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After taking a brief moment to stretch and use the restroom, the group returned to their seats and now Tsunade was given the book to read. While initially hesitant, partially because Hagaromo had not yet returned, Tsunade was surprised when the Sage reappeared with a familiar shinobi alongside him. Sakura gasped out the boy's name before he sat down, well away from the other shinobi something that disheartened Sakura it seemed.

Tsunade was tempted to question Hagoromo about the boy being there but decided against choosing instead to simply begin reading the next chapter.

It's been a couple of days since Naruto returned from his quest and a new mage named Lucy joined Fairy Tail. But in overall it was a normal day in Magnolia's best-known guild hall as everyone began to have a meal or a drink, and having fun. Sometimes there was even a laugh thrown in when Wakaba, one of the members of the guild tried (jokingly) to ask Mirajane on a date on which she responded by transforming her head to that of Wakaba's head were on that he gave the normal funny respond.

"I hate it when you do that, it's so creepy!"

Everyone in the guild laughed at that except for one table where Natsu, Happy and Lucy were sitting. While Happy was devouring his meal which was just a fish, Natsu was mumbling on how he was broke.

"It seems your guild is rather lively." Jiraiya commented toward the guildmaster who simply smiled and nodded.

"I guess we should try to find another job," Natsu grumbled.

Happy joined in "Aye, we're running out of food money." Before going back to his meal.

Lisanna walked by and smiled "If you can't afford to eat today, I can cook something for you guys. I won't charge you anything."

Some of the girls seemed to send Lisanna a cheeky smile, causing the girl to blush, though Natsu remained somehow miraculously oblivious causing Happy to slap his own forehead.

"Nah it's no that Lisanna," Natsu sighed "thank you I really do but we need more money to pay our rent."

"That would be no problem if we took that 2 million jewels reward." Lucy reminded him while still slightly ticked off about it but then reminds that she also had to pay her rent soon "I guess I better find work too."

"Okay I remember when this was now." Lucy said remembering some of the things that had happened that day.

She turned around and before she got to the quest board, she noticed someone walking in the guild.

It was Naruto, wearing just a pair of boots, trousers and a t-shirt which didn't cover much of his body as his arms and and parts of his shoulders were exposed. He still wore the bandana over his left eye and the mask over his mouth.

Several of the girls seemed to blush. The shinobi had not realized how much Naruto had truly grown and wondered if under his jump suit the formerly scrawny brat really was as fit as his counterpart.

"Of course he would make himself look like Kakashi." Sasuke commented in an irritable tone of voice. He hadn't wanted to be here, preferring instead his training. Hagoromo hadn't really given him a choice though.

He dried his arms up with his towel and said "Mira! Can I get the usual? I'm done training."

"I bet it's Ramen." Kiba snickered.

"Sucker's bet, we all know it's Ramen." Shikamaru replied.

Mirajane smiled and turned around "Sure! Coming right up!"

Naruto went over to the table next to Natsu's and tapped the back of a man of average height with a short, straight, slicked back dark blue hair "Hey Macao, how's it going?"

"I'm doing good, kid." Macao gestured "Sit down here. I see you just finished your training?"

"I like the friendliness the guild has. It's very inviting." Hinata stuttered out causing the Fairy Tail members to puff up their chests slightly in pride.

He sat down and answered "Yes, I did the usual. Around 4 hours done."

"That's his usual!" Lucy cried out, though the Shinobi weren't all that surprised. Outside of Lee, Naruto was hands down the most devoted to his training out of all of them.

Macao noticed checking Naruto and chuckled "I can see that your whole back is drenched in sweat."

"It is?" Naruto turned his head to try and look "Damn, I barely notice that anymore."

Wakaba waved his hand in front of his nose "And that smell like you've been running a marathon."

"At least he trains Wakaba." Cana sniped at her guild mate causing the man to exaggerate his reaction to her comment and clutch at his chest.

Some of the guys laughed just as Mirajane brought a bowl of ramen in front of Naruto and commented "Well, I say good for Naruto. At least he uses his time productively."

Cana smirked, "Yeah, unlike some of you."

"Glad to see other me agrees with me." Cana laughed.


"Thanks for the food Mira," Naruto said as he began to eat it.

Cana's cheeks were red from the alcohol and ask drunkenly "So, Naruto. What are you planing to do today?"

"Lady Tsunade is that your daughter?" Shizune quietly questioned causing both Cana and Tsunade to sputter with Tsunade sending a betrayed glare at her assistant for that comment. So unlike her.

"I don't know to be honest. I already paid my rent for the upcoming three months, so what about-"

"It just might be." Kakashi joked, only to receive a heavy blow to the head from the Hokage.

