Chapter 23: The True Power of the Shield

Arthur and his party, Motoyasu and his party, Ren and Itsuki are about to fight against the Three Heroes Church. Nephalem, the godly spirit in his shield, told him that the preparations are ready. But Arthur is waiting for the right moment.

Pope Biscas laughs at the heroes, "This farce has been entertaining, but that's enough." He prepares his weapon in a form of a golden sword.

Melty gasp at the sight of it. She recognize the weapon.

"These false heroes and the Devil of the Shield, who cling to life desperately as a cockroach, shall be purified with holy judgment." He raises his sword, "And this country shall finally be given righteous order!" The sword starts to glow, as if he is about to activate a spell.

Melty warns, "Be careful, Arthur!"

"I know!" he says, "And we're gonna break it!"

Biscas fires a beam of light directly at Arthur, but Arthur blocks it with his [Black Clover Shield] and send it straight into the air. The impact nearly made his arm go numb. A few priests and priestesses dropped to the ground after giving so much of their mana to that attack, fell unconscious after giving up nearly all of their magic power.

"I must admit. For a devil, you sure are pretty tough. But the time of testing has come to an end."

"That's enough!" Itsuki shouts from the crater.

"The queen and her reinforcements will be here soon!" Ren speaks and that sentence struck fear into the many of Biscas' followers.

"Mother is coming!?" Melty is surprised to hear that.

"She is." Itsuki replies to Melty, "One of her shadows tipped us off." Then he speaks to the mages, "Every one of you is a traitor to the crown! Surrender now and I'm sure the queen will have mercy on you!"

Ren orders, "Drop your weapons and give-up at once!"

Many of Biscas' followers are starting to panic when they hear the queen is on her way. They are scared that the queen will seek retribution on what they've been planning.

"Don't lose your faith." Biscas says to his followers, "This is a battle between god and the devil. You knew it would be difficult from the beginning, but do not despair! For no matter the cost, our victory is inevitable! We won't lose, because-" A tomato splattered right on his face while he was giving his speech.

Biscas removes his glasses as the bishop cleans them and his face. Once he has his glasses on, he sees Arthur tossing up and down a tomato in his right hand.

"Are you done?" Arthur asks as he stops, "Because we're getting bored here."

"It seems you lack patience like a spoiled brat that you-" Arthur managed to hit him again with the tomato.

"Oh please." Arthur says, "You have no idea the type of life I had before coming here. Ever since I lost my family; I've been scrapping by, defending myself against the horrors of the apocalyptic wastelands and survived against the worst scum ever spawned from whatever hidey holes they crawled out off. To be honest, patience was never really my strong suit in a world that wants you dead. If you were there, you wouldn't last a day. Before you call me a spoiled brat, you have to think twice about someone who had to live in a world that people want to kill you rather than be friends with you. I had to learn that the hard way." He looks at Ren, Motoyasu and Itsuki, "And guys? We're gonna have to discuss your faults when this is over. Got it?"

"But we know our faults!" Itsuki says, "You showed me that brute force doesn't solve everything and-"

Biscas fired his weapon in a form of a spear this time. But Arthur blocked it without even flinching with his [Black Clover Shield], which deflects the beam into the air. Now it is recharging. Itsuki was a little freaked out by the sudden blast and Arthur just stands there as if he just blocked an incoming paper plane.

"You were saying?" Arthur says to Itsuki.

"Um, right. I should've used my standing to pressure the leadership instead of replacing it more of the same."

Arthur smiles and nod, "Good to hear." He looks at Ren, "Ren?"

"Not everything is like a video game. I have to clean-up my messes before disaster follows."

Arthur smiles and nod, "Glad you have been reality rules instead of gamer rules." He looks at Motoyasu, "And you?"

Motoyasu takes a deep breath, "Okay, okay. I was thinking more about getting laid than actually helping people. But although..." he points his right thumb at Malty, "Some of it is all her fault."

"HEY!" Malty is offended by that.

"I said some. And thank you for cleaning-up after our mistakes, Arthur."

