[Update 1.3] Daddy 2.0 Vs the Deadliest Dino Alive

Dad and I let Stephen take the lead as he was the professional tracker. Which is how we found ourselves in what would normally be my favourite area – Laser Quest. However, the idea of being in a dark space with lots of places to hide with a Dinosaur that wants to eat me wasn't as appealing an opponent as normal.

"Wow someone wanted in here…" Evanna commented as she looked at the smashed indoor.

"Smashed clean off its hinges." Dad agreed with me before glancing from me to Stephen and adding. "It's big."

With that warning, the three of us carefully clambered over the smashed indoor and into the arena itself. The area was dark apart from the few neon shapes that were littered about, Stephen lead the way with me at the back as we both had guns on us. There was an electric noise as a target dropped down causing myself, Stephen and dad all to jump at the sudden noise and movement, however, the moment Stephen realised what it was he hit it away in anger. Turning the corner we found two paths, a silent conversation happened between the two men and I found Dads hand on my shoulder pulling me down one of them with him while Stephen took the other pathway. The emptiness of the place was scary and I held my gun aloft as I walked next to Dad looking around trying to remain as quiet as I could. From in front of us was a screech and a Raptor popped its head through a small circular opening across the room from us. I lifted my gun and shot at it, though it had moved already causing the tranq dart to just go through the opening. Dad was following the raptors movement as it dropped behind us I went to fire but realised I'd used all my ammo up. As Dad went running from the room I did the best thing I could think off, I threw the gun at the Raptor watching as it happily hit it over the head – this didn't bode well as a retort the creature shoved itself against some of the pillars causing them to fall like a Domino effect and trap me between the back wall and themselves. The main wall pressed against my wrist and caused me to let out a scream as I felt something snap – another trip to see the nurse was in my future. Yay. Stephen must have heard the scream and came running and pushed one of the targets towards the creature causing its focus to be on him, at that moment I noticed something that scared me more than anything – Stephen had lost his gun.

"Cutter!" the man screamed as the Raptor tried to bite at his face. Dad ran forward and grabbed the gun, aiming at the Raptor.

"In your own time!"

Dad was trying to fire and I could see him from where I was trapped but nothing was happening – what a great time for a gun to jam!

"Shoot!" Stephen kept screaming, "Shot the damn thing! Shoot it!"

Luck seemed to be on our side as in that moment yet another target dropped spooking the Raptor causing it to flee the area. All three of us let out a sigh of relief. Dad pushed the stands up and I slipped out holding my wrist to my body trying not to whimper in pain.

"Are you alright?" He asked me and I sent him a watery smile – I am human breaking a bone hurts like a bitch!

"Broken wrist I think… nothing I've not done before."

This caused a smile and an eye roll from him as he turned to Stephen who wasn't looking happy, "Gun Jammed!" Dad tried to explain but Stephen just took the gun from him and walked out. Dad turned to me and put an arm around my shoulder to help me out of the laser quest arena.

The next stop in the hunt – after a really bad DIY arm sling made from Stephen's jacket for me – was through an electronics store. Of course, both men had told me off when I tried to pocket a new phone so I was sulking a little ways behind them both. Stephen was still pissed off, that much was sure, and once he knew my arm was supported he was storming ahead like a pissy little girl.

"Now hold on!" Dad grabbed his arm and caused the man to stop and face him. I knew this would be the start of some argument between the two so decided to pay attention to the boring TV screens behind them. "So you think that I would have just stood by and watched you get torn to pieces?"

"Well, I guess that depends on how much you resent me for what happened with Helen," Stephen said causing me to let out a loud groan of frustration causing the men's heads to turn my way.

"This is between you two. I'm not getting involved." I muttered before wandering off between the TV's still hearing every word of their conversation.

"Yeah, you know, you're right. I do, I resent you." Dad told the man, "But if I wanted you dead, I'd have shot you myself. I'm sure Evanna would have shot you too if she really thought you weren't worth forgiving."

"What do you even know about Evanna?! It's clear to us all you have no idea who she is?!" Stephen shouted.

"I don't know her, but by some miracle, this world has been given her. Helen and I could never have a daughter but in this world we did. Does that scare me? Yes. But I would never dismiss her and her thoughts!" Dad shouted back, before looking over at me and seeing me smile at him. He didn't have a daughter in his world, but he is in awe of me being alive in this one. Dad smiled back at me. Before anyone could say anything there was a flash of movement on the TV screens surrounding us. The Raptor. Dad handed Stephen back his gun and went to move off before clattering could be heard below us.

