AN: This is a bit of a prologue in order to establish the character so it will take a while but only on this chapter. For those that have seen the Rising of the Shield Hero, I'll spare you the details of the other characters. Plus I've only seen the anime and haven't read the books or anything like that. So this is gonna focus on the events in season 1. But I do have one question: Anyone really excited about season 2 that will hopefully come out soon? When there is a season 2, the story continues

Chapter 1: Year 2052

The story takes place over at the Rocky Mountains in the year 2052 with many parts of the forests looking like they are desolated by some sort of catastrophe as it is clearly visible around 11 am. A VTOL colored green that looks like it has solar panels attached to it that gives it power yet looks similar to a Terrafugia TF-X but the back looks a little bigger like it can carry something. On the side of the vehicle, there is some blue paint that says 'The Pendragon'. This vehicle is traveling above the desolated forest with some strange looking deer with the does having six legs and four eyes while the males have an extra antler growing from their heads.

Inside the flying machine is a teenage woman in the pilot seat that has brown hair with a green streak on the left side and tied in a ponytail along with having blue eyes and some dark freckles on her cheeks. She seems to be wearing a worn-out black shirt with a Blind Guardian Red Door on it while wearing a black jacket with tassels on it with the sleeves ripped in half, a few beads on her left wrist that are red, blue, and the last one appears to be made of transparent colored beads. On her right wright though, there are some black beads with skulls painted on them that are dangling on her pale white skin that have some freckles and blue painted nails. She also wears black jeans yet they look like they were cut right at the knees and black and white sneakers. She hums a tune while piloting the flying vehicle while smiling. She glances over through her window for a second but notices something on the ground.

She then turns her attention towards the sleeping young male in the passenger seat who looks younger than her who appears to have short brown hair, some tan on his skin with a few freckles on his face. He appears to be wearing some light tan leather cowboy duster that is slightly buttoned up, a black gas mask dangling on his left shoulder, some matching deerskin gloves, blue jeans, and black sneakers. The boy also appears to have some sort of bandolier on him that have these strange pods on it. He seems to be peacefully sleeping about something as he smiles. Yet he also reveals some strange device on his left arm. It looks like some flat band with a computer keyboard on it and some blue orb at the top of the keyboard.

The girl shakes the boy, "Come on Arty, wake up."

The boy made a startling snort before rubbing his eyes and does a big yawn. "What is it, Sissy?"

The sister starts to pout, "I told you, not to call me Sissy!"

The boy stretches his shoulders, "And I told you, not to call me Arty." He opens his hazel eyes.

"Fine, whatever Arthur." She sounds a bit upset before pointing down at something on the ground, "Look at that."

Arthur leans over to see what his sister is pointing at and notices some sort of ruin of some sort. He then sits back on his seat and pulls out a map from under his seat. Arthur opens it up and sees the coordinates they are at. "Hmm?" Arthur went when looking at the map. "According to this, there shouldn't be a town here." He looks at his sister, "What's your opinion, Gwen?"

Gwen giggles a little, "That's because that map was made in 1973."

Arthur checks the date of the map, "You're right. Dammit." He folds the map back up, "We'll let's check it out. Might have something worth while that we can use."

"Got it!"

The modified TF-X then starts to head down towards some sort of ruined town that is falling apart in an area full of dead trees, ashen ground with a few wild plants thriving, and areas that rank like molding sewage. Ruined cars can be found that have been rusting for a long time along with a few street lamps and traffic lights falling apart. They land close to an area that seems to have a lot of parking with a few rusted vehicles in the area and shopping carts scattered about. Gwen cartwheels out of the vehicle as she is glad to be out of confined spaces. Arthur looks around and sees some of the shops in the area.

He says the names of the stores he sees, "Walmart. Lowe's. Barnes n' Noble. Welcome to Corporate America...or what's left of it." He sounds a bit snarky.

Gwen stands on one hand and pushes herself up and down, "Where to first?"

Arthur pulls out a notepad from his left duster pocket and checks, "Well... We're gonna need some metal. Any sort of scrap metal we can carry on the Pendragon. Like nails, screws, practically anything made of steel. Other stuff includes computer parts that aren't-" Some strong wind blows and some old newspaper smacks him in the face.

