What The Girl Who Lived Didn't Know

Annalise Potter was nearly one and a half when she found herself in some unfortunate, unforeseen, and altogether unwanted circumstances. Of course, she was only nearly one and a half, so she couldn't quite grasp the fullness of how terrible her circumstances were.

You see, her parents were members of what one might call a secret society. The term secret society was, in fact, an accurate description for what the young couple lived in, for it was just that, a society that was secret. The only way to make the term "secret society" more accurate to the world in which Annalise' parents lived would be to add an extra word onto it. The word is magic.

Nearly everyone in that society had magic and the whole society was based around it. From the outside it seemed like a wonderous world that anyone would want to be a part of, but that, of course, would be too good to be true.

Just as in the real world outside of the magical secret society, there was discrimination. For though the people living within the magical secret society were witches and wizards, they were still human and humans all suffer from the same innate desire: The desire to be better than others, to be the best. In the real world this can take multiple forms. Someone could be the best at a skill. They might be the best baker or the best singer in their own eyes. Sometimes those sentiments are warranted, and other times-well, best is a hard title to accurately give. That type of feeling like the best, though it may be annoying and give the person involved a big head, is generally harmless. The real trouble comes in when a person sees themselves as better than someone else in ridiculous ways that have nothing to do with true worth such as their race, their skin tone, or their gender. In the wizarding world, the name used for that magical secret society, the ridiculous bigotry came into play in how much magical blood a person had. They measured this not by the person's magical prowess or by their power or skill. They measured a person's worth by how far back their family had magic. A person with no magic was a muggle. A first-generation magic user was a muggle born (or to the bigots, a mudblood). A person who had either a muggle born or one muggle parent was a half blood. And the top of the top, the cream of the crop to those with big heads and over inflated egos was a pureblood, a person whose grandparents possessed magic.

If it was just having to deal with a few people that supported the blood purity bigotry every now and then, it would be manageable to live as a muggle born in that society. But the bigots were not okay living with the human beings they saw as scum being treated equal to them and in some ways even excelling over them, so it came to war.

Their leader was a monster of a man named Lord Voldemort. He was skilled in dark magic and gained a following from both his power and from being the last known descendant of Salazar Slytherin, a historical figure known for his distaste for muggle borns. Whether Voldemort's ancestor's hate was exaggerated or not was hard to say as history can become warped with the passage of time. What was not hard to say was that Voldemort and his army's hate was very much real and very much dangerous and they would not give up until only purebloods had any power and worth within the wizarding world.

With the power and determination of Voldemort and his forces, all hope would have been lost if it were not for the brave witches and wizards that stood against him on the opposite side. And that is where Annalise' parents, the brave, young, Lily and James Potter stood, against Voldemort.

In war, there are always casualties. Sometimes they are seen as stranger's names on memorials, but other times they are seen much much closer to home. That is where the casualties of James and Lily Potter were, right in their own home.

Few in the wizarding world know how, but all in the wizarding world know that the night of James and Lily Potter's death, Voldemort showed up himself to kill every member of the Potter family. Three people died that night. The first was James Potter who went down fighting. The second was Lily Potter who refused to move from her daughter's crib. The third, however, was not the nearly one-and-a-half-year-old Annalise Potter, as one might suspect. The third was The Dark Lord Voldemort who was brought down at the hands of a mere baby named Annalise Potter, or to the wizarding world that hailed her a hero, The-Girl-Who-Lived.

Of course, little Analise knew none of that. All that she knew was that her head hurt, her mummy and daddy weren't coming when she was crying, and she was very very cold.

Author's Note: I don't know what I'm doing with this. I really don't. It's essentially going to start off as a retelling of Annie but set in the 90's. Then it's going to change because our protagonist has magic. That is, if I write any more. I've got at least one more chapter already written. Question before I move on, in the movie Annie has a locket to let her know who her parents are. What should I use here for her to know that the people coming for her are legit (or not legit as will probably be the case)?

Thanks for reading!

-Aniala (catz4444)