The three of us raced down the escalator towards the noise, seeing a parasol wobbling Stephen took aim with his gun.

"Stephen," Dad warned knowing the gun wasn't working. Stephen ignored this and took fire as the Raptor jumped up on some display cases and ran towards us. "RUN!" Dad warned us all and I didn't need to be told twice. Stephen tried to shoot and just like before the gun Jammed.

"It's jammed!" Stephen muttered before sprinting after us.

Running down yet another set of escalators they all look around for the beautiful beast. Stephen slowly started to creep towards the escalators we had just come from the Raptor jumped over Stephen's head towards me and Dad. I heard the shot fired but was focused on the snapping beast as it approached me and Dad. Dad pushed me behind him just in case, but as we took a step back and Raptor's eyes rolled back and it collapsed to the ground. "Are you two alright?" Stephen asked us both, causing smiles as we all realised how close a call that was.

The beast was snoring on a sheet as Dad, Stephen and I all watched it from our resting point on one of the Center's walkways.

"She is beautiful…" I couldn't help but whisper from next to dad causing him to let out a small chuckle.

Dad had not stopped smiling since we had tranqed it, "Look at it," he whispered in awe, "just a perfect killing machine. Do you know, in a fair fight, mammals wouldn't stand a chance?"

Stephen let out a chuckle and hugged his gun to him, "Well, speaking as a mammal, I'm all in favour of cheating."

"Here, here." I couldn't help but mutter causing both men to laugh at my comment. Before I could say anything my phone text tone went off and I got to my feet to look at it. Conner with an SOS. "One-sec somethings up." With that, I wandered off a little, enough so I could see Conner when he approached but still hear my dad and godfather while they talked.

"Eh, speaking of guns… I was wrong." Stephen stated.

"Never mind," Dad waved it off, "Listen, you could have gone with Helen, you could have left, but you didn't, and right now that's all that really matters. So… so just forget about the rest."

"Do you think she'll be back?"

"Do you mean, do I think she's finished messing with us?" I could only assume Stephen had nodded as my dad continued, "I seriously doubt it. Helen never handed rejection particularly well. Now she seems to have gotten her way with something, I'm sure she will be back."

There was another pause, I could feel eyes on me but I didn't turn round, instead, I heard Stephen say softly, "You may not be our Nick, but to Evanna, her dad was her hero. You are her Hero, Nick. Don't ruin that for her.

Thankfully before Dad could say anything I burst out laughing as I saw Conner approaching and what his SOS was. Dad and Stephen heard my laugh and came running to see Conner pulling Abby on a trolley. Unconscious.

"What happened?" Dad asked immediately.

"I shot her." Conner awkwardly explained, "Collateral damage though, because I got the raptor too."

"You brought down a full-sized raptor?" I asked impressed causing Conner to scratch the back of his neck.

"Yeah… he's nearly full-sized." Conner explained, "Is she going to be alright?"

"She will have a nasty headache, but she should be fine," Stephen reassured him

Dad looked from us all to Abby, "Well she better come around soon, because I'm going to need all of you to get the Raptors back alive."

"Alive?" Conner squeaked.

"Yep," I told him causing a smile from Dad before he turned to walk away.

"These things are trying to make sushi out of us and we have to play nice, that doesn't seem fair." Conner joked.

"When has anything about our jobs been fair Conner?" I asked him causing him to let out a murmur of agreement.

"Conner!" Dad shouted, causing Conner to scarper after him leaving me and Stephen with a knocked out Abby.

"Bowling Alley?" I suggested and Stephen nodded. Thankfully the trolly Conner had fond was easy to pull, so I could help out even with my broken wrist.

I was sat in the bowling alley as Dad and Stephen pulled the raptor into the bowling Alley and then Conner came in holding the baby raptor and placing it next to its parent. "I can't believe you shot Abby." I burst out laughing as the man pulled Abby into the little reception area and out the way.

"She is going to kill me when she wakes up," Conner muttered causing me to laugh and nod my head. "Where are Stephen and Cutter?"

"CCTV again, see if these are the only raptors here," I explained.

"Cool." Was all Conner said before walking from the room, leaving me to watch over Abby and the Raptors… fun…

I don't know how much time had passed or what was going on but when I looked up from my phone suddenly Dad and Stephen had rushed in out of breath.

"Are you okay?" Dad asked.

"Yeah…." I replied confused.

"Conner, they are fine." Dad told the man over the radio. Clearly I had missed out on some panic.

