On the 13th day of the 13th month of the 13th year...magic will return to the world...and the streets will run red with the blood of the (semi)innocent...unless the world is saved by the most unlikely of hero's...baking cupcakes?!

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It was like a dream...Star and Marco gazed at each other in disbelief...all around them their worlds had merged into one...but right now they weren't thinking about that...right now...they had each other...they were together...

"Hey." Said Marco smiling.

"Hey." Said Star back to him, also smiling.

They give each other a hug...and look up at the now crazy and sparkly sky just as a shooting star whizzed past...

They said nothing...mere words simply seemed meaningless to express the gratitude and happiness they felt right now...

But they knew this, no matter what happened now, as long as they were together, there was nothing they couldn't face...


...and that's when they were hit by the tranquilizers and had bags put over their heads...


Next thing the two know, they're waking up in the middle of a dark room...flanked by two guards on both sides and surrounded by large dais's filled with shadow figures. "You really went and did it this time Star Butterfly." Said the center-most figure.

Star was suddenly very fearful "Uh, what is going-

"We'll ask the questions here!" Snapped one of the shadowy figures. "Do you have any idea what you just did!?"

Star- still a bit dazed by this sudden change of her situation's tone - just blinked at these strange men confused, "Uh...I stopped Mina's rampage and saved Mewni?" She stated confused.

One of the figures looks like their about to yell, before another stops them and continues, "My dear, let's get this out of the way. YES, Mina was a psychotic, moron who's controlling of a world as important as Mewni would've had serious long-term repercussions to the universe. Taking her power and stopping her rampage in it's tracks was GOOD, we have no problem with that. What we do have a problem with is you DESTROYING a crucial component of our reality to do so!"

Star just looked at them uncomprehending, "Wha- But I-

"Hey come on guys, lay off her! Who are you to judge?! And how is this any of your businesses anyway?" Demanded an annoyed Marco.

"Boy, we are the 0-5 council of the SCP Foundation. An organization dedicated to protecting humanity from the supernatural and paranormal. And she made it our 'business' when she merged her world with ours with no warning or permission!"

Marco gulped, "Oh...Okay, that's actually a good answer..."

"But I had to do it!" Insisted Star, "Magic's been nothing but trouble! I had to get ride of it!"

One of the shadowy figures groaned and put his head to his hand he then turned to the guard standing at Stars side. "My good man...EDUCATE the girl, if you will?"

The soldier nodded-



Cried out Star as she was hit by a stick...the soldier continued to hit her over and over as the other soldier held back a furious Marco-

"OW! What are you- OW! -Stop it- OW! -Tell him to stop! OW!"

"Why, whatever do you mean, my dear? He's not hitting you. The stick is." Said one of the figures simply.


"As ridiculous as magic causing trouble on it's own?" Asked another shadowy figure, while another gave the signal for the soldier to stop.

"Say what?" Asked a confused Star. One of the figures just shakes his head annoyed, "my dear, although the magic used on Mina was indeed a contributing factor to Mina's decline in sanity. The fact is, that spell wouldn't have existed without Solaria! And even without magic, Mina is still a bigot!"

Star frowned, "Well... I guess technically no, but-

"Did magic cause humans and Mewmans to hate each other?"

"Well, no but-

"Did magic cause Eclipsa to be locked away and separated from her daughter?"

"Okay, maybe not but-

"Finally, did magic cause your mother to betray you and Eclipsa?" They finished.

Star looked like she was about to cry...

"Hey come on! Look, what's done is done. Everything worked out! No harm no foul!" Defended Marco annoyed.

"No harm no foul, huh? I wonder if the people of Oppositus would agree to that sentiment."

"Oppisitus? The world of opposites? What do they have to do with this?" Asked star confused.

"Wait, what are we talking about?" Asked Marco confused. Star smirked, "Oh, Oppositus is crazy! It's land of living contradictions! All living in perfect harmony!"

"And they don't destroy each other?" Asked one of the 0-5 in a knowing/rhetorical way.

Star snorts, "Uh, no! Maintaining harmony between opposites are their specialty, duh!" Star trails off, suddenly going very pale.

"Ah, so the little girl finally begins to realize her mistake." Said one of the 0-5 as they press a button that turns on a moitor...showing Oppositus ripping itself in two.

Star gasps in shock.

"Let's take a look at how Pixtopia is doing, shall we?"

A new monitor shows panicked pixies flying about as their magic mirror systems are offline, causing their stock to drop to zero and bankrupting them, many pixies rip off their wings and jump to their deaths...

