On the 13th day of the 13th month of the 13th year...magic will return to the world...and the streets will run red with the blood of the (semi)innocent...unless the world is saved by the most unlikely of hero's...baking cupcakes?!

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Two guards transported the two children in their van...inside was multiple T.V's...each one showing how the world was thrown into anarchy. Random Mewni continents had crushed entire cities, or split them in two. Monsters and other creatures were killing hundreds and invasively wiping out/replacing the local ecosystem. All this extra mass to the earth had thrown the seasons and calendar out of whack.

Fortunately, the Foundation had already enacted several contingency plans to prevent the earth from being knocked from it's orbit or anything like that...but it had been a very near thing...

In any case, Star was crying over all this while Marco tried to comfort her...

One of the guards heard the crying and frowned, " it really necessary to rub it in their face like this? I thought we were all about 'cold but not cruel?'"

The other guy sighed, "Yeah, whoever said that clearly didn't hear about SCP-3017..."

The first guy groaned, "Oh, right...THAT."

"In any case, even if we ignore that. Well...these two kids...have screwed over the entire planet. The planet we swore to protect. Broke the masquerade that we labored, toiled and sacrificed to maintain for the entirety of our organizations existence. millions have been confirmed dead, thousands more will probably die as the chaos consumes the earth...they've probably pissed off the majority of the universe and have them gunning for us, were already seeing fluctuations in the fabric of reality without Omnitraxius keeping things in check, we BARELY kept the earth from being flung into the sun, all done for the most idiotic and convoluted of reasons and of course the fact that 05-council was woken up at 3:00 in the frigging morning...if anything the fact their allowing to live and go free after all that is pretty dang restrained!"

"Okay...but why rub it in at all?"

The second guard sighed, "Come on man, you've seen her type before. Adventure-holic, adrenaline junkies. That plus the fact the 05 isn't sure if whatever plan SCP-5000 had for her is done yet or not...We want her to know how badly she screwed up so she'll NEVER do anything that stupid again, and if it means 'breaking the cutie' so be it! Our main objective is to protect HUMANITY not some alien girl's innocence..."

The first guard shrugs, "Alright, makes sense I guess..."

Once they arrive at Echo-Creek, their was already a barricade quarantining the town. The monsters and mewmans were being thoroughly examined for non terrestrial were the 'people' of Echo-Creek.

There were already protestors outside both demanding they all leave and bringing up their rights as people...

Marco and Star were taken to separate rooms, had their clothes taken, have samples of their blood taken, and were completely scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected.

"Dick size...1 centimeter." Wrote down the medic coldly as he continued his examination of a naked Marco. Marco grumbles but presses on, "Okay...I think I've been quite long enough. What did you mean about me and my town not existing!?"

The medic sighed, "My boy...Think about it: A magical princess from another dimension comes to earth...but no one panics? No one cares? No one acts like anything's different? And the police never do anything or respond to anything she dose? Did that never seem strange to you?

Marco was that it was pointed out...he was right...that didn't make sense...

The medic continued, "You and everyone in your town were originally tulpa's created by Glossaryck to make sure Star didn't get into too much trouble..."

"But that can't be- Wait, originally?" The medic nodded, "Yeah, over time you guys became more and more 'real'...well, mostly you."

The foundation had apparently known about this from the start. But between knowing Going against Glossaryck would end in failure AND the fact the newly created town was completely isolated and doing well to keep Star AWAY from the rest of the world...they were content to just monitor it and let it be for the time being.

Indeed, this was a typical of the SCP Foundation's rather earth-centric and isolationist policy. If it doesn't affect earth/humanity, they couldn't care less. They monitor other worlds mainly to asses and monitor potential threats to humanity.

And so Marco was hit with one bombshell after another as the experts surrounding him began to make theory after theory regarding why he became more 'real' then the rest...

"From what we've gathered...You, Mr Diaz were specifically created to be a stabilizing force in the Princesses life. To help her mature. To keep her from becoming the next Solaria or Festivia. To be responsible...and then you had to mess everything up by pulling a 'code: pinochio' and becoming a real teenage boy with feelings beyond your initial programming."