He removes the newspaper as the headlines read, 'Public Unrest! U.S. Government Planning Mutant Apocalypse with Nukes, Viruses, and Mutagen?' The words are a little faded yet surprisingly intact for a paper from 2037. Arthur smirks as he tosses the paper, "Apocalypse is right."

Gwen looks behind her and asks, "Did you say something?"

Arthur just shakes his head, "Nevermind." He then uses his wrist device and press a few buttons on the rubbery keyboard which causes the vehicle to fly on its own in order to stay out of sight. "Let's go." he says while putting on his backpack that has two katanas sticking out, some shotgun shells on one of the pockets, and a crossbow.

Both of them head straight inside the Walmart. Arthur pulls out a Geiger counter to check the radiation levels while walking. Seems to be extremely low with barely any visible traces of radiation.

After a while of searching, the place only has a few things scattered about. Gwen messes around by checking to see if there are any clothes in good condition. Arthur checks the food section while wearing his gas mask because of the lingering stench of rotting foods still present even after 15 years. He checks to see if there are any food seasonings still good while also checking the radiation levels of some that are still there. Just some garlic powder, a bit of ginger, and plenty of salt. He went to check on any sugar still left over but only one bag of brown sugar is left while the rest is eaten by mutated rats. Next he checks out if there are any seeds still good but only a small few. What happens next is that Arthur checks out the electronic section to see if there is any hardware left. But then, he caught a glimpse of something while passing by some video games.

Arthur turns back and press his hands on the glass when looking at a video game called, 'Isekai Ninja' for the PS8 with a picture of a ninja doing a pose on it. "No way!" he says with amazement. "A mint condition Isekai Ninja game for the PlayStation 8! Still intact! And it is the game of the year edition with all the DLCs and even includes the Impenetrable Bank Heist mission! Am I seeing things?!" He cleans the glass of his mask with a rag. "Nope! I am not!" Arthur punches through the glass and grabs the game. "Score!"

The both of them exit the building with Arthur smiling and his cheeks a little red as he holds the game in his arms. Both of them headed for Lowe's.

"You look happy." Gwen smiles at him while doing some moonwalks.

"Because I found a wonderful treasure."

"That game you have in your hands?"


"Did you get the strategy guide for it?"

"We'll check at Barnes n' Nobles once we get there."

When they enter the building, Gwen holds out her arm while looking at bit stern. Arthur stops as he notices Gwen is looking serious. He realizes the situation as he places the game in his bag and draws his twin katanas and prepares for combat. After a few seconds of silence, they hear some screams coming from the back of the store. Like screams of the damn screeching from the darkest corners of the store.

"Crap!" Arthur says, "Cannighouls!"

A whole bunch of zombie-like monsters started to come out into the light at the front of the store that are up to 50 of them. Realizing the the odds are against them in the store front, they went outside and jump on one of the rusted pick-up trucks and chopped up one of the 'cannighouls' heads as it tries to climb up the truck. Arthur quickly puts one of the katanas away as he does a mid-air flip and pulls out a double-barreled shotgun that he has strapped to his right leg. He fires both barrels at two of the monsters that were coming at his side. The quickly puts away his other katana and grabs a 9mm pistol from his duster and fires up to eight of the creatures with blazing speed. Arthur quickly runs towards Walmart and jumps over some sort of white string at the bottom of the door with four of the cannighouls close behind. One of them trip over the wire and something exploded ball bearings at them. Almost like a claymore. That is because Arthur set-up a few traps in the store before he left and there are a few of them left. He dodges all the wires and strings that are connected to some soda cans filled with metal balls. Many of the cannighouls fell for the traps due to it being dark with very visible light. However, eight of the cannighouls seem to be smart enough to dodge the strings but not smart enough to get killed by bullets. The bullets are fired where the bathrooms are with Arthur pointing his gun out from the men's bathroom.

"Whew!" he says. "That was too close." Then puts his gun away.

Gwen pops up from behind, "You got that right. Some of them got a lot smarter after those traps."

"Come on!" Arthur runs, "All this noise may have attracted others!"

Before stepping out of the door, Gwen stops him and pulls him back. She looks serious again as she peeks out the front door. Not too far, they both can hear the sounds of cars coming in from the right side. A bunch of cars and trucks covered in junk armor and barbed wire on them like something from Mad Max. However, driving these vehicles, are humanoid rat mutants that look like Vermin from The Amazing Spider-Man game from 2012. Some of them are wearing armor made of junk and wield weapons that look like they are just scrounged together. There are exactly 21 of them in total with five of them in the driver seats of the vehicles.