"Keep your mouth shut mask boy. You're still on thin ice for giving Naruto your bad habits." She growled.

He saw that Cana grabbed out of nowhere a barrel of wine and started downing it until she couldn't drink anymore.

Both Cana and Tsunade looked away with slight tints on their cheeks as their fellow readers gave them accusatory looks.

Naruto sighs at the usual Cana, smiling "Never mind."

Five minutes later

Naruto just walked out of the restroom but noticed someone else except for Nab, the guild member who doesn't know what quest he wants to pick.

The girl was wearing a white shirt, a pink ribbon in her hair, a red t-shirt and brown boots while carrying a whip around.

He saw the girl scoping for a quest "Finding a magic bracelet….Lifting a spell from a cursed cane….Fortune-telling love using astrology...Exterminating the evil spirits in a volcano?! I didn't know there was so much different kind of requests for mages…"

"Very similar to shinobi missions, they can range from everything including walking dogs and painting fences to hunting down rogue shinobi or armed escorts." Asuma commented.

"Excuse me." That voice made Lucy stiff for a moment before turning around to see Naruto standing in front of her.

Teasing smiles from Cana and Mirajane were shot toward Lucy who blushed and sunk in on herself slightly.


"I guess we didn't meet before, you must be the new one here. What's your name?" Naruto asks, just as Mirajane walks by.

Lucy saw the began to turn red and stutter "I-I-'m-"

"Oh my suddenly so shy." Mirajane teased lightly causing chuckles from the group as Lucy blushed crimson at her counterpart's reaction.

"Don't worry Lucy, he won't bite." Mirajane tried to calm the blonde girl down and took it over "Naruto, this is Lucy. She's the newest member of Fairy Tail and the reason you haven't seen her much is that she's been going away on quests with Natsu and Happy."

"Yosh Naruto-kun is one of the kindest and most youthful Konoha shinobi." Lee spouted loudly getting groans from his teammates and a bright smile and thumbs up from his sensei.

"Lucy….you mean Lucy from like Hea-"

"He knows my family?" Lucy questioned herself too quietly for all but those closest to her to hear. Erza placed a hand on the blonde's shoulder to comfort her knowing that her family's history was a difficult and sore subject for her friend.

"NOPE! Just Lucy." Lucy waved her hands around "It's me from the time you saved me from that gang. You remember that?"

"...Oh yeah. Now I remember." Naruto nodded his head and smiled offfered his hand to shake it, eye smiling "Nice to see you joined. Welcome to Fairy Tail."

"He seems to fit into Fairy Tail perfectly." Makarov commented with a small smile on his face, happy to see the boy this was all concerning seemed to match up to the Fairy Tail ideal attitude.

Lucy cheeks blushed "Yeah, nice to meet you."

Mirajane giggled at the interaction and began changing the conversation "Lucy, if you are interested in taking one of these requests, just let me know. The master is away for a conference so I'm covering for him."

"Oh." Mira suddenly said tapping a fist into her palm. "I remember this now too, though without Naruto of course."

"Oh, so that's the reason why I haven't seen the old man. So it's that time again…" Naruto said knowing the routine occasion.

"What kind of conference?" Lucy asked.

"One for guild masters, every once in a while they all get together to talk about the state of things….It's a bit different from the Council, though…."

"They are sounding awfully similar in many ways to our Kages." Shikamaru commented.

"The Magic Council." Naruto rolled his eyes while speaking those two words with venom. Earning himself a questioned look from Lucy but a normal response from Mirajane who ignored it to put a finger on her chin, trying to figure out a better way to explain it better.

She then got an idea in her head asks a fellow guildmate, the 'obese' Reedus for something "Reedus, can you give me your Light Pen?"

The shinobi perked up at the use of this light pen curious to see what it was exactly.

"Of course, here." Reedus handed over his pen that had a glowing end to it.

"Thank you." Mirajane thanked him before turning around and starting to draw a hierarchy of diagrams in the air and explaining it from top to bottom "The most important people in the magic world are the 10 members of the Council, who have a connection with the government. They exist to maintain the order in the magic world. The Council can also pass judgment on mages who commit crimes."

"They seem to have quite the large amount of power over society. Pretty similar to Konoha's council before Lady Tsunade started reorganizing them." Sakura said.

MIrajane then pointed at the middle of the diagram as Lucy focused "And beneath the Council, there are Guild master leagues, where Guild Masters assemble. They relay the decisions of the Council, smooth out the communication between the guilds in the area, and keep us in order. It's a difficult job, right?"

"I didn't know that there were connections between guilds," Lucy said astonished by the diagram and oranization.

