In the forests of Berk, Hiccup felt safe. Well safer than he did in the village, because in the forest there was hardly ever anything or anybody in there with him to make fun of him, or push him over, or blame him for things he didn't do.

Years ago when Hiccup had first come in here after a Dragon Raid that ended with a quarter of the town's people needed to be seen by Gothi - the Village elder/healer, Hiccup had tied strips of his shirt to the trees to help him find his way back out should he ever get lost.

But after years and years of following the same path, he didn't need them anymore - his feet knew the way, he just kept them there just in case.

Hiccup was just muttering to himself on how his dad never listened to him one more time when he began to hear a sound that sent shivers up his spine.

It was a mix between nails on a chalkboard and the wind blowing through the trees.

"The Whisper," Hiccup said opening his eyes wide, and looking around, staying as still as he possibly can.

Suddenly, no more than ten feet in front of him the most deadliest dragon known to Viking kind burst out of the earth and began looking around sniffing the air as if it was looking for something.

Hiccup gasped when it turned and he saw it had a pretty bad bite mark on it's neck.

Hiccup stayed still, not sure if it was because he was scared, or if it was his instincts telling him to do so, watching the thing eyes wide.

After a bit the clouds began to part and the sun's rays shone through touching the Whispering Death's scales.

Letting out a roar in pain, the Whispering Death buried itself back into the ground.

Quickly Hiccup ran for the hole and looked down. Not sure if he should do this, Hiccup looked around to see if anyone was there and jumped in.

'This could be my chance to prove myself...' his head told him, while his heart said 'It might be a dragon, but it's still hurt...'

"Whoa..." Hiccup said looking at all the tunnels, never knowing that this thing was actually living here it seemed.

Picking the first side tunnel he came across, Hiccup began his quest on hunting the Whispering Death ears always open for the Whisper and eyes looking all around.


"How can it see down here?" Hiccup asked himself after a bit, after bumping into his fifth dead end. "And how can it find it's way around?"

Hiccup had been taking straight lines (technically) always marking where he went if there was more than one tunnel, so he could find his way back.

After what seemed a couple of hours, he was making his way back to the entrance, when he was cut off by the Whispering Death.

Freezing in fright, Hiccup looked into the almost clouded eyes of the dragon.

Raising up to strike at the intruder the Whispering Death opened it's maw wide and was about to strike, when Hiccup's dagger reflected the sunlight that was peaking in through the cracks in the ceiling and shone into it's eyes.

Howling in pain the Whispering Death took a side tunnel to get to the prey, meaning the path was clear for Hiccup to get to. The problem was... he wasn't tall enough, or had enough power in his legs to get out.

Then he began to hear the Whisper.

Gasping Hiccup looked around and saw a dust storm, filled with rocks and extracts of tree roots coming his way.

Using his arms to cover his face and closing his eyes, Hiccup felt himself be lifted up into the air, being almost spat out of the hole and after a bit of time falling, landing hard o the ground making him cough a bit.

Opening his eyes carefully Hiccup looked up to see the Whispering Death glaring at him before it dove back in to the ground.

"Note to self... Whispering Deaths don't like people in their holes..." Hiccup said getting up and began to head back to the village before his knees buckled and he fainted.