Filo giggles a little, "Spear Guy has learned something.

"At least you're learning. A bit slow, but still progressing." Arthur turn his attention at Biscas, "Now let's kill this bastard, break that weapon, and use its parts to unlock a new type of mode for our weapons."

"RIGHT!" the three agree.

"This is what heroes do." Itsuki says as he takes aim.

"Try not to get in my way." Ren says as he takes a stance.

Motoyasu twirl his spear a few times, "Come on now. Like we're gonna be glory hogs."

Malty is pissed that Motoyasu is working with Arthur now, but she is more interested in revenge on Biscas for manipulating her. "I'll accept this for now."

Melty is glad that the four are working together. "We just need to hold off until mother gets here."

Gwen pulls out her pistols, "Alright! Let's rock and roll!"

Filo transforms into her Filolial form, "I don't know what that means, but I guess it means that let's fight!"

Gwen draws her sword, "I'm with you all the way!"

Biscas' weapon is fully recharged, "Dear me. You would rather face me instead of accepting a swift and merciful death? Purifying you all will be a blessing on this world." He gives a sinister grin, "Guess we'll have to defeat you with a group defense spell of the highest caliber."

'Here it comes.'


"And now, our greatest of all defense magic: CATHEDRAL!"

A strange dark violet mass of magic appears behind him with a church bell ringing with a black sphere giving off red electricity as it takes off into the air above the crater. Then it started to take shape of a dome as the black hole started to have golden pointed edges as something unfolds inside. Golden green walls and pillars started to take shape as it started to land on the ground. The dome structure started to look more like the inside of a massive church.

The pope gives a sinister laugh before saying, "Welcome to my sanctuary! Time to make your peace as it is your final resting place!"

Everyone is taken by surprise by this massive spell that they are trapped in.

Motoyasu is starting to freak out, "Final resting place?"

But Arthur isn't surprise at all. He expected this.

Not too far from the battle, Queen Mirellia Melromarc and her army are preparing for battle against the Three Heroes Church. There were many red tents and many purple flags with the royal family crest can be seen among many armored soldiers and their horses. The queen's tent is at the top of the hill with two guards guarding her at the entrance. In her tent, many of her female servants while one of her shadows gives her the status of the situation.

"Majesty, if I may say so, you don't need to make this trip yourself." The shadow is worried about the queen's safety.

"The country's, no, the entire world's survival is at stake." the queen replies, "I will not sit here and wait for news when I still have the strength to fight."

"As you wish."

"I apologize for this."

The shadow bows her head a little, "Not at all, your majesty. We live for this."

Once she is fully armored, the queen exits out of the tent to address to her troops, "Today we go to war! Pope Bisca T. Balmus is a traitor! It's time to put an end to the Three Heroes Church and its followers!"

"RIGHT!" the soldiers stand in attention.

"We leave immediately! Calvalry, move out!"

The soldiers cheer for the coming battle that is about to take place. Yet Mirellia is still concern and is worried.

"Shield Hero, please survive till I get there. My troops will be there soon. Hang on, Melty."

'Now?' Nephalem asks.

'Just a moment.' "Oi! Pope Biscuits!" Arthur says, "Fancy place you made! Maybe too small for your egotistical god-complex! But I got a question for you!"

"Hmm?" Biscas is confused on why isn't Arthur afraid.

"Have you ever heard of Isekai?!"

"Ise-what?" the pope raises an eyebrow.

"Isekai! It was a very popular genre back on my world before the apocalypse!"

Everyone is confuse on what is Arthur doing.

"Why are you saying stuff like that?" Itsuki asks.

Motoyasu says, "He must be up to something."

"Wait a minute." Ren realizes something, "You got something up your sleeves, don't you?"

Arthur continues to speak, "I've seen almost every single one of these works of art and now I will unleash them."

Behind him, a transparent figure of Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord appears behind him. Arthur points his finger with Ainz mimicking straight up.

"Is that...?" Gwen sees Ainz.

"Who is that?" Filo speaks as she sees Ainz, "I'm not sensing anything from him."