"Now Solaria"

The world of the sun is now engulfed in darkness...


The Woolandia's had given up all semblance of society and were now fighting each other non-stop in the ruins of their once-thriving fairness they seemed to be enjoying it...but considering all the hospitals were now without power or working magical potions casualties were skyrocketing...


The world of tides was seething, their oceans broiling and storming over, flooding and killing everyone...

One by one more monitors popped up, showing hundreds of realms thrown into chaos thanks to the loss of magic...

Star was now sobbing uncontrollably.

"Will you stop that!? You've made your point!" Snapped Marco as he tried to comfort Star.

"No, I don't think we have! Let's be honest my dear, you destroyed magic not because it was the RIGHT thing to do, you did it because it was EASY! It was better to handle one big, obvious target that you KNEW how to destroy. Then a thousand smaller, murkier issues that had no straightforward answer!"

"But- But the only other way was Eclipsa's forbidden spell! That would've destroyed Mewni!"

"Oh, I see. So as long as YOUR world is fine and dandy, then the thousands of other worlds can piss off? Is that what your saying?" Asked the 0-5 guy in a mockingly rhetorical way.

Star blanched, "No, that's not what I- But Glossaryck said-

"Oh, don't even get me started on that little man! The problems he's caused for us in the past! All for a 'future' only he could see! And even if he was 'right', what gave you the authority to do this own your own without asking any of the other worlds on how to proceed? Worse, how do you think they'll react to you or the world your living on- i.e. US! -when they learn that YOU are the one responsible for all their suffering?!"

Marco quickly spoke out, "But wait, if there's no more magic how could they get he-

"Boy, you merely destroyed ONE source of magic, not ALL magic. Monster, primordial, enlightened, etc. Their all still very much active. And even though all the more 'common' means of travel are now silenced, There are still many lesser known magical ways to get to Earth/Mewni. Worse, with Hekapoo gone there's no one to restrict or seal them off!"

While the two teens stood stunned at the revelation, yet another 0-5 nodded and continued: "The High Commission of magic may have been more then a bit hypocritically racists, inflexible, and had their fair share of bumbling moments but they got the job done! Kept the universe stable! Within hours of word getting out of Rhombulu's death, crime has gone up a whooping 300% in most magical dimensions! Don't even get me started on the effects that Omnitraxi's death is having!"

Both teens just looked in horror...

"...We should kill you both right now." Stated the head 0-5, much to their terror. "Every head of most governments on earth are braying for your blood, the havoc the merge has wrecked on us, the danger you've now placed earth in..." The 0-5 shakes his head, "Fortunately for you, considering both of your popularity and allies among the Mewni's and monsters it's been decided that killing you would simply be more hassel then it's worth! So away with you, but know we are watching you!"

As Star is taken away, they turn to Marco. "Marco Diaz, you and the rest of Echo creek will undergo quarantine, sterilization, and naturalization."

"Wait, naturalized? Why would you-

"You and the rest of the town were never citizens of the U.S., you didn't even exist until a week before Star showed up-

"What!?" Screamed Marco before he too was taken away.

When they were gone, the 0-5 council groaned. "Two worlds merged thanks to the 'love' of two horny's like the start of a bad sex joke...all we need is a rabbi." Said one member as he took out a whiskey.

"Bad news, the Global occult Coalition is under pressure from the UN to go public to 'assure the public' that their doing everything in their power to amend the situation-

"Make themselves look good to the voters, you mean- (sigh) -and of course since they get the majority of their purse strings from them, they'l have to oblige...and knowing those bastards, they'll reveal us so we won't have the luxury of secrecy anymore either...tell our PR people to get work, writings on the wall we have a code 'Broken masquerade' on our hands...

"Ugh, sir?" Asked a soldier, "The boys in records are asking if we should have SCP-5000(AKA Glossaryck) as Neutralized?"

"Denied, were not that lucky. This isn't the first time that old fool has 'died'...and heaven help us, it won't be the last...

They all take another drink of Whiskey...


Eclipsa kisses Meteora and puts her to bed, "Sleep tight my dear, you deserve your rest after today..." She walks out of the room...

Metora crakcs open an eye...sees her rattle on the other side of the room-

"D..dip down." She squeaked, suddenly she was in her Mewberty form, and the rattle appeared in her hand...and like that, Meteora was back to normal and fast asleep...her rattle starts to glow a bit...


In the nothingness that was once the magic realm...

A spark ignites...

then dies...

All is quiet once more...

For now...



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