This may be frowned upon. Apologies if this is not cool but i don't know hiw else to get the request out there.

Ok, I don't see a forum for Major Crimes and while I'm decent nonfiction writer, I'm terrible at creative writing myself. I thought I'd throw out a request and see what happens.

I have an idea I really wish one of you brilliant writers would flesh out.

Rizzoli and Isles and MC crossover: Angela would be perfect as Andy's younger sister making him the inspiration for Jane and Frankie to becoming cops.

Jane and Maura discover a murder that has Philip Stroh's MO. Jane (who shares Andy's dirtbag or not philosophy) knows about the case because of Rusty and Sharon. Happens just after or right before Shandy's first date. Shandy fly out to Boston and work with the Boston team to capture Stroh.

We learn that Andy developed his sarcasm as a defense mechanism for drawing his fathers abusive behavior to himself and away from Angela and their mother. (Inspired by the brilliance of DHPLover.) Angela adores him. She tells Sharon all about their childhood. Sharon is broken hearted over what Andy endured.

Any takers?