The leader of this mutant gang is wearing an old biker helmet and leather jacket as he yells out, "COME ON OUT! WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE! WE WANT YOUR LOOT! GIVE US THAT AND WE'LL LET YOU LIVE!"

"Pfft." Arthur went, "Retards." he says to himself. "Those guys will kill the moment someone's back is turn."


A bunch of soda cans are tossed at the mutant gang. Half a dozen to be precise.

"Sodas!" one of the ratmen says in excitement.

"Dibs on the Pepsi!"

"Hold it you idiots!" the leader orders. "I get the Pepsi!"

Some of them started to fight each other over a few sodas as four of them open the cans and KABOOM! Those are actually the same bombs disguised as sodas. Everyone tries to figure out what the hell just happened to them after the explosions as they try to get their senses back in order. However, Arthur and Gwen run out of the Walmart as fast as they could get away.

"See, sis!?" Arthur says while running, "I told ya' sodas can kill!"

Gwen argues, "That's because you keep on dumping them and replace them with all that bomb making shit!"

"Well it works!"

One of the ratman mutants exits out of the truck and heads to the back and opens it. "Go get 'em!"

Something fast moved out of the back of the truck that looks reptilian as it dashes towards the direction where the siblings went. In the dead woods, Arthur and Gwen try to head towards the direction where the car flew off to. The reason why he didn't call it back is because those guys will surely destroy it when they see it. They are almost there until Gwen looks back and sees a terrifying image rampaging straight towards them. They see some sort of iguana creature that looks similar to a Deathclaw from Fallout but has green and wrinkly skin and spines all over its back, have a stegosaurus tail and razorsharp claws along with being buffed up and eight feet tall.

"Terrorguana!" Gwen shouted.

Arthur looks back as the creature closes in and pulls out his katanas as he slashes the creature that was very close. Another split second and he would've been torn apart. He slashes the creature's left arm before it started howling in pain and Arthur stabs the creature right in the throat. After that, the creature fell with Arthur wiping the blood off and getting into the driver seat of the Pendragon before tossing his bag in the back seat. He starts the engine and takes off with his sister in the passenger seat. Back at the parking lot, the ratmen try to get their shit together as they then noticed the flying car escaping over the mountains. They are awestruck by the sight of the machine as it disappears over the horizon.

"Whew!" Arthur went as he relaxes after such a daring escape. "That was too close."

"Well that sucks." Gwen says with her arms crossed, "There is nothing but bandits and raiders in these parts."

"Duly noted. But thanks to dad's training, we survived." Arthur tapped at some dog tags hanging over the rearview mirror as he says, "Thanks dad."

The tags read, 'VAN BUREN, LEONARDO/781-56-1127/AF/B POS/ATHEIST'. Arthur looks a little sad yet smiles as he concentrates on driving. However, he looks at his sister in a way that says 'really?'.

Gwen looks at him and goes, "What?"

Arthur shakes his head a little along with some laughter. He looks at here, "Terrorguana? Really? Sure you didn't get that from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?"

"That what would you call it then?"

"I think iguanagore would be more appropriate."

"How about deathguana?"

"Nah. Iguanagore sounds way better."

The two argue back and forth about calling the creature either 'Iguanagore' or 'Terrorguana' as they fly for a good hour until they come across some sort of valley.

Gwen notices and points out, "What's that?"

Arthur takes a good look over from the dashboard despite his height and sees a town. An actual town with people moving around. The town looks like they are made of train carts, shipping containers, and a bunch of tiny houses and RVs. Not to mention that these train carts and shipping containers are converted into houses. There also appears to be a large river to the northeast with some farms. There also appears to be a few other structures made of bricks and concrete that almost look like store fronts. The place have walls made of the very boulders of the mountains with random junk that have been sharpened to keep things out. Plus the place is really green so there may not be any radiation here.

"Look at those houses." Gwen sounds astonished by the sight of this strange town. "It's so adorable! It's like a tiny house village!"

"Let's park at the gate. Don't wanna scare the locals too much." Arthur steers the TF-X close to what appears to be a gate that seems to be made of old tires with sharp blades sticking out as gatehouses.

