Chapter 7

The next day, the team caved and decided that Tony was allowed to go to Peter's school and do finals. As long as Peter was in the area to make each other less sick. Aunt May was told that Peter was going to be with Tony for a few days and she was not pleased.

The plan was quick and easy. Tony would go in for a short amount of time just for finals then be released to continue working on switching them back. Bruce was calmed down and now was looking through all of the files on the experiment. He even pulled up security footage and watched it be made and destroyed by the accident.

Meanwhile, Happy was driving Tony and Peter to Midtown High after he was told the whole situation. Once he pulled up to the drop off curb, he parked and looked over his shoulder to see Tony and Peter dreading the upcoming events. Peter was wearing one of Tony's fancy suits with sunglasses and Tony was wearing Peter's casual clothes.

"You know I could keep driving. I'm not forcing you out. I don't like this idea." Happy lowered his sunglasses to make eye contact with him. Tony in Peter's body was gripping his jeans and looked to the stairs leading to the school. He seemed like a statue, frozen in fear. Peter was a mess, he was very anxious and he reached over and fixed Tony's hair.

"I don't like this either. But we couldn't switch back in time so we have to do this the hard way." Peter said and Tony swatted his hand away. "Please remember that my locker number is 1164 and it's on the top row. I'll text you the combination. My friend's name is Ned Leeds. And lastly, the final is in science and you can follow Ned to the class. I know you can pass it."

Tony sighed, "This is ridiculous… I can't believe I agreed to this." Peter locked eyes with Tony and pouted a little. "Ew that is weird in my body. Please stop." Tony said and shoved a hand in Peter's face.

"Please text me for anything. People's names, where the bathroom is, anything." Peter said and his heart continued to pound.

Tony grabbed the sunglasses from his shirt and put them on. "Relax kid. This will be a breeze. It's just one class. What could go wrong?"

That statement made Peter even more nervous. "Happy drive."

"Happy stay." Tony said quickly and opened the car door.

Happy shocked his head, "What am I? A dog?"

Peter frowned, "Sorry Happy."

Tony was stepping out of the car and the window rolled down. "Remember to stay in the area. If you leave, I'll throw up on your shit."

"I won't. I promise. Please text me." Peter pleaded.

"I knooow. Jeez kid, you are parenting me so much. If you continue to be a hovering parent I might knock you out of it. And I don't know how strong you are." Tony said, slightly irritated. He took a deep breath and calmed down. "Seriously, I'm fine. I think I have enough information to get through one class."

Peter scooted closer to the window. "But I feel like I'm forgetting some things. That's why I'm asking you to text me for anything."

Tony tightened his backpack strips and flashed a smile that really looked like Tony Stark for a moment. He pushed up his sunglasses. "I'll text you." He said and started to walk away.

Peter was going to shout something to him but didn't want students' attention. He whipped out Tony's phone and sent a text to the contact Spider Kid.

Tony: stop acting like the cool kid. im a nerdy kid that blends in

In response, Peter didn't get a text back but instead. Tony turned around while walking and gave a thumbs up.

Peter sighed, "He makes me so nervous.."

Happy snickered, "Now you know what I have to deal with."

Tony walked down the main hall of the school and was immediately stuck in a crowd of students. The sound was overwhelming but not to the point of grabbing his headphones from his backpack. He squeezed through the students while looking for Peter's locker.

Tony was feeling instant regret once entering the school. This was too much to handle.

"Peter!" Someone jogged up to Tony with a smile. "Dude you could have texted me you wouldn't be here yesterday." He side eyed and glanced around. "Was it 'the web?'"

Tony froze for a second and was nervous to speak. "Ned?"

"Yeah?" Ned questioned back and looked concerned. "Dude are you okay? What's with the sunglasses? Do you have a black eye?" He whispered and looked shocked.

Tony took off the sunglasses and put them on his shirt. "I'm fine."

Ned didn't look pleased. "Something is wrong. You are very quiet and it's like you didn't recognize me. Do you even know what 'the web' stands for?"