"It's important that we interact with each other, or else our structure would've fallen apart." Mirajane added.

"It's no wonder that your world seems far more peaceful and stable than our own. Maybe if the Kages met often to work together war would be less frequent." Jiraiya scratched his chin in thought.

"The question remains Lord Jiraiya, how do you convince all the Kages to meet and find common ground. Even when at 'peace' the five villages are hostile to each other, especially places like Kiri during it's civil war and Iwa in it's hate for Konoha after we defeated them in the last three wars." Shikamaru commented. He wasn't trying to shot down Jiraiya's work toward peace, much the opposite in fact. This was the same thing he did when talking to Naruto, he helped to refine the boy's ideas before they were thrown out there.

For their part the guild members were a little uncomfortable knowing that their counterparts of the shinobi world seemed to continuously surrounded by war and conflict. Just some of the small stories they got during the break had taught them that the Shinobi were taught since early childhood to be soldiers for their village. Something Makarov and his 'children' felt conflicted by.

"Yeah," Naruto stared at the structural plan of the diagram "I personally find this a good plan, communications between guild masters, corporation, multiple meetings to build trust. Pretty much a good system, well except for the Council, most of them are nothing but bureaucratic thick headed morons."

"Naruto wasn't even my student in that world, and yet he shares my hope and dreams for peace it seems." Jiraiya smiled proudly.

Lucy sweatdropped, did this guy have some grudge against the Magic Council or was this a universal in this guild. She already had heard it from the master Makarov but now from him…

Looks from the Shinobi prompted Gray to respond. "They're very corrupt, or at least it feels that way. Much more concerned with image than the needs of the people they are in charge of."

"We know what that's like." Sakura commented remembering the councilors from Konoha when acting as Tsunade's aide.

Natsu appeared out of nowhere with an evil grin and his finger burning a small fire, spoke in a demonic tone "And then the guys in black show up."

Lucy screamed scared of her chest.

This left many of those gathered laughing at the poor girl's expense as she sent a death glare to the laughing Natsu.

Natsu laughed while holding the back of his head "Hahaha! That was almost too easy!"

"Jerk." Lucy grumbled.

"Are you trying to scare me to death!?" Lucy shouted at him while holding her chest.

"But seriously, the guys Natsu is talking about do exist." Mirajane said while drawing another diagram "These are the dark guilds, they have chosen not to join any of the leagues. They're the bad apples and most of them are involved in magical crime."

"Sounds like rogue-nin." Kakashi commented.

"Wow," Lucy was amazed but also slightly scared.

"Don't worry, they rarely pose a threat nowadays. Mostly because the actions of someo of the guilds have been actively taking down some of these dark guilds, even members of the Magic Council have been involved in rooting them out." Mirajane said and mentioned, "Right, Naruto?"

A few shinobi rose their eyebrows at this, perhaps Naruto was in some form a hunter-nin of some kind.

Naruto smiled "Of course, Mira-Chan."

"Uhm, I don't follow."

"Oh yeah, you don't know. You see, Naruto is one of our mages who's active working with other guilds in fighting these dark guilds, "Mirajane told he celestial mage "he gets quests from the Magic Council and he with mages from other guilds go and hunt down dark mages who pose a threat."

"Impressive." Makarov commented. Naruto must truly be a skilled individual.

"Never would have expected it of the Gaki, but honestly he probably would excel at that kind of work." Tsunade idly thought.

"Wow," Lucy turned to Naruto and asks "you've met with other guilds?"

"Yes, of course, I've met some very powerful mages and a lot of them and many of them became good friends of mine after I proved myself," Naruto answered to her question.

"It seems Naruto is a truly manly individual. A skilled fighter and he has lots of connections with other guilds." Elfman said getting a few nods from the others.

Mirajane smiled "Naruto is known for defeating and capturing over 49 dark mages from 8 different dark guilds. This gave him the nickname 'the Shadow of Fairy Tail.'

"He must at least be an A-rank shinobi by that point if not S-ranked." Kakashi commented with his eye widened. This got surprised looks from the other Konoha-nin all of which knew he was strong but had yet to see him truly prove that level of skill.

"Why the Shadow of Fairy Tail?"

"Because Naruto's fighting skills are like that of a Shinobi," Lisanna said as she walked over to the counter with an empty tray "I'm not joking really when Naruto and I went to do a recovering request, we got jumped by like 5 dark mages, he took them all down without even using his magic. He picked them all off one by one and paralyzed them, ending it for us getting a good pay when we brought them in."

"He could do so now as well, though he has had more formal training under your's truly than there it seems. A fighting genius in disguise I tell you." Jiraiya commented with an extremely proud glint in his eyes.

