Chapter 1

Tony Stark was working in his lab with rock music blasting on a high volume. It was the perfect chance for Peter Parker to sneak in on the ceiling. Luckily the lab wasn't locked down and Peter crawled through the doorway while on the ceiling. Upside above Tony, he couldn't tell what he was working on and he didn't wait to find out. This was his chance.

Peter lowered himself with his webs and stopped himself in front of the billionaire's face. "Boo!"

Tony flinched and he squeezed the dropper in his hand. The chemical in the dropper spilled into his experiment and onto the work table.

Stark set the dropper down to clutch his arc reactor in shock. "Jesus Pete... this is why I have gray hairs. FRIDAY, music."

The music in the lab shut off. Peter lowered himself to the table and he crouched on the other side of his bubbling concoction. He was wearing his Spiderman suit with his mask in his hand. He smiled and laughed lightly. "Sorry Mr. Stark! Didn't mean to scare you that bad. So what does that make the score? Me 3 and you 2?"

Tony smirked and stood from his stool. "That's not how I remembered it. Pretty sure it's me 3 and you now have 2." His eyes drifted to his experiment and Peter followed his eyes.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Stark! Was that important?" Peter asked pointing to the foaming liquid. Tony flicked some of his hovering holograms away.

Tony smiled in reassurance to the teen. "Nope just a test. Nothing to worry-"

He was interrupted by a puff of smoke blowing up into their faces. Tony grabbed a rag and tried to waft it away.

Tony coughed, "I wouldn't inhale that. Dummy clean this up and if you break anything I'm going to scrap you and send you to some engineering college."

Peter hopped down from the table and coughed into his elbow. Tony stepped away from the experiment and gripped the table to steady himself.

"Are you ok, Mr. Stark?" Peter asked as he gripped the table feeling slightly dizzy.

Tony stood up straight and sigh, "Kid remember what we talked about? Stop with that 'Mr. Stark' bullshit." When he said his name he mimicked Peter. Tony coughed out a laugh. "Isn't it a school night or something? What are you doing here so late?"

"I was patrolling in the area and figured I would stop by. I thought you missed seeing me around." Peter explained and walked around the table to stand in front of Tony.

"Pete, you were here yesterday."

"Close. I was here Friday."

Tony raised an eyebrow, "What day is it?"


"So it is a school night."

"Yea but I wanted to see you." Peter answered as he looked to the ground.

Tony patted his shoulder, "Relax kid. You're not in trouble, I'm glad you stopped by. You always get me to take a break from my work."

Peter looked nervously between Tony and the smoking experiment over his shoulder. "Are you sure you're not mad about that?"

Tony turned over his shoulder and saw Dummy using the fire extinguisher, which did very little to stop the smoking. "It was just for fun. I have all the data written down if you're wondering. It's not going to kill me to recreate it."

Peter's shoulders slumped to a more relaxed position. "So you up for a movie?" He asked with a grin.

Tony smiled and guided Peter out of the lab. "I haven't forgotten that it's a school night. FRIDAY shut the lab down."

Peter and Tony went to the living quarters in the Avengers Tower. They talked and ate dinner together. Tony tried to convince Peter to let Happy drive him home but Peter insisted on leaving as Spiderman. It wasn't long after for Peter to leave because of Stark's persistence and a growing headache.

Peter swung home, increasingly wishing he had taken Tony's offer and let Happy drive him. Whatever Tony's experiment was, it made him feel sick to have inhaled the chemicals even for a split second. He felt dizzy and like throwing up, plus the headache. Once he made it home, he quickly slipped into his room and changed into his pajamas.

The time was 10:49 pm and if Peter knew his Aunt May, she would already be asleep. He set his alarm and the dizziness became unbearable and he almost threw up where he stood. He was tempted to call Tony and ask if Bruce could whip up some medication for his fast metabolism. He decided against it because he was too exhausted to think about staring at his phone screen and having a conversation.

It only took a few moments after he laid in bed to fall into a dreamless sleep.

Peter began to stir feeling hot under his silk sheets. Silk... That wasn't right. Peter became more awake from his confused thoughts. He opened his eyes to see a different environment than he was expecting. 'Avengers Tower?'

Maybe he was sicker than he thought and he imagined going home last night. Aunt May would kill him for spending the night at Stark's on a school night. 'School... shit.'

Peter removed the sheets tangling his body but the movement was so different. He still felt sick. The sheets were removed and he sat there and contemplating even going to school.

"FRIDAY?" Peter asked but stopped dead in his tracks in fear. What the hell... Was Tony in the room too? He looked around confused and freaked out.

'Wait a minute.. I'm in Tony's room! Maybe he was sick too and decided to was best to keep us together? But where was he?'

"FRIDAY? What time is it?" Peter was freaking out. He was hearing Tony talk at the same time as him but he didn't see him anywhere.

"It is approximately 6:47 am. Shall I inform Pepper Potts that you are awake?" FRIDAY responded and Peter stood from the bed shakily. He felt weak and dizzy so he grabbed the bedside table to stead himself. Eventually he put more and more weight on the nightstand. The small table tipped and fell over bringing Peter with it.

The crash was loud and Peter was internally screaming. He stayed on the ground and his chest ached terribly. He reached up to his chest and felt a foreign object. Peter held his breath and he looked down as far as he could. He was wearing jeans and an AC/DC t-shirt but there was something underneath the fabric. An Arc Reactor is what Peter saw and he nearly threw up in shock.

"Ms. Potts has been informed of your distress." Friday announced and Peter only panicked more.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck." Peter cursed and even sounded like Tony Stark. He sat up and the sick feeling came back full force. His arms shook and he fell back to the ground. One hand gripped the Arc Reactor and the other was digging into his temple.

