It was the end of the years test everything was ok but something felt off. Their's been mas murders that leave kids homeless and in the USA homeless is rough from what I heard. But this is my story from what happened.

Timothy's POV

"Hey breayan how do you think you did I know I failed." "You always say that and your a straight A student how could you fail. Your last report ccard said that you made a 99 in Geography, 100 in gym, 98 in professional communications, 98 in math, 100 in biology, 97 in ASL, and a 100 in english how could you fail." ( ASL for those that don't know is American Sign Language.) Needless I was a good kid in schools. but where I lived the schools made you take all these extra courses but you got to pick one all the rest is made for you. You got to pick what language you learned I picked 1 of the 2 that were the easiest ASL or Japanese. ASL you already know the words just learn how to sign them. Japanese on the other hand you just colored in the words in well Japanese.

That was when it struck me of corse I lived in a trailer wasn't big but wasn't small either so I was happy to be home untill I saw the police department and fire and ambulances and as any other 10 year old I freaked out and ran toward my trailer that was now in black ashes. "What happened, why did it have to be me I don't want to be a kid on the streets." "Well we got them in custody but they killed and burned down the trailer I'm terribly sorry. But we found you a home in the United Kingdom." As the officer tried to help me it didn't work and before I knew it I was on a plane to london.

"Flight 5643 leaving in ten minutes please board now thank you." Yay, of course I knew I had a uncle in England but we didn't like him. Why you may ask, because he was abusive and if things didn't go his way at work he would take it out on you. Really mean to if you are outside when he was. He would tell you to go get a stick and he would beat you with it, so me being the smart aleck I am I would bring a big log or a twig. He didn't like that. In under half a week he was arestead for child abuse.

"Well timothy things could have been worse." the reception lady told me, and then realised. "Well maybe not but we have a schooling program football and basketball court but all home work has to be signed off understand." "Yes ma'am I understand." "Ok you will be staying with William for as long you are hear so take your stuff to room 152 and please don't make alot of noise it wakes the other kids and we have to fix the problem." "Yes ma'am." unlike some kids I dont have pj's because I would sleep with what I had on, nobody ever told me to change so yeah that was how I was raised.

"Hello is anyone here because if you are I'm not scared of you." It was what I would try to do so I seemed like the dominant one but out of the corner of my eye I saw a kid racing down the hall with nothing but a shirt on. Then everything went black.

I wake up and my head is spinning and I felt something wet and cold on my head. When I look to see where I am I see the same kid who was running down the hall. "What the hell man why am I bleeding. Why did you hit me." Now on my part that was the wrong thing to say as he turned and put a finger to his lips meaning to shush. I wisper "you speak ASL." as I was not expecting he said yes so I start signing 'what happened why are we hear I need answer's' 'well if you would watch we are hiding from that jerk Joey he was gonna rob you when I showed up and that blood is from you were smashed in the head with a lamp.' 'what who the hell even are you' 'my name is William so you must be Timothy right.' 'yeah so what do we do now' 'we wait' 'wait for what exactly' 'the staff they will help us out and can get out of this storage closet.' "I know your here somewhere so better show your self before I find you." "JOEY SHUT THE HELL UP THEY LEFT." "Ok but you got lucky this time timmy turner." william looked at me and saw a flame of hatred flicker up. Joey Hamson the bully that who was always taller than me stronger to. The only thing I had against him was movement speed that was the thing that kept me alive. 'william you got power I got speed we burst out and try beat him he might look 12 or 13 but he's as old as us he was my neighbor I know we can do this I can keep him distracted and you strike ok.' 'ok I understand.' '1,2,3,"NOW HEY HAMSON A NEW BOSS IN THE BUILDING." when he turned around he did look taller. As he went for the punch I ducked and found out he was in his socks so I could trip him and if we get on him we can turn him in for beating and stealing. That was the plan I had so I went through with it slid his feet out from underneath him and as he was gonna elbow me he was picked up by a stong looking man who carried him away kicking and screaming.