"Didn't you just peep while Naruto mostly trained himself." Tsunade sniped at the super pervert causing the man's over-inflated ego to pop like a balloon getting laughs from the shinobi and wizards alike.

"He did?!" Lucy's eyes widened as she turned to Naruto "You're really that strong?"

Naruto was flattered "I'm not saying I'm that, I just got lucky that's all. Besides they weren't that powerful, just some A-class morons."

The younger shinobi and wizards gaped at that flippant attitude in regards to A-class opponents.

"I take back what I said, he is obviously S-class." Kakashi commented.

'That ain't Nothing.' Lucy's mind though.

"No kidding other me." Lucy said getting a chuckle from those that heard her.

"Whatever, say are you going to pick a job or not?" Natsu asked Lucy.

Lucy frowned "You've gotta be kidding me. What makes you think I want to do that?"

"Well, we are a team. Aren't we?" Natsu mentioned.

Happy then burst in saying "Yeah, and we picked the job last time. So it's your turn to pick, so get to it!"

"Just forget it cat, as far I'm concerned out team has been disbanded," Luy crossed her arms and huffed "and besides you guys didn't actually want me, you just needed me last time because I'm a blonde."

"Oh?" Tsunade asked, suddenly eyeing Natsu and Happy like a big cat eyes it's prey.

Natus and Happy began sweating slightly under the glare from the Blonde Sannin.

"Wait a moment, what do I hear here about needing a blonde?" Naruto looked in between the two and turns with a frown to Natsu and Happy "Guys…."

Happy and Natsu shrieked out of fear and quickly said "It was for a job! It was for a Job!"

"Good boy Naruto, remind them to respect us blondes." Tsunade smiled ferally while staring the two down. Jiraiya took the book while she was distracted and continued reading.

Naruto kept the frown and then asked: "You guys make sure she got paid?"

"...No. The guy's book was that from his father who was tormented."

Naruto sighed and turns around but couldn't be angry at his kindness "Okay, I let this slide for ones."

"Naruto will always be soft hearted it seems." Sakura commented.

"Good, our world needs more people like him. Maybe then it wouldn't be so filled with hate." Jiraiya said.

"Hey Lucy," Gray got their attention, sitting next to Cana "I wouldn't stay with those losers if I were you. You'll get plenty of offers from other teams."

"Icy Bastard!" Natsu whirled around on Gray only to receive a heavy handed thump to the head from Erza that planted him face first into the floor along with a glare to keep him and theIce Wizard from fighting.

Cana just mentioned "Your clothes, Gray."

"Crap!" Gray looked down, he was in his underwear again.

Natsu just cussed him "Jerk."

"Here they go." Lucy said with a roll of her eyes.

That comment made Gray glare at Natsu and in a second, they were at it again; Natsu and Gray garing at each other, butting heads giving each other insults.

"Did you just call me a jerk, dragon boy?"

"And what if I did, what are you going to do about it?"


"Least I'm not a coward!"

"You spineless wimp!"

"You're a freak!"

"It reminds me of your days on team seven Sasuke, oh how you and Naruto would go back and forth." Kakashi joked at the broody Shinobi while wiping a fake tear.

Sasuke didn't reply simply shooting an unamused glare at the Jonin. Tsunade herself glared back for the Jonin at her very least favorite shinobi among Naruto's generation.

"It looks like they're at it again." Happy said munching on another fish.

"Those two, urgh…." Naruto shook his head before turning towards Lucy who now was listening to Loke's attempt to flirt with her.

But then he took a few steps back after noticing something on Lucy's hip. He then hopped back on his feet and then when Happy mentioned one of her celestial spirits and then ran away out of the building.

"What was that about?" Kiba asked.

"I'm sure it will explain in the story eventually, it's not really our places to say." Lucy replied getting nods from the others as if confirming the group thought along the same lines.

"Celestial spirits...oh boy, I please I hope she isn't the holder of that key." He knew Loke had his own run-ins with celestial wizards, and it wasn't good ones.

"Oh so Naruto knows at least part of Loke's situation?" Erza was surprised as were some of the others as Loke had been rather tight lipped about the full details of his situation.

He noticed Gray punched Natsu and that his body was about to hit Lucy.

"Wow, watch out." Naruto grabbed Lucy by the shoulders and pulled her slightly to him before Natsu's body could hit her.

Lucy saw what happened and turned to her fellow blonde "Thanks."

"No problem," Naruto said before addressing the two guys "Really guys, can you both stop this for a moment, just a moment?"

"Natsu started it, I'm just following through," Gray argued.