"Tony?! Oh my god!" Peter heard the fast paced click of her heels come into the room as she raced to his side. He felt extremely uncomfortable wearing the skin of Tony Stark and being in the room with his fiancée. He squeezed his eyes shut in pain and because he was afraid to look at her. "Are you okay?"

Peter had to think quick. What is a good response? "No" 'Wow great job Peter Parker! They'll never figure you out now!'

Pepper she crouched next to him. "What's wrong?" She asked and rested a hand on Peter's arm. He flinched violently and she removed her hand.

He contemplated telling her but cons out weigh the pros. "I might be sick..." 'Lame' Peter thought. "I think I exposed myself to something harmful in the lab."

Pepper sighed and Peter could feel a scolding coming, "I keep telling you, you're spending too much time in the lab. But that doesn't stop you. Come on let's get you back in bed." She put her hands under Peter's back to help him up.

She helped him stand but his legs gave out on him and Pepper held him up. She lowered him into the bed and covered him with the silk sheets.

Peter groaned and threw the sheets off. "No sheets." 'Think Peter... unlock your inner Stark.' "Pep-per this might be serious. The kid was here last night and he was exposed to the same thing. I'm going to send Happy to get him."

Pepper rested a hand on Peter's forearm and he didn't flinched from her touch this time. "Tony, it's a school day, Peter has his own responsibilities."

"I have a feeling he won't be at school today if he is feeling the same way I am." Peter insisted.

"At least wait till his school gets out to drag him away. I have to go to a meeting in Malibu so I'll be gone for a few days. Are you sure you can handle yourself?"

Peter looked her in the eyes, "I'm Tony Stark, of course I'll be fine." Peter was still internally screaming and panicking.

Pepper giggled, she leaned forward and kissed his forehead. "Get some rest and you better not be in the lab when I get back."

Pepper left the room and Peter sighed in relief. He almost caved and told her but he was worried she'd bring S.H.I.E.L.D. into this.

Peter looked to the mess he made next to the bed and his eyes landed on a Stark phone. He almost lunged off the bed to grab it. Peter carefully got up and grabbed the phone making sure not to fall over or alert Pepper. He knew exactly what he had to do. He opened the phone to have multiple messages from a contact named Spider Kid.

After Peter left, Tony went straight to his penthouse. He didn't want to admit it to Peter but he was not feeling well. He didn't change clothes, instead he quietly got into bed next to Pepper. He was glad to finally get some rest even if it was from not feeling well.

You can imagine how upset he was to be woken up by an alarm. Tony grimaced at the blaring alarm and groaned into his pillow that smelled like sweat.

"FRIDAY turn it off." Tony mumbled but the sound continued. He groaned again and sat up. "Ok you got me, I'm up now turn it off."

The alarm continued to deafen Tony. He gave up on the AI and opened his eyes. "What the fuck.."

Tony quickly grabbed the phone responsible for the alarm and he shut it off. He looked around the small room and he recognized it. 'Peter's room..'

"Peter! Get up and get dressed! You're going to be late if you continue to let your alarm ring." A voice from the other side of the door shouted. 'Aunt May...'

The world to Tony was loud and the stream of light coming through the curtains was blinding. Tony collapsed back into the bed feeling completely overwhelmed. He had a crushing headache and his stomach was against his body.

Tony grabbed the phone and looked to the time. 6:20 am. He unlocked the phone with Peter's fingerprint and opened messages. He found his own contact labeled Mr. Stark.

Tony: We need to talk

Tony: Now

Tony: Don't do anything stupid

Tony thought it was necessary to add the last part. The handle of the door began to jiggle and Tony stuffed the phone under the pillow.

"Peter you're going to be late- You didn't even get out of bed?!" Aunt May saw Tony miserable in bed. She sat next to him. "What's wrong honey?"

Tony remembered that she doesn't know about Spiderman and decided to choose the safe option. "I don't feel so good."

Aunt May made a fist, "I swear that Stark internship is giving you ridiculous hours. You should be resting and enjoying high school."

"But I am enjoying high school! The Stark internship is a bonus! The hours are flexible but I always choose to go there." Tony argued and felt like he needed a conversation with Peter.

Aunt May placed a hand on his forehead and sighed, "You can stay home today but know that I'm not happy and if you come home late from the internship and ask to stay home, I'm not going to be so understanding. Got it?"

"Yes ma'am." Tony responded and she left closing the door gently. He sat up and threw off his blankets but dizziness made him freeze. Tony grabbed his head and hissed in pain.

Everything was loud and he was too aware of the things around him. 'Sensory overload'

Tony grabbed the blanket and pulled it over his head. It blocked out the light but he felt the fabric on his skin like sand paper and he was uncomfortable. He covered his ears but he heard his heartbeat like a drum.

'This is too much.' Tony thought to himself and squeezed his eyes shut.

For awhile he sat there trying to block things out but after some time his senses regulated. Tony sighed in relief, he still felt sick from last night but not as bad as the sensory overload.

Tony stood up and almost toppled over. He grabbed the bedpost to keep himself up. Tony spotted the Spiderman suit carelessly thrown in the closet and he made his way to it. He locked the door and sat with the suit and mask.

Tony slipped on the mask and everything began to turn on. "Welcome back Peter."

"Hi... uh" 'shoot what did Peter call the AI? Something with a K..' "-Kelly?"

"Your heart rate is abnormally fast and you seem to have my name confused. Should I enable the training wheels protocol and call Mr. Stark?" The AI asked and Tony rolled his eyes.

"Again with the Mr. Stark.." he mumbled, "No I'm not a kid, I don't need- Wait actually yes! Call him!"

"Calling Mr. Stark"

Hello! This is the first Avengers Fan Fic I've written. I'm really excited to put this out there and continue to write all my stories!