However, once he lands, a bunch of men started to come out of the gate armed with better looking guns and wearing old army uniforms. I mean old army uniforms before the digital look on fifteen men. Ten humans, two ape-like mutants, one honeybadger-like human, one that looks like a human/plant hybrid with leaves on his head and vines coming out of his skin, and a female that looks like she is made of rocks. They're armed with M4 carbines and they are all aimed at the Pendragon.

One army man with black skin and braided black hair approach with his desert eagle pointed at Arthur's TF-X as he shouts, "EXIT OUT OF YOU'RE VEHICLE WITH YOU'RE HANDS UP! NOW!" The man also appears to have a cybernetic left eye that glows blue.

Arthur opens the door with his hand in the air.

"A kid?" the man says to himself. Then thinks to himself 'Wait. This kid looks familiar.'

"Don't shoot!" Arthur says to the soldiers. "My name is Arthur van Buren! I'm a scavenger and trader by trade! *says to himself quietly* Okay that sounded dumb. *speaks to the soldiers* I have some goods I would like to trade! Please don't shoot me!"

The leader says, "EVERYONE STAND DOWN!" Everyone lowered their weapons. The leader of the soldiers approach while looking very serious. The leader of the soldiers stands at six feet tall with Arthur standing only 4 foot 7 inches. "Did you say van Buren?" His tone sounds a bit intimidating as his cybernetic eye zooms in.

"Yeah. I just told you." Arthur actually sounds calm as if he is not afraid.

Gwen is cowering in the car and tries to stay out of sight.

The leader smiled at Arthur and pats him on the head, "Haha! I knew it! I knew you're Leo's boy! You almost look just like him!" He looks at the troops under his command, "It's okay! This kid is the son of an old friend of mine!"

All thirteen soldiers sigh in relief. Gwen is still in the car.

"Sorry about that." the man pats Arthur in the back, "My name's Matthew Smith. Former sergeant of the United States Air Force. Your dad and I go way back."

Arthur rub his back. "Thanks for not shooting me."

Matthew laughs a little, "Well it was just as a precaution. Things have been tense lately with the bandits showing up more frequently. So how is your old man lately."

Arthur looks a little gloomy as he reaches the tags hanging on the rearview mirror and shows Matthew while Gwen gets out. Matthew's happy face turns sour as he looks at the dog tags with one side having some blood on it still.

"Oh man. Damn." Matthew feels really bad about what happened to an old friend. "And your mother? Maria?"

Arthur just gives him a look that says it all.

"I see. Fuck. The doc and the lieutenant where the first ones that saw this apocalypse coming and we just ignored them. But what about-"

"Oi'!" one of the soldiers interrupted the conversation as she pulls out one of the boxes. "What the hell is in these?"

"Hey!" Arthur yells at the lizard guardsman, "Don't touch any of that! It took forever to find stuff that is still intact!"

Afterwards, Arthur and Matthew went to some sort of tiny house that looks more like a cabin from a KOA campground with the Pendragon parked in the gravel parkway. Both of them are having a conversation inside with both of them talking about what happened to them while there is a dolly that has Arthur's trade loot on it for safety reasons.

"So that's what happened." Matthew says. "Fuck man. I swear, people always want to settle their frustrations out with bloodshed and rob things that they can never get with their own hands. By the way, what are those things you have strapped onto you?" He is referring to the pods on Arthur's bandolier.

"My data pods? I use them to collect data from computer hardware that is still intact. Stuff like how to survive with primitive tools, some instructional videos on how to make a log cabin on my own, and some entertainment videos and some games to pass the time."

"I see. Willing to trade some of those?"

"Do you guys have a computer?"

"Not really. We've been scavenging some computer parts for a while but no luck. The mayor even sent some people to find something we could use for energy."

"I see. So my data pods are useless unless you guys got electricity and computers up and running. But I do have some stuff that could supply electricity that I scavenged from a junkyard a month ago."

"Like what?"

"Some copper wire that I found for some reason was tossed out but in good condition. I'll exchange them for any spare shotgun rounds you guys got. Been running low when encountering some cannighouls."


"Cannibalistic ghouls that even eat their own. Although there was a new type of mutant out there but couldn't decide on terrorguana or iguanagore. It sorta like one of those deathclaws from those Fallout games."

"I think terrorguana sounds good."

Arthur whispers to himself quietly, "Looks like the won."

"What was that?"