"You're clothes, Gray," Cana saind.

"Damn it!"

Natsu got back up "You're the one who was provoking me, you dirty slimeball."

Gray's eyebrow twitched "Oh yeah, what did I do to provoke you? You fire clown."

"You perverted slasher!"

"Pink haired punk!"

"I am beginning to see why Naruto fit in so easily." Sakura huffed, recalling trying to stop Sasuke and Naruto's fights all the time back when team 7 was together. The thought caused her to look over at Sasuke who continued to ignore her causing the pinkette to slouch slightly in her chair.

"Lame insults, guys." Lucy deadpanned.

The rest of the guild started laughing at the two troublemakers going at each other yet again, Lucy couldn't help but smile and Naruto smirked giving an eye smile.

"We got bad news!"

Everyone turned towards the main entrance, seeing that Loke was already back and in distress.

"It's Erza, she's on her way here!"

"How exactly is that bad news?" Erza commented, her face red, though out of embarrassment or rage the others couldn't tell.

Kakashi and Jiraiya were suddenly struck with horrifying flashbacks of Kushina and suddenly felt a need to butter up Naruto with a few new jutsus just to make sure they weren't facing the wrath of the Red Hot Habanero when they eventually passed to the pure lands.

Everyone except for a few began to freak out when that name was mentioned.

Lucy was impressed by the sudden change of sphere "Wow, just mentioning her and the whole place goes crazy."

"Well, she is the strongest female wizard we've got in Fairy Tail," Mirajane said.

Tsunade eyed Erza speculatively and nodded feeling the red head seemed to hold the aura of a strong fighter.

"Don't forget the fact she's a bit intimidating," Lisanna mentioned the small fact.

"Yeah, to put that lightly, but that's Erza for you," Naruto added.

Then they started to hear loud footsteps, it sounded like it was coming closer and this got the guildmates to start sweat and shriek.

"That's got to be her."

"Those sounds like her footsteps."

"Even the air has gone completely still."

"What a build up for her introduction." Kurenai laughed along with the Shinobi each loving how similar to the likes of Tsunade for the younger generation or Kushina for the older generation the girl was.

"Man from these reactions you'd think she's some kind of demon." Lucy said imagining Erza as some kind of demon and frightening her "I'm so scared!"

Erza shot a hurt look at her blonde friend who waved her hands in front of her stammering out about not knowing her yet.

The person entered the the guild hall and brought in a large object which was to be revealed as a horn that must've belonged to an animal that had been slain. It was put down next to the person carrying it with a loud thud.

THe person was a woman, or more precisely a 19-year-old girl that had a slender voluptuous figure. It may not be seen at first because of the custom-made armor breastplate that resembles of the medieval days. The armor was made by Heart Kreuz, the most popular clothing line for young girls and women. She also wore a blue skirt and black boots, and the diamond shaped silver earrings. But her most noticeable was her scarlet hair and brown eyes.

A loud wham from Jiraiya impacting the floor startled those in the room as Tsunade took back over reading while blowing a slight amount of smoke off her fist.

This was Erza Scarlet, the strongest female wizard of Fairy Tail.

"I have returned, where is master Makarov?" Erza sternly asked.

"She's beautiful." Lucy breathed with a mini tint of redness on her cheeks.

"Thank you Lucy." Erza said to her friend who gave her a grin. Both knew fully well how attractive most guys both in Fairy Tail and out of it considered them beautiful, but it meant a great deal to get such compliments from their friends.

"Welcome back, Erza. The master is at a conference right now." Mirajane said.

"I see." Erza complied as she puts a hand on her hip.

"Erza, what's that huge thing?" One of the guildmates asked.

"It's the horn of the monster I defeated. The locals were so thankful that they decorated it and gave it to me as a souvenir." She looked at the guy "Why you got a problem with it?"

"NO, not at all!"

"It's like she is a mix of Tsunade and Kushina, how is that even allowed to exist by the universe." Jiraiya grumbled from the floor where he remained.

"You know, she's not anything that I had imagined," Lucy said.

Lisanna giggled "Well, it's not her looks that cause everyone here to be scared of her, you'll soon find out."

"But she's a caring person and someone fun to hang out with." Naruto patted Lucy's arm "So just relax."

Erza smiled at that, having so far come to regard this Naruto as being someone she would enjoy having in Fairy Tail.

"Now listen up," Erza turned her head towards everyone, making them shiver "while I was on the road I heard a few things. Word is that Fairy Tail had been causing nothing but trouble as of late. Master Makarov may not care, but I certainly do!"

"Here begins the road call," Naruto said.