Arthur then says, "|Black Hole|!"

A tiny black orb appears from the tip of his finger before it is shot straight up to the ceiling of the cathedral spell. When it reaches to the ceiling, it grew up to two feet in radius and started absorbing the spell. Everyone is stunned when they see the spell getting sucked up by the black hole in mere seconds. Many of the priests and priestesses saw and are completely baffled by what just happened. A group spell destroyed by one spell from an individual. A single spell!

Arthur says, "That's a little something from Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord. A VR gamer who got sucked into another world in his avatar."

"A VR gamer?!" Ren is surprised.

Motoyasu is shocked, "That is one hell of a video game."

Biscas then tries to fire at Arthur with no hesitation with a massive light beam blast from his holy weapon in a shape of a spear. However...

"|Predator|!" Arthur's right hand transformed into a slimy swirl with a transparent figure of Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and absorbs the spell.

When the light disappears, Biscas look at Arthur in disbelief as he managed to survive.

"That was from Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. The most powerful slime that there is."

"A powerful slime?" Itsuki is dumbfounded.

So it Motoyasu, "Aren't slime usually the weakest enemies?"

"Never heard of a powerful slime." Raphtalia says.

"Neither have I." Melty is just as lost as Raphtalia.

But Malty is a bit grossed out, "A slime? Powerful? What the fuck were the people from his world were thinking? Were they running out of ideas?"

Arthur smiles, "Now for my next trick!" He spawns in a revolver in his left hand that is black with some red lines with Hajime Nagumo from Arifureta behind him.

Arthur fires three shots at the bishop and two of the priests close to the crater. Many of Biscas' followers are now struck with fear again before Arthur fires one shot but got deflected by the defensive spell.

"And this gun was used by Hajime Nagumo from Arifureta: From Common Place to World's Strongest."

Biscas is getting frustrated as he grit his teeth and focus his hatred onto Arthur. He yells at his followers, "Give me more mana, NOW!"

Many of his followers snapped out of it and focus all of their magical energy into Biscas' weapon and defense.

"I don't think so." Arthur then raises his right hand with Shiro from Log Horizon behind him, "|Thorn Bind Hostage|!"

Glowing purple thorns wrapped around Biscas and his arms and legs are in bondage. Unable to use his weapon yet keeps it in his grasp.

Arthur pushes his air glasses, "This handy spell is from Shiro of Log Horizon. The greatest gamer and guild master."

"Just how many of them are there?" Melty asks while Filo is trying to comprehend what Arthur is saying.

Gwen just says, "Trust me, there are a lot."

"It will take more than thorns to stop me!" Biscas transform the spear into a sword, "I will simply cut through this!" He tries to cut one of the thorny vines on his leg, "And when I've freed my- AAAHH!" He screams in pain as his body is enveloped by purple electricity which terrified many of his followers.

"Did I forget to mention that when you cut the thorns, you take damage? No matter." Arthur then flies up in the air.

Once he is up in the air, he produce a pale blue flame between his hands with a transparent figure of Shin Wolford from Wise Man's Grandchild behind him. He then throws the small flame at the rear of Biscas' followers that resulted in something similar to an atomic explosion. Many of Biscas' followers are in a state of dread as more than half of them were wiped out in a single blast. Even from the crater, the others are shocked to see and feel the explosion with many of them have their jaws gawking and eyes wide open.

"And that was from Shin Wolford from Wise Man's Grandchild!"

Biscas is shaken to his core, but he is letting his anger and hatred as he looks back at Arthur, "How DARE YOU!" he yells, "YOU WILL PAY FOR DESTROYING GOD'S DISCI-"

"Aport." The magic weapon then suddenly left Biscas and is in Arthur's right hand.

"WHAT?!" Biscas looks at Arthur with a surprised and horrified expression with an image of Toya Mochizuki behind Arthur.

"That was from Toya Mochizuki from In Another World with My Smartphone." Arthur than snaps the weapon into fours with his knee, much to Biscas' horror. Then he throws the pieces to the other heroes, "Catch!" and use the last piece on his shield.