"Nothing. So, can I set up a little shop to trade with or-"

"You can. Just stay out of trouble."

After that, Arthur sets up shop with only two boxes and some stuff from his backpack close to the stores in town.



Some people came by and traded a few items. He got some metal screws from a small, mutant child with rabbit years by trading a few crayons and some papers. Some old man traded some scrap metals for candles to light his house. A butcher traded some deer meat for some salts to preserve his meats. A married woman traded some coins for a few seasonings and same for another housewife. Someone dressed as a nun shows up and traded a large bag full of metal scraps for a holy bible that is surprisingly intact. The rabbit girl came back and traded a small box of brass objects for some brown sugar. She even gave him a drawing of him with angel wings. Arthur even traded a book about Ancient Greece to a man with broken glasses. After a while, Arthur traded a few things he scavenged until 4 pm.

"Phew." he says as he wipes his brow. "That should cover it. I think I have enough materials for the 3D printer."

"Excuse me." A voice of an old woman came from his left.

Arthur turned and sees an old woman wearing a red hood and is carrying a strange red book.

"May I help you?" Arthur asks.

"Do you have any more bibles with you?" the woman asks while offering the red book. She sounds soft and gentle like a caring grandmother. "I would like to make a trade."

"Well you're in luck." Arthur smiles, "I got one bible left and I'll even give you a rosary for free."

"Why thank you, young man. You truly are a saint in these dark times." she gives him the book.

"Not really." he gives her the bible and rosary before taking the book. "Just got a soft spot for sweet ladies like you."

The old lady takes the book, "Oh stop it you flatterer." Both of them laughed before she takes off. "Take care now."

"Always will." After the lady left, Arthur looks at the book and reads, "The Record of the Four Cardinal Weapons. Hmm. Interesting title."

Gwen leans over and looks at the book, "It looks like those novels about other worlds you've been searching."

Arthur glances at Gwen, "You really think so?"

Gwen then starts to walk off, "Come on. Let's head home before the sun sets."

He nods, "Right."

Both of them said goodbye to Matthew before getting in the Pendragon and took-off to head back towards their home somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Arthur and Gwen's home is located inside of an old missile silo that have been abandoned since the Cold War ended yet still in good condition. There was a cabin with a farm on the surface, but the cabin has been burnt to the ground and left to rot. There are some solar panels and windmills that help power the silo when the fusion generator went out. Arthur takes a shower, puts on identical looking clothes (but has a matching cowboy hat and still have the gas mask) on and has deer steak and potatoes with Gwen in some sort of dining room in what used to be a mess hall. Arthur puts the drawing the mutant girl made on his fridge with little magnets on the corners.

"Why are you wearing those clothes?" Gwen asks. "Are you planning on checking the farm again?"

"I am." Arthur admits. "I have to before anymore more gila dragons start ravaging the crops with their acidic saliva. But I would like to load up Isekai Ninja in one of my data pods."

"But would you like to check out the book you got from the old lady before heading out?"

Arthur thinks about it for a moment before answering. "Sure. Maybe a chapter or two wouldn't hurt. As long as you read along with me."

Gwen smiles, "Sure, you need to keep reading if you want to survive. Anyways, that town was a lot of fun! I hope we go back there once we get some trade goods. Maybe people would be interested in shoes. After all, it is once of the post-apocalypse currencies."

"Yup." Arthur is more interested in his dinner than having a conversation.

"Plus that Matthew guy was really nice. I can't believe we found someone who knew our parents."


"Plus the people are really nice. And that little girl with the rabbit ears was really cute! Who knew that there would be a town that close. Guess there is still hope for us yet. Glad those guys aren't bandits. We should definitely ask Matthew if we could visit more often. Who knows? Those mechanical skills could come in handy. You might even restore power to the place and set up computers! Maybe even set up the internet again!"

"Sure thing, big sis."

"Are you even listening?"

After dinner, he places the empty data pods from his bandolier and loads up on those that are completely full except for one that is only half-full. He loads up the Isekai Ninja game into some sort of large machine as he hooks up the device on his arm via USP cord and use the USP cord onto the data pod.

'Good.' he thinks to himself, 'Almost full and ready for preserving. Best to store all of mankind's knowledge and entertainment in the event of another apocalypse. Plus this is a good game. At long last I finally obtained the G.O.T.Y. edition of the game which also includes a Japanese made DLC!' His inner nerd is getting the better of him, 'Oh man I can't wait to play it tomorrow!'