"You were given countless opportunities for love. It was no accident you kept running across attractive young ladies you ended up befriending. Fate or magic or maybe even that blue gnome himself wanted you to be with another, any other, as long as it wasn't the Princess. every One of them was shown to you at a point where separating you from Star Butterfly would have allowed for positive growth on her path to becoming a proper Queen...instead you ignore all these girls being thrown at you, in favor of chasing after the one girl you were never meant to have."

"Clearly, you were 'meant' to get together with Jackie. Jackie existed purely so you would not end up with Star. Then when that started to fall through the other girls that came into your life were meant to replace her. Its why 'princess Turdina' was so popular even after she was unveiled as a guy. Its why Kelly and her boyfriend broke up for real. It's why Hekapoo kept tagging him along with you to seal the portals even when she had plenty of other options."

"If you had responded to any of these girls, he would have ended up with them. When you started to fall out of love with Jackie it's probably why you suddenly did something that got Hekapoo's attention. If Star had waited one more second... you and Hekapoo would have done more than stare at each other and you'd be in a relationship with HER... instead of everything that happened."

"Hell, if you'd stayed with miss raging inferno you would've been a king, immortal, father of countless children and getting it like doubt that was meant to be reward for a job well done."

Marco...marco was more or less steamrolled by all of this...with no real chance to get a word in edgewise...

"It's actually kinda funny... You want to be a squire? Here, have a cute redheaded squire girl! You want someone who will indulge you in an adventurous lifestyle of fighting, partying, romance, fame and fortune? Congrats you'll be the first mortal that the lady Hekapoo will take an interest in for more than a casual fling! You want to fight? Kelly's world is almost exclusively about fighting! Hear that my boy? That's the universe screaming: Have them all! Have a ball! Have a harem! Have them worship you as an feminine icon! Have all the girls you want! BUT. Don't. End. Up. With. Star!"

Marco snapped, "FRACK ALL OF YOU! I don't care what you, Glossaryck or the universe says...I love Star! And I'm staying by her side no matter what!"

"Seriously? Your gonna stay in the relationship with the girl that fracked over your world and plunged the universe into chaos?" The examiner shrugged, "Well, I suppose there's no really limit for the hole a man can dig themselves into." He claps him on the back, "Good luck kid! Your gonna need it!"

Marco rolled his eye's, "Yeah, great. Wonderful...can I got some pants now?" He wondered if Star was fairing any better...


"Destroyed magic?...*snort* You think that you? You really believe that...*heh* Ha! HA HA! cGH!" Laughed Star's examiner.

"Hey Andy? The princess here thinks she actually destroyed magic!"

"Really? 'All' magic?"

"Yeah! She really believes she destroyed all magic."

"That's hilarious!"

"I know."

"Princess. You didn't destroy all magic anymore than you could mow the towns park by using a nailclippers. You destroyed 'a' source of magic. Not 'the' source. Their 'is no' single source of magic. And even then the dimension you emptied of liquid magic will heal one day. It might take years, decades or centuries but it will refill itself with magic once again and it will be free of that dark taint your mother introduced to it. Like flushing a toilet."

"Hey! We did not flush a toilet!"

"You evacuated a vast amount of yellow liquid and dark solid matter out of a confined space via a swirling vortex, that would eventually refill for eventual reuse? Yes princess, what you did was flush a magic toilet."

He then looks at the school medical report on Star, showing how long exposure to magic has mutated the mewmans to only be about 40 percent human genetically...

"According to this, you have more in common with literal Butterfly's, not just the royal family, than you do with a human beings. Which considering Mewman's TRUE origins, raise concerns...


While Star was being bored by yet ANOTHER lecture. Her mother, Ex-Queen Moon was eating a sandwich...


Only to be interrupted by a VERY familiar Tranq dart and bag...

"Sir, the 'Scapegoat' is secure...


"Hey, I don't name this frak..."



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