"Cana! You need to start controlling your drinking." The brunette stopped drinking. "Vijeeter! Take the dancing outside! Wakaba! Get rid of the filthy habit of yours! Nab! I would suspect you still standing there in front of that board, just pick a job already!"

She then turned to Macao "Macao!"

The man went stiff.

Erza instead just sighed.

"Please just say something!" Macao cried.

A few snickers at how Erza handled the guild slipped into light laughter after Macao's reaction causing the man to grumble and glare at the others in the room.

"I don't even know where to begin with you" She grabbed for her head and shook "Honestly you guys cause so much trouble sometimes I've just given up."

"She's really tearing into everyone." Lucy nervously muttered "It's like she's taking over.

"Someone has to try and keep them in line." Erza commented flippantly.

"Oh trust me I understand." Tsunade said getting a dirty look from Shizune. The Slug Sannin expertly ignored it though and continued reading.

Happy appeared "That's Erza for ya."

"Even if she's kinda bossy, she's saner then everyone else in here. I don't understand why everyone is so afraid of her."

Naruto points to her right "Look out there."

"Are Natsu and Gray here?"

Lucy turned around to see something that surprised her.

"H-Hey there Erza, We're just hanging around as good friends do." Gray and Natsu gave nervous smiles while crossing their arms over each other's back and shaking hands like really close friends, all that in fear of course.

Natsu replies "A-Aye."

The Shinobi couldn't help it they burst into laughter, half of them imagining Naruto and Sasuke in a similar position. It actually wouldn't have been hard to imagine that had Sasuke not left the village and Tsunade tried to curb their rivalry.

"He's talking like happy!" Lucy exclaimed in shock.

"That's great, I'm quite pleased to see you two finally getting along." Erza smiled nodded her head "However it's only natural that even the best of friends squabble every now and then."

"I don't know if we're the best of friends." Gray replied.

"A-Aye." Natsu added.

"What's gone into Natsu!?" Lucy now was too confused.

"Cause Natsu and Gray know better than to piss of Erza. A few years ago he challenged Erza to a fight and got beaten up badly." Naruto said to her.

"That reminds me! Hey Erza when we return to Fairy Tail how-" Natsu began to challenge the redhead only to have his mouth covered by Gray and get pulled into his seat.

"Shut-up Flame Brain do you want to die?" The Ice-Make Wizard hissed.

"That's a stupid thing to do." Lucy said.

"After that she found Gray walking around naked and decided to beat him up too." Macao added to the list of reasons to why people fear Erza.

Gray shivered slightly at the memory, Erza having seemingly come out of nowhere to him at the time.

Cana who for once is not drinking, decided to bring in another story "And lets not forget she also beat up Loke for trying to hit on her. He totally deserved it though."

Lucy quipped on that one "Yeah, can't say I blame her."

Naruto spoke "So Erza, from what I see, you normally come back here and relax, eating a strawberry cheesecake and forget about everything, but instead of that I can see you're planning something now, I'm I right?"

"Well Naruto has changed a bit." Ino commented.

"Actually Naruto has shown many times he can be surprisingly perceptive on some things." Shikamaru replied. He honestly found the phenomenon a bit interesting as Naruto seemingly flip-flopped from a top of the line shinobi to a moron at the drop of a hat.

Erza turned to Naruto and gave him a smile and nod "Your're right Naruto, still as sharp as ever." She eyes Naruto, who eyed back.

"Like I ever lost it. Dear Erza."

"Atta boy Brat!" Jiraiya bellowed only to be silenced once again by Tsuande, though the teasing smirk she then sent toward Erza alongside a few other shinobi and more than a few of her friends among the guild caused her to blush.

Erza huffed it with a smug smile before turning towards the two "Natsu, Gray. I need you to do a favor." The two turned towards Erza and paid attention to what she wanted to say.

"While traveling I heard something that made me worried. Normally I would consult with the master on an issue like this but he's not here and this is a matter of utmost urgency. I can use you both for this."

The dragon slayer and the ice mage looked between each other while the whole guild couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"This is very similar to what happened in our world. I'm curious how Naruto being around will change things." Erza said.

"We'll meet at the train station tomorrow morning." Erza informed them and then turned to her blonde friend "An you Naru- Where is Naruto?"

Between Mira and Lucy where Naruto was standing now was empty.

The only sound that everyone was hearing in the silence was the sound of clicking shoes.

"That's rude. Is he skipping out on it so he doesn't get involved?" Ino asked a little peeved Naruto was acting in such a way.

"I highly doubt Naruto is skipping out on it, he can't ignore people when they need his help." Sasuke commented causing several of the shinobi to stare at him in surprise, causing the boy to glare at them once again.

