinobi of Kiri.

With the Fairy Tail wizards, they were giving everything that they had into fighting this mysterious guy and were close to their breaking point as they were getting exhausted.

"Gah! I forgot all about this fight! Kick his ass other me!" Natsu shouted.

"Shut-up natsu it's just a book you can't hear you….ugh that sounded stupid even saying." Gray grumbled.

"Duh, you said it of course it sounded stupid." Natsu said with a smirk.

Before they could keep arguing Erza cleared her throat so they could continue.

Erza was still in her normal armor but was bruised up a bit. As were Natsu and Gray who were bruised up more with their more aggressive attacks, while Lucy was just partly bruised up but was close to falling down from the pressure.

Happy just looked and asked concerned. "You guys okay?"

"This guy doesn't go down, its like he's holding back or something." Lucy said trying to keep herself up. "He's no normal wizard."

"Lucy's right, he's not just a small-time dark mage. He's something else." Erza agreed and was thinking of stepping up her game but asked her two other guildmates. "Natsu, Gray, what do you think?"

"I don't care if he's holding back," Natsu said with a fist full of fire. "He's annoying me, and that's reason enough for me to go through!" Not liking the fact he's been played with, he was not going to give him this win. Gray was in agreement and just nodded, yet he still needed to find Lyon and stop him.

"Alright, on me we-" Erza was about to tell a different strategy until she saw Zalty put his hand up.

"I've had enough." Zalty said out to them with his satisfied grin. "It was an good fight, I say, you Fairy Tail Wizards are good, I give you that. But I don't have any interest on being this island anymore. With Deliora unable to be resurrected and master Lyon now taken out by your friend Naruto."


"YOU'RE JUS LEAVING!?" Natsu shouted, understandably pissed off. "YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT!"

Team Erza looked put out by that but the group at large either laughed at the fact that Zalty was just leaving or in the case of the more mature shinobi and wizards wondering what exactly they had accomplished by all this. Just what was their end game?

"We'll meet again, one day. Good night." Zalty just chuckled and said his farewells before he disappeared, right before Natsu could attack him with his fist full with flames.

"H-He just vanished in thin air!"

Natsu looks around and began shouting in anger.

"Damn bastard, where are you!"

Erza sighs. "Give up, Natsu. It's over." She states to everyone with her arms closed. "If what he says is true, we've just completed the quest."

"But the moon is still purple," Lucy said to her. "So long that curse is still on, the villager's can't turn back to normal."

"We'll figure it out on our way back to the village." Erza turned to the boys. "Now first, we've got to find Naruto, obviously if its true, then sorry Gray." Knowing that Gray wanted to exclusively fight against his former friend.

Gray shook his head. "Its no problem, if Naruto beat Lyon, that's good by me." He starts walking down. "Now, let's find him and get this stupid quest over with."

"Agreed." Happy shouted to Natsu. "Come on, Natsu, let's find Naruto!"

Lucy was wondering. "Where should we even start looking? He could be everywhere at this point."

"I can't help but think it won't take very long for Naruto and Team Erza to reunite. Now that everything has calmed down they should have the run of the island. They just have to figure out how to break that curse or whatever is really going on." Shikamaru thought out loud.

Underground lake

The water now was contaminated, not with long-lasting filth, but with blood, blood that was being washed out of the clothing by Naruto, who after having his arm being bandaged in, started to disguise any form of deadly combat away before he'd regroup with his friends.

Now with the others, Utakata was covering the body of Kenji with numerous amount of paint he was using to make seal signs for him to be sealed away, all while in front of Lyon who was witnessing all of this in front of him.

"I've heard about the Shinobi way of Life was deadly," Lyon said after what he had seen. "But I never thought it was this ruthless."

"Same here." Several wizards commented quietly.

Hotaru who was healing the ice mage's back could understand what he was saying and responded to that.

"I understand that, yet, its normal for us, or at least the others, like Master Utakata and Naruto."

Lyon looked up at them. "I never expected that he was a former Shinobi, I heard he was a very liked member of Fairy Tail, but this, was unexpected from him."

"It still surprises me sometimes how well that Naruto is known by the public but the truth about him practically noone knows, even in his own guild." Ino said.

"Well sometimes it's said deception is a shinobi's greatest tool, plus shinobi have a bad reputation for good reason and Naruto is doing his best to help people. He doesn't need the thought of Naruto acting as an assassin running through people's minds when he is trying to lend a hand or complete a quest." Asuma lectured.

Naruto squeezed the shirt of him that dropped the last drops of blood before he puts them back on with his coat over it. Then when he did that, he turned right back where the ice mage was and walked over to him.

The ice mage did not know what he was going to do, he thought he was going to be arrested for his illegal actions until he was told the next thing.

"You're going to listen to what I am going to tell you."

"He really can be intimidating." Levy said with a slight shiver.

And with that, the situation on Galuna Island, came to an end.

"Well that's that." Gajeel said roughly tossing the book into the center only for it to seem to freeze in the air and hover as the familiar feeling of another new reader began filling the room.

"I wonder who's joining now?" Sakura asked.

The group watched and were surprised by who joined them. A few had wet eyes and others even broke into tears. The wizards smiled at the person though knowing that the shinobi were all likely happy to see them now.

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