Once that is done, he gets another identical pod with the same data and upload that.

'Best to have three of everything! One to trade, one to keep, and one to give to some primitive tribe that worships video games...if there are any.'

What happens next is that he puts one of the newly full data pods into his bandolier before getting a drone and RC from the 3D printer in the same style as Watch Dogs 2 but it took a while for them to make. Longer than the game. Then loads up on whatever ammo he has left while also loading up a silver serpent gun from Resident Evil into a gun holster in his duster and loads up on .44 magnum rounds. Then shotgun ammo that he got from trading copper wires, some magazines for his Colt 1911, some soda bombs (that can double as grenades if only opened slightly), a few crossbow bolts for a crossbow, a hunting knife, and a first aid kit. He sharpens his twin katanas for a bit before sheathing them in his backpack and gets some Doritos, a water bottle, some Hawaiian Punches to drink, a canteen for water along with water purification tablets, an MRE, some matches, and some wires for his soda bombs. There also a few other items but that's for later.

"Alright." he says out loud in the storage room, "Time to work."

"Forgotten something?" Gwen asks while at the door. "The book?"

"Oh yeah." Arthur realizes that he has forgotten about the book he got from a trade.

Both of them went to the living room. The room has a large plasma screen TV that is 22 inches wide with a single couch that can sit four people with a lamp behind it for reading. There are tons of shelves full of video games, books, comic books, movies, some shows, and even video game consoles. The room seem to be once a one of the lower levels of the silo at one time yet now it is a living room filled with so much stuff. Some of it are even on the floor behind the television with stacks of books and DVD's.

Arthur tuns the lap on before he and Gwen read from the book.

"The Record of the Four Cardinal Weapons." Arthur reads aloud before opening the book. "The Waves of Apocalyptic Catastrophe."

"That sounds catastrophic." Gwen tries to do a pun but Arthur ignores her.

"To save the world from the Waves of Catastrophe, four heroes were summoned form another world."

"So it's like one of those Isekai stuff."

"Each of the four heroes wields a distinctive weapon: a sword, a spear, a bow, or a shield."

"So the shield hero is like Captain America. Right?"

"Let me keep reading."

"Sorry." Gwen places her left knuckles on her head while winking and sticking her tongue out.

Arthur continues reading as he reads about a princess who manipulates the heroes for her own personal gain and entertainment.

'Sounds like a real bitch.' he thought. 'But it appears that these four heroes are the main protagonists.'

He keeps reading until he comes about on the shield hero. Yet the more they read it, the more...familiar it is to them. They can't place their finger on it put the more they read, the more they start to remember something but cannot place their finger on it. Like when you study for a test but when it is handed to you, you have forgotten all the answers.

When he got to that, the rest of the book is blank. "What the-?"

Gwen looks shocked, "Where's the rest of it?!"

The book started to glow golden as the pages turn on their own as everything glows white and golden with the shelves getting taller along with the television. Then all of a sudden, some red patterns from a kaledoscope show up as they disappear from the room and the book disappears. The van Buren siblings have disappear in this ruined world and gone to another world. One where science is replaced with sorcery...and maybe better than this piece of shit world I gotta say.

True that they did found a settlement that didn't try to kill them and got good scrap, but there are places full of radiation and it's still lingering. The other world where they were transported to may be suffering from monsters but at least they don't have to worry about radiation. But that is for another chapter in this story.


1. The Terrafugia TF-X is an actual flying VTOL car that does exist in the real world that is scheduled to be released in eight to twelve years. Here though, before the apocalypse, it did came out.

2. Van Buren actually reference to an unreleased Fallout game called Fallout 3: Van Buren; which is named after the eighth president of the USA, Martin Van Buren.

3. The apocalypse here is loosely based on a mixture of different references such as the 2012 TMNT show that showed 3 episodes based on an aged Raphael and robotic Donatello in a mutant apocalypse with a mix of the Last of Us that had Cordyceps Brain Infection with a mix of Chronic Waste Disease seen in deer that go into the atmosphere in order to cut down on the population and Fallout's nuclear apocalypse mixed with Mad Max.

4. The names Arthur and Gwen is a reference to the Legends of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table such as King Arthur himself and Gwenivar with their TF-X called, The Pendragon.