Consider this a Prologue or something. It's simply an introduction to the rest of the story.

Sometimes I wonder if there's anything outside the Speed Force, but everyone here says, "We'll tell you later", or "I don't know", or "What are you talking about?" So far, no one has given me a straight answer in the entire ten Earth-Sun rotations I've been alive.

Well fine, ten-and-a-quarter Earth-Sun rotations and one-and-eight-and-thirty-parts Earth-Axis rotation, but that's not the point. (If I'm not crazy and there really is another place, I sincerely hope that the people there have a shorter way to say the time)

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I've yearned to run to a new place where no one knows me (and vice versa) since I first knew the meaning of the word, even though there is no concrete evidence of such a thing.

This is my Speedster's Log, which doesn't make sense since I don't know anyone who's abnormally slow or something that justifies that name. I received this book on my tenth Earth-Sun cycle anniversary in hopes that something will happen to justify its name. Since I'm learning about writing letters (yet another thing that is useless), I am supposed to quote-unquote "person" I will write to from now on. So you will now be dubbed "Wallace West", since that was the one cool alliterative name on the list Mr. Joe gave me, the name from the stories he told me.

31-and-3-parts Earth-Sun cycles after the Speed Collapse

Dear Mr. Wallace West,

My name is Rowan Silver, and you've probably never heard of me before now. Apparently you live on Earth 1, whatever that means; since we will probably never meet each other in person, I will go ahead and tell you a little about myself.

Phenotype and physical features: I am ten Earth-Sun cycles old, and I live on Speed Force. I have black wavy hair with white highlights due to how close the sun gets at times. My skin is tanned Caucasian (see above). My eyes are Cobalt Blue with Light Gray streaks. My average walking speed is, on average, 2 Mach.

Hobbies: I hope to become a writer someday, or perhaps a police officer like in the stories Mr. Joe used to tell me about Joe West and the Flash (He had a joke about that particular pseudonym that I don't really get yet). I run every day in hopes that I will someday become fast enough to get out of here like that one story he told me about the person you were named after.

I have some questions about you. What do you look like? What is Earth 1? Do you know what the term "Speedster" means? Are you related to Joe West? How fast can you go?


Rowan Silver

Somewhere in the vast multiverse, a letter has just been delivered to a certain teenager on Earth 1. This particular letter was quite short and flutter-minded, like most logs that were never meant to be read usually are. The person who wrote it thought they were writing in a journal, after all, and she was very young on top of that.

The certain teenager that she addressed it to, however, did receive it; he thought it was a joke at first, but he was curious about how the sender worded the date, and how they knew about the Speed Force, and what they meant when they didn't know what Earth 1 was.

Since teenagers make oh-so-much sense (in their own minds), he decided to write back.

The letter he wrote went something like this:

23 October 1986

Dear Ms. or Mr. Rowan Silver,

First of all, my name is Wally, not "Wallace" , and I am WAY too young to be called "Mr". Who are you, really? Is this "Mr Joe" your informant? Do you really have no clue as to what "Earth 1" is? Please tell me you were joking when you said you live on the SPEED FORCE.

I am a Caucasian male of fifteen years with auburn hair and green eyes. And that is all I will say about myself until I know who or what you are.

Speaking of which, you really should know what a speedster is...because you are one, of course. Most human beings would not survive the G-FORCEs generated by the acceleration required to get up to 2 Mach within the time required to make walking at the Speed efficient, if at all. And a speedster normally needs to train and bulk up on the cal. in order to be able to do the trip without passing out. Who was your trainer?

Do you mean years when you say "Earth-Sun cycles"? And what was the " Speed Collapse"? Are you 10 YEARS old? How does the sun get close enough to BLEACH your hair?!

Bound to have more questions later,

Wally West

P.S. How did you send your letter to me if you don't have my address? And how am I supposed to send this letter to you in response?

After rereading his letter to make sure he didn't say anything about his...other job, he sealed the envelope with a glue containing a single microtracker. Because every teen has his sort of job and is overly paranoid.

Since the alleged "Rowan Silver" didn't deign to reveal their address, he just stuffed the letters into the back of the closet amidst his clothes and storage containers until he could decide what to do.

Unfortunately, for him at least, someone didn't care for unsent mail.

And that's how our story begins.