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Chapter 1

Asuna laid lifeless on the chest of Kirito, she gave up on life because she just lost the one person that meant everything to her.

A small pamphlet blew onto her head, she lifted her head up and took the pamphlet in her hand and read it,

"Summon me and I will grant you any wish you want." Asuna was shocked and didn't know if this was too good to be true, she saw a weird looking circular Diagram with that description beneath it.

Asuna turned the pamphlet around and she saw instructions on how to summon this being that granted wishes. Since she thought she had nothing to lose she recited the instructions and hoped that this would work.

Somewhere in Japan there was an old building, or so it seemed on the outside, but on the inside it was shiny and very clean, it's lights where dimmed and had a creepy atmosphere.

In the main room there was nothing but two couches standing in the middle of the room and a coffee table between them, on the far side of the room there was a desk and on its right behind it there was a… a "shower?", never mind that.

At the desk there sat a young teenage girl no more than 17 years old with long crimson red hair and the most beautiful blue eyes, everything about this girl was perfect, she was the definition of beauty but what stood out the most of this teenage girl was her super big double D breasts and it was any guys dream to just tou… (Uhmm getting off of topic here).

Standing behind her was a another young teenage girl also about 17 years old with very long black hair held together in a long ponytail that was hanging below her waist, She had the cutest Purple eyes and if these two had to fight for being the most beautiful, the fight would take forever as they both were the perfect image of beauty. The black haired teen also had superb big breasts that seemed so well formed and round and… and… (Dammit! Pull it together you pervert)

(Writing tip: Writing a fanfiction about girls with huge oppai might distract you….)

The red haired beauty was sitting at her desk doing paperwork while looking stressed as the Black haired beauty behind her just stood there with a very cute smile on her face (That was her trademark smile).

A crimson red circle suddenly appeared on the floor similar to the diagram on the pamphlet that Asuna was holding.

"Oh my, looks like someone wants something so bad that they summoned you President" Said the Black haired teen

"This is interesting, this doesn't happen often and when it does happen, they normally have an enormous desire." said the red haired teen now confirmed as the black haired teens president. The President stood up and said,

"Akeno, I'm going to go check this out, I will be right back." The black haired teen named Akeno just nodded her head, the red haired teen walked into the glowing crimson circle and she just vanished.

Asuna was tired as she already recited the instructions three times over and nothing happened, she started to feel hopeless until a red circle similar to the one on the pamphlet appeared on the ground next to her and after a flash of light a very beautiful red haired teen stepped out of the circle and looked at the scene in front of her.

Seeing the beautiful girl with golden brown coloured hair kneeling over a black haired boy not much younger than herself and then also seeing the tears of the brown haired Girl running from her eyes, she already knew what happened here,

"The black haired boy and girl was taking a lovely stroll together through the park and was mugged with the boy ending up being stabbed and died, and this girl would do anything to get him to come back to her alive."

"My name is Rias Gremory, and I'm a devil" Said the raid haired teen.

"I'm here to make any wish come true for you, but it won't come without a price", Rias looked serious and sad at the same time seeing the hurt in this poor girls eyes.

"You say you can make any wish come true?" asked Asuna not even caring about the fact that the girl said she was a devil.

"Yes, I can but the price differs from wish to wish, like the bigger and harder it is to fulfil, the bigger the price" said Rias almost shedding a tear of seeing the girl like this,

"I see…" Said Asuna as she gave a slight pause before continuing

"…I don't care what the price is all I want is for Kirito to come back to me" Asuna said again and looked to Rias.

Rias could see the dangerous level of determination in the girl's eyes. Rias was looking over Kirito's lifeless body as if studying him for a moment and feeling if he had any potential inside him and said

"Okay, what I can do is, is I can revive him into a devil but then he will have to serve me then as part of my peerage" Rias said smiling.

"What do you mean your "peerage"?" Asuna said looking sad, confused and angry at the same time. Rias Smiled and said

"All high class Devils has something called a peerage, it is the same as servants that works under them, but it is also based on the game of chess. Why that is, is details you don't need to worry about right now, but like in chess you get 15 other pieces accept for the king which is of course me, But I have a few pieces open that I need to fill and I can make "Kirito was it?" into one of my pieces by resurrecting him as a devil". Asuna looked at Kirito and then back at Rias and then back at Kirito and said

"Then miss devil I will have to ask you two favours then" Asuna looked at Rias again with hopeful sad eyes, Rias frowned at the teenage girl and responded with

"Normally I would not allow this, but I can't imagine the pain you are feeling right now so I will hear you out" Asuna was quiet for a while before speaking up

" Then please save my Kirito even if you have to reincarnate him as a… a… a devil, and the other thing is, we always promised ourselves to not be separated again, so I ask you, can you please make me into one of your peerage members as well, so I can be by his side."

Rias was shocked at hearing this and briefly widened her eyes before asking

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Asked Rias looking at Asuna. Asuna was looking at Kirito and said

"For Kirito I would do anything". Rias smiled at what this girl said and thought to herself

"So this is what true love is, it's so beautiful"

"Okay then, we have a deal".

Rias started her ritual to induct both of them into her peerage, Rias was deep in thought about the two Humans she was currently Reviving into devils.

"I don't know what it is, but I sense a very large magical presence inside this girl, she will definitely be a perfect bishop…. But this boy, there is something about him, I can't pinpoint it but there is something very special about this boy." Rias smiled knowing that this was a good catch.