Tony felt his heart race. "A website?"

Ned grabbed Tony's shoulders and looked frightened. "Dude… were you probed by aliens?"


"That's what they all say!" Ned said and increasingly got more worried.

Tony shook his head, "I'm fine. I was working with Mr. Stark yesterday."

Ned relaxed and nudged his shoulder. "Ohhh 'working'."

Tony raised an eyebrow to Ned. "Do you know about… you know what?"

Ned smiled and looked very proud, "Of course Peter. I'm your guy in the chair."

Tony sighed, "Then I have to tell you something."

"You look worried. Is something wrong?" Ned leaned in to whisper again. "Did Tony Stark take your suit again?"

"No. I need your help." Tony grabbed Ned's shoulder. "Where is my locker?"

Ned looked disappointed. "Dang dude I thought you were going to ask me to go on a mission. Did you hit your head yesterday? You aren't remembering a lot of things."

"Something like that. Would you just help me out today?" Tony asked and followed Ned to his locker.

"Of course. That's what friends are for."

Tony smiled and decided he liked Ned. He has a great personality and soul.

"Peter, so how much do you remember? Like what should I help with?" Ned asked and looked serious.

Tony thought for a second. "Pretend I don't remember anything. And don't make a scene about it."

Ned had wide eyes, "Dude you have amnesia? And you came to school? You are crazy!"

Tony shrugged, "I'm just here for the final. I'll explain everything."

"You better. I don't like secrets." Ned said and pointed to his locker. "Do you know the code?"

Tony pulled out his phone and saw a single text from 'Mr. Stark'. "Yes."

Ned saw the text. "Tony Stark knows your locker combination? Dude this is getting weird."

Tony leaned closer to Ned and whispered. "Listen Leeds. I'm not Peter, that's why I don't remember anything. I'm Tony Stark."

Ned's face was a mix of amazement and confusion, "Your… oh my gosh… You were definitely abducted by aliens but if not.. I'm a huge fan… I .."

"Hey Penis!" A voice called.

Ned suddenly looked upset. "That's Flash. He is Peter's bully."

Tony squinted his eyes, "Peter has a bully?"

Ned whispered, "Yea, he thinks he is smarter than Peter and he doesn't believe him about the Stark internship. He said if it was real that it would be him instead."

Tony chuckled, "Oh this will be good."

"Penis! I know you can hear me!" The voice was getting closer.

Suddenly, Tony felt alert and he reached up to catch something. He looked at his hand and he was stunned to see that he caught a mostly empty water bottle.

"Nice catch Parker. Unfortunately that is the only thing you'll succeed in today."

Tony turned over his shoulder and locked eyes with the bully. "Are you talking to me?"

Flash knocked the water bottle out of Tony's hand. "Did you forget your name Parker? Or are you changing it to Peter Stark?"

Tony squinted and crossed his arms. "No, I just don't respond to Penis."

Some students laughed at the comment and Flash looked angrier. "So where were you yesterday, Parker? We were studying for the final and I know you would've loved to show off and try acting smarter than me."

Tony didn't look impressed. "I was helping Tony Stark with something so I think that automatically makes me smarter than you."

Students laughed at Flash again and Flash scowled to Tony. "I'm going to kill you Parker." He threatened and went to walk passed but bumped him aggressively.

Tony turned around to face Ned and Peter's locker. Ned's jaw was dropped. "That was amazing. Peter never stands up to Flash like that."

Tony opened his locker and looked at Ned. "Why not?"

"He said something about not wanting to make a scene. He doesn't want to be a hero outside of his costume." Ned explained. "I have so many questions for you Mr. Stark."

Tony closed his locker and frowned. "Sorry this might not be a good time." Tony suddenly felt his stomach turn and he put a hand on his locker to steady himself.

"You don't look so good." Ned mentioned and hesitated on helping him.

Tony pulled out his phone and sent a text.