The three catch the pieces and put them into their weapons' cores. Ren's sword has transformed into a shield, Motoyasu's spear has transformed into a bow, and Itsuki's spear has turned into a sword. The three keep on transforming their weapons again and again.

Ren looks at his new spear, "Looks like we're on cheat mode."

"This is amazing!" Itsuki seems happy, "Now we can use any of the four weapons we want!"

Motoyasu looks at his new shield, "I could get used to this."

Arthur then lands on the ground and delivers the final blow to the pope. Behind him is the transparent figure of Naofumi Iwatani from the Rising of the Shield Hero as Arthur uses the |Rage Shield|.

Arthur casts the spell in a demonic voice as his eyes glowing purple, "Foolish sinner, I sentence you to cast your screams onto the heavens you worship! The jaws of the dragon born from my flesh shall swallow you, and you will become an offering to the gods as you howl in pain! Legendary Shield Skill: |Blood Sacrifice|!"

Parts of Arthur's body; such as his arms, shoulders, his chest and the sides of his legs; became enveloped in black armor right before blood started to gush out where the armor appeared. The blood poured into the ground and seems to be giving off steam as the ground rumble. Biscas is confuse on what is happening just before he pulls his staff out and prepares for the worse. Under his feet, blood started to gush out from the cracks right before a bear trap-like shape pops out, black and bits of red, as it has the pope in its jaws. The creature slithers out with its chain-like body as Biscas tries to keep the teeth at bay with his staff.

"God, WHY?!" he cries out as he struggles not to get eaten by a set of teeth under his feet, "HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING?! I AM YOUR SWORN APOSTLE! I AM THE POPE!" The razor-sharp teeth open up as he is now dangling, "THIS CAN'T BE!" Then his staff snaps and gets destroyed by layers of teeth within its mouth with blood gushing out from the sides of its head.

The creature then retreats to the earth followed by a big splash of blood once it is in. Everyone is shocked by what happened and are dumbfounded.

"So..." Motoyasu tries to process what just happened, "I take it we won?"

"And that last attack is from Naofumi Iwatani, the real Shield Hero from the Rising of the Shield Hero."

Above the crater, many of Biscas' disciples look with absolute horror and despair as their leader have been vanquished. Yet not too far, a horse is heard neighing above the ruined walls. The queen has arrived along with her army.

"This battle is finally over!" the queen speaks, "Accept your defeat and surrender!"

Back in the crater Arthur says, "The queen got here earlier than expected. Way off script, but I'm okay with it." He start to tilt to his right, slowly, "Speaking off, what happened to Naofumi when he used this skill? Oh yeah. Passing out after losing a lot of blood. Well...goodnight." and he passes out onto the ground.

Melty, Filo and Raphtalia gasp when Arthur collapses and run up to him.

"Arthur!" Raphtalia screams out as she dashes.

"Big bro!"

"Hang in there, Arthur! We're coming!"

They run up and try to see of he's still okay.

Raphtalia checks his pulse, "His pulse is weak! We need a doctor! A healing spell! Something!"

"Big bro! Please get up!"

"He lost a lot of blood! What was that skill!?"

Arthur weakly gives a thumbs-up, "I'm still alive. Just need some sleep. So don't panic! Night." and drops his right hand right before snoring.

Melty is worried, "But you-"

"Stop panicking!" Nephalem yells, "I'm working on replacing his blood as we speak along with rejuvenating his wounds! But he will be out for a few days. Healing takes time."

"Honestly," Gwen says as she approaches, "how reckless can you get! Now come on! Help me get this moron to a wagon and get him to a hospital."

Queen Mirellia approaches, "I'm sorry for not being here sooner, Sir Shield Hero, Arthur van Buren."

"Nah, we got this." Nephalem says to the queen, "We actually had it before this moron decided to use that one shield move. Now can we please get out of this pit? I need to heal him in a more secure environment."

"May I ask who you are?" Mirellia asks the spirit in the shield.

"It's a long story but I'll fill you in on the way."

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