"Wait!" I exclaimed as Stephen measured another tranq dosage out, I was stood at the entrance to the reception where Conner had sat on top of looking at the men around me, "You are telling me there is another Raptor on the loose."

"Family unit," Conner explained from beside me causing me to groan.

"Family unit…" Dad repeated, "hang on Stephen." He stopped the man from re-dosing the baby as it croaked awake, "There are three raptors, one of them is a baby, so maybe Conner is right. we do have a family."

"So we don't need to go looking for Daddy," I whispered clicking onto my dads thinking looking at the groggy baby raptor, "Maybe the baby will bring him to us."

The plan was simple. We tied the baby raptor to the bowling ally ball collecting machine and hope is call would get its dad to come. The raptor started to call out causing my dad to grin, "That's right, you shout for you daddy. No lets just hope they are a close family." He muttered to me and Stephen.

"Where do you want me?" Conner asked, pulling out Abby's gun.

Dad instantly took it off him and pointed to the reception area, "In there with the girls, now."

With this, we all got into position and waited for the Raptor to come to the alley. Eventually, the call of the adult raptor could be heard at the entrance, stalking in and heading towards the noise. From where we where crouched Conner and I saw Stephen taking Aim at it before the adult raptor did the unspeakable. Jumped forward and ate the baby. "I don't think this is a very close family…" I couldn't help but whisper to Conner. Before he could retort we heard Abby groan from behind us and we looked to see her stood up, "What's going on?" she asked.

In one movement me and Conner took action. Conner focusing on Abby – me trying to play distraction (again). I pushed over a rack of shoes as Conner pulled Abby from our hiding space. The distraction worked, slightly, though the Raptor's focus was still on Abby and Conner. Jumping onto a pool table snapping at them. Conner grabbed the pool ques and threw one to Abby as they got ready to fight. Stephen and Dad started firing their guns at this point and I saw a button I will forever be grateful to see. The button said Game's Machines. Remembering how the Raptor got spooked in the laser quest at the loud noise I was hoping that would happen again. Flicking it caused the Machines around Abby and Conner to start going off. The distraction worked as the Raptor flung itself at the closes machine before running off.

"What happened?!" I asked once I knew the coast was clear.

"That's two doses of tranquilizer and it's still on its feet. We're going to have to up the amount."

Stephen looked to me before placing down the rifle, "Only if you need it, Eva." Before turning with Nick and walking out the bowling alley.

Waiting will always be the part of the job I hate, and as I sat with Abby – who was looking over my wrist properly – I caught her up on everything she has missed out on. Thankfully the guys were back within 20 minutes. A full raptor passed out being pulled in by them all.

"To the Anomaly." Was all dad said and I rushed over to help hold open the basement door for Stephen to get the Raptors down.

I stayed back a little as I wanted to see Abby's reaction to Conner shooting her. Conner had not left her side since both Raptors had been taken down and the descent of the stairs was yet another Abbner moment for the ages. Abby muttered "ow" or hissed in pain on every step causing Conner to flinch every time too.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.


"Do you want me to get you something? I could run and get you a glass of water…"

"Stop fussing I'm fine."

There was another pause were all anyone could hear was Abby's hiss of pain before Conner added, "You know, Abby, I want you to know something. If I was going to shoot anyone, you'd be like one of the last people I'd shoot. Apart from my mother, obviously. But you'd be way down the bottom of the list with her and Evanna. In fact, I don't think id shoot any of you." Conner babbled on unknowingly playing with the gun he shot Abby with. This was too much for Evanna and she walked off laughing to her dad who was examining the Raptors.

Once Conner and Abby reached them he ushered them over and got Abby to examine the bodies. "It's strange." Abby commented as she felt the arm of the raptor, "His bone structure feels more like a bird's wing than anything reptilian."

This causes a smile from Nick as he stands to his feet infront of the Anomaly. I could see in his eyes he had decided to go back to his world and I looked down at my hands when he glances my way.

"So, guys." Conner breaking the silence. "Let me get this straight. All we do is drag two of the angriest creatures in the known universe, through a hole in time, back into an ancient world where we don't know what's waiting for us on the other side?"

"When you put it like that, it sounds so easy." Stephen dryly replies.

"I'm going to do this on my own." Dad finally spoke up.

"We'll help!" Abby insisted.

"Who's we?" Conner asked earning him an elbow to the ribs. "I didn't say I wouldn't. I just prefer it if I could do my own volunteering. Thank you."

Dad took a deep breath, "I'm doing this on my own. I don't want any arguments. Conner?" with that Conner moved forward and the two have a whispered exchange ending in dad saying, "Come with me… Evanna, you too."