Peter: you're too far

Ned nervously glanced between Tony and the phone. "What's wrong Mr-"

"Peter," Tony interrupted.

"Peter…" Ned corrected.

"Is this the Peter fan club? Or am I missing something?" A new voice surprised Tony. He didn't know who she was and Peter never mentioned her.

Ned helped by saying something first. "Hi MJ! We were talking about how if you say one word repeatedly it starts to sound weird. Peter Peter Peter Peter-"

MJ looked like she was trying not to smile. "Nerds" She decided to keep walking and left the two.

Tony put his back against the locker and wiped sweat off his forehead with his sleeve. "Who was she?"

Ned smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. "That's MJ. Peter has the hots for her."

Tony watched her walk away till she disappeared in a crowd. "Peter has never mentioned her before."

Ned's smile slowly went away. "So what was the text for?"

Tony felt worse and worse as time went on. "When we are separated we get really sick. But I can't take a test with Tony Stark sitting next to me."

Ned looked really concerned. "How did this even happen?"

Tony made eye contact with him. "What do you think? Peter might have a spidey sense but he doesn't have common sense."

The bell rang and Ned looked over his shoulder. Students started heading to class. "That's the five minute bell. I'll show you the way." Ned started to guide him to class. "So are you here to take the final for Peter?" Ned whispered.

Tony nodded and made himself more nauseated. "Yes. He was very adamant about making sure that the final was completed. His first idea was to use Stark technology to make him look like himself. But we decided that it was far too risky so here I am." Tony slowed his steps and fought back the feeling of throwing up.

"Are you sure you are going to be ok?" Ned asked again.

Tony stopped walking and swayed. "Just need a second."

Ned hovered over Tony ready to catch him. After a few seconds they continued to walk again.

"I'm better now." Tony convinced and looked around to see the hall was empty now and it was just them.

"We better hurry if we want to be on time." Ned sped up and Tony groaned.

"I hate school."

After dropping off Tony, Happy and Peter circled around the block and instantly got the text that they went too far. They went to the guest parking and sat there for a while trying to come up with an idea. Once Peter felt better, he left Happy with the car and had the idea to talk to a counselor or the principal.

It was something that Peter and Tony discussed together in private but Tony was also too busy or forgot about. Peter was going to personally make Tony Stark an emergency contact for Peter Parker. It was also essential to take Tony out of class after the final.

The whole thing was a bit overwhelming because Peter forgot that he was Tony Stark and he was famous. The school office all asked for pictures but Peter asked them to not post it for the privacy of Peter. They were all very excited to meet him and were very surprised that he was there for Peter Parker of all people. The rumor of Peter working at Stark Industries as an intern for Stark personally was pretty well known throughout the school. Seeing Tony Stark in person was a complete shock and he actually confirmed it to be true.

Peter was quite satisfied with the experience and he was glad he could keep up the performance. He was getting better at pretending to be Tony Stark. But the best part hasn't even happened yet.

Tony was sitting through Peter's final, bored out of his mind. He finished the final quickly and was pretty disappointed there wasn't much to challenge him. Tony had his arms folded on the desk and rested his head on his arms. He let his eyes wander and saw the other students still working. He then noticed Flash was also in the class and he was still working.

It was actually humorous to Tony because it was very obvious that he was struggling. At one point, Flash put his pencil down and held his head in his hands. Tony also saw MJ in the back of the class reading a book. She was also done with the final early. Eventually without realizing, his eyes closed and he took a power nap.

Tony's nap helped him zoom through the extra time he had. The bell woke up Tony and he slowly sat up. Ned came over looking happy and Tony had noticed it was a recurring emotion.

"I aced it. I know it. How about you Peter?" Ned said and it seems like he forgot the whole switch thing.

"I could do that in my sleep. I was kind of hoping for a challenge." Tony said while packing up his stuff and putting on his backpack.