Everyone turned towards where it came from and saw that Naruto was on his way out and "I'll see you guys at the train station, oh and this." Naruto threw something backwards.

Lisanna catches it and it was a bundle filled with jewels.

"Thanks for the meal, girls." Naruto gave out a wave to everyone "See you guys in a few days."

"Tch, acting so cool and stuff." Kiba grumbled much to the amusement of his sensei and his team.

"See ya!" Most guild mates waved him goodbye.

MIrajane giggled "There he goes, preparing for another job."

Wakaba smirked while puffing out smoke "That kid doesn't sit still, not even asked and already prepares for the job."

"He really seems like the perfect friend someone could ask for." Lisanna stated.

Sasuke glanced at the girl and shifted uncomfortably at the thought of Naruto and bonds of friendship.

Lucy couldn't help but raise her eyebrow and asks Happy "Why is everyone talking so good about Naruto."

Happy replies in his usual manner "Because everyone knows that's Naruto's nature. He's always ready to help out a fellow guild mate."

"Yosh, Naruto's flames of Youth burn brightly no matter the situation!" Lee screamed, before being yanked back into his seat by an embarrassed Tenten.

"That's true." Nab says catching Lucy's attention "You can ask anyone in this guild, Naruto has helped people no matter what their problem is. JUst like how he comforted Macao's son when he was missing. That is Naruto."

Macao smiled at that alongside most of the other readers.

Macao smiled, he had to properly thank him for calming his son down and giving him hope. Sure he did not rescue him but he gave his son the comfort he needed.

Cana chuckled "That's Naruto for you." She took a sip from her jug of beer, while a blush was lightened on her cheeks.

"Whatever it is, the big thing is that with Natsu, Gray and Erza joining up as a team, the would be the most powerful team, but with Naruto joining in it IS the most powerful team this guild might have."

"Oh that's right. Erza, Gray, Natsu, and Lucy already made a superstrong team now adding Naruto in it will be really powerful." Mirajane commented while tapping her chin in thought.

Happy flew up high and exclaimed. "Hooray for Naruto!"


Outside the guild hall, Naruto heard the cheering from his fellow guild mates. He couldn't stop smiling and gave it a thought.

'Glad I was brought here.'

That thought caused the Shinobi to shift uncomfortably and even a couple to gain worried looks. They all knew they could have treated Naruto much better than they did and this story was helping to realize that perhaps there was truth to the saying 'you don't know what you've got till it's gone'.

Next Day, Magnolia station

"Can you explain me why have we decided to come here three hours earlier?" Lucy groaned out loud, while everyone has already arrived Naruto was the only one who hasn't arrived yet. She was holding her snowman celestial spirit who kept shaking.

Kakashi began sweating as Tsunade and Sakura's glares seemed to narrow upon him.

Happy was munching on his fish snack and explained "Have you forgotten already? He has a habit in getting late and coming up with an excuse, are all of you blondes this dumb?"

"Kakashi if Naruto gains your habits in our world, I will make it to wear the only food you's be eating is through a straw for the foreseeable future." Tsunade commented calmly, which somehow made it even more terrifying as her glare didn't match the tone of her voice at all.

Lucy was ticked off "Don't start with that, cat!"

Natsu and Gray still played the friendly buddies part while Erza sighed waiting for Naruto wasn't new for her as she got used to it like most of the guild who worked with him.

Happy flew up with the fish in his mouth pointing at the hallway "There he is!"

Naruto was wearing his brown trousers, boots, a green flack jacket, a brown coat he was wearing over his jacket and his bag for his travels.

"It's weird not seeing him wearing any orange." Sakura said too herself sadly. This story was starting to make her feel like she owed Naruto an apology. She honestly hated the idea of her surrogate brother not being on her team. The three years he had been gone had actually been drab without him around, but never seeing him again made her almost feel sick to her stomach.

Sakura didn't realize that similar thoughts and feelings were running through the rest of the shinobi's minds as well.

"Hello guys, sorry for the waiting. I couldn't leave the place without enjoying a warm cup of ramen."

"That's more believable than you might think." Kakashi said.

Lucy frowns "Why am I thinking you're lying?"

"Because he is, silly. Haven't I told you it just a minute ago?" Happy reminded her.

Again Kakashi began to sweat as Sakura suddenly switched seating to be right beside her teacher, the pleasant smile on her face setting off alarms throughout his brain.

Lucy fumed at the cat.

Happy laughed at Lucy as she glared up at the flying cat.

Erza smiled "Not a problem, Naruto. You're just in time."

Lucy gave a deadpan stare to Erza for not even calling Naruto out, but the redhead simply shrugged her shoulders. It seemed they planned for Naruto's lateness so what did it matter.