Conner shot me a confused look as we followed my dad but neither of us said anything until we reached the electronics department. The radios are playing a weird mix of music and static. "What I want you to do, is, I want you to tune every one of these to 876 on FM." He instructed up and with a shrug, Conner and I follow our instructions. With every radio, we tuned it became more and more apparent that strange pulsing noise.

"That's weird…" I comment.

"Interference. Why?"

"Come on you two." Dad urges us to think.

"You think it has something to do with the anomaly," I said causing him to laugh.

"It could be a technical problem." Conner puts out there.

"Well," Dad shrugs, "I want you to get onto it and find out."

"Sure… but if it is the anomaly that's causing this that means there could be radio interface on this wavelength any time one appears."

"Which explains why Helen is always one step ahead. She must have something that spots them." I said softly.

"We could build our own!" Conner excitedly states, "something that traces the anomalies within seconds of them appearing."

"If this stops when the anomaly downstairs closes, we might be onto something." I excitedly reply.

"If I don't make it back," Dad sobers up the moment, "then it's down to you two." Conner nods stoically and he and dad walk off. I don't have it in my heart to say that Dad isn't planning on coming back to the nerdy man. It took everything in me to follow the two back to the basement, I arrived just in time to see dad picking up a few weapons and having a whispered conversation with Abby. He looks around at us all before pushing the Raptors into the Anomaly. When 20 minutes pass I couldn't help myself as I grabbed Stephen's hand, "Stephen… he's not coming back. Please." I whisper to the man in a heart-breaking sob. I had lost my mother to the Anomalies and I didn't want to lose my dad. Even if he wasn't the same man who raised me I could tell he still cared and on some level, he was my dad. I felt Stephen kiss my hair before he sprinted through the Anomalie after dad. Minutes later Dad dives through the Anomalie, and I rush to help him to his feet, trying to hide the tears of joy at seeing him.

"Where's Stephen?" Abby asks just as Stephen's hand is seen reaching through the Anomaly.

"The Anomaly is closing!" Conner warns everyone.

"Pull!" Stephen screams and the team doesn't need to be asked twice as we pull the man through the glowing portal. The Anomaly closes and we all look down to see a beheaded raptor head on the floor.

I decided to help Abby back to the car while Conner and Dad went to check on the radios. I wasn't sure what was said but when they arrived at the car park Dad pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.

"I may not be the dad you're used to, but I'm the one you have now." He whispered, "I never had a daughter so I might not be good at it, but trust me when I say you are the most miraculous thing to have happened to me in a long time. It took Stephen shouting at me a few times to realise what an opportunity I have been given. To have a family, if you will have me."

"Of course I will," I whispered back as we hugged causing a watery chuckle to come from the man. Family. At the end of the day, that's what we were and that's what mattered.

After a check-up we where all dismissed for a few hours of rest. Which is where I am now. Sat in my room typing this out. You may ask what caused all this blogging now and it is strange to say it was a cup of tea but that's what it is. There wasn't a cup of tea on the kitchen island. That probably shouldn't have bothered me as much as it did – tea could be made in minutes, tea could be delayed for a number of reasons too; like plain forgetfulness, or napping, or running out of milk. But there was always a cup of tea waiting for me on the kitchen island no matter when we came home, Dad would always make me one for when we'd have our chats before bed. However, when I went into his study I saw a pot brewing there. Tea set for two and an old man looking tired but excited. So this man is not the man who raised me but he is my dad. Things might be a little different but at the core, everything is the same and that's what matters!

~ Evanna xoxo


Okay! We all got called into the ARC to meet some new PR person Lester wanted us to meet and I think dad had a stroke. I was hiding from Kayley as the girl was going to go mental the moment she saw the cast on my wrist.

"You're late." Was the greeting from Lester as dad and I wandered into the main hub.

"Fire us," I muttered back sassily. I was running on like 3 hours of sleep and not in the mood to deal with the man.

"We can all dream," Lester replied just as sassily, "Well, now the Cutter's have appeared, perhaps we can get going. Ah!" Just as Lester says this a dolled up like hell woman walks into the room. Me and Abby pull a face the moment we see the heels she is wearing, not practical for the job we have.

"Hello." She says smiling at us all.

"I'd like you all to meet your new colleague." Lester told us all, "this is Jennifer Lewis."

"Claudia Brown." Was all I heard dad say from beside me causing my eyes to widen and turn to the woman with a shocked look. Wellll shit.

*Season 2, Episode 1 * ~ PT 3

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