"Zip it, Penis. You slept most of the class so you must have dreamt up a good grade. Maybe you should keep sleeping and imagine some money for your Aunt." Flash spat the insult at Tony and high fived his friend.

Tony stood up and took a deep breath. He really wanted to punch the kid. "Do you really have nothing better to do? Don't you think it is embarrassing to harass a kid that is smarter than you? It doesn't look too good on your part. Jealousy looks ugly on you."

Flash angrily reached over and put a death grip on Tony's shoulder. "You know what's ugly on you? That dumbass face of yours." Flash raised his other hand and pulled back for a punch.

Without much thought or strength, Tony caught the fist. "Don't underestimate me."

MJ pulled Flash's arm away. "Flash, you might not want to do something you regret. Unless you were already planning to quit the decathlon."

Flash yanked his arm from MJ and stormed off with his friends following him. Tony's eyes met MJ's. He understood why Peter liked her now. "Thanks."

MJ smiled slightly, "Don't let him get to you. He only does it as an act for attention to fill the void that his parents left." She explained and continued out the door.

Tony looked at his phone and saw no texts or calls. "I guess I'm following you to the next class."

Ned and Tony walked together down the halls while Ned asked many Tony Stark related questions. Shortly they made it to the history class and sat next to each other. Unfortunately, Flash was also in this class but Tony paid him no attention. Instead he glanced back down to his phone and decided to send a text as the last bell rang.

Peter: Get me out of here before I punch the shit out of Flash.

Right as he sent the text, a knock on the door interrupted the teacher who just started to speak. A very happy principal walked in.

"Sorry to interrupt, but Peter, you're dismissed for the rest of the day." They said and they looked towards the door. Tony Stark appeared through the doorway and the class erupted with excited students. They tried to ask questions but they were ignored.

Peter lowered his sunglasses and looked really cool while doing it. "Sup Pete. Duty calls. I need you." Peter in Tony Stark's body said. Tony stood up with his backpack and gave Ned a smile.

"Excuse me Mr. Stark?" Tony and Peter looked at Flash. "Is he.. your intern?"

Peter put his arm around Tony and gave him a side hug. "I think he is more than that at this point. He has been working with me for over a year now."

The look on his face was priceless. It was like Flash's jaw was stuck as wide as it could go. He slowly sunk into his chair and the rest of the class continued to spit out questions. Instead of answering, Peter waved to the class.

Peter locked eyes with Ned and winked to his friend. "Ned, you are welcome to come over tonight. We might need you."

As they left Peter heard a classmate ask, "You know Tony Stark?"

Ned replied with, "Yea, we are kind of like buddies at this point."

Peter and Tony fist bump as they walk down the hallway to the front door. Tony and Peter instantly felt better together because they were so close.

Tony sighed, finally able to relax, "I hate school.. Why didn't you tell me about Flash?"

"Shit." Peter facepalmed. "Sorry.. That was one of the things I forgot to tell you about."

"You also forgot one more thing." Tony said and smiled at Peter.

Peter looked confused, "What? Was there homework I missed?"

Tony chuckled, "No! It's MJ. I can tell why you like her."

It was weird to see Tony Stark's face blush. "I..I forgot to mention that.." Peter cleared his throat, "How was the final? And how was Flash? Please tell me you didn't say or do anything to him."

Tony cracked his knuckles. "The final was easy and I might have embarrassed him a little."

Peter looked horrified. "Did you… fight him?

Tony gestured as he spoke "I was thiiis close but your girlfriend stopped him."

Peter was embarrassed and avoided Tony's eye contact. "She is not my girlfriend."

"You should invite her to Stark Industries sometime. I know she'll love it. She is very smart." Tony offered and elbowed Peter lightly.

Peter covered his face to hide his smile and red face. "You learned way too much in one day."

Tony and Peter laughed and talked together about what happened during the car ride. They were really bonding by being switched but they couldn't wait to be back to normal.

Hello! I watched the new Spiderman movie trailer and I was so inspired that I wrote all this in one day. I hope you enjoy. :)