Naruto eye smiled "Great, let's go."

"Wait! What about the baggage?" Lucy said pointing at the mountain of baggage that belonged to Erza.

"Allow me." Naruto stepped forwards and pulled out of his coat a scroll and opened it before laying it down and then pulls up his sleeve.

"Oh ho, now you shall see everyone a Sealing expert in the act!" Jiraiya shouted.

"But Lord Jiraiya that Naruto didn't really get training from you right? So how is he good with seals." Choji asked.

"Oh that's simple the kid is a natural with sealing he is an Uzumaki afterall." Jiraiya said before Tsunade stomped on his foot and continued reading slightly louder drawing confused glances from several but a suspicious look from Sasuke, Shikamaru, Sakura, and several of the Wizards.

Lucy watched what was written on the scroll "What language is that?"

"I don't know, we asked the same thing. He just says it's a contract." Natsu/Gray/Erza/Happy replied while observing Naruto's work.

Lucy gave a dull stare to her friends, all of which simply shrugged at her.

Lucy asked out of curiosity "What kind of contract?"

He bit his nail and started to sign the middle part of the contract.

Lucy was creeped out "Why did he sign it with his own blood?"

The wizards were all a little creeped out, especially when the shinobi explained that blood contracts for sealing and summoning was very common causing them to be even more on guard around the shinobi.

"I don't know, he does that all the time." Natsu/Gray/Erza/Happy replied.

"You guys should listen to yourself." Lucy Sweatdropped.

"What other me said." Lucy grumbled as the four persons in question simply shrugged their shoulders again.

He started making a series of signs with his hands before slamming his hand into the middle part of the contract.

POOF! The area around Naruto was filled with smoke.

"*cough* *cough* what was that?" Lucy waved the smoke off, and when it cleared she was gasping like a fish.

"Where is all the baggage?!" the only thing left was the cart that transported it.

"That's amazing!" Makarov commented.

"Do you think you could teach me?" Erza asked looking at the Shinobi.

"Oh I most cert-" Jiraiya was cut off by another whack from Tsunade.

"Maybe, but our abilities don't use the same energy as yours so it might have to be adjusted or it might not work at all.

"In here." Naruto showed the scroll that was small and tossed it to Erza who catches it.

"Thanks Naruto."


Naruto waved his hand "I'll explain it after Erza explained the job we're about to do." He turned o the two others "And? You guys have anything to say?"

"Yes, Erza." Natsu got her attention "I'll come with you but only under one condition."

"Moron." Gray groaned. All Natsu shot at him was a heated glare, though he really wished it was a ball of actual fire instead. With Erza looming over his shoulder though he reigned it in.

Gray immediately responded "Shut up!"

Gray threw up his hands as if to sarcastically say 'Thank you!' to his other.

"Oh? What is it?"

Natsu held his fist with a grin "I want a rematch when we get back to Fairy Tail."

"What's wrong with you? You've got some kind of death wish?" Gray said behind Natsu.

Gray shot a smug look at Natsu who only glared back. The rest of the guild and most of the shinobi chuckled at their interactions.

Natsu ignored the others "I've become a lot stronger since the last time. This time will be way different. Cause I'm gonna beat you!"

Naruto smiled at Natsu's determination, he reminded him a lot….of himself. Full with spirit and never giving up.

"I can see it." Sakura said with a chuckle.

"Natsu is really exactly how I imagine any child you and Naruto would have Sakura." Kiba said before the pinkette introduced him to the floor.

Erza was silent for a moment before giving her response "Yes I can tell you've been improved. As to well if you can beat me. I suppose we have to see." She faces up "I accept your challenge."

"Oh yeah!" Natsu yells into the sky "I'm fired up!"

Everybody started to enter the train as it was set to leave with almost everyone in it.

Naruto was the last to board the train but then sensed something. He looked around and saw nobody was there.

The readers tensed at that.

He still sensed something nearby and decided to reach for something in his coat-

"Shinobi." Shikamaru grunted.

"But what village. Not to mention are they after Naruto because of his connection to Konoha or for another reason." Kakashi said.

"Hey Naruto!" Happy landed on his head "COme on, we've found a seat."

Naruto stopped reaching for his coat and said "Okay, let's go." he boarded the train as it started leaving the train station.

In the steam of the train that just left, a figure stepped out of the steam. It was a masked man with armor plates covering his body from top to bottom, and he had a tattoo that was noticeable on his arm.

The mark of the Hidden Leaf village.

"I was afraid of that." Tsunade sighed.

The group took a moment to stretch before Erza was given the book to read the third chapter.