After the ritual ended, Rias teleported both Asuna who had passed out and Kirito somewhere unknown.

Rias couldn't help but give off a happy sigh as she knew her peerage was almost finally done as she had only one more piece left to be filled, she smiled and instead of teleporting home through her magical circle she decided to take a walk.

Chapter 2

Part 1

As Rias was walking through the streets in deep thought about Asuna and Kirito, Her attention was drawn someone that was laying on the ground a few meters in front of her, she rushed over to the body only to see a very handsome young man lying on the ground but he was beaten up quite badly, his clothes were Shredded and he was bleeding heavily, But because of his clothes being shred, she could see his well-toned Body and blushed at the sight of him.

She also saw the teen's bright orange hair and wondered if that was his original hair colour. She looked into his soul and she could feel that he was dying, but what bothered her more was the fact that she could sense an enormous power within him. She was sure that his power felt on the same level of an ultimate class devil almost nearing her brother's power, who was the most powerful of all the devils.

"In his weakened state I might just bypass the piece structure and use only my last remaining mutated rook piece to reincarnate him into my peerage and save his life", Rias thought

"I don't even want to know who he fought against if that person could do this to him, but he is very powerful, that I can feel and if I could make him my servant, I would finally be recognised as a true devil, he could be my super weapon, somebody that almost rivals my brother, in my own peerage… I would be unstoppable… Plus he looks really cute and handsome…" Rias thought as she blushed a bit by her last thought.

Rias took her last remaining chess piece and did the ritual to reincarnate Ichigo into her peerage and to her luck it was successful. She was breathing heavily because it took almost all of her power to revive him. Rias was smiling as she teleported both her and Ichigo away.

Part 2

Ichigo slowly opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was a roof above his head. He shot up after a couple of seconds as it came to him that this was not his room. He looked around and saw only a small desk next to him with a bed lamp, on his left against the wall was a closet and in the right corner a bathroom. Ichigo looked down and saw that he was void of all injuries and started to feel really confused.

"This can't be the Soul Society, this room looks by far different then what it looked like there" Ichigo however was right as this was far too modern looking for the old traditional Japanese style of the Soul Society.

Ichigo was more confused now than he was in all his life combined.

Ichigo sat up and rubbed his hands over his face, His eyes trailed to something that was lying on the small desk, it looked like a folded letter of some sort

"What is this? ... Hmmm… Looks like a letter" Ichigo thought, as he opened the letter.

"Good day sir, we have accepted your request to join the prestigious Academy known as Kuoh Academy". Ichigo was dumb struck and couldn't stop thinking of how weird everything was, in all his life living in japan he had never heard about this "Kuoh Academy"

"When did I even apply for this?" Ichigo thought

Ichigo looked down again and saw another folded paper, he opened and read it

"Good Morning, I know you might be confused, but all will be explained soon, would you please join Kuoh academy tomorrow, you will find the proper attire in the closet and a map in the drawer. See you soon xoxo, Rias Gremory"

Ichigo couldn't believe what he read, and thought to himself

"This person must know something about what happened to me, I need to get some answers…"

Ichigo paused for a bit and got stuck on her name "…Rias Gremory? ... I have a strange feeling that that is a name I probably won't forget anytime soon"

Ichigo placed the letter back down on the table and walked over to the closet and opened it to see the Kuoh Academy Male attire and said

"Oh well it could be worse…"

Part 3

Kirito was laying on a bed and shifted to his other side when his hand suddenly touched something very soft and squishy, he was still half asleep so without really thinking his hand touched the soft squishy thing harder

Kirito wondering what this could be, slowly opened his eyes and then eventually realised that he was touching the breast of Asuna

He quickly pulled his hand back and crawled away from her but he never realised that he was approaching the edge of the bed and then ….. Doof! ….. Kirito fell off of the bed and crashed on the floor with a loud thud

The noise of him falling off of the bed had awoken Asuna as she slowly sat upright and rubbed her eyes also releasing a yawn.

Her Eyes suddenly fell on Kirito who sat on the floor with a massive blush on his face

Asuna couldn't believe her eyes, there he was … alive

"So that devil lady did heal him". She started to smile and tears were started rolling down her face.

Kirito looked up at Asuna and then noticed that she was crying

"Asuna, is everything okay?" he asked as he was worried as to why she is crying. Asuna then suddenly jumped at Kirito and was on top of him hugging her head into his chest

"Kirito! I'm so happy your back," She said as tears rolled of her face like a waterfall.

"I thought I lost you, my whole world was almost destroyed, I promise from now on I will make sure nothing ever happens to you again, I love you Kirito!.. Please don't ever leave me again."

Kirito had wide eyes at what she just said, he sat upright and held Asuna tightly in his arms with her head still on his chest.

Seeing her cry like this almost broke him as he started having flashbacks of when he was stabbed and how he felt himself breathing his last breath and dying,

"But how? How on earth am I still alive then? Or did that bastard kill Asuna too and we are in heaven?" Kazuto was deep in thought. After a few minutes Kirito finally said

"Asuna, I'm so sorry you had to go through that, I promise with all my heart that I will always be with you and never leave you again, no matter what Asuna, I love you too"

Kirito also shed a small tear as they both just stared into each other's eyes and Kirito embraced her into a loving kiss.