After a mount the two heard a scream and a a someone cursing real loud. As they look what they find makes them very upset and happy. "Put pillows under your cover and walk into the closet and we will surprise them understand." Tim whispers at Angie. they get into positions and as the twtwo began to try to see them one points out "Umm Kerry he isn't breathing." "Yeah same hear and they feel squishy too wanna check on them." "Well duh what are we gonna do? Wake Zara up at 1 in the morning and get punished nu huh not happening leys check." As the dou start to check Tim comes out full sprint ready to make some noise untill Zara walks in "well any luck with these two they have arguing all month and it's really annoying so they deserve this." "Well Zara that's the situation they aren't here in the beds so they must be somewhe-" The man stops mid sentence as he sees Tim. "What are you doing up this late at night." Zara asked with a tone in her voice. "Well I was told that some people might try to come in and mess with us before basic training so we made a trap and these two fell in it and woke us up." "Well Zara this generation are smart ones let me give you that. Ya think Kasokov is going to have fun putting these two together?"

4 hours later

"Wha- whats happening." "We heard about your set up so you get dirty cloths instead of clean ones." "What no thats disgusting." Angie yelled. "I'm fine with it what's the worse that could happen. Remember we are in a different country here they will do things differently now shut up." Tim said trying to sound annoyed. "Yep these are the two that agree but bicker at each other so you two are team 9."

"Well look who we have hear a group of kids who think they're above the rules, well let me tell this thing here are different. If you speak out of line or any side conversations like group 4 then-" Kazokov stops to spray down the beds of group 4 "this will happen." Now a sad and cold wet bed they look and stop chatting as one says "what was that for arsehole" and he got brutally sprayed with the hose. "Wanna die idiot." "Stop talking and maybe you might be able to sleep."

Timothy's POV

Oh god basic training sucks when I was just starting to go to sleep I was sprayed. After a day of running the assault course 8 times after that we went shooting and well not to brag but I got around 99 on my test. "No fair you actually know how to shoot I don't." "Did you not pay aattention to the 2 hour speach the instructer gave us he practically spoon fed us the stuff and if you understood it the first time your golden but if not then good luck." "Still Tim you knew how to shoot a gun before this." "Yeah and I was a natural at it oh I was sooo good at it I got bulleyes every time. No Yeah I shot a twelve gauge and it sucked I hurt my self that day." And with that it was end of discussion.

"Now I want to see grou and 2." Most of the other kids drop and left there were originally 12 groups now down to 5 of them. Really scary knowing that group 1 was the only one besides us that were still together. "Now we will have a little fun like a game, as you know we're on day 75 now so you have approximately 588 hours left to go so give up now and do it again." ugh I hate when he puts things in hours it is annoying as crap.

533 hours later

"Alright you are going into a desert so make sure to drink plenty of liquid. You will be given a backpack for necessary and unnecessary things so when I say go you all jump Jackson I heard you have no fear of heights so you don't have to worry. Once you land take your parachute off immediately so the wind doesn't lift you, and you will find a map with your name on it throw out anything you think is unnecessary got it. Ok GO GO GO."

Free falling one thing I loved and to do it as a test I was the first one down then Angie then the rest. "Ok Angie here is yours and mine is right here." "Toilet paper need. Tent nope throw out. Hmm I don't know what about a wind tracker." "Don't need it we can always just lick our fingers (try it. It actually works.) and stick 'em in the air." "Ok book keep easy fire starter. Map definitely keep. Same with the conpass. Flashlight keep. Twine keep. Hmm do we need blueprints for a buggy like it seems all hard work but if we run into one then maybe we can build it." "keep it then."

"What did you get Tim." Angie askes as we're walking "Interesting enough my dads old machete and rocks, wood, fire starter, water bottle, cloth, rubber band other than that whatever you got and this old flintlock bullet and two sets of keys. One is proberly for the buggy but whats this mustang one for." "Who knows maybe it's your car and you got lucky." "Hmm maybe but that doesn't explain why we aren't going slow but not fas-" as his foot hit something in the sand. "It'sa buggy with gas you got them instructions." "yep it says that a full tank of gas will get you around 5 miles maybe we can beat the other teams in this." And with that they built a buggy and were off.

"Okay we have to go to left a bit and then we should be there and we will give the instructers a piece of our mind only giving us quarter of a tank." "Ahh look who's here it's team 9 why are you here so early." "Because we cut half the distance off going south not west because it's just a giant curve so we cut through that curve in order to get here faster. Although this home made water filter takes a while it works well and we have full canteens of water." "Well we got to wait for the other teams so make yourself comfortable"

"Now there is a truck thats going to leave in ninety minutes so all teams except team 9 can go now." an hour laterlater "Now team 9 you can go but be wary there is only one grey T-shirt in the bag down there so one of you will fail, frainkly I have my money on Timothy here but who knows that might change."

"Look Tim you should take the shirt it was my Idea to take the shor-" "Angie. Oh my god come on Angie stay in there we'll make it I'll make sure of that." And Timothy carried Angie all the way there to the truck as it was leaving. "Stop the truck." Timothy shouts as he tosses Angie in the back. As he starts to loose his vision about to collapse something grabs him and hauls him up into the truck. "Ya think you were gonna die on us your sarcasticness torward the instricters kept us in this thing Tim if it weren't for you then we would have quit a long time ago."

"Surprise surprise she collapsed but she did make it so props to you also good Idea entertaining the other trainees because then who would save you butbut sense the chair women said I had to here" as he hands over a grey shirt "I gotta admit you are one smart kid but don't let that go to your head got it." And he was gone.